Decisions Ch. 05

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“Although the scene and characters in this story are still in high school they are all 18 years or older.”

Kurt had called Jill’s parents and they were at the hospital when she came out of the examination room with the police officer.

Her parents rushed toward her and both gave her big hugs. “We are so happy you are safe!” cried her mother.

“Thank God for Rob!” exclaimed her father. “He told us what happened and you walked out in a huff. You got that from your Mother.”

The policewoman said they could take her home.

“I will come by to see you tomorrow,” Rob said.

“Yes I want to see you. Tell Joan I am alright and not to worry. Also thank the team for helping you save me.”

After they got home Jill went to her room to wait for her mother. She called Rob. “What did you say to my parents? Surely you didn’t tell them you tried to fuck me, did you?”

“Of course not! Do you think your parents would have been so accepting of me if I had told them that? Hell, if I told them I have seen you completely naked, they would have lost it! I told them we had an argument on where we were going tomorrow with Joan and Kurt and you got upset because we wanted to go to the zoo.”

Jill laughed, “I could see the expression on their faces with my father getting completely red in the face and mother’s lips moving with nothing coming out.”

Rob laughed at the thought of this sight, “Yes, I can see how that would have been awkward. Anyway, how are you feeling? I really feel bad about what happened to you. It was entirely my fault. If I hadn’t been so stupid you wouldn’t have walked into their clutches.”

“Don’t blame yourself lover. If it wasn’t now it could have happened when you were not able to help me. Enrique would have gotten what he wanted, but with a bonus. I owe you big time. As far as how I feel, my mouth is sore and my breasts burn from all the biting, scratching and squeezing I endured. My mom is coming up to give me something to ease the discomfort. I doubt I will be wearing a bra for a few days.”

“I can’t wait!” teased Rob. “I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon. I love you”

“And I love you. See you tomorrow.”

Just then Jill’s mother came in the room. “How do you feel? I assume that was Rob you were talking to just now.”

“Yes, I wanted to thank him for rescuing me and to be sure he thanks the team. He needed that posse to save me. I don’t feel too bad. My breasts hurt because they mauled them and I am tired.”

“Take your blouse off so I can see what damage has been done. I think I can give you some relief.” Jill removed her blouse and her mother examined her breasts. She took a tube out of her pocket and started gently spreading a cream over Jill’s breasts. Jill got a little embarrassed.

“Mom, I can put cream on my breasts.”

“I know you can, but I just want to help. I bet you wouldn’t get so huffy if Rob was the one doing this,” she said with a smile.

This really embarrassed Jill. “Mom! Why would you even think such a thing of me?”

“Remember I was your age once so I have been there, done that! I know you don’t think your father and I have sex, but that is where you and Willie came from. I am not being critical, nosy or judgmental. I know you are not just holding hands and walking along. You are eighteen and this is part of growing up. How do your breasts feel now?”

Jill took her blouse, held it up and drug it across her breasts. “They feel much better. How did you come to have that cream?”

“You father gets a little frisky at times and nibbles a little too hard. When we first got married and I mentioned this to your grandmother, she gave me a tube of this. I am now giving this tube to you and informing you it is in the pain relief section of the drug store. You won’t be wearing a bra tomorrow, but I think you will be able to on Monday for school.”

“Yea, I can see the snickers and leers I would get! Thanks, Mom.”

“You’re welcome.

Around 1 PM the next day Rob came by to see how she was. Jill’s father called her and she and Rob went into the family room.

“I want to hold you so tight, but I think that will hurt you.”

“It probably will, but you can kiss me,” said Jill

They had a nice chaste kiss. “I think that is about as good as it gets today, lover.” Mom came and put some cream on my boobs last night and they are a lot better today, but no bra, ta da!” she proclaimed as she pulled open her blouse.

Rob was taken aback as she never had been so forward before, but he wasn’t going to pass up a chance to look at them. He would have to turn in his man card! “It looks like they really worked you over with all the scratches and bruises I see. I may never be able to play with them again.”

“Don’t be silly! By our date on Friday they will be begging for attention. By the way Mom knows you have been up close and personal with my titties. I know, I was aghast when she said that. She explained she was my age once and that is part of growing up.”

Just then Joan came in and Rob told Maltepe Escort the girls he had to go over to the school to lift weights.

“How are you?” asked Joan. “I was so worried about you, but the guys made me go back to the house. I wanted to go with them. Care to talk about it?”

Jill gave her a blow by blow account of her ordeal. She opened her blouse to show the damage done to her breasts. She showed her the cream her mother had given her. “Apparently my dad gets a little carried away at times,” she said with a smile.

“You were fortunate not to have your virginity taken by those losers. That is something you want to be special. Speaking of which, you know I got my cherry popped last night. It was time, even though the drinks and playing with the guys had a lot to do with it. So now you are the remaining virgin. Remember the pact we made years ago?”

“Yes, we vowed that when one lost her virginity, the other had to if she was in a relationship where she wanted to give it up. Before this happened I had made my mind to give it to Rob, but haven’t been in the mood. However, now I realize that sometimes it is best to act. I almost got raped last night.”

“But Rob was the reason for that.”

“No. It is my fault, not his. I am the one who came up with the idea of him putting his cock into my pussy when I had no intention of letting him deflower me.”

“I can’t believe Monica licked your pussy and then made you lick hers. That sounds gross!”

“Not really. I was revolted when she went down on me because I am straight. But she is really good. She made me lick her and that was not as bad as I thought. It might be fun sometime to try it once.”

“Maybe,” replied Joan, “but you have a mission to accomplish first.

A little later Jill said “Joan I saw Kurt fucking you before I left. I thought I heard a cry of pain from you and then you were moaning when I went out the door. You don’t have to, but did it hurt that much?”

“Yes, it did. If it hadn’t been for the booze, Kurt would not have gotten his dick anywhere near my pussy. But once he slipped in it felt so good, I let him take my cherry. It hurt big time when he busted it, I could live with that, but he kept pounding away so the pain didn’t subside until the end. I did have a small orgasm which helped somewhat. We did it the next day and it was better. Tonight I expect sparks to fly. So I am telling you to keep Rob under control and it will be great.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem. Anyway it will be after my boobs stop hurting. Right now he is not going to touch them.”

Friday finally arrived and not too soon as she wanted to see Rob. The cheerleading coach kept her on the sidelines due to her breasts being sore. She was dressed in a tank top and jeans. She was given a seat with the other girls (she just wasn’t doing the routines). Jill still wasn’t able to wear a bra, which also came into play in the coach’s decision.

The team won again by a large margin so everyone was in a great mood. Mel, the star wide receiver was having an after victory party at his parents’ house. Rob and Jill decided to make an appearance. Naturally everyone was congratulating Rob on another great performance.

They also expressed their thankfulness to Jill that no more harm had been done to her. The party was a good one and soon the music was turned on and a lot of the kids started to dance. Jill was talking with the other cheerleaders as well as other girls she knew.

“I can’t believe you have even been in class at all this week,” stated Brenda, “I would have been so traumatized that they probably would have put me in the loony bin! You were lucky Rob got there when he did. I am not a virgin, but still thinking about it gives me the chills.”

“Enrique didn’t know I was a virgin until he started feeling me up and poking around in my pussy. Turns out they followed Rob and me a few weeks ago. One of the gang came up to Rob’s van to eavesdrop. We were definitely engaged in very heavy petting so he thought we were fucking. Close, but no cigar!” All the girls giggled.

“How are you physically?” Judy asked, “I heard they were very rough on you.”

“Other than my boobs, I feel pretty good. I thought maybe my pussy would be sore from the dildo they threatened to shove all the way into my pussy if I didn’t cooperate. But the only discomfort I really had is my breasts.”

Brenda said, “I guess Rob is not going to get any tittie tonight then, poor guy. Jimbo would go bonkers if he couldn’t get a little playtime with my boobs.” Again the girls giggled.

Laughing, Jill said, “Rob will get to see my knockers as I am going to take this top off when we get home. I think we will rent a movie and watch it in the family room. My parents won’t bother us as my mother has figured out that we have gone beyond holding hands and advanced to playing doctor! Having my sore boobs has not been fun, but it could have been much worse. I haven’t said anything to anyone and neither can you. While they were molesting me, I Anadolu Yakası Escort heard enough that I don’t think they were planning on letting me live. Case in point is that they cut my panties off and Enrique drew the knife over my breasts and nipples. Granted, he did it lightly, but he left no doubt in my mind what my fate would be when they were done.”

“My goodness! Rob and the team turned out to be Johnny on the Spot,” exclaimed Judy. “Instead of a party we would be attending your funeral.”

“That is if they had found my body. I am sure Enrique had a plan to dispose of me when he was done. After all, this was not spin-the-bottle they were playing.”

Jill went to Rob and said, “Let’s split, get a movie and go to my house.”

“Sounds great to me, let’s go.”

They were on the couch in Jill’s family room watching ‘Footloose’, eating popcorn with cokes. Jill sat up and removed her top at which Rob’s eyebrows went up in pleasant surprise. “Don’t get any ideas lover. I am trying to get a little relief. This soreness is lasting longer than Mom or I thought. I guess those people gave mine more abuse than my father gives my mother. Anyway his nips and squeezes are out of love, not hate. Now put your arms around my shoulders and let’s watch the movie.” That is what they did. Rob even behaved himself.

After the movie Jill leaned over and gave Rob a kiss. “You have been so good; I have to give you a reward.” She reached over to the end table and produced a tube of salve. “If you promise to be gentle, I will let you put this cream on my breasts.”

“I promise, but you will have to tell me if I am not doing this the way you need. You know I love you and will never hurt you unnecessarily.”

“I know you won’t hurt me, so get to it!” she smiled and handed him the tube.

Rob squeezed some cream on his fingers and gently started spreading it on her right breast. He looked into Jill’s eyes and didn’t see any sign of discomfort so he continued applying the cream over her boob. When he got near the nipple, he asked, “Am I doing this to your standards and do you feel like I should put some on your nipples? I know they got a work over from those goons.”

“Rob, you are doing better than my mother. In fact, I think that one feels better already. My nipples have been the sorest, so they need the cream more than the rest. I really thought you would start with the nipple first. Go ahead.”

Rob then applied some cream to that nipple and the one on her left breast. Jill moaned and caused Rob to ask in concern, “Did I hurt you, honey?”

“No, your touch always fills me with desire, coupled with the slight discomfort just aroused me. Look how hard my nipples are.” Rob did and, to his amazement that they were.

Jill took the tube from him and said, “Stand up lover.”

Rob looked at her, but did what she asked. Jill turned him around so he was facing her and she undid the buckle on his jeans, opened the fastener, pushed them down and pulled his briefs down. She then took his cock in her hands and stroked it, eliciting a moan from him. She cupped his balls in her hand and gently squeezed. She leaned over and took each one in her mouth, massaging them. She licked up the shaft to the tip. Upon reaching that goal, she inserted her tongue into the slit. This drove him wild. Then she slid her lips over the tip and gently sucked causing him to moan his approval. Slowly his dick disappeared into her mouth wherein she raised up until only the tip remained. With a suck, she went down the shaft and surprised Rob as his cock completely disappeared. The sight of his entire boner in her mouth with her nose in his pubic hair almost caused him to cum. He managed to hold off as she withdrew and started giving him the greatest blow job of his life. Jill’s head started bobbing up and down faster causing Rob to put his hand on the back of her head in a guiding effort.

“Jill, I’m cumming NOW!” as he exploded into her. She took him in and swallowed every bit of his sperm. As he relaxed she let his now shrinking cock slip from her mouth. He looked into her smiling face, “You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know, but I wanted to and you deserve it and so much more. But now you better get your pants pulled up because we can explain my top being off, but not your pants around your ankles.

The next week went slowly for Jill and Rob. Even though it was an exam week both were thinking of each other.

On Thursday Jill sought out Rob. “Hi,” she said when she found him coming out of the boy’s room.

“I thought we agreed not to see each other this week until Friday?”

“We did, but I have something to tell you, or rather show you. It is great news.” Jill turned around and told Rob to run the back of his hand either up or down her back. He did as she asked and found she was wearing a bra.

“Are you sure you should be doing this? I don’t want you to try this too soon,” he said with concern.

“They have been feeling good for a couple of days and Mom took me to the doctor yesterday Ümraniye Escort for an examination to be sure there wasn’t something more serious. The doctor said everything was fine and I should start wearing my bra again. If I have any discomfort I am to take it off. The day is almost over and I am fine.”

“I am glad for you as you have been through a terrifying experience, one that I cannot even imagine,” Rob said.

“Thank you, I just wanted to let you know as you have been so worried about me. Before you ask, your teammates have been keeping me informed about you. Anyway, we are on for tomorrow night. Why don’t we go to the Bistro for dinner and then spend the rest of the evening by ourselves?” Jill said with a wink.

“Sounds like a winner to me. I’ll pick you up at six.”


The rest of the day was a blur for Rob and he knew tomorrow would be torture as he missed being with Jill. Finally the bell rang, ending the school week. Rob let out a sigh of relief and headed home to get ready for is date with Jill. Rob rang the doorbell a minute to 6, having showered, shaved and changed his clothes. He was wearing khaki pants and a golf shirt. Jill’s favorite way for him to dress when they went out to dinner.

Jill’s father, Fred, answered the door, “Well there is my daughter’s hero.”

“Good evening Mr. Jacobs, I appreciate your sentiments, but I am not a hero. Anyone else would have done the same.”

“True, but you are the one who did it. You will always be a hero to us, right, Mary?”

“No doubt about it,” Mary agreed. “You saved our daughter’s life. I can’t imagine life without her. Thank you again and always, Rob. Make sure to express our thanks to the team members that helped out. We don’t know what we can do to repay you young men.”

Rob was getting a little embarrassed, “You don’t owe me anything Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs. Jill being safe is reward enough.” Fortunately Jill made her appearance at that moment.

“Mom and Dad quit embarrassing Rob. He saved me, not you.”

“Yes he did, but you are our daughter so we have a right to feel the way we do,” Mary replied. Fred nodded his head in agreement.

“Let’s get out of here, before they make you the Pope!” Jill said with a smile as she pushed Rob toward the door.

When they got outside Rob noticed Jill was wearing a little black dress that was shorter than he had seen her wear before. “Wow!” he exclaimed. How did you get past your dad wearing that? Did he put a chastity belt on you?”

“No silly, I just waited around the corner for them to go overboard and figured Daddy wouldn’t notice, and he didn’t.” Rob opened the door to the van and helped her in, went around to the driver’s side, started the van and they were off.

“Rob is so modest,” Mary said, “I wouldn’t mind if she let him fuck her.”

“How do you know he hasn’t? It seems kids are having sex earlier and earlier.”

“He hasn’t. A mother knows.”

“Well if they do, I hope she doesn’t get pregnant.”

“She won’t.”

“She won’t?”

“Right she won’t. I took her to the doctor eight months ago and got her started on the pill. It’s what mothers have to do. Jill told me when we came home from the hospital that she is a virgin.”

“You mean you asked her?”

“In a roundabout way, when they were in the basement family room the other night and Rob left, she was topless. I understand that as her breasts were really sore. When I asked her she said she had her top off all evening as Rob had seen her boobs before and she mentioned they have even been naked together. Jill did say Rob may get lucky one of these days.”

“Be a helluva way to thank him and I wouldn’t be upset at all,” Fred replied with a smile.

Jill and Rob arrived at the Bistro and were immediately shown to a secluded table as Rob had requested. “Is this satisfactory to you?” he asked.

“Perfectly,” Jill replied. They both ordered lemonade to drink while they looked at the menu. “Order whatever you want, I’m treating!”

“No, it is my responsibility to pay for my date’s meal.”

“Not this time. My parents gave me a credit card and specifically ordered that this dinner is on them. I think the filet mignon, baked potato and green beans sounds good. You can order what you want. Don’t even think about arguing any more unless you want to go against my mother. I can assure you it won’t be pleasant and you will lose.”

“Alright, alright, I give up. The filet sounds super to me. Do you want me to order?”

“Yes, you can do that much,” Jill said with a victory smile on her face.

After dinner they went window shopping at the mall for a while and then went to the lover’s nest. The detour served to let their meals settle and to ease the apprehension.

“How are you coping with the ordeal?” Rob asked when he stopped the vehicle.

“Alright, I guess. Thanks to you and the team little damage was done, so I think I will not have to have any counseling. Had Enrique and his gang completed their plan, I wouldn’t be here. Let’s not talk about it right now. This is our time.” With that Rob leaned over and they shared a passionate kiss. When Rob started moving his hands, Jill ended the kiss. Let’s get in the back where we will be more comfortable for a change. You set up the mattress and give me the plug.”

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