Cuckolding her Indian Husband Ch. 05

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DISCLAIMER: This story has a strong group sex and cuckold theme. If it is not your cup of tea, I strongly urge you not to go ahead. The author strongly recommends safe sexual practices to be followed in the lifestyle.


Swati has been on fire ever since she cuckolded Vikram in person. She has informally decided that her pussy had been reserved exclusively for Shyam on the weekends. For Vikram, it had been a visual treat – he gets to watch Shyam bang his wife and cum inside her pussy multiple times. Swati watches Vikram as he jerks off to Shyam dumping loads of cum inside her pussy. All Swati allows Vikram to do is clean up post their orgasms. She ensures Vikram gets his fair share on weekdays.


Around six months later.

It was a Saturday afternoon. Vikram came home from a grocery run. Swati had mentioned that Shyam would be there. Vikram’s mind was playing pictures of his wife sucking Shyam looking into Vikram’s eyes. He tried hard not to get hard while buying groceries. Swati had given a long list. Vikram wondered why she wanted him to be away for an extended period.

As he entered the living room, he saw a lot of clothes scattered on the floor. He was used to this, but today it had been quite a lot of clothes. There was a men’s boxer on the sofa, one v-cut brief on the floor, three tee shirts, a couple of jeans, and his wife’s clothes strewn randomly on the floor.

Vikram eagerly walked towards their bedroom, where he spotted sexy lingerie, definitely not his wife’s. He picked it from the floor and took a whiff. He wondered if it was another women’s underwear. The thought made Vikram very excited.

As he pushed the bedroom door open, he saw his wife penetrated by two guys – kızılay escort Shyam was lying on the bed, Shwati on top of him, and another big man penetrating her in the doggy style. A naked woman was sitting on the loveseat in their bedroom. Her legs were wide open, and her fingers buried inside her pussy. Vikram was mesmerized by the beautiful woman masturbating to the view of two men ravaging his wife.

The lady was the first to notice Vikram. She took her soapy wet hand from her pussy and offered a handshake to Vikram.

She introduced herself, “You must be Vikram. I am Kiran, and the one with his dick in your wife’s ass is Ajay, my husband. Please sit.” She moved a bit to give space for Vikram to sit.

Vikram sat down. The guys stopped to check the intruder. Shyam said, “Hi Vikram,…” Swati did not let him talk as she kissed him passionately. Ajay resumed pounding into Swati’s asshole. Vikram could see Swati leak a copious amount of fluid on Shyam’s shaft and balls.

Kiran turned to Vikram’s chin, planted a kiss, and asked him, “Can I have my hand back? My pussy is aching.” Vikram apologized and left Swati’s hands. Vikram felt her wetness smeared on his palm. He instinctively took it to his nose and smelled her.

Kiran watched Vikram and asked, “Smells heavenly, doesn’t it? Do you want to smell the source itself?” Vikram nodded and looked at Swati for her approval. Kiran interrupted, “She is in heaven, darling. She won’t notice if you fuck me,” and continued, “But, I certainly do not like your clothes. Now, take them off.”

Vikram stripped hastily, as Kiran soaked in on his body. “Not bad,” She mentioned when he lowered his boxers revealing a massive erection. kolej escort Kiran spread her legs wide open and said, “Now kiss me while I watch your wife getting pounded.”

Vikram went headfirst into Kiran’s pussy. The smell was heavenly, and she tasted wonderful. Vikram lapped up the fluids from her pussy as Kiran headed to her orgasm. She crushed Vikram’s face as she orgasmed with Vikram still licking her pussy lips.

The moment her orgasm subsided, Kiran pushed Vikram onto the bed and climbed on him. Kiran mounted on Vikram. She mouthed, “Ooo..,” as she took his entire length in her warm wet pussy.

Swati turned to look at her husband mounted by Kiran, and Swati picked up the pace. Swati yelled at Ajay, “Fuck my ass harder. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Ajay rammed into her asshole, and Swati exploded into a massive orgasm.

Moments later, Ajay grunted as he pumped his cum deep into Swati’s asshole. Ajay’s eyes were fixed on his wife’s perky ass as she was riding Vikram.

Shyam pushed Swati onto the bed and rammed into her. The room echoed with the sound of slapping thighs and Swati’s moans. Shyam picked up speed and exploded with a loud grunt. He collapsed on Swati and kissed her lips.

Kiran grabbed Shyam’s ass, “Wow, that was a nice fuck.” Kiran started grinding faster on Vikram.

As Shyam unmounted Swati, Swati plugged the leaking mess with her hand. Kiran offered tissues from the bedside table. Swati naughtily smiled and said, “I have a better cleaning tool,” and mounted on Vikram’s face. Swati took Kiran’s face in her hand and kissed her.

As Swati mounted Kiran’s face, he opened his mouth to lap up the flow of cum from her pussy. Vikram’s nose was brushing on her maltepe escort cum coated asshole. His nostrils were flooded with a combination smell of cum, pussy, and ass. All he tasted was pussy juice mixed with cum.

Swati told Kiran, “You should try your husband lick another man’s cum from your pussy. It is a heavenly feeling.” Swati ground her pussy on Vikram’s face as she kissed Kiran passionately.

It was Kiran who had her first orgasm with her moaning into Swati’s mouth as the girls had their lips latched. Swati orgasmed and leaked more fluids into Vikram’s mouth.

Kiran plopped on the bed and guided Vikram to fuck her in missionary style. The sensory overload made Vikram cum within a few thrusts. He flooded Kiran’s pussy with his warm sticky cum.

Kiran snuggled into Vikram’s arms, and the couple instantly fell asleep. Shyam spooned Swati and fell asleep. Ajay was long asleep on the loveseat.

Only Swati couldn’t sleep. Although she was tired from the double penetration, she felt conflicting emotions. On one hand, it was fair to share her husband with Kiran, her teammate, given she just fucked her husband and Shyam. But, she had overwhelming jealousy that her husband had her dick buried in another woman’s pussy. No matter how much she managed to convince herself, she was not feeling alright. She felt she wanted to have exclusive rights to her husband’s dick. She felt horrible as she felt like a hypocrite.


Later that day, when the guests left leaving the room with their traces of lovemaking, Swati mounted on Vikram. His penis slowly entered her pussy.

Swati asked Vikram, “Can I ask you something?” Vikram nodded. Swati continued, “I don’t think I want to share you with another girl. I want to try more guys, but I don’t want you to fuck any girl. I know this is being hypocritical, and I can’t justify my demand. Can you do it?”

Vikram reluctantly said, “Alright. I enjoyed having sex with Kiran. But if it makes you feel bad, I won’t do it.”

Swati bent down, kissed her husband passionately, and made love to him.

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