David’s French Tutor Ch. 05

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(It was 1885 and, as a nineteen year old boy, I was staying with family friends at their large house in the English Midlands. I was there to learn French conversation under the tutelage of Miss. Marie; the family had two 18 year old twins, Anna and Sarah who were also learning French with me, this is part five of my tale)

Following our mutual comforting session on the bed during, and after, the thunderstorm, Sarah and Anna agreed that they would like me to keep them company for the rest of the afternoon.

I felt very sticky as my baggy pants were full of thick creamy cum so I limped back to my room, holding my crotch, and changed into another pair. I did not bother dressing fully as I wanted to keep some fresh clothes for the following morning.

I wandered back to the girl’s room, wearing just my pants, and they were still lying on top of the bed although they had changed positions. They had left a gap for me between them.

My penis twitched as I noticed that their white well-laundered cotton petticoat hems were visible under their very full brown striped ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style dresses. I wondered why their parents insisted that they wore this fashion as it seemed so outdated and rather too young for the eighteen-year old twins. I asked them why they wore such clothes?

Sarah replied that they found them functional, comfortable and warm, as the house could be very cold. They kept their tailored longer ‘bustle’ dresses for visiting friends, and for town but preferred to wear their ‘Alice’ dresses in the house, as they did not require tight corseting. I told them that they both looked delightful and cheeky and lay back on the bed as they both tickled me and smothered my face and neck with more kisses.

“David,” Anna said in a quizzical tone “Sarah said that when you were under her dress on that Friday morning you did things to her which made her feel very nice and tingly, although it was very rude and unbecoming for young ladies.”

“Yes, I do remember,” I said encouragingly, smiling at her pert breasts.

“Well I think it’s very unfair that Sarah’s been made tingly between her legs and I haven’t.” she pouted and put her forefinger in her mouth, frowned and looked cross. She smiled at me very wickedly, flashing her dark eyes.

Clearly Anna was ‘play acting’ and I joined in by replying “Does Anna want David to make her tingly between her legs then too?”

“Yes she does.”

“Yes she does, and so does Sarah too,” said Sarah as we all smiled and laughed.

I told Anna that she needed to slide herself further up the bed on her back so her head was almost touching the wooden bed head. She moved up and arranged her long blonde hair across the pillows.

I told her to spread her lovely legs as far as she could and bend her knees.

As she did so she revealed her lacy bloomers which were similar in appearance to Sarah’s. They were white with pink ribbons, flared flounces, eyelet, broderie and lacy ‘volantes.’ She lifted both her frilly white lacy petticoats up to her chin and smoothed them evenly around her so that her underwear formed almost a complete circle of over lapping layers of lacy flounces with her bloomer ribbons securing her crotchless-opening forming the centrepiece.

Sarah said Anna looked silly, and very rude and vulgar and ‘totally unlady like’. I said that I thought she looked like a ‘giant jelly’, and of course this led to giggling, tickling and playful kicking from Sarah.

I concentrated on making sure Anna was comfortable. I put a cushion under her petticoats and skirt which lifted her crotch area into a more pleasing position for me. I lay on my stomach so that my head was between Anna’s bloomer legs and I stared at the little pink ribbons which held her bloomer opening together. I undid these slowly, savouring every moment. Anna peeped down at me behind the lacy hems of her petticoats, her big beautiful eyes smiling at me in anticipation and eagerness.

“Ouch, oomph,” I yelled in pain, as Sarah threw herself onto my back, holding my shoulders, her hair hanging down on each side of my neck, tickling. I tried to shift her off me but she was too strong and she said she wanted to watch.

Her head slid up to mine and hair bursa seks hikayeleri appeared over my right shoulder. She blew in my ear and said “I want to watch,” in very deep sensuous deep tones, then licked my neck. “Will you please behave Sarah, or else ‘Sarah’ may go without,” I said.

She spread her legs over mine so I couldn’t throw her off but it was going to be difficult to pleasure Anna with her eighteen-year old sister on my back. I felt the smoothness of Sarah’s dress and scratchiness of her petticoats on the back of my bare legs and my penis became so hard that I thought I would bore a hole through the bed.

I pulled Anna’s bloomer bows apart, one by one, to reveal her hairy mound; she was already moist as I nosed into it, inhaling the delicious natural fragrance in front of me. Her pubic hair was coarser than Sarah’s and slightly darker.

Sarah whispered deeply “Let’s get going,”

Clearly she wanted me to pleasure her sister quickly so that it would be her turn again. I told her she was an ‘impatient young lady’ and should have ‘better manners’. Sarah just growled in my ear, and bit it softly as she stared at her sisters exposed cunny.

With my tongue, I began licking Anna’s outer cunny lips and she flinched a few times until she became used to my touch. She relaxed and spread her legs further, her black stocking tops came into view as her crotchless bloomers opened further.

We must have made a very vulgar sort of a sight. Here was Anna, her upper half hidden behind a circle of white petticoats, lying at the top of the bed, her legs apart. Here was me in the middle with my head between her legs licking away at her cunny and on top of me, in her brown dress and petticoats, was Sarah, clinging to my naked shoulders, her legs, dress and petticoats straddling and spread over my naked legs.

Anna was clearly enjoying my attentions as she moved her pelvis in time to my licking. She was staring up at the ceiling, her lips parted and tongue lolling out.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp, that’s a very rude noise Mr, Shaw, anyone would think you had no manners in front of ladies,” said Sarah breathing hotly into my right ear. “I may have to smack your bottom later on for such insolence,” she continued in a very silly girlish way.

My erection had extended further than I had ever known it to but it was getting very painful squashed under my stomach, especially with Sarah’s additional weight on top of me.

Anna was clearly enjoying my attentions; her legs seemed to open even further as her beautifully engorged inner lips, glistening with warm vaginal juices, became more prominent.

I concentrated on her clitoral hood and coaxed her clitoris into its most sensitive state. Sarah became silent as she saw the full extent of Anna’s vagina, which was now fully open and moist. It looked like some wonderful large exotic fruit.

I thought that neither of them had probably seen each other or even themselves, in this aroused state, even with the use of mirrors.

I concentrated on her clitoris and inner lips, lightly nibbling and sucking here and there. I licked her firmly on each of the labia and this caused Anna to mew slightly like a kitten; she looked extremely pleased and ruffled my hair playfully.

I quickened the speed and pressure of my licking and Anna held onto the headboard firmly behind her. I flicked my tongue over her clitoris and felt her flinch. Clearly she was highly sensitised and I was aware that it would not take her long to climax.

Sarah clung on to me fascinated at what I was doing to her sister, the bed started to rock as Anna lifted her buttocks in rhythm to my tonguings. We continued this pace for several minutes until I felt her muscles tighten, then she closed her legs and gripped my head firmly, there was a slight pause, her muscles twitched involuntarily and she let out a huge “YES, yes, yes yes…yes……yes” as she orgasmed violently.

My head was trapped in a moving frenzy of frilly bloomers, black stockings, thighs, cunny lips and lacy petticoats as she thrashed around vigorously from side to side. Eventually her spasms subsided but I felt little twitchings from her thighs as her breathing gradually became normal.

She still gripped my head firmly and I had to prize her legs apart so I could breathe properly. Sweat poured off my face. Sarah collapsed on top of me.

Anna pulled her knees up to her chest and rocked from side to side moaning softly and slowly; the underside of her inner petticoat was damp with my saliva and her vaginal juices. I surveyed this sensuous scene as I pushed Sarah off my back which was aching quite noticeably.

Anna rolled off the bed, pulled out a chamber pot and urinated loudly.

I lay on my back, a visible damp patch of precum on my baggy pants which caught Sarah’s attention as she stood staring towards my genitals shaking out her ‘Alice’ dress and frilly white petticoats, attempting to make herself appear less dishevelled.

As I lay there, on my back, Sarah suddenly leapt on me, straddling my waist, and began kissing me fervently.

“You are a very rude man David taking liberties with us ‘well brought up, refined innocent young ladies’, shame on you.” She said between kisses and stuck her tongue out at me.

I caught her tongue with my tongue and pulled her closer pushing my tongue into her hot mouth. We kissed in the ‘French’ style, and Sarah instinctively knew how to respond probing my mouth as I lay there impassively with my tongue out and her wavy blonde hair over my face and neck.

We flicked tongues together. I sucked hers into my mouth and she gripped mine between her full lips. Are tongues intertwined in my mouth and then in hers. Sarah’s inhibitions seemed to have evaporated completely as she became more passionate with every kiss.

I slid my hands over her skirts and petticoats and gripped her buttocks through her clothing. I lifted each layer slowly, one by one and draped them over the back of her head creating a skirt-bonnet covered in frilly white petticoats.

She purred at me, smiling in an almost predatory way.

“Oh Sir,” she said, as we continued kissing,” What a very rude young gentleman you are, and I hope you are not going to put your filthy hands inside my bloomers and touch my bottom.” She exclaimed, nudging me with her shapely knee.

“Nothing would be further from my thoughts, my dear young lady,” I said, as my fingers caressing her buttock cheeks over her bloomers. “That would be very unbecoming particularly with Anna watching.”

She nudged me again smiling down at me with mock innocent eyes, lashes fluttering, with her hair in my face.

I looked towards Anna who was sitting on a small bedroom chair to one side of the room with her legs apart and her dress and petticoats pulled up to her waist. Her hand was inside her bloomers as she slowly massaged her crotch area. She was very quiet and her hair needed combing.

My hands found their way down Sarah’s bloomers waistband, into her loose underwear and between her buttocks. I could not quite reach her anus as the weight of her body on top of me, and her continuous kisses stopped me from exploring further.

“David are you going to make me tingly now?” she nudged me with her stockinged knee.

“If I may be allowed to perform this service for madame I shall require her on all fours.”

With that I reached up and dragged a pillow towards the centre of the bed as Sarah got off me and stood next to Anna who was almost asleep as she had become so relaxed after her orgasm earlier.

Sarah shook down her frilly white petticoats and wide brown striped dress and retied her starched white pinafore apron bow behind her back. She looked delightfully girlish, in her very full calf-length dress gathered at the waist.

She carefully combed her blonde hair at the mirror and tied it back with a dark brown ‘Alice’ band and did a twirl.

I shouted “Bravo, bravo.” As she curtsied at me revealing her white petticoats.

“Step on the bed young miss, and straddle my face, facing my feet, if you will please.”

She stepped onto the bed and I raised my hand to support her as she wobbled a bit on the well sprung mattress and lifted her stockinged feet over my head. She stood above me, slightly concerned that she might fall over.

I told Sarah to kneel on all fours over me, facing my feet and that I would attend to rearranging her clothing. I pulled her backwards towards me so that her knees were to each side of my head and her untied bloomer opening was above me.

After some minor repositioning I spread her skirts and underwear over my head so I was fully enclosed in a dark ‘frilly white petticoat and lacy bloomer world ‘under her dress and between her legs.

This enclosed petticoat space was overflowing with the smell of ‘warm moist vagina’.

Sarah parted her legs as I pulled her down firmly over me so that her hairy vagina opening rested on my mouth. My nose was trapped by soft firm buttocks to either side of her anus. It smelt slightly fetid but it was a natural, almost vegetable, odour and wasn’t unpleasant. I licked the entrance to her anus and felt her flinch slightly.

I heard a muffled “That is very rude Mr. Shaw.” through the various layers of crisp cotton petticoats surrounding me. My beautiful young eighteen year old continued with her silly girlish banter. She nudged me with her buttocks as if to tell me to get started.

I began sliding my tongue up and down her outer lips as she straddled over me in anticipation. I was aware that Sarah’s head was close to my groin so I reached down and slid my pants to knee level exposing my ramrod stiff penis for the girl’s close inspection and approval. I could feel her smooth hair and hot breath on my thighs and testicles as I gripped my penis and began to wank slowly in front of her. I slid my foreskin over my exposed glans and could feel her bottom squirm above me either with revulsion or excitement.

“Oh Mr. Shaw what a rude young gentleman you are…” she began in an embarrassed way seeing an erect penis, at close quarters, probably for the first time in her life.

“Oh shut up Sarah,” I said, having had enough of her silly girlish prattle “Put a sock in it please, miss.”

“Oh is David cross with his refined and genteel young lady?”


“Sorry Mr. Shaw.”

I began wanking at the same pace as my tongue moved between Sarah’s cunny lips. I speeded up at times then slowed things down so I could concentrate my nosings and tongings on her clitoral hood and exposed clitoris. Her inner lips glistened with juices which oozed over my face and into my nostrils.

The smell of vagina was everywhere and my senses were in a whirl. We continued this way for many, many minutes until I became gradually aware that there was more urgency in her movements. Sarah began firmly grinding her moist crotch rhythmically into my face. She slid her clitoris in abandonment over my nose.

She was clearly close to her orgasm which appeared to be an entirely different plane from the one she ‘enjoyed’ in the schoolroom.

My wanking was now furious. I wrapped some of Sarah’s hair around my penis head to stimulate it further. I felt her tongue running over my fingers and I became aware of two more cold hands cupping my testicles. These must be Anna’s.

She tickled my scrotum with her long finger nails then scratched my open thighs. I felt her lick my thighs and then lick my scrotum.She manipulating my heavy sweaty testicles squeezing and kneading them like fresh dumplings.

Sarah above me had increased her tempo and the mattress and bed were both yielding to our combined weight and shaking. I felt Sarah’s pelvic muscles tighten as she quickened her pace and then gripped my head and shuddered, screamed and screamed again. She orgasmed in little shivers, her thigh muscles twitching involuntarily. She let out a huge “Aaaaeeeaagh,” as she collapsed over me.

An instant later I felt seminal fluid rising from deep inside my testicles and, like a huge fountain, I released it .

Goodness knows where it went to as I lay back panting and breathing irregularly my heart beating ferociously.

I pushed up Sarah’s skirt and petticoat to help be breath. It had been very hot and smelly under her skirt and I was thankful to be breathing fresh air again.

Eventually I sat up and Sarah rolled off me. She smiled at me in her gorgeous and wicked way and I realised that her face was covered in several large globs of stringy semen which were dripping slowly over her lips and cheeks and gathering at her chin.

I could not believe that I, a ‘mere’ nineteen year old boy, could have expelled so much semen.

(Continued in part six)

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