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“Got it!” I exclaimed out loud as I had spent the last ten minutes in the parking lot of the local supermarket rummaging through the mess in the truck, searching for the list my cousin Jen had given me to shop from. I scrolled the list quickly and noticed there were only a few items, milk, eggs, and sugar. She was going to make some sort of cake.

I brushed my clothes and sneakers off and headed for the door. The air conditioning was a relief as I stepped out the hot June sun and felt great on my face. I walked past the produce area and headed straight for the dairy section. I grabbed a gallon of milk from the shelf and almost walked off with it before I noticed it had already expired. I placed it back on the shelf and looked for another jug. To my surprise every carton of milk in the entire case was expired. I decided I could get milk at the gas station and kept moving along the aisle.

I came to the eggs and saw a stock boy leaning over the area moving frantically. As I got closer I saw what his rush was for. Somehow, every single carton of eggs was smashed and leaking all over the case. I walked up to the goofy looking kid and asked “are there any eggs that aren’t crushed? Perhaps in the back?” The kid looked up at me and shook his head, “No s-s-sorry,” He stammered “We don’t get another shipment until tomorrow.”

I said thank you and walked off slightly annoyed and went to look for the sugar. I came to isle 9 and walked down. About halfway down there was an empty space where the sugar was supposed to be. Now I was pretty pissed. I walked to the front and asked one of the girls at a register where the sugar was. She explained how they were having a sale and ran out and that I should go to the customer service desk to get a rain check.

I walked over and got on line at customer service. I was very annoyed and just wanted something with this store to be right. As my turn approached Manisa Escort I noticed the chick behind the counter. She looked to be about 19 or 20 and Spanish. She was no taller than five foot even. Her hair was shoulder length and she had dark sexy eyes and pouty lips. Her skin tone was nice and smooth. I approached the desk and we locked eyes for a second. I could’ve sworn she licked her lips, but maybe I imagined it. “How may I help you?” she inquired in a soft voice. “Well, all your milk is expired, all your eggs are crushed, and I was sent here to get a rain check for sugar.” I responded hastily. “Sorry about that, let me get that rain check for you.”

She turned around and reached under a counter and I noticed she had a nice round ass. I imagined how it looked out of the jeans. She looked up at me and I tried to look away but wasn’t quick enough. She faced me as she scribbled out the rain check and I tried to stare at a spot on the wall, embarrassed at being caught staring. After what felt like forever she looked at me smiling and said, “Here you go!” I reached out and took two pieces of paper from her.

I walked off looking at the papers. One was a rain check for sugar at a discounted price. The other slip of paper, however, seemed to be some sort of note. I stopped walking and stepped to the side to read the note. It read “I’m sorry about your groceries, but I noticed you looking at me and I think you’re sexy. So here’s your rain check and if you wait by the door, I go on my break in five minutes and I’d love to blow you to make up for your bad day.”

“What the fuck!” was the only thought in my head as I looked at the message in my palm. I read it twice more in disbelief before I laughed and decided she was joking or playing a prank on me. I stood for a few more minutes and as I got ready to walk out the door a familiar voice filled my ears. “So you did wait. Manisa Escort Bayan You ready?” I turned around to see the customer service clerk standing behind me smiling from ear to ear. “Are you serious?” I asked still doubting the situation. She just smiled and said “Of course silly, where’s your car?”

With that said I lead her to my parking spot and unlocked the passenger side door to let her in. I walked around the back of the truck and jumped in the driver seat. I looked over at her taking off her work shirt. She had a white tank top and no bra on. Her pierced nipples were poking through the material. I felt my dick jump in my pants. “Drive around the back of there” She said pointing to an abandoned movie theater across the lot. I started the engine and pulled out of the parking space. As I drove across the lot she started pulling her pants off. When she saw me looking she said “I don’t have time to fuck right now, but you can play with my ass and pussy while I suck your dick, cool?” then pulled her thong off and climbed into the back seat.

I parked behind the theater and got into the backseat with her. She had her top pulled down and was pinching her nipples and rubbing her freshly waxed pussy. I closed the door behind me and she was on me immediately. She grabbed at my belt and pulled it so hard she actually ripped it out of my jeans. After she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans she grabbed my dick through my boxers. I pulled my waistband down and released my throbbing dick from the underwear holding it down. It sprang free and she started licking the tip right away. She sucked the head in her mouth and let it pop out and started licking up and down the sides, top, and bottom of my shaft, letting her saliva moisten my dick till it shone.

She then looked me dead in the eyes and engulfed my entire dick till she couldn’t fit anymore in her mouth. I could Escort Manisa see her straining to work her throat on it. I started rubbing her pussy lips, she was soaked. I rubbed her clit and she moaned around my dick. Her throat felt like heave and her ass was soft as a pillow. I slipped a finger inside her and felt her muscles tighten around it. My entire hand was soaked with her juices. She pulled off and sucked my balls into her mouth one at a time, swishing them around on her tongue and licking them softly. Then she started sucking my dick at a fervent pace.

She worked her hand tongue and lips all in cohesion and with a purpose. I then realized I had a true dick sucker on my hands. She had perfect technique and enthusiasm when it came to giving head. Her hair was just short enough to stay out her way when she sucked. She hadn’t stopped to breathe or adjust herself. Man was I lucky today.

She seemed to be trying to suck the cum right out of me. As she fucked her own face and throat on my dick, I leaned the seat back and watched her face. She looked right at me and smiled without missing a stroke. I felt the pressure building in my balls and the base of my dick. I grabbed a handful of hair with both hands and begin to fuck her throat unrelentingly. The only sounds were the squeak of the seat, and the slurps, gags, and moans coming from her mouth around my dick.

I was about to blow my load. “I’m about to cum!” I struggled to say in my state of ecstasy. She sucked even harder and faster and I couldn’t take it any longer. I shot a massive burst in her mouth. She leaned back, opened her mouth, and stroked my cock furiously, catching the following ropes of cum on her face, lips and tongue. When the spurts of jizz slowed to a leaking stream she started sucking again, making sure my cock was both empty and clean.

After another five minutes of her sucking my empty cock she finally released me from her mouth. She reached in her purse and pulled out some wipes, cleaning her face and hands off. When she finished getting dressed she grabbed my phone and put her number in saying, “Thanks for lunch, but I’ve gotta get back to work now. Call me around 9 for round two.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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