Desperate Relief

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Two hours in a meeting and still one and a half hours before she would be home.

The meeting was too important to be excused. She was mentally hitting her on the head for drinking half a gallon of soda an hour before the meeting started and now she had to pee so badly, she feared her bladder might explode.

She wouldn’t have this problem now if the toilets on the subway were open, but some idiot locked them. No matter what she tried or who she asked, there was no way in there.

So there she was, standing on the platform, waiting for the subway, wobling on her toes.

She prayed it would get here fast and that she could sit, but with the amount of people waiting, she would be lucky to even get on.

It took less than five minutes before the subway arrived, but it seemed an eternity.

She tried to be the first one to get in but, as the door opened, it was already packed. And since she was in front of the door, everyone behind her pushed her in and ended up against one of the metal poles. There was no way for her to move, she was trapped on all sides.

As soon as the subway started going, she felt her bladder being pressed against the pole. She let out a small squeal from the preasure on her bladder and quickly pressed her hand between her legs to keep from losing control.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it in much longer and her brain was storming for a solution.

Suddenly the subway hit the break and people were bumping against her. Almost losing balance, she held a tight grip on the pole but, for just a second, she lost control over her bladder. The bit of pee she lost was mostly absorbed by her red cotton panties, but she could feel some drops tickle down her thighs. She used her hand to

wipe the drips of pee off her legs and pressed her fingers harder on her pee hole.

As the subway was getting near the next station, she remembered a small mall nearby.

She hoped for dear life there would be restroom nearby.

When the subway stopped, she frantically pushed her way through the croud towards the door. With all the pushing and getting out of the subway, another few small squirts of pee came out. Most of it was absorbed by the red cotton panties, but she could still feel the pee going down her legs, into her black leather boots.

While forcing her bladder to hold on, she rushed as fast as she could to the nearest store and asked for a restroom, but they wouldn’t offer it.

She stood outside the door of the store, hands between her legs, looking around in panic for a way of relief.

Then she saw a small groserystore and hoped for any compassion there. She ran over there, feeling more little drips of pee dripping down her legs and filling her boots.

In çankırı seks hikayeleri there, she asked the woman behind the cash register, but she was unable to help.

There was no way out. She had one final solution, but she had to act fast.

She rushed to the diaper section and grabbed the first young teenage diaper she could find. Luckily there was no one else in the store so she rushed to the cash register and, with the diapers in a paper bag, went out of the store as quickly as she could.

She ran across from the grosery store, into a clothing store. As calm as she could be, she snatched the first shirt she could lay her hands on and walked to the fitting rooms. Once in there, she tore the diaper bag open and frantically struggled to unfold the diaper. Her bladder was pulsing and pushing, ready to explode.

As she raised her short black skirt, she saw the wet pee stain on her red cotton panties. Quickly, she put the diaper on over her already wet and pee stained panties and made sure it sat right.

She wasn’t sure if the amount of pee would be entirely absorbed, so she grabbed another diaper to be sure there was no leaking.

As she was unfolding the second diaper and getting ready to put it on, she tried to gently release the hold on her bladder, but every time she relaxed her muscles, the pee started squirting out like a waterfall.

As soon as she had the second diaper on, she just let go. She stood there, in the fitting room of a clothing store, watching herself in the mirror, as the daiper started growing. She could feel the hot pee against her clit and making its way to her

butt crack. She felt like peeing forever and feared those two diapers weren’t enough to hold all that pee. She checked the diapers and felt her thighs, but aside from the pee she lost before, there was nothing dripping down her legs.

Finally her bladder was empty and sighed in relief.

She pressed the pee filled diaper and checked if there were any leaks, but the diapers seemed to have absorbed all of it. She pulled down her short black skirt and made sure the diaper was hidden underneat the skirt.

After fixing herself, she left the fitting room and headed for the subway to get home.

When she arrived at the station, the subway just arrived. She pushed herself through the croud and towards the door. She wasn’t planning on sitting because, with a pee filled diaper, she would surely leak and sit in a puddle of pee for all to see. Intsead she wanted to stand between the croud, so no one would notice her wearing a diaper.

She stepped inside and waited by a metal pole for the croud to surround her.

As the subway was moving, she looked around to see if anyone was looking her way, but no one was paying her any attention.

She slid her hand under her skirt and felt the thick diaper. She carressed it and pressed it gently against her clit.

Slowly the subway started to empty and after an hour, most people were gone. Even though there were plenty of seats, she still stood close by the door.

She looked out the window, playing back the last few hours and felt her clit throbbing against the thick diaper.

Then the subway stopped at the final station. She stepped out and walked towards her house.

When she came to her appartment, her keys slipped out of her hands as she tried to open the door. As soon as she went through her knees to pick it up, she felt some pee dripping off of her butt and on the floor. She stood back up and went inside.

Once inside, she took off her coat and went into the bedroom. She stood infront of her dressing mirror and raised her skirt to admire the bulky diaper.

She rubbed it against her and carressed the front and back. Her hand moved up, passed her skirt and under her top, feeling up her breasts. Watching herself squirm, she slowly removed her top, revealing her red bra. Her nipples were hard and looked like they might tear through the fabric. Her hands moved back down, from her breasts to her

skirt and hooked her skirt on her fingers, pulling it down. The skirt fell on her boots. She kicked the skirt aside and looked at herself wearing nothing but her bra, her pee soaked panties underneat two pee filled diapers and her long black boots.

She decided to drink some more soda, hoping she would have to pee soon again.

Walking to the kitchen, she made sure the door was locked and no one was able to peek through the windows. She still had a gallon of soda in the fridge, so she took the bottle, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and sat on the couch.

During a movie, her mind went back to her desperation earlier that day.

She looked at the bottle and noticed it half empty. She decided to run over to an ATM to get some cash for when she had to take the subway the next morning.

She went to her bedroom, got dressed and figured she better get rid of the filled diapers and her wet panties and wear a fresh diaper.

She stood infront of her mirror and gently tore the diapers lose. They were still moist and felt heavy. After the diapers were off, she checked her panties. There was not a single thread of fabric dry. After removing her panties, she moved a finger between her lips and spread her juice over her clit. After sucking her finger clean,

she put on a clean diaper and her coat and went out the door.

There was an ATM just around the corner from her appartment, but it was a nice night so she went for a walk to another ATM, which took about fifteen minutes to reach.

After a few minutes, she felt the first sign from her bladder filling up. The thought of her needing to pee was hardening her nipples. By the time she reached the ATM, she was dancing in front of it while trying to retrieve her money.

On the way back, the desperation became stronger. She had to stop a few times to catch her breath and to control her bladder.

By the time she arrived at her front door, she was frantic. She quickly went inside, threw off her coat and decided to take a last big swig of soda. Then she took her towel and went to the bedroom, laying the towel infront of the mirror.

Her bladder was about to explode while she took off her top, skirt and boots.

Then she stood on the towel with nothing on but her bra and her diaper.

Her nipples were totally erect and her pussy was soaking in her diaper. Her clit was throbbing and her bladder was aching for relief. She took off her bra and carressed her breasts and nipples. Then she took one hand an moved it under the diaper to feel her wetness. She positioned her hand over her pussy and, while looking in the mirror, started to pee.

The warm gush of pee flowed between her fingers into the fresh diaper. She could see the yellow stain of pee growing on the outside of the diaper. Her hand was emerged in a sea of pee and seeped into her butt crack. She felt the outside of the diaper and felt tense and warm.

After the last drops of pee left her pee hole, she removed her hand from within the diaper and played with her breasts and nipples, while letting the pee settle and giving the diaper time to absorb the most of it. She was so horny and her clit was throbbing so hard, it wouldn’t take much to come violently. She pushed the filled

diaper with one hand against her throbbing clit and the other against her butt, putting

so much preasure on the diaper, it started leaking. Pee was running down her thighs, down her legs and ending under the soles of her feet on the towel. She kept pressing and pressing, squeezing the pee out of the diaper and onto her naked body.

She rubbed the wet diaper against her pussy and then came multiple times with hard, violent shocks. In the mirror, she saw herself shaking with pleasure and shimmering with pee.

After she calmed down, she ripped open the diaper and carressed her naked body with the inside and pushing her breasts in it. Then she lay the diaper on the towel, sat on the mushy diaper and, facing the mirror, spread her legs and fingered herself while forcing herself to pee more and more. After an hour of being in extacy, she lay

exhausted and sweating on her diaper in a puddle of pee and come.

She stood up, looked at herself, smiled in satisfaction and head for the shower.

On to another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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