Della’s Delightful Derriere

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Della Petty: 39 yrs old, widow, real estate agent
Andrea Petty: 19 yrs old, college freshman, Della’s only child


June 10, 2007. The day Della Petty becomes a widow. The day her husband of 20 yrs, Kevin Petty, succumbs to a massive heart attack at age 41. It seems that all the years of booze, cocaine, and whoring finally caught up to the handsome, charismatic, and very wealthy financial advisor. He and Dellaa met at University, and once Kevin graduates, (one year prior to his fiancé), they marry.

That they became a couple seems nothing less than destiny. Kevin is six feet, two inches tall; a well-muscled 205 lbs. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, and a thick, nine-inch long cock. Della is auburn-haired, five feet five, and 130 pounds. She measures 34EE-30-40, and is well-accustomed to being a sexual target of every horny college guy (and dome girls!) on the campus. Kevin goes to work a few weeks after graduating with a private equity firm he’d interned with during his university years, and Della is able to remain at home with Andrea, borne the year after Della’s graduation. Except for the requisite long hours and frequent travel, theirs is a happy life. After a few years at the firm, Kevin is secure enough for them to abandon their lives as apartment dwellers for life in the suburbs.

Besides being good-looking & successful, Kevin is an imaginative and very skillful lover. They are accustomed to bouncing around the bed no fewer than three times a week, and kinky sex games are very much part of their bedroom activities. Della is aware early in their courting that Kevin is especially fond of anal sex. He loves nothing more than plowing his big banger into his wife’s (and various mistresses) willing back-doors. After a time, Della is able to withstand her husband’s prolonged, very Ordu Escort vigorous buggery sessions, of which rough anal intrusions are the order of the day.

Drinking, whoring and drug use were not all of Kevin’s vices; he also managed to gamble away most of their substantial investment holdings, and makes some poor business deals . The resulting short-fall in their income causes federal tax liens against both their bank accounts and properties. Kevin also links two of their three of his life insurance policies to “market performance” on the NASDAQ, and one can probably guess the rest: In short, there remained sufficient funds to pay for Kevin’s funeral, pay-off their house, and to pay for two years of university for Andy.

Della decides to sit for her real estate exam, paying for the classes by selling one of their two Mercedes Benz. After completing her studies and receiving her license, (and making her first residential sale), Della purchases a used 2005 BMW for Andy. One of the first things Della learns when marketing million-dollar-plus homes is that her beauty and knock-out body are assets to be taken full-advantage of. She also has her first lesbian encounter (more on that later)…

That encounter is what led to her relationship with her daughter Andy. One evening, while feeling especially blue over Kevin’s passing, mother and daughter, while comforting each other, ended up having their first sexual encounter. Since then, Andy is most often the aggressor, and always the more dominant of the two.

Andy arrives home from her tutoring session at 4:45. Della is busy at the stove, preparing dinner, and unaware of her offspring’s arrival. Andy takes full advantage of the opportunity: she walks over to her mother and hugs her from behind. As her hands slide up to cup and fondle Della’s Ordu Escort Bayan melonous bra-busters, Andy rests her chin on her mother’s shoulder. She raises one hand to brush her mother’s hair to one side, allowing her access to the older woman’s flawless, elegant neck.

She plants light, pecking kisses on the side of her mother’s throat, moving upwards to kiss and lick at the pink shell of the mature beauty’s ear, playfully sucking on the earlobe.

“You are so naughty!” Della exclaims, luxuriating in Andy’s warm, loving embrace

“Well, if that makes me naughty I wonder what this makes me”

Della’s knees began to fold slightly as she pushes her plush bottom push back into her daughter’s hips.

All in one quick motion, Darla quickly turns the right while turning the stove off with her left hand. She swings her right arm over her daughter’s head, wrapping her left about Andy’s waist, molding herself against the slimmer, though full curves of her horny daughter.

Darla is three inches shorter than her daughter, so she inclines her head slightly to look longingly into her Andy’s sparkling green eyes. Her love for the young woman nearly overwhelms her as she reaches up to slowly, tenderly caress Andy’s face with her left hand.

They kiss, long and lovingly, before heading for the staircase leading to the upstairs bedrooms. Their destination: the master bedroom…..

They take a bath together, then later….

Her daughter’s long, unhurried strokes are driving Della insane. In defense, she grasps at her own nipples and rolls them between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand while she supports herself with her left.

Andy’s lust for her mother’s lush curves and insatiable anal cravings knows no depths:

“Is that good, bitch? You Escort Ordu like my big dick fucking your slut ass?”

Della can’t respond: the delightful prodding and ramming of her backside leaves her breathless with urgent lust.

Andy sits back on her haunches, slowing, giving her mother a brief respite. Twenty seconds pass, then Andy resumes her previous pace. The intense feelings of lust Della feels are nearly TOO MUCH… with each of Andy’s deep, long strokes Della is achingly aware of the location of each and every molded ridge on the surface of the thick dildo-cock.

Della wriggles and writhes, whines and pants. As the nasty buggering continues, she ass-fucks her slutty mother hard and fast and deep and it feels WONDERFUL!

Della’s arse is now quite slack and lets out stoppered little farts round the massive girth of her daughter’s rampant buggering tool. There is some discomfort mixed with the pleasure, however at this point all Della is concerned with is relieving the horny itch deep in her belly that is slowly abating as she opens herself completely and relishes the delightful anal fucking she is getting. Andy’s thrusts are so fast they blend together and all Della can do is gasp and groan and writhe like a snake. The heat wafting off her is incredible. She is making deep, lusty groans, her head hanging down onto her chest. The rumblings in her guts, once faint, are growing more insistent as her orgasm nears…

Della suddenly goes slack, helpless against the waves of sensation flooding through her. Light yelps and high-pitched gasps rock thru her; her hard-thrusting daughter is not far behind, the friction of the short end of the dildo buried within her own soaked quim on her erected clit send her into an eye-clenching, gut-wrenching orgasm of her own.. Once they have calmed-down, Andy slowly, so as not to cause her Mom further discomfort, withdraws her girthy butt-rammer from Della’s raw, distended pooper, She plops onto her side and is joined by her sweat-sheened mother in a loving cuddle. A half-hour later, they shower and retire for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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