Dana’s Side Ch. 01

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Anri Okita

This series is a retelling of “The Lake House Lessons” from the perspective of Dana, the main female character. Although this stands alone, I think you will appreciate it more if you read “The Lake House Lessons” series. This series has 6 chapters, compared to the 12 of “The Lake House Lessons.” There is a bit of back story here before the sex starts in earnest, so please stay with it. Thanks.


My senior prom was supposed to be the crowning moment of my high school career. I had been going to proms since ninth grade, watching how the pretty popular senior girls were like celebrities, how the lesser lights deferred to them, and how the cute boys fawned over them. But those proms were not my prom. I had worked hard to become that girl, the leader, the alpha girl, the queen bee, and had succeeded. I was the girl who everyone deferred to, and all of the guys wanted to be with me. A word from me could destroy someone’s social life, or permit entry into the popular clique. My friends were the prettiest, coolest girls, and we had the hottest boyfriends. And prom night was going to be my night, even better than my 18th birthday party, which had become justifiably legendary.

My boyfriend, Shawn, who had a body that underwear models would have been jealous of, and who was captain of the football and baseball teams, would pick me up, we would take pictures that would be the envy of everyone on Facebook, we would sneak a few drinks, and maybe a little weed, go to the prom and dance. We would be named prom queen and king, take the party bus to the city and dance some more, then head out to the shore for a weekend of partying and sex. It was the least that I was entitled to, I believed.

My mother and I had been saving up for months to be able to pay for my hair, makeup and nail appointments, and my dress and shoes, and I think it was worth it. My dress accentuated my curves and was, I thought, just the right side of slutty. My older sister, Ariel, who was home from college, helped me prepare, and told me I looked great. Ariel was beautiful herself, a tall blond athlete, who was in college on a volleyball scholarship. I was not quite as tall, darker and curvier. Ariel and I were close, and we had to be, because when our bastard father left Mom for his secretary, Mom basically checked out, started drinking a little too much and we needed to be there for each other.

When Shawn came to pick me up, I was a little concerned, because he already seemed a little drunk. He looked great in his tux, and complemented me on how I looked, and pinned a corsage on my dress. But I insisted that he let me drive. One thing that I always had success with was convincing guys to do what I tell them, and he reluctantly gave me the keys to his car. I drove us to the park, where my friends and I had arranged to take pictures. Shawn kept drinking from this flask, and I said, “shouldn’t you be pacing yourself?”

“Nah,” he responded, “it’s all good. Want some?

“Not while I’m driving, idiot,” I snapped.

When we got to the park, it was filled with pretty girls in beautiful dresses and hot guys in tuxes. A few moms were taking pictures, but I knew that nothing serious would happen until Shawn and I showed up. There was a lot of air kissing and people checking each other out, until Mom and Ariel showed up, and I began to organize my friends into group pictures. It was a beautiful day, and I could see on the cameras that we looked great. I even grabbed a quick sip from Shawn’s flask.

After a while, the photo session began to peter out, and I drove Shawn’s car to the catering hall where the prom was being held. We chewed gum to kill the alcohol smell on our breath and I reminded Shawn to leave the flask in the car for later. When we got out of the car, he pulled me close to him for a kiss, and I pressed against him, feeling his muscular torso under his tux and the bulge in his crotch. I loved the effect I had on him. I fixed my lipstick and we went in.

We successfully passed the search, unlike a couple of our classmates who were stupid enough to think they could sneak booze into the room, and entered the ball room. I had arranged that the theme would be Paris, which I thought was romantic, and the girls who actually did the work setting up the decorations performed well. I promised myself that I would thank them personally later. The place looked great, and Shawn and I took our place at the table reserved for king and queen candidates.

I said hi to my friends who were at the table with us over the pounding music, and grabbed Shawn’s hand to pull him to the dance floor. We started to dance, and I could feel everyone looking at us—exactly the result I wanted. Then, I noticed Shawn checking out a junior girl dancing near him, and actually grinding with her. I pulled him away, and we danced together, but I noticed Shawn’s eyes wandering. What the fuck was his problem? I thought. There is no girl here hotter than me, and I’m his fucking girlfriend.

Pissed, Maraş Escort I grabbed his hand and pulled him back to our table. Our waiter came by, and I recognized Danny, a buddy of Shawn’s who had graduated from North the prior year. He whispered into Shawn’s ear before pouring water into our glasses. They high-fived, and Danny went back into the kitchen. I got a whiff of vodka, and picked up my glass. It wasn’t water.

Shawn took a big drink, and I took a sip, feeling the heat of the liquor go down my throat. I had to admit, it was brilliant, and I asked Shawn how he arranged it.

“Easy,” he said. “Me and the guys bought a few bottles of vodka and paid Danny a few bucks to sneak it to us. Just make sure you chew gum when you get near any of the chaperones.”

I took another sip and Shawn finished off about half of his glass. I hoped that he would be able to hold it together.

Lisa, my best friend, was sitting to my left, and I offered her some of the vodka. She took a sip and we started to talk about who looked good, and who were fashion victims. Shawn tapped me on the shoulder and told me he needed to go to the men’s room, gave me a quick boozy kiss and went off. Lisa and I continued to chat away, and I also spoke with Lisa’s boyfriend, Hank, who I thought was kind of a jerk, but who Lisa had been dating for a while.

After a while, I looked up, and was shocked to see Shawn on the dance floor, dancing and grinding with two other girls. I was furious, but would not give him the satisfaction of confronting him on the dance floor. Instead, I would save my response for more private times. I knew that he was looking forward to sex later, at the shore, and I would take my revenge at the appropriate time if he kept this behavior up.

The party continued on. I got a nice buzz on from the smuggled vodka, but Shawn was getting sloppy drunk. I pulled him aside a few times and yelled at him about that over the pounding music, and about his dancing with other girls, but he was oblivious.

When the time came for the announcement of king and queen, as expected, Shawn and I won. He had trouble walking up on stage and made a fool of himself. When we had our first dance, with everyone watching, he grabbed my ass and laughed hysterically. I was furious and stormed off the dance floor. Lisa tried to calm me down, but I was apoplectic. And the night was far from over.

Mercifully, the prom ended, and we drove back to school to meet up with our party bus, which, of course, included all of the most popular kids in school. We parked in the lot, and Shawn reached into his bag and pulled out a joint and fired it up. I was so pissed at him, I took a huge hit, hoping that it would calm me down, and it worked. We loaded onto the bus, and we started to head into the city, music blasting, smuggled liquor flowing. I drank, in part because it was expected, and in part because I wanted to take the edge off of my anger at Shawn. He continued to be a drunken douchebag, slurring his words, stumbling around and hitting clumsily on his friends’ dates.

I was able to sit him down next to me at one point, and said, “What the fuck is the matter with you? You are acting like an asshole, and ignoring me. Why?”

Shawn responded, “I’m just trying to have fun. Why are you being such a bitch?”

That was, I thought, the last straw, and I tried to stand up, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me down. He was very strong, and I couldn’t free myself. He then turned to me and slurred, “I know you want it, so give it to me,” as he tried to push my head into his lap.

I was able to twist out of his grasp and slapped him hard across his face. Surprised, he let go of me, and used that moment to stand up and try to get away; he grabbed me again, and I started screaming at him. At that point, a few of the guys came over and pulled him off of me, and I went to the back of the bus, crying.

My friends tried to calm me down, and sympathized with me. I was stunned and devastated. That asshole had ruined what was supposed to be my day of triumph, and I silently vowed revenge. I had a drink and tried to calm down.

When we got to the city, Shawn and a bunch of his drunk jock friends headed off to a strip club, leaving me, and a few of my friends, dateless, at the after party. Which sucked. My friend Jessica, who was from a wealthy family, called for a cab, and took us back to her house. We slept for a few hours there, then drove out to the shore. I was supposed to share a room with Shawn, which he paid for, but he was never going to see me naked again. Instead, I bunked in with Jessica and Lisa at the cheap motel where everyone was staying.

The weekend at the shore was pretty miserable. I ignored Shawn, who hooked up with some slut from another school, and I spent most of the weekend drunk and stoned and unhappy. A few guys flirted with me, but as much as I was looking forward to post-prom sex, I was not interested in men at that Maraş Escort Bayan point and just ignored them. As soon as possible, I arranged to go back home.

Two weeks later, Shawn’s football scholarship to a medium sized Midwestern university was revoked, based on an anonymous letter postmarked from our home town, which accused him of steroid use. The school demanded a blood test, and Shawn refused, resulting in the revocation of his scholarship. It served him right.

Memorial Day Weekend Saturday

Ariel was away for the weekend at her friend Sarah’s lake house and Mom was sleeping off the bottle of wine she drank the night before. I was watching television and texting with some friends, trying to decide what to do that night. Since I broke up with Shawn, I had not been with a guy, and was getting frustrated.

I’m not ashamed to say that I enjoyed sex, and was pretty experienced for my age. I had matured early, and had been pursued by older guys since I was in ninth grade. Unfortunately, my experience was that most guys around my age at the time were not good at sex. Mostly, they cared only about themselves, and didn’t work hard enough to get me off. Or they just wanted to fuck, and didn’t want to hang out, or cuddle. It was rare that I found a guy who met all of my needs, and usually they went off to college and we would break up.

Although I was still generally angry at the males of the species, I was getting horny, and tried to convince my friends to go somewhere to meet guys. But it wasn’t working. Jessica wanted me to come to her house with a few female friends, have a few drinks, get high and hang out in her hot tub. I figured that might be fun, and agreed.

The mail came, and I went to get it. There was a letter addressed to me from State, where I was going to go in the fall on a cheerleading scholarship. I had been getting letters from them periodically through the year, and I opened this one, expecting to see information about housing, or meal plans.

Instead, it was from the dean of the college, and said, “We have reviewed your academic progress and find it currently to be below the standards necessary to permit you to matriculate in the fall. In order to retain your offer of admission and your athletic scholarship, you must receive a passing grade in each of your second semester classes. Please advise us immediately when you receive your grades. We regret that we may need to take this step, but it is incumbent upon you to maintain your academic standards at appropriate levels.”

My stomach dropped. I read it again, but the message was the same. I knew that I needed the scholarship to go to college and didn’t know what to do. I thought about my classes, I was pretty sure that I was going to pass all of them, except for physics, where I was screwed. Mr. Stone was a shit teacher, and I got completely lost in the first couple of weeks. I failed the midterm, but figured it was senior year, and who would care? Apparently State did. I realized that tears were pouring down my cheeks. The end of my senior year was sucking worse than I could have imagined, and this was not supposed to happen to me.

Mom staggered into the living room and saw me crying. When she tried, Mom was still beautiful, but now, she looked like crap. She asked me what was going on, and I handed her the letter.

She looked at me and said, “How did you let this happen?

I responded, “I never understood physics but never thought it would make a difference.”

She shook her head. “You know that without that scholarship, you won’t be able to go to college.”

Hearing it said out loud was harsh, and I started sobbing. “I don’t know what to do. The final is a week from Tuesday, and I can’t learn it all in time.”

Mom put her arm around me to comfort me, but all she could say was, “Well, you better figure something out, or you will still be working at Orlando’s next year.”

I texted Lisa that I needed to speak to her, and we agreed to meet at the coffee shop. I splashed water on my face, fixed my makeup and drove into town. I got there early, and ordered an iced coffee. I saw a few kids I knew, and waved, putting on a good face. I also saw a couple of the nerdy kids, a guy and a girl, chattering away. The girl looked a little upset, but I had no idea what about. The guy was trying to calm her down, but was not doing so well. But I was more concerned about my problems.

Lisa arrived, ordered a coffee and sat down. After initial pleasantries, I said to her, in a low voice, “I just got a letter from State saying that they are revoking my admission and scholarship if I fail physics. I haven’t done shit in that class and don’t get it at all. I have no idea what to do.”

Lisa looked shocked. She was going to State, and we were looking forward to spending four more wild partying years together. “I wish I could help you, but I barely understand what is going on in that class, either.” She paused Escort Maraş and said, “I know this is kind of creepy, but have you thought about trying to seduce Mr. Stone?”

I was kind of impressed by her audaciousness, and realized that if I wasn’t around, Lisa would have been me. But I couldn’t do that.

“You know my rule,” I said, “I don’t chase guys with girlfriends or married men. Not after the way my father treated my mother.”

“I know,” Lisa responded, “but this is important.”

“No,” I said. “Not that. Maybe my sister knows some guy from college who can help me. I’ll ask her when she comes home on Monday.”

Lisa tried to console me, but I was totally bummed. After a while, she had to leave. “See you at Jess’ tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “Hank is away for the weekend, so I’m looking forward to girls’ night.”

“Don’t tell anyone, O.K.?” I asked, not sure that I could trust her, even though she was my best friend.

“Sure. This is our secret.”

That evening, I put on a bikini, shorts and a t-shirt, and drove over to Jessica’s. Her house was huge, and they had a beautiful pool and hot tub. When I got there, Lisa, Emily, Chloe and Maria were already in the hot tub, and Jess was mixing drinks.

“My parents are at an all weekend soccer tournament with my little brother, so, it’s party time,” she said, handing me a drink.

I took a sip, and realized it was strong and exactly what I needed.

I got into the hot tub, and luxuriated in the warmth and the jets of water beating against my back. We started talking about the end of school, and parties, and who was screwing who. It was just like old times, and as we kept drinking, I began to feel less miserable. We started to discuss Chloe’s problems with her boyfriend, who had come home from college and was pretty much ignoring her, except for the occasional booty call. We all agreed that she should dump him and find someone else, and when you looked as cute as Chloe, we figured it wouldn’t be too difficult. I started to think about who I could arrange a booty call with, because I was beginning to get a little desperate. Jessica lit a joint, and we passed it around the pool and the conversation continued.

Lisa began to describe something that Hank had tried the last time that she was in bed, choking her while they did it, and how she had to fight him off. That led to a discussion of worst sexual experience. Chloe told about the time she was going to have sex with a guy for the first time, and his cock was so tiny, she didn’t feel it. We tried to get her to tell us who it was, but to her credit, she refused. Jessica told us about the time she went down on a guy who smelled so bad she almost threw up. Maria told us about the guy who insisted that she piss on him, which she actually did before getting grossed out and running away.

I told about the time I was with a guy who insisted on having his dog in the bed with us, and he kept licking us during sex. Emily was curiously silent, and we pressed her for her story, until she blurted out that she was a virgin. There was shocked silence, until she explained that her parents were very religious, and it wasn’t until recently that she was able to sort of break out and have fun. But she hadn’t gone all the way. In fact, she hadn’t done anything more than kiss one guy on a church youth group trip.

We were all supportive, but I told her that I was going to find her a guy who would take her virginity and do it right. Of course, if I knew a guy like that, I’d be in bed with him, and not hanging with my girlfriends on a Saturday night.

We kept drinking, and smoking and talking, until I had essentially forgotten the whole physics thing, and began to feel again like myself again. After a while, we decided to call it a night, and we dried off, got dressed and left. Although I probably shouldn’t have driven home in the state I was in, it was a short drive, and I was pretty confident that if I was stopped, as I had been a couple of times in the past, an “accidental” flash of my boobs and some tears would convince the cop to forget about the ticket. But I made it home safely. Mom was asleep, and I got into bed, naked. I had forgotten that even under normal circumstances, weed made me horny, and after my recent celibate spell, it was worse.

I reached into my night table and pulled out my trusty vibrator, brought it under the blanket to muffle its sound and turned it on. I started it on my sensitive right nipple, and it immediately sent tingles all the way to my pussy. When it was fully erect, I started the vibrator on the other nipple, until it was also hard. I pushed my right breast up and began to suck on it while beginning to tease my pussy with the vibrator. I felt myself getting wet, and released my nipple from my mouth and, at the same time, stuck the vibrator into my dripping hole. It felt incredible, and I began to move it in and out as my hips began to writhe and my breath quickened. Throwing caution to the wind, I threw off the blanket and began to quickly thrust the vibrator into my pussy, rotating it so that it stimulated my clit until I reached an incredible orgasm. I turned off the toy, and removed it, while I lay on the bed, panting.

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