Dark Roots Ch. 02

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A/N: So wow, I did not expect the first chapter of this story or the premise of this story to be so popular with so many readers. Thank you for the explosive view count. Also, I know I placed the city of Seattle in the wrong state, and I’m sorry for that. I would edit it, but that would require me to pull the story down and put it back up. If I did that I would lose my current view count. For now try to ignore that and let’s continue with the story.


Ch. 2 — Origins

Seattle, Washington

7:30 pm

DeSanto Residence

“Huunhh! Aahh!! Fuck, this feels so good!!” Indigo groaned deeply as Lisa and Albert thrusted their hips together, slapping against her bare skin.

Lisa’s large cock stirred and stretched Indigo’s vagina, even pushing past the ring of her cervix that caused her a lot of pain but strangely a lot of pleasure too. It was a fiery burning sensation that pained her but also brought her to new heights of pleasure she never thought was possible. Meanwhile, in her other sinful hole. Albert was balls deep inside her asshole. He pounded her in unison and somewhat in synch with his mother’s own thrusts. Because she was obviously much larger of the two, he could feel her sliding up and down on the other side inside her vagina.

“Oh fuck what a tightly sinful pussy you have my dear!” Lisa groaned deeply. “Oh son, how does her asshole feel like?!” she asked him, gritting her teeth.

“It feels amazing mom, hah, I can feel your cock sliding in and out of her!”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck! Oh God!” Indigo hollered.

“Oh fuck I can’t hold it in anymore, Aagghhhh!!” Albert let out, pumping cum into her bowels while his mother and girlfriend kissed passionately.

Lisa kissed the young black woman to keep her voice down. Indigo moaned loudly into the fallen angel milf’s mouth. As soon as she felt her son was finished pumping semen inside her, she was not far behind to doing the same to her pussy. While Albert fell back on his ass to catch his breath, he watched his white cum roll down the black inner thighs of his girlfriend from her puckered asshole, all the while as his mother’s freakish large cock destroyed her pussy.

“Oh my child! Here I come, I hope your womb has enough space for this special gift I’m about to impart on you!”

Indigo felt something huge coming, and its wasn’t Lisa’s cock. When the red headed milf came, she squeezed Indigo’s fat ass cheeks, clenched her teeth and unleashed everything she had in her heavy balls.

“OH…Faaacckkkk!! Haahhhh!” Indigo howled while Lisa howled like a wolf beneath her. Trembling also.

Albert watched with flaccid dick in hand as Indigo’s flat stomach distended further and further out. White cum sprayed out from around Lisa’s and Indigo’s connected genitals as more cum flooded and stretched her already stuffed womb out even more.

“Oh Goooddddd!! Haaahhhh!!” Indigo cried out to the lord with tears rolling down from her eyes down to her cheeks.

When Lisa was done, the fallen angel gently rolled Indigo to the side so she could get some rest. When the sexy young black woman was no longer around Lisa’s massive shaft, her swollen belly slowly deflated as load after load of pearly white cum leaked out of her stretched pussy.

Mother sat down beside son and rested the side of her head on his shoulder and told him softly. “You know, when your father was still around and young like you, I gave him the ability to do this exact same thing to me. Of course I never told him it was me, he just thought he was really manly. Seeing him happy made me happier.”

Albert leaned back and placed his hands down on his mother’s hips, beckoning her to get on top of him. She did so, but first lifted up her large flaccid cock and positioned the head of her son’s cock at the entrance of her wet cunt and slid down on top of it, burying his entire dick inside her. She let out a deep satisfied moan and slowly grounded back and forth on top of her son.

After pushing out all of the fallen angel’s cum out of her, Indigo crawled over and sat down beside them and began to ask the fallen angel some questions. Lisa stroked her flaccid cock while Albert grabbed and massaged her large swinging breasts.

“Umm, Mrs. Desanto?”

“Hahh, Niğde Escort hahhh mmmm…yes dear?” Lisa replied.

“I’ve been wondering. What’s your real name?”

“What an odd question to ask me in the midst of sex with my son. Why do you want to know what my name is, dear?”

“I don’t know. You’re obviously not human, so I take it your name is not human either.”

“You’re right that I was given my own name, by my father. But only my son and my late husband know what my name is. I’m sorry dear, but I don’t want to share my name with you.”

“Okay. Well, where is your late husband? Albert had a father, right?”

“Of course he did…hahh…hhaa… how else would he have been born then? But as to where he is today, I don’t know what happened to him, honest. Oh yes Alby, right there…mmm, right there.”

“He just disappeared off the face of the earth” Albert chimed in, thrusting his hips up and down at a steady pace.

Indigo watched Lisa’s large semi erect cock slowly shrinking back into her body, along with her large balls. Her fallen angel form had also began to fade away, giving way to her human appearance once again. Then another more interesting question came to her.

“Why aren’t you in heaven anymore, Lisa?”

“I fell out of favor with my father…mmm…yeah son, just like that, fuck mommy’s pussy really good.”

[Albert’s Mind]

“My mother isn’t being entirely truthful with Indigo. Its true she fell out of favor with her father, but for what reason? She told me on the day I turned eighteen years old. What a day that was.”


I had just gotten back home from my college classes when my mother came to me. She asked me if I still kept having dreams about her, I told her I was. She took a seat on my bed and told me as I remember it.

“Albert, now that you are a fully grown man, I feel I need to share this very important piece of news with you. I am in fact not a human being. I am actually an angel that materialized into the physical world to love your father. Normally a spirit has no body including a sex, but we do have genders. When I say that, I mean we are naturally drawn to either impersonate feminine or masculine qualities when we appear to humans. The reason, son, why I am here on earth with you and no longer in heaven is because I fell in love with a mortal; your father.

Normally I could not take him with me, because it was not his time. And a long time ago, a group of angels also did the exact same thing, but they were a group of all masculine angels who took human forms of men. For committing that transgression, they were imprisoned in the earth and their leader the stars. The children that were born from these unions, were terrifyingly tall, monstrously strong, cold and merciless. When they were killed by the almighty, their souls were unable to enter my father’s kingdom nor were they unable to descend to Hell, and so became evil earthly spirits. You know them as demons”

“Mom, why are you telling me all of this?” Albert asked.

“I was expelled not only for falling in love with your father, but because I committed the crime of giving myself this body to have sex, and doing so, I bore you Albert. I fell from grace and am bound to this earth like the Nephilim before me. But my curse did not stop there. The almighty told me before swatting me out my original home himself, that If I loved mortals more than him, the the first and only child I would bear with my forbidden body, will be accompanied by the pain of a hundred birthing women. I am immortal and cannot die, but when I gave birth to you, I would have preferred death over life. And my curse still did not stop there, father told me I would desire the same sex just as much as the opposite, it would be uncontrollable lust day after day. So you see, when you dreamt of me wandering all by myself through rain and snow, it was me whoring myself out to men and women, kings and queens, common folks and the low born throughout the ages. But none of it was out of love, because I still love your father even though he has disappeared from our lives. But when I think about it, you look a lot like him, so much in fact I have to ask your for your forgiveness for Niğde Escort Bayan what I am about to do…Albert.”

My mother began to undress herself right in front of me. First removing her pants and shirt, then her bra and panties. Naturally my first reaction was to push her away from me when she approached me. But when I first saw her reveal her angelic form to me for the first time, any right thought of rejecting my mother’s advances left me completely. I admired her large, eternally perfect round breasts. Her small waist and wide hips. The perfect amount of golden bush around her pussy.

Her golden hair radiated like the sun that seemed to reflect perfectly from her pale skin that looked to be made of polished porcelain. I undid my own pants and shirt, underwear and everything else that clung to my body and remained sitting on the edge of the bed. But as I stared more at my non-human mother, her angelic appearance began to dull and the appearance she now has today, began to show. I did not care though. Perhaps I was under some spell from her, maybe I took advantage of this moment to fuck my hot mother, or maybe, I loved my mother in more ways than a son should have. What did I tell her do after she finished changing?

“I want you to suck my dick mom, suck it and play with my balls…please.”

She smiled and got down on her knees and positioned herself between my parted legs. She smiled and stroked my flaccid cock. She used her dark green tongue to lick up and down my shaft including to suck on my sagging balls. When I was fully erect, she took my entire cock, every inch of it down her throat that to this day, felt like a furnace, though it did not burn me or cause pain. She sucked on my cock like she had been waiting to do since her creation. She massaged my tender balls between her fingers, squeezing them just lightly enough to give me pleasure, but not hard enough to cause pain.

I held onto the covers of my bed beside me as she continued to bob her head up and down. I grimaced and gasped in pleasure and excitement. This was really happening, this wasn’t a dream, there was nothing I could imagine writing that would come close to the excitement and pleasure that I was feeling right now. I felt my self cumming and my mother seemed to know it also, so she stopped. I fell back on my bed to catch my breath, but my mother, being the lustful fallen angel that she was, straddled me. She took a hold of my throbbing cock, positioned its wet head at the entrance of her wet pussy and slid down on top of me. Without warning, she grinded forward and back on top of me, rolling her hips from side to side to drive it all home.

The walls of my mother’s special pussy clenched me with an iron grip. My hand launched forward and held onto her hips first then her large swaying breasts. I could still remember what she said to me as she rode me.

“Yes, fuck me son, fuck your mother’s pussy! Fuck my sinful hole that pushed you out into this world! Yes, oh God yes!!”

I was in a sex induced haze and grabbed the fat round cheeks of my mother’s ass. I wanted her to squeeze around my dick even harder than she already was, so I shoved my middle finger up her asshole. This shocked both of us, but my mother laughed it off and what she did next no longer surprises me to this day, but when she first did it, I almost stopped what I was doing. With my cock sliding in and out of her pussy and my middle finger sliding in and out of her asshole nearly at the same time. She played with her blood red hair and breasts before her large 12 inch cock sprung out from her bush. It was larger and thicker than mine. Also accompanying her cock was a large heavy scrotum. I was almost afraid she would use it on me, but she assured me,

“Don’t worry son…i wouldn’t dream of using this thing on you…mmmm…No, I plan on using this on your women. Because if they lust after you…Hahh…hhhaa…they lust after me! Fuuckk!!”

I continued to thrust upwards, fingering her asshole while I watched her sucking the head of her own large cock eagerly like it was someone else’s. We must have been fucking for an eternity, or at least that’s what it felt like for me. When I came, I came like no other time before in my life. Escort Niğde I fired hot ropes of never ending cum inside my mother’s strange womb. Cum from her own cock sprayed out of the edges of her mouth as she moaned desperately and delightfully. While receiving my cum, she drank down her own. The rest that spilled out of her lips, fell down on her breasts and onto my abdomen.

My arms and legs shook as her own body shaked uncontrollably as my cum filled more of her womb. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fell back on the bed. My cock slipped out of her hole as her flaccid cock began to shrink. We embraced each other after letting our emotions and the mood settle. She then told me,

“I promise to show you all of the wonders and pleasures of this world, son. Just like all of your partners will be mine, all of the female partners I have fucked like you just fucked me, will be yours. I know they are eager to meet you.”

I wondered who she was talking about back then, because I still haven’t met them to this day. I supposed I would find out someday, like I found out she wasn’t human. I breathed softly and told her, ‘I can’t wait mom’ tiredly. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

The Present

Albert had fallen asleep whilst his mother and girlfriend talked. As he was waking up, he heard the familiar sounds of lips smacking. Deep kissing, someone was deep kissing. He had been lying down on his back and slowly rose up. He looked to his side where his bed was at and watched his mother lying down on his bed while Indigo laid on top of her. Lisa’s large cock throbbed behind her large ass.

Albert stood up and went over to them, Lisa saw him and grabbed him by his wrist and pulled him into bed with her. He settled in between his mother and girlfriend and had himself a three-way kiss. First he kissed his girlfriend, smacking her large ass, then turned to kiss his mother deeply and smacking her own large ass. His mother looked over to Indigo and asked her,

“My son is handsome, don’t you think so Indigo?”

“Yeah he is, he doesn’t look very much like you Mrs. Desanto.”

“I know he doesnt,” Lisa said, taking a hold of her son’s chin and tilting it towards her direction, “he looks like his father. In many ways he resembles him that I think its a little terrifying.”

“Oh crap, it’s already late!” Indigo blurted out looking at the time on on Albert’s wall. She jumped out of his bed and grabbed her clothes and placed each piece of clothing article on.

“Will you come visit us again, Indigo?” Lisa asked her softly, caressing her son’s stomach and taking a hold of his cock.

“After today, I don’t think I can say no. I’ll try to come here on the weekends but I can’t make any promises.” Indigo blew a kiss at both of them and left in a hurry.

Albert turned to his mother positioned himself between her legs. He took a hold of her large cock, pushed her scrotum upwards and pressed the head of his cock against her pussy and slid himself back inside her, much to her approval.

“Don’t think you can just get away with fucking my girlfriend like you own her, mom” Albert said, burying himself to the base.

“Uunff…haahh…oh my, my son is angry with me, how will you punish me?” Lisa said playfully.

“This isn’t a game mom. Just for that, I’m putting this inside of,” Albert slid out of his mother’s pussy, got out of bed and grabbed her. He made her bend forward over his bed, where he knelt down behind her and rubbed the head of his cock against her puckered asshole. With a hard push, he slid his aching cock inside her tight asshole.

“Oh Fuck! Son…baby…I’m sorry for-Ah!”

Albert grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. He kept himself inside of her tight hole to enjoy every muscle constricting around him. He slowly thrusted in and out of her before he picked up the pace. His groin slapped rapidly against her round pale cheeks, much to her satisfaction. Reaching underneath her, Lisa grabbed and wrapped her hand around her massive cock and stroked it in unison to her son’s thrusts.

He kept going until he couldn’t anymore and only pulled back harder on his mother’s hair as his release neared. With a deep groan, Al came inside of his mother’s ass while she eagerly stroked her male part as fast as she could to enjoy her release. Finally with a deep guttural moan, Lisa came, spraying her son’s floor and bed with pearly white cum.

“Aw shit…now I gotta clean all of this damn cum off my floor!” Albert said annoyed.

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