Day Hike

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She waited patiently, leaning against her car in the hot summer sun. She had untied and retired the top of her swimsuit about fifteen times, trying to show off just the right of cleavage, which she knew he would appreciate. Her khaki shorts and emerald green tank top made her skin appear to have a golden glow. She watched a couple of cars drive by and then the one she was looking for pulled into the lot. She took a deep breath and smiled as the door opened. They had been planning to meet for weeks and go hiking but work or the weather kept getting in the way. Finally, they both had the day off and the weather had been beautiful for a few days.

He got out of the jeep and smiled at her. So much tan skin he couldn’t help but lick his lips. He felt all of his blood rush to his groin and he smiled more. She was definitely prettier in person. He crossed the parking lot and reached out, pulling her close to him. She wiggled against him and he groaned almost inaudibly, feeling his cock throb against her. She giggled softly and pulled back, looking up at him.

“If you follow me, I’ll show you where to park and then you can get in my car and we’ll go to the spot we will start hiking at.” He smiled and nodded, releasing her, but not before a hand brushed the top of her ass. She got into her car and he got into his and the pulled out of the lot. It was a few minutes before she pulled into a parking lot at the beach and he pulled in next to her. He grabbed a water bottle and his backpack with his camera and got out, locking the doors and then got into her car. She smiled and waited until he was settled before pulling out of the space. They drove through town and after several minutes, pulled onto a side street and parked. “We’ll have to walk in from here; its’ only a couple hundred feet to the creek bed.” He nodded and they got out. She grabbed a water bottle and a back pack from the back seat and locked up the car.

He followed her down the pathway, watching her ass sway in her shorts. He longed to reach out and grab both cheeks, but he was waiting, making sure she was open to his advances. He was still deep in thought before he realized she had stopped in the middle of the trail to tie a shoe. He bumped into her ass and to keep her from pitching forward he grabbed a hold of her hips and pulled her back against his hips. He knew his cock was rock hard and that she could feel it. She straightened and turned in his arms, his hands moving from her hips to the top of her ass. She put her hands up on his shoulders and smiled, pulling him close for a kiss. She kissed him softly and slid her tongue between his lips, teasing him. He smiled against her mouth, tasting her and kissing her back. She pulled back and looked up at him.

“That was a much better greeting.” She said softly. He laughed and pulled her close for another kiss. They stood kissing for a few minutes, exploring each other’s mouths and starting to breathe heavily. He pulled back first, turning his head to kiss her hand that had tangled in his hair.

“If we don’t get moving, we’ll still be standing here when it gets dark.” She laughed and pulled free, but not before wiggling her groin against his. He slapped her ass gently and she scampered away from him. He breathed a sigh of relief. She was definitely open to all advances he might make. They followed the trail down to the edge of a cliff and he climbed down about five feet and then turned to her. She was sitting on the edge and his face was even with her pussy. He smiled and licked his lips, looking up at her. He put his hands on her thighs and spread her legs apart, his thumbs gently caressing the other edges of her mound. She groaned and threw her head back, looking up at the sky. He kissed the skin of her inside thigh, inhaling her scent and then put his hands on her hips, lifting her up and helping her down. She pouted when she was on her feet. He laughed and kissed her and nibbled her bottom lip.

“No rush, right?” He asked and led her down the rest of the cliff to the water’s edge. She smiled and agreed.

They walked for about an hour, talking and laughing, stopping to take pictures of waterfalls and pools of water. The floor of the creek bed was slate and shale, easy to walk on, but also very slippery. They both managed to keep their feet dry and stopped next to a pool of water to rest. She had pulled off her sneakers and tank top and let her feet and legs hang in the water. He had walked a little further to take a couple of pictures and snapped a few of her when she was unaware of what he was doing. The water reflected on her skin and he knew for certain how bad he wanted to feel her body against his. He shook himself, realizing they had all day to explore each other.

He sat down next to her and pulled off his shoes and stuck his feet in the water, watching the small fish and tadpoles flee to safety. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the wide expanse of breast flesh her swimsuit top revealed. She leaned back on her elbows and tipped her Mardin Escort head back in the sunlight, exposing the line of her neck. He leaned over her and kissed the hollow of her neck, her breasts against his cheek. He kissed the top of each breast and then moved up to her lips. They kissed passionately and each knew how turned on the other was. He dipped his hand into the cool water and then ran his hand over her cheek and neck and she moaned into his mouth. His hand caressed his shoulder and then her upper arm before coming to rest on her breast. She pushed it up against his hand and he squeezed it gently, enjoying the pillow-like softness of her tit. His thumb caressed the nipple through the fabric of her swimsuit and she gasped, breaking the kiss. He looked down at her and smiled.

“Shall we keep going?”

“Yes.” She smiled and then looked confused for a second when he got up and started putting his socks and shoes back on. He picked up his backpack and camera and waited for her to be ready. When she was ready he pulled her close, kissing just below and behind her ear.

“No rush, remember?” He whispered and then released her, his hand grazing her breasts as he pulled away. She nodded thoughtfully.

They continued to walk down the creek bed, flirting and laughing. They took pictures of each other and of the landscape. After another hour or two, they stopped at a large pool at the base of a waterfall to rest. She stripped down to her suit and slid into the water, scattering the minnows and crayfish darting in the shallows. He watched her dunk under and he stripped down to his shorts and slid into the water. When she surfaced, he swam up behind her and put his hands on her hips, resting his chin on her shoulder. He kissed her neck and then nibbled her ear. He grabbed one end of the ties of her swimsuit in his teeth and pulled, untying it. The straps slid down her shoulders and he watched the water make trails over her skin as more flesh was revealed. He could just barely see the tops her nipples and he growled softly. She giggled in his arms and turned around, pressing her lips against his.

His skin was so warm against hers she shivered, wrapped in his arms. He leaned down and kissed the top of each breast. He tugged the top down with his teeth, popping one breast into the open. He groaned and his tongue lashed out and attacked her nipple. She gasped and moaned, leaning back to push her breast into his mouth. He sucked the nipple and some of her breast into his mouth. He slowly walked her backwards, towards the rocks jutting into the water. He lifted her so she was sitting on one. He continued to feast on her breast and then used his teeth to uncover the other one. He gave her other nipple the same care and attention. Her hand drifted down into his shorts. Her fingers wrapped around the length of his cock and he moaned around her breast. She slowly squeezed and released his throbbing cock, being careful not to be too rough.

He kissed his way back up to her mouth, sliding his tongue into hers. Pulling her close, her hand slipped from his shorts and he was able to grind his cock into her mound. She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him in closer. They kissed for several moments as they pushed against each other. She pulled back and rested her forehead against his.

“Please.” She whispered. He kissed her lips.

“Please, what?” He kissed over to her neck and ear, nibbling gently.

“I want feel your tongue on my clit.” He smiled against her neck.

“Out here? In the open?” He pulled back and looked at her. “Are you sure?” She put a hand behind his head and kissed him again. She moved up to a stone that was not in the water and pulled her suit bottom to side. Her skin was smooth. He licked his lips and leaned down and kissed her thigh. He could smell her musky scent all ready. He nibbled and licked along her thigh and then gave the same treatment to her other leg. He kissed her mound above her slit and then slowly licked up the length of it, tasting her. She shuddered and moaned. One hand held her hip and the other replaced hers, holding her bottoms to the side. Her fingers slid down to hold her open. He blew softly over her clit and she moaned. He flicked his tongue over her clit several times and she gasped. He slid his tongue down and stabbed it inside of her, tasting her juices as they washed over his mouth and chin. He moaned into her pussy, her smell and taste intoxicating him.

“So close.” She whispered. He smiled and kissed and licked his way back up to her clit. His tongue danced back and forth across it. She pusher her hips up against his mouth and he felt her entire body shake as her body exploded in orgasm. He continued to lick her until she pulled his head away from her. He slid her bottoms back into place and lifted her into the water. She shrieked softly when the cold water hit her pussy and he laughed, pulling her close for a kiss. She tasted herself on his lips and licked them. She slipped Mardin Escort Bayan her tongue into his mouth and they kissed passionately. He brushed her breasts as he gathered up the ties of her swim suit and retied it behind her neck. He put his hands on her cheeks and pulled back.

Her hand slipped into his shorts and he jumped. He had forgotten about his state of arousal while taking care of her. She smiled and licked her lips. “What about you?” She asked with a devilish grin. He laughed softly and pushed away from her. He climbed out of the water and dried himself off with his t-shirt. She pouted and followed him out. He pulled her close and kissed her shoulder. “Soon.” He whispered and she shivered. They dressed, laughing and joking around.

She followed behind him, watching his ass as he stepped from rock to rock. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on it as she sucked him. She wasn’t paying attention when she crashed into him. He had stopped in the middle of the water and they nearly toppled into the shallow water. They steadied each other and she held him from behind. He leaned back into her and she slipped her hand under his waistband. He fingers danced through the sparse hair covering his groin and she wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock. He moaned, feeling her fingers around him, caressing over the length as his cock stiffened. She kissed his shoulder as she stroked the length of him. She released him long enough to step in front of him. He smiled down at her and kissed her nose.

“Let’s get out of the water.” She giggled and nodded, taking his hand and leading him to some dry stones under the shade of a tree. He leaned against a large boulder and she kissed him, her tongue teasing his. She lifted his t-shirt and leaned forward to lick his nipple. She nibbled and sucked it, teasing it till it was hard and then gave the same treatment to the other. He moaned and wrapped his hands in her hair, tugging on her ponytail. She kissed her way down his stomach and licked along his waist band. She slowly pulled the shorts down, kissing the skin as it was revealed. She stopped when the base of his cock was revealed and kissed it, looking up at him. He groaned and his hand tightened in her hair.

“Please. Please, suck me.” She giggled and pulled his shorts the rest of the way down. His cock sprang up and nearly slapped her chin. She laughed and put her hands on his hips. Her tongue lashed out and licked the tip of him, tasting him. He moaned and she gripped his hips tighter. She slipped the head into her mouth, sucking gently as her tongue licked around the head. Slowly, she sucked more and more of his cock into her mouth until she was nearly at the base. When she looked up at him, he was watching her intently, desire showing openly on his face. She slowly slid her mouth back along his length until she was sucking on the tip again. She moved her hands to his ass and gripped the cheeks. He jumped and that pushed his length into her mouth again. When she didn’t protest, he slowly began to slide himself in and out of her mouth, fucking it. She kept up just the right amount of suction and her tongue would rub against the underside when he pulled out. For several minutes, he continued to slide his hard cock in and out of her mouth, her lips becoming redder and more swollen.

“I am going to come.” He whispered. She pulled back and let the first few inches of his cock slide between her lips. He tightened his hands in her hair and growled as he felt his cum shoot out of his cock into her mouth. He throbbed and pulsed in her mouth. She moaned as she tasted him, swallowing greedily, not wanting to miss a drop. When he stopped shooting, he sagged back against the rocks, breathing heavily. His cock popped out of her mouth and she licked the tip and he pulled her gently away. She laughed softly and slowly pulled his shorts back up. She stood, brushing off her knees. She took a drink of water and offered it to him. He drank and then handed her the bottle, pulling her close for a kiss.

“Thank you.” She smiled and kissed his neck.

“It was my pleasure.” Temporarily satiated, they continued hiking. They would stop occasionally and kiss and touch each other. He couldn’t wait to feel her pussy around his cock and frequently touched her mound, cupping it with his hand when he helped her. She would let her hands brush his cock and ass whenever possible.

Finally, he had enough of the teasing. He pulled her to him and she crashed into his chest. He growled and looked around, leading her over to a dry part of the creek bed, shaded by several trees. He set down his bag, opening it long enough to pull out a towel as she set hers down. She watched him, a smile playing about her lips. He pulled off his t-shirt and reached a hand out to her. She took it and stepped closer to him. He lifted the hem of her tank top and slid it off, dropping it on top of their bags. He tangled his fingers in her hair and tipped her head back, kissing her Escort Mardin softly. She ran her fingers up his chest and rested her hands on his shoulders.

“We could go to my place.” She said softly as they kissed. He untied her suit top and reached down to pull it over her head. Her breasts bounced as they came free and he moaned, watching them.

“I can’t wait that long. I have to get my cock into you.” He knelt before her and slid her shorts and suit bottoms down her legs. Her bottoms were soaked and in he leaned forward and licked her slit a few times. She grabbed a hold of his head and stepped out of her clothes. He stood and slid off his own shorts and then knelt again, pulling her down so she was on her hands and knees in front of him. He fisted his hard cock in his hand, stroking it a few times and then, grabbing her hips, slid inside her pussy in one quick thrust. They both moaned and she shuddered beneath him. She was so hot and wet, he felt like his cock had been enveloped in velvet. She couldn’t believe how thick he felt inside of her, every vein and ridge of his cock evident inside of her.

He put a hand on her shoulder and another on her hips and started to slide in and out of her. All that could be heard was their panting, the slap of their bodies and soft moans from them both. He leaned over her back and reached around to grasp her breasts in his hands. He sat back on his heels, pulling her body up so she had to use her knees to slide up and down his cock. She loved the feel of his steel-like shaft inside her.

“Oh God.” She moaned loudly. “I’m going to cum.” He smiled and pushed her back onto her hands and knees. He started fucking her even harder and faster, hanging onto her hips, feeling the walls of her cunt throb and tighten around his cock. She threw her head back and moaned loudly, and he took a second to glance around. He smiled and thrust into her. Her body shook and writhed beneath him as she came. He slowed and when he felt her pussy slow in its throbbing, he leaned close to her ear and kissed it.

“I want to squirt on those tits of yours.” He pulled out and she collapsed beneath him. He smiled and gently rolled her over. He put his t-shirt under her head and made sure she was comfortable before he straddled her stomach. He placed his cock between her fantastic tits and put her hands on her breasts, pushing them together. He reached over and pulled his camera out his back pack, snapping a picture of his cock nestled in all that creamy flesh. He set it aside and started to slowly slide the shaft along the valley between her breasts. She watched his cock and bent her head in order to lick the head. He groaned and pulled back. Every time his cock came close to her mouth, her tongue flicked out to lick the tip. His cock jumped and started to spurt, a string of cum landing on her cheek and lips. He grabbed a hold of his cock and aimed it at her breasts, covering them with ropes of hot, creamy liquid. She licked her lips as she watched him stroking his cock, shooting cum all over her. He sat back, panting, and watched as she used her fingers to clean cum from her tits.

“Just as tasty as the first time.” She moaned softly. She got up and stretched and he noticed her pussy juice glisten on her skin. Grabbing his camera, he took a couple of pictures of her pussy and then set it aside. She sauntered over to the water and used some to clean the juice and sweat from her skin. Seeing her bent over, he wanted to fuck her again but he knew he needed some time to recuperate.

“You’re killing me right now.” He said quietly. She laughed and straightened, running her hands over her breasts and then down her stomach and over her pussy mound. She ran a finger over her clit and played with herself for a few moments. She smiled and then walked back towards him. She bent and picked up her clothes, kissing him before she stood. He watched as she got dressed, liking how she took her time because she knew he was watching.

He pulled on his own clothes and then pulled her down next to him on the towel. “I need a few minutes before I try to walk.” He kissed her nose and she laughed. They lay together talking quietly and listening to the sound of the water and birds. His hands kept playing with her nipples through her top and her fingers would wander over the length of his cock. Their kisses were soft and lingering and both of them were getting hotter and hotter.

She looked up at the sky and frowned, realizing they needed to get out of the creek before it got much later in the day. Mentioning this to him, they picked up their things and continued down to the mouth of the creek that spilled out onto the beach and into the lake. They walked down the beach until she stopped with a smile. She took a long drink from a water bottle and handed it to him to drink from.

“Fancy a swim?” She set her stuff in the sand and kicked off her shoes and stripped down to her suit. He noticed her nipples were rock hard and the crotch of her shorts was wet. He laughed and nodded his agreement and took off his shoes and t-shirt. They went into water and splashed around. The water was cool against their skin and they both relaxed in the waves. She swam up behind him, wrapping her legs around his waist under the water. She kissed his neck.

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