Deja Vu

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It was a matter of possessiveness.

Yeah, animalistic maybe. But I couldn’t help myself. Not after being this close to you. So I took a chance.

Somehow I always liked being near you, before this thing turned into an obsession, I knew that fact. It wasn’t unusual for me to stand close to you. What was unusual was for me to lean in and smell you. The smell of aftershave and that smell that just screamed at me to do more than just sit far away idly. Enough to get me intoxicated, make my stomach knot in anticipation.

“Erik, what are you doing?” Your voice calm. But your body tells another story. You’re nervous. I could feel the uncertainty coming off of you in waves. Your eyes were trained over your shoulder at me, shock bright blue, curious but not angry.

“You smell good.” It was a simple statement, one with implications far reaching. I put a hand on the bookshelf that you were looking at, almost pinning you but giving you an exit if you wanted it. But you weren’t running, you were just standing there and that confused me more.

“Thanks,” you reply. I take a chance and exhale close to your neck, letting the hot air of my breath travel across open skin. That pale skin that so contrasted with mine that taunted me in waking daydreams. Surprisingly you lean back, just enough to feel my growing excitement, giving me a smirk that held enough promise to make me nearly climax at that moment. Your eyes close and you inhale, reaching back to put a hand on my hip, enticing me to reach forward and wrap a hand around your waist. “You smell good too.”

I was losing control and I knew it. My heart beat faster inside my chest and push back, your arm coming back to wrap around my neck, pulling me closer. “I know what you’re thinking,” you whisper. “How you want bursa escort to rip off my clothes, here, now, in the evidence room, to hell with the consequences. And I know you’ve been thinking about it for a long time.”

Your voice was like a siren song, luring me to the point of no return. If you told me no right then and there, I don’t know if I could have listened. The hand on your waist slid up, under your shirt, feeling the soft skin and the light trail of belly hair that led to happier things. “Yeah. Something like that,” I whisper back. I started to unbutton your shirt, saving the pants for last, my breathing deepening. Your back arches and I sigh, the friction causing some kind of sweet torture, my hands gripping tighter on you and the metal shelf.

“What’s stopping you?” you tease and I feel a purr rumble in my chest, tossing the last of my restraint to the winds. I bent down, trailing the flat of my tongue across alabaster skin, tasting you, reveling in it. Your shirt finally ends up on the floor and I step back to take off my own, watching you turn around and stare at me with an innocent but not look. A smirk of my own crosses my face and I grab your belt buckle, pulling you close to me, our arousals meeting through the flimsy material. Without thinking, I kiss you, parting your lips with my tongue, lifting your body towards me so your leg can wrap around my waist. You tasted like smoke and honey, the feel of everything making me break the kiss to gasp for air, your lips swollen from my forcefulness.

“I’m sorry if I’m…rough,” I apologize and you just laugh, leaning forward and grabbing my bottom lip between your teeth, tugging playfully. “Don’t be sorry. Just do it,” you snicker and I growled, undoing your belt with a sense of urgency, görükle escort pulling off your pants and boxers in a rush, freeing your erection into my hand. Your head falls forward against my chest as I stroke you, feeling the hardness encased in velvet like skin pulse in time with your heart beat. Little gasps fall from your lips, making me harder and the hair stand up on the back of my neck. You, the wall, the unyielding wall, was letting me bend you to my will…

Hands went to my belt too, my pants falling to my ankles and I stepped out of them, feeling your fingers warp around my own erection, exploring. I moaned, precum flowing, covering your hand, your touch like lightning to my senses. “Oh God,” I whisper, pulling away from you reluctantly to retrieve the tube of lotion in my pant pocket. As I unscrewed the top, I look up to see you smile, really smile. “Always prepared, huh?”

“Well, I have dry skin.”

“Lucky you.”

“I’m about to be even luckier,” I quip, rubbing the lotion on my length, making sure it was well coated, watching your eyes dilate in the low light. “Turn around.” Obligingly, you turn around and I start to prep you when you shake your head, turning to look back at me. “Just do it.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m fine; just go. Please.”

When I start to ask one more time, you push back, sheathing me, stealing the breath from my body before I could speak. I rocked forward out of instinct, the heat of it all shocking me, breathing hard, your face contorting in a mix of pleasure/pain much like mine, sweat covering our bodies in a fine layer. Regaining some semblance of control, I thrusted slowly, burying my hands in your hair, molding my body to yours. One of my hands found yours and in a symbol of tenderness, bursa escort bayan you lace your fingers in mine, smiling a little. “Don’t stop now.”

I let my body take over, thrusting faster, the smack of skin on skin contact filling the room, your cries becoming audible as I felt the familiar boiling in my lower body. Hearing a low moaning sound, I was shocked to realize that it was me, my teeth bared against your neck, my world narrowing to you and my impending orgasm. I reached down to grab your erection, your eyes flying open as a new sensation hit you, stroking in time with my thrusts, your lungs fighting a battle to keep you breathing. “I want you to come,” I breathed in your ear. “Now.”

With a stifled cry, you explode on my hand and all over the evidence boxes, pulsing and squeezing inside and out. I felt my knees almost give out as I climaxed, filling you, putting my face against your back to muffle my scream as my world fell apart. In a haze, I felt warm hands lowering me to the floor, my body still throbbing. “Al–” I started but he shushed me, putting a hand over my eyes. “Sleep…” he implored.

“But I just want…to know one thing.”


“You were already…ready…how?”

Leaning over, you smile, bending close to my ear. “In a dream, everything is easy Erik.”

Sitting up, I realize that I was asleep at my desk, panting, hard on raging, covered in sweat. ‘A dream…it was a dream. Holy shit–‘

“Hey Erik,” a voice called and I looked up to see you standing there, dressed the same as in my dream, the same benign look even. “I need some help in the evidence room. Are you ok?”

I swallowed, rubbing my forehead. “Yeah,” I ground out. “Just had a really…different dream.”

A smile. That same smile of promise. “Sometimes dreams have hidden meaning…or desires. And maybe you shouldn’t deny them.” Before I could think of something coherent to say, you were walking away. “See you in 5 minutes in the evidence room. And maybe you’ll feel a sense of…deja vu.”

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