Cruising with Sex Ed Pt. 01

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Part 1

All characters depicted are 18 years of age and over. The story describes incest between siblings so if this offends you please don’t continue. It is a work of fiction but is based loosely on real events (the real event did not include incest).

I was 18 on a cruise ship emigrating to New Zealand when I lost my virginity, well that’s not quite true…it happened on my 19th birthday to be precise if you don’t count the lessons my sister gave me first. Lessons that taught me how to please a woman properly. We had flown to Singapore and would cruise from there.

I hadn’t had any success with girls yet having gone to an all-boys school in London and being shy. I really didn’t know much about girls, except for my sister. Eighteen months older than me and very adult with a body that had changed from a shapeless adolescent girl into a curvy young woman with slender hips, long legs, and defined high cheek bones. Her hair was deep black and long, like right down to her waist long. And breasts…clearly defined young breasts. I can’t pretend I hadn’t noticed.

There were about 20 young people on board and we quickly worked out we were to be given a lot of freedom on the 6 week trip including our own bar area and dance band. We’d be travelling through some super-hot areas so the pool was going to be busy and the beer super cold. We were old enough for our parents to leave us alone.

I’d seen that the other kids had started meeting up in the evenings but for the first few nights our parents insisted we stay with them and explore the exotic night markets of Singapore.

On the fourth night I stayed on board while Mum, Dad, and my sister Michelle, went off to some swanky restaurant serving exotic dishes that I didn’t fancy. I wanted to meet the other kids so happily stayed on board.

It was great meeting the other kids and by the end of the night we decided on a lottery system to work out which girls go with which boys. Sounds odd looking back but we were all off on a new adventure and trying new things so one of the older girls said it would be stupid to waste time dating and mucking about and we should just pair up. After all it would only be for a few weeks. So we wrote our names on bits of paper and dropped them into two boxes, one for the boys and one for the girls. What we didn’t account for was that there were 10 girls but 11 boys and that we’d already had a few drinks.

I had my eyes on a girl called Allison, she was tall and slim like me with really long black hair, brown eyes, and dark skinned, maybe part Indian. It’s a look that to this day I really fancy and I found myself imagining her in a Sari with a belly button ring. Ouch. She was 18 though seemed more confident than me and talked about her boyfriend she’d left behind in England. We talked a bit and I worked up the courage to ask if she’d hang with me but she insisted we had to follow the rules and be part of the lucky dip. Damn. First time I’d ever asked a girl and I miss out.

We gave the boxes to the barman who agreed to draw names for us; one name from each box and call them out then those two were a couple! It felt daring and exciting.

Allison’s name came up but she got paired to an older blond kid so I had to just hope my name was paired with one of the other girls I liked the look of. It wasn’t. My name simply wasn’t getting called. Then the end came and of course there was just the one name left in one box. Mine. All eyes turned with pity and I flushed with annoyance and embarrassment. Fuck. Now what. This was going to be compete shit!

It was the barman who saw Michelle first; ‘Hey who’s this girl? Andy looks like you’re in luck!’ All eyes turned to the door where my sister had arrived wearing a Chinese style tight skirt and top she’d bought in the market earlier and mum had highly disapproved of. ‘Hi guys I’m Michelle what’s going on?’

Before I could say anything the barman announced that ‘you young lady are now paired with this handsome young dude Andy for the trip! Congratulations!’

I was about to say that this is my sister but Michelle cut me off and with a mischievous look in her eyes simply announced ‘Ok, I promise to take good care of him then’ and started mingling. I didn’t know what to do but was mighty pissed off and sulking away to myself when it was decided that to break the ice everyone had to sit with their partner and start kissing. No way was I kissing my sister and was going to say so when Michelle walked straight up to me and pushed me onto the chair behind me then went and sat up on my lap!

‘Look Andy I don’t want to hitch up with any of these guys so don’t you dare spill the beans. Just go along and don’t worry about it then I’ll be free to do my own thing ok.’

‘What no! I wanted to have my first girlfriend!’

‘Aww Andy you must be a virgin still I guess! You know I forget I’m older than you since you grew so big lately. But look don’t worry there’s bound to be a break up amongst these guys real quick and you can move in then okay? Bolu Escort But please don’t spill the beans now I don’t want to be paired up with any guy you know?’

‘But Michelle why the hell not it’s only for the trip?’

‘Andy…you do know I’ve been going out a lot with Fiona a lot lately?’

‘Sure, she’s that redhead you go to Uni with most days.’

‘Yes that’s her, well Andy, we really do GO out you know.’

‘Errrrr…no I’m not sure I get it sis, you had a boyfriend didn’t you?’

‘Yes I did, but I broke up with Peter months ago now and hitched up with Fiona…I think I’m gay or bi or… I don’t know but I really don’t want to get hitched up here. But I do want to hang with the group so please just okay along for a day or two…please!’

‘Holy shit sis, like wow!’ My head was spinning big time and this was all new to me. But then I looked at my big sister and saw her differently…she was a gorgeous young woman and thinking of her kissing Fiona was a major turn on. This was going to be a hell of a trip!

‘So will you just keep quiet at least until another girl comes free for you? By then I’ll feel more comfortable coming clean with this lot maybe…it’s all new to me and I’m not really sure of where I’m at yet.’

By now some of the others were kissing and I was feeling kinda stuck so I just said okay.

Michelle gave me a huge hug and whispered ‘thank you lovely brother’ into my ear. But we’d been noticed and soon a few of the bolder kids were teasing us ‘Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss…’

I was getting red with embarrassment and Michelle was looking at me with a naughty smile but no embarrassment at all, she was loving this!

‘Andy, shut up and enjoy this okay!’ And settled deeper into my lap, took my face in her hands, leaned in, and kissed me long and hard on the lips.

At first it was too weird, but I’ve got to admit being kissed by an experienced young lady who I now imagined in a lesbian sex scene was…moving. Moving too was my cock. I wriggled and tried to hide it but Michelle just kept going, kissing me deep with a bit of tongue flicking in too. I couldn’t help myself, I was an inexperienced young male with no ability to control my cock! Michelle stopped, moved her face back a little bit and looked me in the eye; ‘Andy you’ve got a hard on!’

‘Shit shit shit I’m sorry Sis I can’t help it!’

‘Hmmm…I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, you’re growing up pretty quick. Look I’ll get up and you stay here a while until you’ve settled a bit eh?’

But she hesitated and instead sat back on my lap and very slowly and very gently moved her bum a little rubbing my swollen cock. I’m having my cock rubbed by my Sister and I couldn’t make any words come out of my mouth. This was so wrong…yet so damn good!

Now dear reader, please, I’m a virgin, and I’m horny. That’s my only excuse for what happened next. I came. I had no warning. One moment I’m thinking she’s getting up and the next she’s wriggling on my hard on and that thing has only ever had my hand to help it before. I had no control. I felt the build-up so quickly I only managed to softly utter ‘please don’t’ once before I spluttered a truck load of warm sperm into my pants. ‘Oh fuck!’ My cock had jerked so violently Michelle jumped, and then sat down hard on my continuing ejaculation.

‘Fuck Andy is that what I think it is? Yuk! Andy haven’t you got any fucking control!’

Now others were looking at us, some with a smile and others with a frown. I had to get Michelle to quieten up and help me cover up my soaking crutch. I leant forward as if kissing her cheek so I could whisper.

‘What the fuck Sis you kept moving on me, please help me out here I’m fucking soaked down there.’ I felt so embarrassed I must have been a pathetic sight and now I could see Allison staring at me from just a few seats away. She was still with the blond guy but they were just sitting on a couch talking to others. Michelle sitting on me was definitely going too far! But Allison was smiling at me! Wow! I didn’t expect that and was now even more confused by… well everything!

With all this going on my cock refused to deflate much and I was acutely aware how bad this was going to look.

‘Ok little brother I’ve got a plan. I’ve got my bikini on under this wrap around Chinese thing, so I’m going to announce it’s time for a swim, undo the skirt and top and stand up. You just keep the skirt on your lap and no one will see a thing. Then wait until we’ve all gone out to the pool before getting your sorry arse out of here okay.’

And with that she undid her skirt and stood up, pulled her top over her head and shouted ‘everyone in the pool’ before running off in her bikini. I just sat there totally blown away by my big sister’s new persona! From being my annoying bossy older sister to a sexy party girl in one hour!

The plan worked, a couple of guys ran after her and then after a few looks and hesitations everyone starts stripping down to their swim gear or underwear Bolu Escort Bayan and running out to the pool. All but Allison who once all the others had gone came and sat next to me. ‘So do you like Michelle then?’

‘Ummmm well I guess so.’

Allison smirked and looked down at my crotch ‘she seems to like you alright so you must be happy.’

By now I was lost. What do I say next? That Michelle is actually my sister and just tongue kissed me and ground her butt into my cock so hard I’ve got a big patch of wet cum under her skirt on my lap?

‘Well she’s really cool but I was kinda hoping to pick you to be honest.’ This was a new found bravery for me…I’d actually told a girl I liked her, sort of!

‘Oh! That’s really sweet. Maybe we’re allowed to do swaps later. Anyway I’m getting in the pool and you have to come too so hurry up!’ And with that Allison pulled up her top and slid down her jeans so all she had was her knickers and bra, and looked me straight in the eye; ‘well do you like what you see or do you prefer Michelle?’

‘No! I mean yes I think you look great and I’d… well I’d like to kiss you if I’m allowed.’ Allison looked past me at the outdoor pool to check no one was still inside with us, then walked two steps to me; ‘come on then lover boy what you waiting for?’

By now I had a hard on again, my hormones were at their peak and I could feel my cock stiffen and twitch. My god it must be a foot long! I quickly undid my belt and slid out of my wet jeans, with Michelle’s skirt still covering the crotch, and stood sheepishly in my underpants with my hands covering my hard on as best I could. ‘Emmmm sorry about this…it’s kinda out of my control,’ but Allison just smiled, walked right up to me, cupped my balls, and kissed me. Then staying real close she looked down, smiled, patted my swollen dick through the wet underpants, smiled again, grabbed my hand and started running towards the pool pulling me along whilst my other hand tried to hide my cock from prying eyes.

Once in the pool there was lots of splashing and jumping and people dunking each other and I started to relax and join in the fun. At one stage a foot went under my crutch and rubbed me but in all the confusion I couldn’t see who it was and then when I saw Michelle sitting on a deck chair I relaxed…it was just an accident. Until it happened again and I dived under water to see Allison swimming next to me! This was all too much for this kid so I jumped out the pool and went and sat next to Michelle. The night was so warm none of us had grabbed towels: the heat was drying us.

‘Michelle I can’t do this just tell them you’re my sister for god’s sake,’

‘Little brother they’ve seen us snogging now, we can’t just announce we’re siblings, they’ll freak out. Anyway what’s the harm it was just a little kiss? Anyway I think I’m more into girls so don’t worry.’

There was some logic to this so with Michelle promising we’d break up soon I agreed to let it be ‘but we can’t do that again okay’.

When we got back to our family cabin Mum and Dad were sound asleep. I was on the bottom bunk with Michelle on the bunk above me. Older sister got first choice. Michelle jumped up and pulled the curtain across her bunk whilst I climbed straight in to my bunk and wriggled out of my underwear under the covers. Michelle had blown my mind but I was more focused on Allison and was soon lying naked with a hand grasping my cock. She was so cute and I loved her shiny long dark hair. And she kissed me then touched my cock through my pants…she really did that! Could I steal her maybe? Would she kiss me the way Michelle did? I was in for a restless night. The wanking continued.

‘Pssst. Andy are you awake? ‘ Michelle was kneeling on the floor by my bunk peeking through the curtain and I had my hand on my very swollen cock whilst day dreaming of a girl whose face was Allison but somehow her body was Michelle! Teenage minds do weird things.

‘Fuck! What the hell Michelle can’t I get some privacy here?’

‘Sorry bro but I need to talk to you, here make space I’m coming in.’

Michelle pushed through the curtain and climbed onto the bottom of the bed closing the curtains behind her so Mum and Dad couldn’t see us.

‘I’m sorry bro, I was really naughty earlier and I really didn’t mean to cause you embarrassment. I guess I didn’t realise how you’ve grown lately and well…I guess you’ve got raging hormones and stuff happening so I’m sorry.’

‘Erm okay, I’m sorry too I guess. I just don’t have much control on things and I’ve never had anything like that happen so guess it all got a bit much for me.’

‘So little brother, you fancy Allison so what you going to do about it?’

‘I don’t know, she’s with that blond dude anyway so I’m stuffed I guess.’

‘Well can’t you make move on her?’

‘What? How? Shit Michelle I’ve never even kissed a girl before and I have no idea what to do. It’s all fucked! And it’s my birthday next week!’

‘Hold on a moment…are Escort Bolu you saying I am the first girl you’ve kissed? Wow! That’s kinda weird but cool at the same time!’

‘Don’t you dare tell anyone that!’

‘Oh relax I’m not going to. But you know Andy it wasn’t too bad for a first snog, I’ve had worse you know.’

‘Oh hell do we have to talk about this?’

‘Don’t be silly Andy, I’m trying to help here. Don’t you want to learn what girls want?’

‘Well yes, but I was kinda hoping to learn from a girlfriend not my bleeding sister!’

‘Hey, take what you got kiddo. If you want to get that girl you gotta learn how to kiss so good she’ll want more. Look, no funny stuff okay but I’ll show you okay.’

‘No way…’ Michelle sprung forward until she was on all fours on top of me and kissed me, I tried to stop her but after the first few seconds my resistance left me completely and I fell into the kiss. We stayed locked and Michelle lowered herself onto me and her tongue started exploring my mouth. ‘Okay now you do that, kiss me and tickle me with your tongue, little kisses, teasing…girls love that shit’. I got my hand out from under the covers, cupped my Sisters head in my hand and pulled her to me. I kissed her face all over with little kisses, brushed her lips with my tongue, I did everything she showed me. I was running on courage borne from hormones and adrenaline.

‘Hmmmmmmm that’s really good…now keep kissing me but start stroking my back and slowly move down to my bum. Squeeze my bum and say something nice.’

‘Emmm are you sure? This is a bit weird and well…I don’t know that I can control things down there you know.’

‘Andy, it’s all good, it’s just us and I’m an excellent teacher…I know exactly what girls like!’

I did what I was told, I kissed, stroked, clenched and then, well things got kinda out of hand if you’ll excuse the pun.

I was gently squeezing Michelle’s frankly amazing bum when she sat up, undid her dressing gown’s belt, and slipped it off so now she sat on me totally naked. She grabbed my left hand and put it on her breast telling me to gently tease her nipple and squeeze her breast. I did my best but was too rough; ‘Ouch! Not so rough yet Andy, start gentle. Look I’ll show you how.’

Michelle sat up on her knees, grabbed the sheet that was covering me, and pulled it back. She looked at my swollen cock, looked me in the eye, smiled, and squeezed it really hard. ‘See that was too rough at first wasn’t it. So start gentle and light like this.’ My big Sister then gently stroked my cock whilst guiding my hand back to her breasts telling me to try again.

I squeezed, caressed, moulded, stroked, and moaned; ‘Oh my god they’re gorgeous, you have the best tits ever. Can I kiss them?’

Michelle smiled, leaned forward and pulled her body up so her nipple was in front of my mouth. I didn’t need an invite – I kissed that sucker to death. I tried a little bite and since I got a little moan of satisfaction I increased the strength of my squeezing and rubbing.

Meanwhile Michelle had her hand between her legs and was gently stroking my cock. I don’t know how I hadn’t come everywhere already but she seemed to know when to stop and squeeze the base every time I got close. ‘Oh my god you’re a fucking goddess…please can I touch you?’

Michelle sat up and looked at me with disapproval. ‘Andy I’m supposed to be teaching you the basics not how to fuck!’

‘I’m sorry Sis, this is just so fucking good and you’re touching my cock so why can’t I touch you there?’

‘Where Andy?’

‘Well you know between your legs.’

‘Do you mean my cunt Andy? My pussy?’

‘Err yes, what do girls like to call it?’

‘If you get this far Andy just say cunt.’

‘Ok, please please please can I touch your cunt Michelle?’

‘Ok Andy you want the full lesson I’ll give it to you, but just one lesson and you do what I tell you, then we never mention it again, okay?’

I was way too worked up and horny to stop now, my brain wasn’t working, my cock had taken over completely.

‘Okay okay what do you want me to do?’

Michelle sat up, shuffled forward and slowly lowered her pussy over my face. ‘Look where I rub my finger then you take over with your tongue, lick, kiss, and flick my clit, here I’ll show you.’ She started rubbing her clit then flicking it between two fingers right in front of my face. I noticed her pussy was now wet and glistened in the pale night light. She sat there showing me what to do – this was fucking amazing.

Soon I was licking her pussy, it was wet and had a slightly sour taste, but I just loved it. A couple of times Michelle stopped me and showed me with her finger what she wanted me to do. After what felt like half an hour but was probably just a few minutes Michelle stuck her finger inside herself and start rubbing quickly. After a minute or two she took her fingers out and grabbed my fingers guiding it to her cunt. I was still licking her clit and now I was pushing two fingers in and out of her. She was wet and dripping on my face while still slowly rubbing and then gripping my cock. Then she grabbed my hand and forced me to push further into her, faster, then pushed a third finger in and started moving up and down and moaning gently.

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