Desert Delight

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Living in the Sonoran desert had some advantages on warm summer nights. Where else can you walk around in the nude and feel the radiant of the heat that remains on the desert floor after hours of the sun’s rays beating down upon it’s surface?

Wearing a light weight medium length sun dress, leather slip on sandals, and carrying only a towel, I took off on my nightly venture to my own private personal oasis.

I started down the familiar stretch of the trail that lead to a small box canyon. Water trickling out of it’s crevices created this small natural pool of water.

That particular evening as I approached it, I seen someone already there. A bit upset because I had this idea this place belonged to me. As I walked nearer I could see it was a man. Nude and about ready to enjoy the pool of water that was waiting for him. He turned his head and acknowledged me as I walked nearer.

I said to him, “I take it you discovered this oasis, too?” He responded that he found it the other day while he was walking through the desert. “Oh,” I said.

He then said that he would leave, if I wanted him, too. No, it’s not necessary, I said. I don’t own it.

I responded with the the following ” As long as you don’t mind company we shall both enjoy what this has to offer each of us.” He smiled and his naked body plunged into the water. I quickly removed my sun dress and sandals. Laid down the towel nearby and dove in.

As we swam around leisurely, our conversation was teasingly towards each other. Then I mentioned how we all have these bit of dreamy like state of mind and how at times I can almost feel what it was like years ago before all of society told us how to behave.

He asked me to explain. I told him I had this thing where I like to feel as if I am a in a time where I feel a bit animalistic in behavior. I decided to actually act it out at this point. So I said to him “Ok, let’s pretend something here.”

He was all in. I asked him to get back out of the water and lean up against the rock and rub his cock for me. He got out and posed for me. Asked, “Like Marmaris Escort this?” Leaning with his back against the rock he had taken his cock into his hand and held onto it. I said, “Yes, just like that!”

I then said, “I love to watch a man masturbate. So please let me see you play with your cock.” He proceeded to rub his cock in his hand as I stepped out of the waters. I kept my eyes on him and noticed he watched me. “Mmmm, you like what you see?” I asked. He smiled with a very sexy grin and said “Yes, I do!”

I told him this is where the game is going to change. With his eyebrows raising now with the look of questioning he asked me “How so?” I told him that I want him to pretend at this point we haven’t met. I am going to go walk over into the bushes, naked as I am and I am going to act as if I stumbled across you rubbing your cock. Now remember, this is before a time that exists today. I am going to be a bit primitive with these actions.

“How so?” he asked.

Well, I am going to act as if you are my prey. He smiled and said that he was ready for this game.

I walked over into the bushes and crouched down on my knees. Hands holding my body weight up gently I peered off to watch him. I could see his hand rubbing his cock and watched it as it naturally grew with his self pleasuring.

As I mentally went off into our make believe world, I started to slowly move forward. Remaining in this crouched position. Smelling the night time air and feeling the warmth of it. The fantasy of it started to feel real.

As I watched this man with intenseness, I wanted him. I could feel my body automatically do this bit of gyrating as I wanted to feel his hard cock inside of me. Mmmm, wanting to taste him. That feeling can be best described as taking a chunk of steak that you are absolutely craving and wanting to sink you mouth into.

Imagine the taste of all it’s seasons being spread across a piece of meat as your hunger wants to taste it.

As I neared him, I could hear the wetness that his cock was creating. Oh,,, I can’t Marmaris Escort Bayan wait to feel that in my hands. The predator that exists in me at times when it comes to a sexual encounter excites me so much I feel as if this deep down primal feeling comes out.

I got closer and that is when he looked at me into the eyes. Like two animals not caring about anything else but the lust of sexual attraction that they both know they will generate between them.

Not taking our eyes off of each other because that would show cowardness. I slowly stood in a upright position. Walked up to him and pressed my breasts only against his chest.

I took my hand and placed it on his face. Gently studying him with my touches. Looking at him intensely without taking my eyes off him. I then proceeded to glide my hand over his lips. Again, gently moving my head to the right as if unsure if I wanted this man.

I could feel a deep release of his breath as I proceed with this touching and gliding game with my hand. I then lowered them and rubbed his nipples, slightly pinching them off and twisting them between my fingers. Followed with my other hand taking the backside of it and slowly letting it flow down his stomach till I could feel his hardened wet cock. I took my other hand off his nipples and let it work it’s way down till I touched his hand.

I lifted his hand off his cock. Took both of his hands and placed them to his side. Still staring into this eyes with this bit of an smile. He leaned back in a more relaxed state.

I then let myself take both of my hands back to his face and started to slowly kiss him. Feeling each of his sighs as a note that he enjoyed this. I continued kissing and licking him as I started to go down towards his nipples. Stopping to suck and twist on them as they hardened.

Mmmm, the sound of his sighs and knowing I was pleasuring him filled me up at the same time with this instant wet feeling in my pussy. Oh, how it excites me to pleasure a man. Feel his cock get hard and how he lets me completely control the Escort Marmaris situation is the most biggest turn on I can ever feel.

I slowly lowered myself some more letting my nipples on my breasts rub on his cock. His cock just quivering slightly from that gentle touch. I couldn’t resist but to lower my mouth on his hardened dick and let my lips brush against the tip. I had to lick my lips. Tasting that bit of wetness that he created had me wanting it so badly. My meal. Him. In many ways than only taking in his cum but feeling his body is what feeds me.

I started to suck on his cock with my mouth. Gently licking it here and there. Stroking it with my tongue then using my hands to rub his balls. Finding the spots that made him sigh with more pleasure. I continued to suck and fondle him as I swelled up with even more wetness inside. Sometimes I almost feel like i can cum without even inserting a finger or feeling a cock. Mmm,,, I am wanting this man inside of me. I started moving my lower body in rhythm with is cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

At times I just want man to force his cock deep inside of my mouth. The same how I like it when he shoves his hard cock deep inside of my wet pussy.

He then grabbed my hair and pulled my face upwards as I continued to suck on him and as he stared down at me I looked into his eyes knowing what he must be feelings.

All of a sudden he grabbed my hands and pulled me upwards. A bit roughly pushed me up against the rock with my backside towards him. Shoved his cock deep into me as I let at this moan. Oh, my god this f”#%ing man feels so damn good.

He slammed his cock in me as I could feel it go in and out as the pleasure filled up in me.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. I let myself climax all over his hard cock and the sounds of pleasure escaped from my mouth, I am sure a bit too loud.

He then pulled his cock out of me. Rubbed it a bit more with is hand and so I thought I would help him and got back on my knees. I hardly had my mouth on his cock for long when he pulled it out and shot his cum all over my face and breasts. Mmmmm, it felt so warm. I never can resist rubbing that warm cum in all over my nipples. Felt and feels so good.

Big sigh. We smile and hug each other. Told each other maybe we shall meet up again. I told him maybe our primal instincts will find each other naturally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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