Discoveries at Home

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This story is a follow-up to “Discovery in Cyprus”, the previous instalment was based on fantasy that grew out of our visit to Cyprus. This part documents events that took place over an extended period since returning. The following story contains mild themes of control, bondage, exhibitionism and voyeurism all of which take place in a consensual relationship. The people represented bear only a passing resemblance to real people, and the names have been changed. If these themes are not your thing, then please feel free to skip by.

Thank you to “HeyAll” for the help with the editing.

Shall we try something new?

After our return from Cyprus and our little adventure at the hands of Enisha and Jasmine, Lizzy and I had settled back into normal life, work and home life became the norm again just like a million other couples. Happily nothing had changed in the bedroom department, if anything our love life had gotten even better. We still discussed our fantasies openly with each other, we played kinky games and made love in all sorts of places. Lizzy’s penchant for going commando was still strong as was her beauty and exercise regime. All in all, we were / are a perfect match for each other. After one particularly torrid Saturday evening sex session, Lizzy had propped herself up on her elbow as she lay next to me, playing with my chest hair she asked,

“After what happened in Cyprus, have you ever thought about me….and you know other men? Is that something that you would want me to do or anything?”

“Where did that come from?” I replied.

“Well you know, it’s in all the fantasy stories, men watching the wives, letting their wives and girlfriends perform etc, so I just wondered what you thought? she said nervously.”

I didn’t have to think for even a second.

“Baby, there is no way in the world I would be asking you to do that, and I am being really selfish here and I don’t care who knows it, I wouldn’t share you with anyone. I really can’t stand the thought of watching some other bloke fucking you or sitting and watching while you rode up and down on him. I want you for myself. I love what we have got, and I wouldn’t risk that for the world, I guess I am just old fashioned that way.”

I could see the relief wash over her face as I spoke, it was clearly something that she has been thinking about.

“Well after Cyprus I just thought you might want to, because of what happened.”

“Liz, so you had a little girl on girl fun after a few drinks and remember I was the one who made you squirt, so I don’t think it’s the same, besides and this is important, I won’t be asking you for another woman to join us either. Because, if I am reading the way you feel for me is the same as I feel for you, there is no way in the world you would be happy watching me fucking another woman or vice versa.”

“There’s no way that’s happening mister, you and him are all mine.” She said before giving my cock a gentle squeeze and leaning over to kiss me, moments later she laid back down, cuddled up to me and fell asleep.

The following morning, we were milling around the kitchen, putting dishes away and eating our breakfasts as we went when Lizzy asked,

“How do you feel about having two naughty nights?”

“Go on.” I replied

“Well let’s have two nights where the other person is in control of what happens, one for you and one for me.” She said cheekily as she leaned over the breakfast bar. While she was leaning over, I could see that the short satin robe had gaped open giving me a view down her ample cleavage. I knew full well that she had nothing on underneath, and I could feel my cock begin to twitch.Dropping the small towel, I had in my hand on the kitchen unit I walked around the breakfast bar until I was alongside Lizzy.

“And what sort of control do you have in mind lady?” I asked as I stroked the small of her back through the flimsy robe. “As in, Instructions on how to do things better for each other like a blowjob?”

“No stupid! Where we have to do what the other person wants, and we see how daring we can be.”

“Ah right I get it now.” I replied as I moved and stood behind her, pressing my crotch up against her gorgeous backside.

“Hey mister I know what you are up to and we haven’t got time for this now, we are going to my mother’s remember?”

“I know, but just for clarity would this control thing work like this?” I said as I placed my hands on her waist gently “Now get your tits out Mrs”.

“Yes, it would work something like that, but….” she said as her words trailed off

“So, get them out Liz, I want them in my hands now!” I Instructed firmly. I knew that if it got to the point the point where I could get my hands on her sensitive 34E’s that I would be fucking her in no time.

“Yes, but this is for then, not now.” Lizzy replied coyly.

“So, if you can’t follow a simple instruction like this, how will you manage a whole night and be daring? Now then tits out, now!”

Lizzy reached up to her shoulders and slid the robe off them, as it slipped down her arms the thin tie Yozgat Escort around the middle of the robe gave a little allowing it to fall to around her elbows, exposing her breasts. I reached around and slipped my hands underneath her arms and cupped each of her nubs with my hands, my thumbs and forefingers located her nipples that were already hard and gave them a firm but sharp squeeze. Having her nipples played with drove Lizzy mad and I heard her gasp when I leaned forward and my lips nibbled at the base of her neck. By now I was rock hard and ready, so I let go of her tits and whispered in her ear.

“Lean forward, stick your bum out and spread em.”

Lizzy bent forward pressing her tits up against the worktop, she wiggled her arse and spread her feet about a foot, I reached down and dropped by bed shorts and hoisted up what little material there was covering her rear exposing her peachy arse, I began to rub my rock hard member between her arse cheeks, probing gently around her backdoor before sliding up to her pussy entrance. As I nudged my helmet into her opening Lizzy gasped,

!I haven’t showered………..hmmmmm.”

“Is your pussy still sticky from last night baby?”

“Yes.” She replied as I pushed into her.

I could feel her fleshy walls spreading and opening as I pushed deeper into her until all my seven inches had filled her up. I pulled back almost to the point of entry and then slowly slipped all the way in again and this time I could feel pussy expel juices around the base of my cock. I suspected it was a cocktail of fresh juices, last nights and the leftover cum that had been pumped into her night before but I didn’t care, I just kept on slowly fucking Lizzy from behind over the breakfast bar.

I reached around her waist and with my right hand located her pussy, gently I slipped my index and middle fingers into the top of her cleft and zeroed in on her little round clit which was already rock hard. I began to rub it gently in circles as I continued to slowly have my way with her. I knew this would drive Lizzy to the point of no return quickly, so I issued her with another little order.

“Don’t you dare cum Lizzy, no matter what, you are not allowed to cum do you understand?”

“Nooooooooo, that’s not faaaaiiiiirrrr.” Was all she could manage as she was fucked and frigged at the same time.

“If you cum I will make more mess do you understand?”

Lizzy just nodded absently as she rode my fingers and my cock slid easily in and out of the sloppy mess that her quim had become in the last few minutes. It was inevitable that Lizzy would peak no matter what my instruction was and moments later Lizzy was yelling.

“I’m going to cum, I’mmmm going to cum, oh my god……………”

She exploded throwing her head back and pushing her pussy back onto my cock as hard as she could and shaking violently. Her pussy convulsed around my member and squeezed while a torrent of love juice poured from her beautiful body. There was no way I could resist any longer either I could feel my own cum stroke approaching, I pulled out and nudged my exposed red helmet between her arse cheeks and pumped my wad between them and around her arsehole.


“Oh my god, you dirty bastard, I’m soaking and covered in spunk!”

“I told you not to cum.! I laughed as we extricated ourselves from each other, as she turned around Lizzy put one hand under her quim and the other under her arse to prevent any juice or cum dripping onto the floor.

“I have to get in the shower and clean this mess up, and so will you.”

She said before kissing me and running out of the kitchen with her hands between her legs, as she climbed the stairs, she called back,

“I can’t believe you came over me for spite Mister, but I loved it!”

An hour later we were in the car and heading for Lizzy’s parents for a catch up, they only lived about 10 miles away but navigating the traffic meant that it took about 25 minutes to get there. While we sat waiting for another set of traffic lights to change an idea hit me.

“Liz, you know this idea of a control day, night, thing? I have just had an idea.”

“I wondered when you would get back to that.” Was her reply.

“Well a week Saturday we are going to that charity auction dinner we bought tickets for, so why don’t we make that the first of the two nights?” I continued.

Lizzy questioned me back with “What made you think of that?”

“I dunno really, just seemed like an opportunity, a few hours, nobody we know, it would probably be really dull so we could liven it up a bit?”

“I see your point, to be honest I don’t really want to go, but if we could have some fun, why not?” Lizzy replied.”How do we decide who goes first?” she continued,

“Toss a coin?”

Lizzy rummaged through the little storage box in front of the gear stick and came up with a trolley token, with a picture on one side and the supermarket name on the other.

“You call” she said and flipped it up in the air.

“Picture.” I said as she caught it and flipped it over onto the back Yozgat Escort Bayan of her hand, as she removed her hand the picture was showing.

“You win, you go first, at what point do we start?” she asked.

“Getting dressed before we go seems like a good place.” I replied.

“Ok baby.” She giggled.

Over the next week or so I thought quite a bit of how I was going to do this “control” night, I wanted to be a little daring but nothing too extreme. The night was black tie so I couldn’t give Lizzy an outfit to wear that made her look like a cheap slut and would embarrass her, but I did want her to look sexy. Other than that, I was no further along the road. Then two things happened in the space of an hour, the first I found the dress she was to wear as I browsed the web which I ordered in her size for next day delivery. Then a little later I picked up my dry cleaning. Opening the back door on the SUV we had bought to hang the dry cleaning on the grab handle inside. I knew then how my control evening would play out and trip to an online lingerie store and an adult website and I was done.

Control Night One

When Saturday rolled around Lizzy had an appointment at the beauticians where she goes for her waxing etc, over the last two weeks I had noticed that Lizzy’s pussy was sporting a light covering of hair. This wasn’t unusual as sometimes she would come back with a landing strip or a triangle or whatever shape took her fancy in pussy topiary or waxed clean. As she was going out the door that I called after her my request.

“Smooth please!”

But she just giggled and closed the door. While she was out, I unwrapped the red full-length dress I had bought and pressed it to get any creases out. It had a halter neck top half with a round collar like strap forming part of a round neck, the back was scooped away to about 4 inches above what would be the small of the back with a zip and eye to fasten it. The front was fitted but extended far enough around as not to expose any side boob. Where the zip fastened it created a fit around the hip before becoming a full-length skirt part that flared slightly at the bottom and back. The front had a split that ran from the bottom to high on the thigh right up the middle. To go underneath I had bought a pair of fine black hold ups with black lace elasticated tops embroidered with red flowers and a thong. Not any old thong but a micro one from Lola Luna. It was almost as much as the dress. It was black and open fronted, across the top was a narrow strip of mesh bordered by small red roses, each strip of material running down the front to form the triangle had find red thread running through it and it was topped off by a small tear drop shaped pearl that hung down from the centre of the mesh to what would be just above Lizzy’s pussy slot. Perfect.

By the time Lizzy returned it was pretty much time to shower and get dressed for the evening, so as we were climbing the stairs, I said to Lizzy,

“So baby, control night starts after you have showered and done your hair and make-up, are you good with that?”

“I’m fine with it, I’ve been looking forward to finding out what you have in store, and I don’t mind telling you that thinking about what you might be doing with me has had me horny all week.”

“Good, let’s hope I don’t disappoint you.” I said as I gave her a cheeky slap on the bum.

“One last thing we have to have an out, I mean if I go too far and you don’t want to do something, is that ok?”

“Yes baby, good idea, how about “mother in law” as our safe phrase?”

“Sounds good, but we’re not married?”

“Make this work and you might be.” She replied as she shut the bathroom door.

When we had both showered it was time to get ready, I had Lizzy stand up and drop the robe she had on so she was naked, I handed her the bottle of my favourite Coco Chanel perfume that she kept for special occasions and told her to apply it to her neck, cleavage and pussy which she did without question. Next, I handed her the tiny thong, which she examined closely and stated how beautiful it was. I watched closely as her wonderful orbs hung free and swung a little as she bent forward to pass the loops over her feet before pulling it up and into place. I made her turn around to have her show it off and it framed her gorgeous quim perfectly, her mound just slightly protruding through the open front and little pearl almost reaching the top of her slot. The hold ups were next and Lizzy was grinning from ear to ear as I watched her sit on the bed and slowly roll up each of the stockings on her legs, her firm thighs filled the elasticated top perfectly and she made sure that the top of lacy red and black bands stopped at the same point on each of her thighs. Finally I handed her the dress, I could tell by her face that she was impressed, she stepped into it and pulled it up, she turned to allow me to fasten the collar at the back and then to pull up the zip, when I was done she gave me a twirl and looked into the mirror.

“Well?” I asked.”Do you like your outfit?”

“I Escort Yozgat was worried you would make me go like some cheap tart for all to stare at, but I must say I’m impressed, and would the slit up the front have anything to do with this dress being picked for me?”

“Might have, I laughed, You are one sexy lady.” I replied, winking at the same time.

I dressed quickly in my tux and made a show of going commando for Lizzy and no more than ten minutes later we were on our way. When we arrived at the hotel where the dinner was taking place, we took the lift to the second floor and made our way to the suite where it was being held. We walked into a room already about half full, there were about twenty round tables all laid for dinner. Some people had put jackets on seats already so they could sit together, others were just milling around. At the bar I ordered a white wine and lemonade and looked for a seat. Further along the bar a couple in their seventies were making their way to find some seats, as I looked closer, I could see that some seats had been reserved while others were free. Most of the reserved were towards the front near the stage but the old couple had made their way to a table towards the back which had seats on one side and a semi-circular booth style seat on the other.

They sat in the booth facing the stage and there were four more seats around the table, two were sideways onto the stage while the others had their back to the stage. I led Lizzy through the tables to where the elderly couple were sat and asked if they minded if we sat there as all the other seats seemed to be reserved, they didn’t so all was good. I guided Lizzy to sit on the chair next to the old man on his left and I sat on the one with my back to the stage. I couldn’t have wanted this any better.

We passed polite conversation for a few minutes before it was announced that dinner was to be served, with everybody sitting and the two other chairs at the table were empty. While we waited for soup to be served,

I whispered to Lizzy, “Flash a leg to the old man while we are having soup and make sure he gets a good view.”

Lizzy looked at me with a knowing smile and a few moments later as we were eating Lizzy crossed her left leg over her right opening the slit in the dress to show her leg from ankle to just below her stocking top. At first, he didn’t notice but then the old man caught an eyeful, I watched his reaction out of the corner of my eye, pretending not to notice as I commented to Lizzy on the soup. The old man couldn’t help himself each time she ate a spoonful of his soup he was stealing a look at Lizzy. I knew it, he knew, and Lizzy knew it, subtlety Lizzy shifted in her seat towards the old man, but only just enough so he could see a little more. Lizzy stayed like that for a couple of minutes until I told her to stop and as a teenage waitress cleared away our starter, I whispered to Lizzy again.

“When the main course is served make sure he sees a stocking top baby.”

Lizzy said. Ok, back with a cheeky smile.

This time when dinner was served I watched as Lizzy carefully pushed about two or three inches of material from the left side of her dress in between her thighs then absently she moved her hand across the top of her right thigh pushing the dress away and exposing her leg almost to the hip. This time the old man noticed straight away, and I could see him leering over Lizzy as she ate and chatted to me with a fake absence of what was happening on her face.

I whispered to her “He’s having a really good look Lizzy, he is thinking how much you are turning him on, tell me does it feel good?”

“Ah-ah, you are so naughty.”

“Tell me are you getting horny?” I pressed.


“Is she wet?” I said pressing for more details.

“I’d say moist with tingles.” lizzy exclaimed.

“Good, now wait for your next instruction.”

Dinner dispensed with it was desert time, the elderly couple didn’t really say much to each other, she was busy people watching and hadn’t noticed what was happening, plus the curve of the table made it impossible for her to see anyway, so our game continued.

“Lizzy, during dessert, flash him your pussy.” I whispered “Legs, stocking tops, the pearl and your pussy, only a few seconds, but do it and make sure he sees it.” I ordered in a hushed tone.

Lizzy turned to me with a look that said you are pushing it, but she nodded and smiled. Lizzy grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. She was going to do it. About halfway through eating her desert she began to shift in her seat, Lizzy turned to the old man and said something about the seats being uncomfortable, at the same time she began to turn to the right, but moving her right leg first her dress opened wide, she now had her legs in a narrow V shape angling toward the old man, and there it was the perfect flash, her movement caught his eye and as he looked down Lizzy’s quim was on full view for him to see, she held her pose for another second or so he could get a good look before feigning embarrassment and covering herself back up. The old man turned away and grabbed for his drink, knocking it over in the process. Silently I was giggling, and Lizzy turned to me trying not to laugh. A moment or so later the MC announced that the auction would start after a twenty-minute break. I stood and offered Lizzy my arm,

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