Dark Passions Ch. 01

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“In this faceless dark world, what kind of sex do you hope to find?” Steve, calling himself Unhinged82 on the internet site he frequented, stared at this blunt and hot question which popped up on a chat window.

That came from Sisxxx, age on profile 23, sex female, location not mentioned; Aah… as names went nothing strange in this one, he thought sitting on the floor in front of his laptop in his rented room which was littered with the frugal requirements of a newbie minimalist who broke up with this girlfriend recently. Sis could be a woman _ assuming it was a woman_ interested in incest for all you knew or someone who loved to dominate, the 25-year-old Steve thought. Anyway, age, sex or location in most cases on such sites were bound to be a figment of imagination… take it at face value and live the fantasy that the person offered or run away with your pants zipped up. Well, here was someone asking a very pointed and hot question and why for god’s sake would you waste your time on unwanted conjecture and web wisdom, he asked himself, and typed out his terse and cryptic reply ‘surprise’.

“Would that include zany things, like licking honey, chocolate or ice cream off a bald pussy?”

Jesus! Well, well the girl had etched out very imaginative ingredients which could possibly embellish a tasty natural dish that hardly needed any garnish. “Way to go girl,” he uttered loudly. “Yummy. I am open to that, and it appeals to my palate. But, I mean something else er… I am sure there is more where that came from,” he said in an attempt to tease out more ideas from her fertile and obviously salacious imagination.

“Hmmm, imagine… you are waiting for pickup under a tree, stranded on a highway after your car broke down. Suddenly two gun-wielding masked women appear and while one holds your hands behind you, the other woman takes out your organ, which soon turns into a throbbing rod, and gives you a blowjob. In another scene, you go in search of a bathroom at a party and you grope for the switch in a dark room. A woman materialises from behind and takes out your cock and jerks you off.

In both scenarios, you don’t get to see the face of the women. In the first instance, you are forced to take part in the act, while in the second you are a willing participant. How is that?”

Wow, oh! god, From the way she detailed out the encounters it appeared as if she had run it over in her mind many times. The thought that it was likely that she would have thrown the same set of questions at other guys crossed his mind even as he typed out: “Yes, that’s right up my lecherous alley, suits me fine.”

“Ha ha ha, I hit the right spot didn’t I? I saw you liked a story in which a woman is being fondled by a man in a dark room at a party,” came the reply from Sisxxx. Oh! curiouser and curiouser Mardin Escort it got. The sly predatory feline had followed his activity, seen his likes and comments and mapped his desires, he smirked.

“Yes, I love suddenness and surprise, but violence is not my dish. What’s your name and where do you live,” he asked, oops… maybe too hastily, because she went offline in a jiffy. Steve was left pondering over the many options that crisscrossed his mind; was she giving him a sample of his own yen for suddenness, was she playing hard to get, had someone barged into her room or, simply, had the network failed.

Steve had been loitering in the virtual world long enough to understand that he could never expect to come across the predictable or the preferred. Hard to come by would be a formal introduction or a decent goodbye. He had befriended people who were impatiently searching for some elusive chimera, just like him, imitating a foraging animal and discarding almost everything in order to latch on to a small desirable morsel of sensual experience.

After he had identified and rejected many fake profiles and men disguised as women, finally here was a woman who might just turn out to be an interesting catch. Whoa whoa, not so fast Steve buddy. How would you find out if she was a woman? Well, there might be some genuine seekers of pleasure, like him, he reasoned, justifying his hard pursuit on the site for a woman who shared his search for the less frequented side of carnal gratification.

A year ago, when he was caught in a crowd, a hand brushed accidentally against his cock and that had set off his imagination of being stroked by a faceless woman or him fingering an unknown woman from behind.

And this girl Sisxxx might hold the promise of his dream manifesting itself. Or might end up like Sally. Well, what about Sally? She put her real photograph and location on her profile, but their friendship fell off a cliff, though they briefly did indulge in roleplay and domination stuff; driver and boss lady, maid and landlord, prisoner and policeman, king and slave and what not. But as fate would have it, one day Sally said she wanted to be taken doggy style with her head dunked inside a toilet. When he said he felt like puking, she called him a prude and with that the short and sweet online relationship with Sally came to an anticlimactic finish.

Steve did online editing for some companies and sites that paid him enough to take care of himself, at least till a demanding girlfriend appeared in his life. The last one had walked out on him, put off by his not having a well-paying job and because of his take it easy attitude. ‘Lazy bum’ was the mild expletive she threw at him. Well, he didn’t get drunk or even curse her, but only thanked her for giving back his freedom and Mardin Escort Bayan letting him return to his solitary and slow-paced life.

On days when workflow was sluggish, he surfed sites fishing for satisfying friendships and chat, and one such endeavour had landed him on the present one. Now he sat in front of his laptop, checking his mail inbox for work. Finding nothing that deserved his immediate attention, he logged on to the site and browsed for a few minutes before Sisxxx came online.

“Hi, man, how do you feel? I imagined that you were nude, shagging while watching porn online and that you came all over your lap.” she began, without offering any explanation for her sudden exit the previous day. Though caught off guard by that opening salvo, Steve managed to come up with, “I imagined that I came in your gaping pretty mouth.”

“Mmm. I just felt wet and hot picturing you with semen all over your lap. That got me going, and, man!, am I glad I found you here. Now, be a dear and say something really titillating so that my naughty fingers could take me to dizzy heights,” came the provocative reply. Since you made my cock sturdy, I will make your pussy sizzling hot, you slut, he smiled. I will give you more than your weeny exploring finger and tiny tight cunt can handle, something that will bring you crawling to me and begging to get your pleasure hole filled with the jizz that you imagined on my lap, he muttered.

Steve began typing: “I am taking a shower with the bathroom door open but you are too busy on your laptop to notice me and my huge erection. I dry myself slowly and quietly and come and stand by your side. My arrow-like erection nudges your right hand that is fondling the mouse. You turn your attention to my swollen throbbing protuberance and push away the lifeless, unexciting mouse. I reach for your perfectly round breasts and squeeze them as you insert your left finger into your oozing love passage.” Steve paused to drink water from a bottle.

“Ooh I am removing my messed-up panties, getting nude, go on,” she responded.

He got rid of his hindering boxers, sat nude and continued: “You stroke me a few more times and I grab you by your hair and shove my hard hot rod in and out of your slutty mouth. I gently push you down to the floor and you lie on your stomach. Oh! so, you need it doggy-style do you, and you will get it, you cum drum.”

“Mmm…yessss.. Go on,”

“I catch your hip with one hand and with the other hand I guide my throbbing penis into your sloppy cavity and you go ‘ooh’. In and out it goes … in and out… a number of times. Holding the back of your head, I turn you around and force my hardness down your throat and make you taste your own sex juices that has coated my tool. Then I target your pussy with my pulsating Escort Mardin manhood…you sweat…your hair is all disheveled and your sweat is painted all over the floor.”

“Aaaah. I am close, don’t stop, pleeease ..” she begged.

“How many fingers do you have inside you,?”

“Oh! COME ON. Please continue… three fingers,”

“I grab your hair and continue riding you. Your groans and moans become muffled screams and fill the silence of the night. You lie flat on the floor unable to take it any longer. I take my dick out and part your ass and slide my cock into your gaping pussy, and sitting on your ass, I pound away. You thrash to your left and right and I furiously dig… I am almost there, I tell you, and you beg for more action. The floor is slippery with your sweat and you slide up as I continue my lusty lunges. I pump for a few more minutes and let go, unloading my hot cream inside your wet crevice which overflows. Sweat and semen mix under you on the floor. I lift my crushing weight off your behind and we catch our breath, lying side by side.”

“Mmm. it could have lasted longer and been slower. Not nitpicking. But wow, that was amazing. I orgasmed, thanks,” said Sisxxx.

“Welcome, anytime. I can’t type all day, can I,” he asked, stroking his erection, and added “Can I lick your slimy fingers clean.”

“Fingers are not the only part that needs to be cleaned,” she winked with a smiley.

“Would love to lick all your wet parts,” he said.

“That depends on where you live. It’s like this. Earlier, I got this far while chatting with many guys but it turned out they were living far away. By the way, I won’t ask you where you live. But can you reach this place,” she asked and mentioned a location. That’s a cool idea … without revealing where both lived they could meet at a common place.

“And as I said earlier, I prefer to keep my identity a secret. No names or address. But there is a way we can actually get together. I know this place where we can meet in a dark room … a house which is unoccupied. We can have fun without actually seeing each other,” she said.

“Hmm…Sounds thrilling,” he said wondering whether there would be a catch in it somewhere.

“You have to come there at the time I fix and leave before me. And you have to promise not to follow me and find out where I live etc.; else it will end as fast as it began. You see, all the fun is in the secrecy. Most relationships die because of knowing too much about someone, thanks to over-exposure,” she summed up philosophically.

“Sounds fair enough,” Her conditions appeared reasonable to Steve who was already floating in a world of lust.

Sisxxx said they could meet the next day around 5 p.m. at the house she referred to earlier and signed off.

Steve sighed and wondered what the new encounter would be like. Would it turn out to be a gag? He would stand nude with an erection before a girl in the dark and suddenly lights would come on and a horde of hee-hawing guys would videotape it and put it on the net. Or…

(To be continued)

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