Dave finds a book part 6

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As Lola walked to her friends house her stomach was a knot of nerves. She almost went back twice but, talked her self into going ahead.

Her parents had gotten take out pizza and she had already had 3 slices before leaving. Her parents were being way more affectionate than usual as she went out the door.

Her mother was straddling her dad’s lap and the two of the were kissing hard and breathing like they were running a race. She shook her head as she shut the door. Her dad has his hand up mom’s shirt opening her bra.

” Get room!” she called as she closed the door with a chuckle. She passed several other amorous couples in the next 5 blocks, even small groups of 3 and 4 people all kissing.

Two teenage boys were making out in broad daylight. “Wow!” she thought. “Steel Washington is more progressive than I thought.”

On a park bench just out of view of Julie’s house a woman who could not be more than 20 was sitting on the lap of a portly elderly man and kissing him with abandon.

Lola could not be Shure but she would swear he has his hand between her legs under her skirt.

Julie pounced on the plump teen the second she was in the house.

Clamping her mouth over the taller girls sweet lips and mauling her tits with her hands. Lola loved when Julie kissed her, it always made her instantly wet.

Her mouth tingling from the kiss she noted that Julie smelled like roses.

Grabbing her girlfriend by the hand Julie Les her to her room and shut the door. The two young lovers slammed together and began to shed clothes in all directions.

Lola loved how Julie seemed to love every inch of her without the smallest hesitations. Lola had been almost killed in a house fire when she was a toddler and still has a lot of scars.

Julie would hold her burned hand and kiss the scar tissue on her arm the same as every other inch of her body. There was no single inch of her that the pale pixie had not ran her tongue over at least 100 times.

Julie ran her hand over the older girls black thatch of pubic hair while french kissing her. Finding her friends pussy already dripping wet she curved 2 fingers into her warm tight passage and started rubbing her G-spot. Responding in kind Lola pinched the younger girls nipple, and began to finger her hairless slit.

“You make me so hot Julie! she moaned, “I love you!”

” I love you too Lola baby, lay back on the bed so I can taste you. Eagerly she threw herself back on the narrow bed and spread her thick legs.

“I love how smooth you are Julie maybe I should shave too?” Kissing her way up to Lola’s dripping sex Julie shrugged.

“It’s up to you baby, I love you just like you are and I will eat your pussy no matter what as long as you let me.”

For the next few minutes the only sounds either girl could makes was sighs or groans of passion.

“Turn around Julie, let’s 69 again so I can taste your baby smooth pussy.”

Lola loved that her girlfriend was smooth and imagined it any time she.masturbated. Julie’s pussy was a bit more salty than she remembered but not bad so she put the thought away while sucking her to a mutual orgasm.

Jules had rolled of and once her pulse was almost normal she remembered to ask.

“Why do you taste different?”

“Oh,” she giggled. “It must be some of my brothers cum still in there.”

” WHAT?” Lola shouted “ou fucked your own brother?”

Jules giggled some more “Yes more than once, gawd he is like a machine!”

Lola searched for the part of her that she be upset but it wasn’t there, what she found was a tiny spark of fear.

“So you love him?” She.said in a tiny voice

Spinning around to face her lover she looked her in the eyes Çeşme Escort and saw the fear. “Duh, he’s my brother. I can love as many people as I want to. And nothing will ever stop me from loving you lola.”

the fear drained away and relief brought tears to her deep brown eyes. “You mean that don’t you? I can see it, I can taste it and smell it how odd. Was I always able to taste truth?”

Shrugging Julie said “I don’t know since it’s always been true for me. I know people will say I am too young but, I say it anyway. I will always love you and be your girlfriend even if you don’t want me one day. But I also love my brother and mom and will be fucking them both anytime I can.”

” Your mom too ?”

” Yes we spent the night together it was magical!”

Kissing Lola she gave a naughty smile the two of them are fucking in mom’s bed right now.

Timothy was scooted down as far as he could in the aisle seat. A middle age black women, whose name he still didn’t know, was riding his crotch popping herself up and down on his cock.

She said, ” I’ve never fucked a white man before in my life! I am definitely going to have to taste the rest of the rainbow now.”

Things had been so strange for him since he had stopped at that quiet little diner on his way to the airport. He felt more excited, happy, and friendly and he had in years. When he was boarding the red eye flight to China he had politely kissed the hand of the stewardess. Quickly pulling his mask aside to do it.

She startled it first but then she had kissed the back of her hand as well and waved him on board.

The black lady in the seat next to his head offered her hand as he was sitting down so he kissed it too like a gentleman should.

After seeing the tiny Asian stewardess break the mask protocol, the head stewardess called a temporary cessation to onboarding.

She called a quick meeting of all of the stewardesses. Ming offered to show all was well, by demonstrating a similar kiss on all crew members.

Onboarding resumed with each stewardess being sure to kiss the hand of each passenger they allowed on.

Timothy looked around everywhere is gaze swttlwd he saw people in the throes and passion. people had paired up in twosomes and moresoms.

A woman was straddling a man right in the middle of the aisle, while another man took her from behind.

Directly across the aisle a woman was scooted down in her seat licking a teenage Chinese girl that was straddling her face.

The girl was standing on the back of the tipped back seat while the woman lapped away at her bald little pussy.

A skinny older man from the seat next door was happily fucking her while trying to jam his tongue up the girl’s asshole.

A young Asian man came and stood next to Jim and his companion young man said something in Chinese.

“What did you say darling?”

Tim answered ” he said he is part of the rainbow.”

” Wait, you speak chinese?”

” Yes that’s why I’m going to China, so I can help teach Chinese kids English.”

Looking at the young man she nodded her her head reaching down she unzipped his fly.

She slid her dark hand into his pants, using her up and down motion on Tim to masturbate the thin Chinese man.

“He is smart like you Tim. I might let him have my ass after I’m done with you.”

10 hours into the 21 hour flight Tim was with his 7th partner of the day. A waif thin 20 year old Chinese girl who was swearing in rapid fire Chinese, about how her mother had lied to her about sex her whole life. How it was always rape and men care nothing for a woman’s feelings or pleasure.

Timothy was more than happy to help break this illusion by asking Çeşme Escort Bayan permission first and then holding back his own orgasm and stimulating all of the young woman’s erogenous zones.

She was stark naked like most of the passengers and crew. Tim had seen women and at least 1 man go into the cockpit to entertain the flight crew.

The handful of elderly passengers were all sleeping now their older bodies exhausted from over stimulation.

At last he could not longer hold back rubbing the girls clit furiously he pushed her over the edge again as they came together. After holding her and stroking her hair they exchanged contact information like most of the passengers had been doing as well.

Most trips you fly with strangers that you will never see again. This was different, some life long loves were being made today.

Everyone was more or less presentable when the plane landed. The departing passengers were generous with their kisses to anyone who greeted them.

7 am high school Dayton Ohio Janet was busy trying to break up 2 kids in her class who were in the throws of passion and trying to undress each other. Everytime she turned her back the children were being increasingly inappropriate.

“Glory, Stan stop that!”

“Gregory, Michel you two stop that boys should not kiss each other!”

She moved to physically try and pry two girls apart who were tongue kissing each other. She was getting dizzy from turning from one couple to the next.

“Stop it children this is no way to act in achool!”

Someone tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around, Henry who was a little person, had pushed a chair near her, so he could stand eye to eye with her.

The chubby teenage redhead put his arms around her neck and kissed her on the mouth. This shocked her into paralysis, the smell of roses in the air around her was making it hard to think.

“Henry! what are you doing?”

” I have always thought you were so pretty miss Brenda, can I kiss you again?”

“You shouldn’t,” she began to say but her heart melted when she saw the little boys face fall.

” But, a little more won’t hurt I suppose.” she replied, encircling his waist with her arms.

A second more personal kiss was followed by a passionate kiss where she found herself teaching him all the details of French kissing. The other kids paused to observe and began to follow the examples set by their teacher.

Brenda began to run her hands all over the boy’s plump body, he was overweight but she found his softness fascinating. His chubby hands began to explore her small b cup bra from the outside. Suddenly desperate to feel his hands on her Rock hard nipples, she yanked her shirt open, spraying buttons in all directions.

“Look, it’s a front clasp honey.” and taught the boy how to open it. Bringing his hands out to her breasts with her hands on the back of his Henry began to massage her tits. Brenda in turn slid her hands under his shirt to rub his soft belly and play with his chubby boy tits.

She gasped as he bravely put his mouth on her left nipple and began to suckle. Pulling his head closer she slid her hands down his back to his round butt, massaging his fleshy ass. Brenda felt a lust like never before in her life for this boy, not a man but a boy, and she wanted him!

Pulling back she unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down along with his cotton briefs. She was only peripherally aware that most of her students were naked or on the way to naked by now.

Henry was embarrassed he had never been naked in front of anyone but his mother. Seeing this Brenda kissed him again.

“Don’t be ashamed, my love you are beautiful the way God made you.”

She Escort Çeşme ran her hand over his round rummy and found his hard penis sticking up at 45 degrees. Only 6 inches long but hard as a rail spike, Brenda unbuttoned her slacks and pushed them down with her granny panties.

“See now we are all naked right?” The boy nodded one hand still on her left breast thumb rubbing her nipple. He started at her crotch it was her turn to blush.

She had shaved off all the hair except a heart shaped patch just above her slit. Getting down on her knees and keeping eye contact she opened her mouth wide and took the boys penis and balls into her mouth.

Brenda moved his hands to her curly brown hair and grabbed his ass with both hands. The school teacher started pulling his hips back and forth teaching him how to fuck her throat.

Lola was on her back on Julie’s mother’s bed. Jules was on her left side, sucking on her nipple and rubbing Lola’s clit while keeping eye contact. Theresa was on her right putting her large nipple in the dark skinned girl’s mouth. David was between her legs rubbing the head of his cock up and down her virgin slit.

“Do you want it?” he asked.

“Yes!” she breathed around his mother’s tit. She locked her ankles on the backs of his thighs to pull him closer.

David put the head into her tight opening and pushed, Lola raised her hips to meet him as their hips slapped together. The pain was sharp as her hymen was torn away like a leaf in the wind.

Julie scrubbed her fingers hard on Lola’s clit turning the pain into a crashing climax.

Dave held still letting his new lover get used to the pressure of hiscock. His sister and mother kissing and fondling the girl toward another climax.

“Ok?” He asked the girl.

Lola nodded, her face almost lost in the mass of her black curls. Theresa’s breast covered half her face.

Slowly, David started pumping in and out of her tight passage, feeling it move his foreskin back and forth. Julie had a small bottle of lube in her hand that was fingering her friend and started squeezing drops out to land on her brother’s dick.

Between the lube and the stimulation getting the girls natural juices going David was soon pounding her slightly bleeding pussy like he was trying to break it.

Lola pulled hard on him with her ankles flexing her hips up to meet every crash. Sucking on Theresa’s nipple like it held honey, both her young pixie like lover and the older woman were rubbing her clit ceaselessly.

Lola came hard and began to have back to back multiple orgasms as her 3 lovers poured attention on her, all determined to make the young girls first time a wonderful memory.

School was over at 3 pm Brenda had talked the children into getting presentable. More than a few had no idea where their underwear had wound up.

“Now children, be sure to kiss your parents when you see them so they know you love them ok?”

Everyone agreed and began to file out as parents arrived and the bus pulled up to get the riders. Several kids kissed the sour older Ms Johnson while boarding the bus. The usually crabby 65 year old seamed in a much better mood as she drove away.

Brenda saw Henry kissing his mother and the leading her over. The teachers chest filled with trepidation at the ominous possibilities about to unfurl.

A pretty and pleasantly plump natural redhead Kitty smiled at the teacher. She seemed a little dazed from the kiss.

,”Momy this is miss Brenda, she is my girlfriend can we have her over for dinner?”

Fear dropped on Brenda like a bomb but no one seamed even a little concerned about the announcement. Looking around she saw that the congregation was way more friendly than normal. Hugs, kisses and handholding as well as some intimate public displays of affection were going on.

Kitty smiled “Of course dear, let me give this beautiful girl my address and phone number.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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