Daughter’s Cravings Ch. 05

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Special thanks to the editor-Hatsuda-

In this chapter niece hears countless stories about her Uncle Peter’s sexual prowess and sees first-hand how truthful they are. She becomes further seduced by his wealth and power and his having an enormous cock.


There was a call on my room phone and the person at the desk said that my Uncle was in the grand ballroom with guests and that I could come down anytime. I was a little surprised that he had left without me, but once again I knew it was his way of making a statement about how I treated him in the past.

As soon as I came into the ballroom I saw some faces I recognized. Three were the men in the limo that came to the takeover, and then I saw four girls who I remember seeing at his office. One of the girls was the red-head who came out of his office and kissed him right in front of me.

The four girls along with every other girl at the party were dressed similar to me; all in micro-mini dresses with stockings and heels. Knowing the guest-of-honor I was sure they purposely dressed to impress him just like I did. As soon as I walked into the room I felt the eyes of everyone all over me. It was as if they all knew I was with my Uncle and wanted to see who his newest fuck was going to be.

The three guys immediately came over to me and offered to get me a drink. For a second I thought about my mother with her three 25 year old guys imagining what they were doing.

Because I was irritated that my Uncle had me come down to the party by myself, I thought to myself for a second, “I should take the three of them up to my room and fuck them just to get even with my Uncle.”

I decided against it, because I didn’t want to upset him in any way, plus I knew that even though they would have absolutely loved to fuck me, judging by the way their mouths were hanging when they saw me and the way they were practically drooling all over me, I knew that even if they were all falling-over drunk they wouldn’t have fucked me out of fear of what my Uncle would do to them.

As I danced with one of the young guys that were at the takeover I looked over my shoulder and saw my Uncle talking to a young black girl, and an older black man who looked to be in his late 60’s. I found out later from my Uncle that he was actually 76 years old. He was definitely very youthful looking for his age.

The guy I was dancing with told me that she was there with her grandfather who was there because he had been trying to get my Uncle to invest in his expanding technology company in Texas. He told me that she just turned 18 that day and was at the party as a guest of her grandfathers and that she wanted to learn about business, which was going to be her major at college when she graduated High School that year.

The black 18 year old was dressed for his attention too. She was slim but had a huge chest, which had to be like 38DD. She stood about 5’4″ She wore a plunging mini dress that showed all of her huge chest and the roundness of her huge tits.

When I saw my Uncle leave with the black teen I was fuming inside. I was irritated that my Uncle was going to fuck her, not because of her age, but because I was so ready for him, and I knew he knew it too.

Leaving with the black teen with his arm around her thin waist my Uncle looked over at me and as I danced I gave him a cold look. Grinning smugly at me I saw the sway of her ass each time her black high heels clicked on the tiled floor which caused my blood to boil. At this point he knew I wanted to fuck him bad. The dress I wore was for his attention. He knew he could have had me which frustrated me beyond words. This was his way of continuing to wear me down, and it was definitely working.

After all the years of me being such a bitch to him after he would tell me how sexy I was and that he wanted me, he was now going to make me squirm. I thought about going to his room and interrupting the fuck that was happening with the black teen, and tell her to get out then strip to my stockings and pumps and fuck him myself, but I knew that would only annoy him. He knew when the time would be ready for us, he just wanted me to go crazy first, and that’s exactly what was happening. At this point I was going insane to fuck him.

Just then the song ended and I was approached by four girls who worked for my Uncle. They were there with 20 other girls who worked for him who were acting as hostesses for him. All the girls were young, two being High School Juniors that just turned 18 and were working for my Uncle as interns and the other two were 20, right out of college. The High School girls were Asian, one Korean and one Chinese. They both stood about 5’6″ and were very slender with long black hair.

The Korean teen had a large chest which showed through the low-cut mini dress she was wearing, while the Chinese teen had a virtually flat chest, without a trance of tits. She wore a tight, black mini-dress that had a wide-open Escort Güngören plunging V shape that came right up to the edge of her perky little nipples. The two 20 year old girls were also about the same height as the Asian girls; one was Hispanic and the other white. The Hispanic girl had a large chest, as her tits could easily be made out from the open cut mini dress she was wearing.

They all knew I was his niece and as I got into conversations with them they told how amazing my Uncle was to work for. I smirked and said with a sly grin,

“I’ll bet he is.”

They all laughed, knowing exactly what I was referring to. We bonded instantly as if I was the ‘newest’ member of the club. The girls immediately started confiding in me about my Uncle and I was really surprised to hear what they had to say.

“You know you have some kind of spell on him,” The Korean girl Doreen said.

“Yeah, we’ve all been with him, and all would love to be his exclusive, but you’re the one with your claws in him,” the Hispanic girl Amy said, which caused all the other girls to nod their heads.

As I stood there they all kept telling me how they all knew my Uncle wanted me, and that I was so lucky.

“You’re going to be in for an incredible time,” Amy said with her eyes wide open, and her head nodding rather devilishly.

As they talked they each confided how lucky I was to be with him, as each told me that they had fucked him and that he had the biggest cock they ever had and that he was amazing in bed.

While Amy was talking I looked and noticed a wedding ring on her finger.

“That’s right, I’m married,” she said with a sly voice, then added, “There are 12 in the office that are too, and let me tell you, whenever your Uncle wants to fuck us we’re instantly his,” she said with a devious chuckle.

She then told me about a time my Uncle texted her that he wanted to fuck.

“It was the night my husband and I were celebrating our first year anniversary. He had arranged a dinner party at a great restaurant with three other couples. In the middle of dinner I got a text from your Uncle saying, “I don’t care where you are-get back to the office NOW!” As soon as I read it and saw the word now in bold letters my pussy instantly lit-up. I made up an excuse that my boss texted that he needed papers that I was working on that day, and that they were urgent to send over-night to Europe.”

“After telling my husband I’d make it up to him at home when I got back I flew out of there as fast as I could. I knew I wouldn’t have to fuck him when I got home because he’s a heavy drinker.”

“Plus you knew your pussy was going to be worn out, “Christine said slyly, which caused the other girls to laugh.

Amy continued, “The second I got into his office we kissed hard for a few seconds then he stripped me and fucked like a wild animal like he always does for an hour straight. He knew it was my anniversary and as he pounded that massive cock of his into me he kept saying, Happy Anniversary baby.”

After she told the story, all the girls giggled and said in almost one voice, “You’re such a slut Amy.”

She licked her lips slyly then told them that they all would have done the same exact thing, and while they giggled, they each nodded their heads and agreed that they would. When I asked Amy about him fucking like an animal they all gasped,

“Oh yeah.”

The other 18 year old Asian teen Joyce said, “Oh fuck yeah. Harder than anything and lightning fast, and can cum in buckets, again and again.”

The fourth girl Christine said, “Oh fuck yeah, Mr. Walsh is incredible. He fucked me so hard once that I couldn’t walk for a week.”

“Girlfriend, I remember every time you went to sit down you cringed,” Joyce said chuckling slyly.

“God I can’t believe it,” I said hotly.

“Believe it,” Amy said instantly, “Your Uncle’s huge. Massive. I’ve never been more stretched out in my life. None of us have,” she said which caused me to bite my lower lip and groan softly as I imagined his great big cock deep inside me.

“And don’t forget how hard he fucks,” Christine said in a serious voice.

“God, he fucked me so hard the other day I thought I was going to pass out,” Amy said shaking her head.

“We all almost pass out, and some girls actually do when they are cumming so hard from his non-stop pounding,” Joyce said with a seriousness that had sparks going through me at thought of my Uncle savagely fucking.

“The other day I was on his desk with my legs over his shoulders and he fucked me so hard my high heels shot-off my feet,” Christine said intensely.

“God, I can’t believe it,” I said again knowing I couldn’t wait to experience that type of fucking.

I’ve had older men fuck me pretty hard, I thought to myself, especially the 92 year old German, but he only kept up that pace for a few minutes, just like the other men did. What I was hearing was that İnnovia Escort my Uncle could fuck real hard for a real long time, and that drove me crazy as I felt my pussy almost cum.

Suddenly a fifth girl whose name is Angela who overheard us talking joined the conversation and said, “We all know that you’re the one he wants Jennifer, and it’s gonna be like Christmas every time you and your uncle fuck.”

Her comment caused me to bite my lower lip and moan and the other girls to giggle. Angela was a girl from India who was on a study abroad program. She was 18 and stood about 5’5″ tall. Dressed in a white mini-dress with nude stockings and black pumps she had the classic Indian look. She was very sexy with long, wavy hair and a beautiful dark body with a long tapered nose. Not wanting to be left out she was more than happy to share her stories about my ‘in demand’ Uncle, as she had fucked him many times since she began working for him.

“God, nothing compares to Mr. Walsh,” she said with an Indian accent. “Men in my country are all so tiny compared to him.”

“Men in any country,” Joyce said which caused the others to laugh and agree with her.

Angela went on to tell a story how about how ruthless my Uncle could be.

“One night last month I was in Mr. Walsh’s Penthouse. I was supposed to go out with my boyfriend Sanja that night, but canceled as soon as Mr. Walsh invited me to his Penthouse. From all the stories I heard I had a very good idea what we’d be doing and couldn’t wait to cancel Sanja. I didn’t know it, but when I left the office with Mr. Walsh and got into his limo Sanja was waiting for me outside. He is really jealous, and I think he was suspicious because I cancelled just after talking to him and telling him Id meet him at his apartment.”

“In the limo Mr. Walsh and I kissed all the way to his penthouse. Just his hands going up and down my legs then over my breasts had me so turned on. When we got there he popped open a bottle of champagne, poured us each a glass then led me to this large sofa. Before we sat back he unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor as we went back to kissing each other.

At that point I didn’t know it, but Sanja had followed us in a cab and saw me holding Mr. Walsh’s hand when we went into his building. He waited a few minutes then told the doorman that he had an appointment with Mr. Walsh. Mr. Walsh and I were kissing on his sofa when two huge security guards came in holding my boyfriend in a tight hold and threw him down on the floor right in front of us, really hard.”

“My dress was on the floor and I was dressed in a stockings and a garter belt and had my heels on. Mr. Walsh had known my boyfriend was following us, because he always has his security following him. When the security team called Mr. Walsh I was in the bathroom freshening my make-up. He must have told the guards to bring him up to the Penthouse and while we were locked in a real hot kiss they came in.”

“My boyfriend started to yell at me and called me a whore, and as soon as he said it Mr. Walsh stood and smacked my boyfriend across the face so hard he fell back on the floor. It instantly shut him up, and I just looked at him a little startled and feeling embarrassed. He then came back to the sofa and removed his jacket and sat beside me and started kissing me again.

My legs were crossed and the way he was kissing me and running his hands over my stockings and garter and telling me that he was horny for me all day was turning me on like crazy. When he took off my bra and began sucking on my nipples I went wild and totally forgot about my boyfriend who was on the ground, five feet in front of me.”

As he sucked my nipples I was massaging his huge cock. That drove me over the edge and made me cum. After making me cum he stood and removed his shoes, shirt then his pants. When his huge cock swung free I heard my boyfriend gasp and saw this amazed look on his face. I grinned at him, because I knew he must have felt really embarrassed because of how huge your Uncle is compared to him.”

Seeing his huge cock in front of me drove me crazy and I began pumping it and kissing it all over as I moaned about how huge it was. I didn’t care that my boyfriend was right there, all I wanted to do was please Mr. Walsh and his giant cock. I passionately kissed all over his giant cock and licked every inch of it, including sucking his huge, hanging balls for almost an hour knowing my boyfriend was not believing his eyes or his ears. Every time I looked at my boyfriend he was shaking his head in disbelief that I could act this way. Of course what he didn’t know was that this was the way we all act when we are with him, because of his massive cock.”

After a while Mr. Walsh said, “Lets fuck baby,” which caused me to instantly say, “Oh god yes.”

He then had the guards hold my boyfriend and for the next hour forced him to watch me get fucked by his enormous cock. As he fucked Kağıthane escort bayan me my boyfriend heard me shout over how much I loved his huge cock. I was so stretched-out and came every few minutes which I knew my boyfriend must have found shocking. After a while Mr. Walsh began to taunt me and ask me if I wanted to stop and leave with my boyfriend. I was so delirious from the way he fucked me that I seemed out, “NO,’ and when he asked if he wanted me to stop fucking him, I screamed out, “Don’t you dare,” at the top of my lungs.”

“After an hour my boyfriend watched me get fucked by the biggest cock in some amazing positions that he could never get in because of his small 6 inch dick. At one point Mr. Walsh lifted me up and carried me right over my boyfriend and held me as he pounded his massive cock right above my boyfriend’s face. Each time I came I yelled out to Mr. Walsh how much I loved his huge cock and the way he fucked me I didn’t even care that my boyfriend was in the room.”

“Every time I exploded my boyfriend hung his head in shame. In that hour Mr. Walsh came three times. The last time I was squatting on my high heels and jerking his huge cock until it exploded all over the floor. He shot so much cum it splashed all over my boyfriend’s face and into his hair. This made the guards laugh out loud and even made me smirk at him.”

“After he came I remember kissing and licking all over his still huge cock at it continued to throb. I remember telling him that my boyfriend could only come once then was finished. Mr. Walsh laughed in his face and told him he didn’t know what to do with a sexy pussy like mine and that if he ever saw him around me again he’d have his guards take care of him and make him disappear. By the end of the hour my boyfriend was apologizing to Mr. Walsh and promising him that he would leave me alone and never do anything like that again. The way he talked to Mr. Walsh I could tell he was talking in fear for his life, because he knew how powerful Mr. Walsh was.”

I stood there in silence for a second as I thought about how powerful my Uncle was. Just knowing that people feared my Uncle and that he was ruthless excited me beyond words.

The girls kept talking and as they did a few more girls joined in and shared their experiences with my Uncle. As they talked they each kept telling me how jealous they were of me being the one he wanted. I didn’t know how they all knew my Uncle wanted me, but I was absolutely turned on to know he did. As we talked they went on and on about how sexy my Uncle was and how hard he made them each cum, and that after he came he still kept a huge hard-on and that he could cum 10 times in a night before he was done.

Each of the girls went on and on about how huge he was and how he could fuck for hours without stopping or losing interest. They each said that he had an amazing ability to cum like a fire hose then stay rock hard, and keep on fucking them like a crazed man.

They also said that he fucked harder and faster and more powerfully than any boyfriend or guy they ever fucked. Listening to their stories had my pussy dripping. Remembering how disappointed I was when I discovered that my father had an average sized cock, I was now going crazy as I imagined my Uncle having the massive cock I always fantasized my father would have.

They also told me that during the day, when he’s in the office he usually fucks three or four different girls just to release his tension.

“Yeah, tension. Tell me about it,” Doreen said in a low voice.

I looked at her questioningly and she said,

“When you left his office, Mr. Walsh called me and another girl Tory into his office. We both saw the look of irritation on his face when you walked out and we both knew that he was going to fuck us real hard.”

“Oh god I remember how we left off when I walked out and that he was not happy,” I said putting my hand over my mouth and showing an apologetic expression.

“Oh don’t kid yourself Doreen. You both loved it, just like we all do,” Amy said which had the other girls agreeing with her.

“Yeah you’re right, but wow, when we went in his office he tore off our clothes and lined us against his desk and immediately went down on us from behind. We were going crazy screaming as we looked at his monster cock.” “He then slammed that huge cock into us going from one to the other like a man possessed,” she said which had me so turned on knowing that it had to do with me.

“Yeah I remember how everyone in the office heard you and Tory screaming at the top of your lungs that day,” Christine said with her eyes wide open. “We thought you two were being tortured at times,” she said with a serious expression on her face.

“Yeah until you all saw us come out two hours later grinning from ear-to-ear from being thoroughly fucked,” Doreen said proudly which caused the girls to laugh then jealously call her a slut, which she seemed to take as a compliment.

“We’re all sluts for Mr. Walsh,” she said grinning deliberately.

“It’s funny. We saw your Aunt come around a lot, but never saw him react the way he did the day you came to the office,” Joyce said.

“Yeah, he had a look in his eyes that none of us ever saw before,” Amy said with a sly grin.

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