Dangerous Games Ch. 02

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This is the sequel to Dangerous Games. Enjoy. Please let me know your comments.

“It is our distinct honour to present the GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN AWARD to THE ESTEEMED SIR RICK JACKSON for his outstanding contributions to…” sighing I pinch the bridge of my nose as I walk into the room. I can’t hear another word of this… “Eric… ERIC! Can you switch that off please?” My Assistant starts at the harshness of my tone and somewhat surprised I’m sure at the instruction.

“Uh, yeah… sure” Turning his confused brown eyes away from me as he reaches for the television control. Switching off the rerun of last night’s awards ceremony.

Needing to escape the suddenly tense office I walk through to my office and close the door. Making my way around the large mahogany desk I sink into my chair and leaning over the desk I rest my head in my hands.

As soon as my eyes close the same scene I have seen for the last 4 months plays as if on an iMAX screen. Crystal clear and unavoidable. The flash of jewel bright green eyes, long silky soft dark brown hair twisted in my fingers as I push into her from behind. I feel my cock twitch in my pants, again, and anger fills me, again! Anger at myself for my own weakness.

I think again of the atmosphere I just left in the office beyond the door and another wave of guilt washes over me. I’m acting so out of character, I know. I’ve never been the type of man to treat people with anything less that respect and cordiality at very least. The last 4 months however I have been short tempered and irritable with those around me. Often lashing out over nothing at all with absolutely no control over it.

UGH! Get a Grip! This isn’t you Rick! You haven’t even heard from her for months. 4 months, two weeks and three days to be exact. Not since the charity gala. Not since the small back room where I fucked Emily up on the floor like a man possessed. Well, aside from the FedEx envelope I received a week afterwards containing dirty panties that I have seen on her before. I had held them against my nose for at least 10 minutes before my heartbeat stabilized and I had the good sense, or not, to hide them somewhere inconspicuous.

Feeling that twitch again I am disgusted with myself all over. Angrily pushing away from my desk and standing. I am still for a moment before I start to pace my office. Surprised there aren’t tracks in the plush rug with the amount of pacing I have done over the last couple months. I rip my tie from my neck and unbutton the top button trying to calm myself again.

I am walking a dangerous line here. Constantly back and forth between trying to force myself to pretend she never existed and fighting the urge to seek her out myself for a replay. Something that absolutely cannot happen again.

I force myself again to replace the images with thoughts of my wife. My beautiful, kind and brilliant wife. Chief of Staff at Royal Marsden Hospital, on the board of three incredible charities supporting cancer research, abused children and the environment, two of them I am on the board of as well. Both of us so busy and yet our sex life has not suffered. We both keep ourselves in shape and keep things hot in the bedroom.

Just last night I had her bent over the kitchen counter in our lavish apartment, taking my cock like a porn star and not a well-to-do member of the London elite. She never drives me crazy, makes me feel out of control, makes me lose all sense and rationality. I have absolutely no excuse for how readily I fucked a stranger I met on a train. How I fucked her in the bathroom of a dark bar an hour after meeting her and multiple times since then. As if I’m not a happily married father of 2. As if I’m not well known and recognizable.

I lean against the window lost in thought when the phone on my desk rings. Making my way over I answer, feeling my seemingly chronic lack of patience seeping through once again

“Yes?” Annoyed with myself for the tone, I try and soften it, “Sorry, Yes Eric what is it?”

“Sorry to disturb sir…”

“My name is Rick, Eric… We spoke about this.”

“Ah… Yes. Sorry. Sorry to disturb you… Rick. But your wife is here for the meeting about the charity PR?”

“Oh great! Thank you! Please show her in.” Finally, Lucy can distract me from my dark obsession.

“They will be in directly sir.” I roll my eyes but ignore his immediare return to “sir”


“Yes Sir, She has the new PR representative with her. A miss… Uh… Miss Emily Hale sir.”

I feel the blood drain from my face. It can’t be… no it can’t be her. What did she say she did? Did she say? I don’t remember. Even she can’t be this twisted… can she?

“Sir?” I swallow my panic. It’s not her, it can’t be. Emily is a common enough name. Im being paranoid.

“Yes Eric, Send them in.”

I walk back around and am standing in front of it ready to greet Lucy and the PR Rep when the door opens. Lucy walks in radiant as ever.

“Luce…” I smile as I walk forward and Çeşme Escort kiss her cheek.

“Hi Honey. I hope we didn’t interrupt anything?” I smile and shake my head in response.

“Of course not…”

“Great! Let me introduce the wonderful Miss Emily Hale…” She turns and gestures behind her but I am afraid to look.

“She’s with the agency that comes so highly recommended by Giles and the board. I myself have to admit she was quite persuasive and relentless while pitching for the contract.” My brilliant wife smiles warmly at her before turning back to me in the same moment I look up and lock eyes with Miss Hale.

The floor drops out from beneath my feet and I feel like I’m drowning when my eyes meet the bright green ones in front of me. It is only a second of silence before Emily steps forward, her arm extended to shake my hand.

“Very nice to meet you… sir.” The ghost of a grin on her full lips. “And may I say congratulations on your award?” She finishes

The moment her slender fingers wrap elegantly around my own I feel that stirring in my loins for the third time since I entered my office. It feels like time stops while I stare into the emerald flames where her eyes should be. Fire burning within and setting me alight. Panic rises within me as I feel an urgent need to be seated behind my desk. It could only have lasted a beat and I am wildly grateful Lucy doesn’t notice before I am able to compose myself. Anger starting to take the place of panic. What is she doing? Is she crazy?

“Uh… Yes.. Miss Hale. A pleasure to meet you as well. Thank you” I say curtly before shaking her hand once. I turn my back on her as I quickly make my way around the desk.

“Of course…” She says brightly “We are very lucky to have a truly good and decent man like yourself to lead us.” I make out the amused glint in her eye as she says it. For all intents and purposes she sounds genuine, only I can see that she is taunting me. My irritation rises as I try to form a response.

“Yes, well… thank you. I would be nothing without my amazing wife and family…” I say with subtle emphasis, trying to make a point, I am theirs and I will do right by them. She only grins in response. “… and my team of course.” I finish flatly

“Oh he is so modest, one of the many wonderful things about him.” Lucy interjects. Warmth and love pouring from her face and I have to smother my shame once more. If she knew the truth it would destroy her. I look down for a second to compose myself again.

“So…” Lucy starts. I look up again more than ready to change the topic. “Miss Hale. As you know our charity cannot operate without the generous donations from the public however donations are down lately. After that unpleasant business with our satellite office… We need to…”

I manage to zone out, letting the woman chat. My eyes fixed on Emily without realizing, my thoughts bouncing around my head like electrons, each one chasing the last. All questions about this woman and what she is doing to my life. 4 months with no word. I had begun to entertain hope that maybe she had lost interest. That it was finally really over. I should have known better… She will never let go. Ignoring the vice that whispers, just her huh?

It was a moment before I realized the room had gone silent and both women are looking at me expectantly. Obviously waiting for a response.

“Oh… uh… I’m sorry. What did you say?” My gaze drawn to my wife when she speaks.

“Honey… I asked if you would be okay to continue the meeting? I need to get back to the hospital. Emily just wants to take us through the calendar of PR events her agency prepared. Okay?”

My mouth opens and closes three times with no sound escaping. I hear a roaring in my ears and my mouth goes dry as I process her words. My imitation of a goldfish luckily doesn’t last long. I snap my mouth shut and just look at my wife, who was now speaking directly to Emily while she gathers her things.

“Don’t let him intimidate you…” she says with a wink in my direction. “He’s been a little grumpy for a few weeks but he’s a sweetheart underneath. We can catch up next Thursday at lunch okay? You can walk me through what you two settle on.” I’m still trying to process this information when she turns back to me

“Love you honey, Bye.” She blows me a kiss and exits.

When the door clicks shut I narrow my eyes and with all my pent up frustration and anger I snarl at Emily.


She smiles at my tone of voice. “Hello Rick, I’m not sure what you mean but from where I’m sitting…” she shifts in her chair, drawing my eyes as her wonderfully fitted grey pencil skirt inches up her perfectly toned legs, showing a hint of the suspenders on her thigh high stockings. I force myself to look away and back at her face. I refuse to let her seduce me again. This is finished! “… I think I’m working.” A self-assured grin lifts one side of her face.

In Çeşme Escort Bayan that moment I am so angry I feel the urge to break something.

I slam my hand down on the table and almost shout, only just managing to restrain myself. The thought of my assistant just outside my door ever present in my mind.

“No Emily! NO! This is not happening again! I am NOT playing this game with you! Whatever was between us is finished! If because of your actions we now have to work together then so be it! I will not allow you to hurt my family!”

She laughs once before I see a dangerous glint illuminate her eyes… Fear fills me and I lean back in my chair.

She stands and pressing both hands on the lacquer top of my desk she leans forward meeting my eyes dead on. The top two buttons of her cream silk blouse are loose allowing the fabric to gape showing the lacy edges of the green bra containing her creamy breasts. I only glance for a moment before meeting her eyes.

“Let’s get one thing straight, Sir.” She says, saying my title with a mocking lilt to her beautiful voice. “Your Board reached out to me. This is a great contract for my agency and I expect to see it through. As for you and I, we are only done when one of us is no longer interested” She smirks as she says the last part. I miss it and don’t even realize I’m staring down her shirt until she stands straight again cutting off my view. She turns and walks back to her chair before settling elegantly back into it.

“Good! Good, then we’re done.” I say looking at my desk and organizing myself to continue the meeting.

“Not so fast…” She is so calm. Almost serene. Freezing in place, I snap my head back up to meet her eyes. Anxiety is a tangible, physical thing filling me at what I see there.


“Stand up.”

“Stand… What?” I am acutely aware I sound like an idiot.

“Stand up.” She repeats calmly “I said we are done when one of us is no longer interested. Stand up and show me you’re not hard as steel and bursting through those Armani slacks and I will agree that we are done.”

My imitation of a goldfish returns, I stare at her speechless. Acutely aware of the damp spot on my underwear where I have been leaking pre-cum since I sat down behind my desk. Until that moment refusing to acknowledge how turned on having my wife and my lover together in my office had me. Lucy completely blindly unaware of who she had just introduced me to.

I feel the beast roiling beneath my skin. Growling and writhing. Fighting to burst through as though he senses the presence of his counterpart beneath her cool facade. I can’t let him… I need to keep control.

“No! We are finished. If you are here to work then please, continue with the meeting.” She smiles and stands looking every bit the elegant but deadly predator. Smoothing her blouse and skirt which only draws my eyes to the curves of her body she slowly walks around my desk with me frozen in place behind it.

“Wont you stand for me baby?” She almost purrs, clearly completely unaffected by my constant rejection and denial.

“I… uh… I… no. No. No Emily Stop!” Gaining confidence the more I stutter. She ignores me again and prowls closer.

“Please…” She’s almost right in front of me as she utters the question. Not a plea… because she already knows the outcome. She leans forward. Her blouse gaping, her delicious plump lips mere inches from mine with her hands on the armrests. I swallow and close my eyes. Whether to savour the proximity or to escape the dark haired vixen before me I cannot say.

It doesn’t help at all though, I cannot escape her when my eyes are closed either. Visions of my length disappearing into her dripping wet perfectly pink cunt fill my mind and I’m almost frenzied. My hands itching to grab her. I grip my knees where my hands are resting in the effort to restrain myself. I feel the beast rear his ferocious head and im drowning. Oh god I think, oh god its going to happen again. I’m going to fuck her again. Here… on my desk.

My panic filled eyes open in time to see her settle on her knees in front of me. I glance at the door knowing it’s not locked and consider standing to lock it. She sees the look on my face and shakes her head… no. She wants it unlocked.

She reaches forward and gently places her hand on my throbbing length eliciting a groan from me. I see my control slipping as if it were a physical thing in front of me.

Emily leans forward, my irrisistable siren, and nuzzles my erection through my pants.

“Doesn’t look like you’re not interested anymore Rick. From here it looks like you are still very much interested. Ahhhh I can’t wait to have you in my mouth again. You are so delicious.”

“…fuck” is all I manage as I see her perfectly manicured hands pull at and undo my belt buckle before unbuttoning my pants and slowly pulling the zip down. I do nothing to stop her as nimble fingers reach inside and free my erection. I’m Escort Çeşme so hard its painful. How did I get here? In the back of my mind I feel the urgency of a thought that is quickly fading? Was there something I was supposed to say/do?

The attempt to recall even my own fucking name let alone what I’m supposed to do right now evaporates when she wraps her hand around my length and then freezes. My head swimming, swimming in a haze of every emotion I could possibly feel in this moment when I look into her eyes.

“I want you to say it…” I just stare. Unable to move, unable to speak. All the blood in my body contained in my well above average sized dick partially held within her small hand. Nothing left for rational thought.

She gently squeezes me and moves slightly and I moan and pant in response. I’m hers. I know it. Every single time it comes back to this. The demon takes over. No matter how much I try to fight it, I’m hers. I need it. I need her tongue on me. Stroking me. Sucking me. I need…

“I want you to say it Rick… tell me the truth.”

“What truth?” I half whisper

“What do you want?”

“You…” I breathe, defeat clear in my voice. “I want you, always…” each word making her eyes burn hotter.

“Who’s is this?” she continues, gently squeezing me to confirm what she is referring to.

“Yours baby. It is… I am, all yours.” I didn’t have to think about it. Its obvious. Denying it at this point would be ridiculous. She holds all the power. She knows the power she has over me. My addiction. The reason I’ve been going crazy for months. I need her.

I feel the grin slowly spread on my lips. It’s a devilish evil grin that settles into my features. The beast inside filling my limbs as I stroke her face. Tucking her hair behind her ear before I watch my hand wrap itself in her hair guiding her head towards my cock. I need those red lips wrapped around me.

“What about Lucy?” she says as she slowly moves, eyes never leaving mine.

“Who?” I answer immediately in a soft voice. I am treated to the sight of her own evil smile before she opens her mouth and sucks me in. I throw my head back, savouring each delicious inch that slips into the wet heat that is her mouth.

She doesn’t miss a beat when I reach her throat. Swallowing me down, her throat engulfing the head of my cock while she drools down the shaft. She hums, and it’s as if I can feel the vibration in every nerve in my body. My eyes close and I lean my head back as she moves back up my shaft. Massaging me with her tongue and hands as she goes.

Emily starts to build a rhythm and my god, it’s easily the best blowjob I have ever received. Exactly the right amount of tongue and pressure and teeth. Each sensation pushing me to the edge. I’m not going to last long. I’m fine with this. There is no way I won’t still be hard and it means I’ll be able to fuck her longer.

“Ahhh Fuck yes! My perfect little cocksucker aren’t you?” She looks up and the look in her eyes makes my cock throb in her mouth. She’s so lost in this. Lost in the sensation of my cock filling her mouth.

“mmmhmmm” she hums.

“Do you want my cum baby?” She pulls herself off me just enough to answer…

“Yes Rick! Yes Sir! Yes I need your cum in my mouth” she gushes before diving back on me. So obviously pleased with herself. Thrilling at the knowledge that she has won.

Without warning I feel the beast take full control. I capitulate and am a spectator in my own body. My other hand joins the first and grips her hair in a vice, stilling her. I stand and without a moment’s hesitation I force her on my cock until her nose is buried in my abdomen.

I allow her to adjust for only a second, revelling in the sensation myself before starting to violently fuck her face. I hold her still, the wet sucking sounds she makes with each thrust, each time my cockhead enters her throat, only making me wilder.

I want her throat bruised so she remembers where my cock has been. I look down and meet blazing green. Our eyes locked while mascara streams down her face. My cock and her saliva destroying her perfect lipstick.

“Arggghhhhhh!!!!” I moan, or he moans. I don’t know.

God she is everything. Im so close. Three more wild and frantic thrusts into her sucking mouth before I pull back, she sticks out her tongue and catches the first shot. Immediately swallowing. The next catches her on her face, her nose… then her cheek.

She greedily opens her mouth wanting more and with a growl I shove my cock back in her mouth and let her suck the rest out of me. I close my eyes leaning over to catch myself on my desk just in case my legs give way.

Once every last drop has been sucked from my cock I release her and drop back into my chair enjoying the aftermath of such an intense orgasm. My hands cover my face before moving into my hair.

“Fuck! So good… god it’s so good!” Opening my eyes I look over at her. She is still on her knees, licking the fingers that just cleaned the cum from her face before starting to unbutton her blouse. Gripping and gently stroking my still hard cock I watch her.

“You are the sexiest and most evil and delicious cunt I’ve ever had. Do you know that?” she just smirks behind her hair while she undresses.

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