Divorced in South Florida Ch. 04

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Although May had been my only sexual adventure, Lynn was still threatened by the fact that I was interested in other women. I told her I was trying to find other women to fuck and eat, but that I really enjoyed being with her. Nonetheless, she seemed to worry.

So, I told her of my idea of how she and other women could fix the problem of men with sexual wanderlust. It seemed so easy and obvious that I never understood why it never happened. Married or attached woman should create a group that I will call The Guild.

Start with the assumption that men like to fuck, and they are happy to do it without emotional attachment. The fact that prostitution is the oldest profession proves this, but many men are intimidated by this outlet. So, in order to get laid, they feel compelled to woo and begin relationships with a woman. It could be any woman because when it comes to pussy, men are not that particular. Sometimes they realize that this new relationship, with all its facets, is better than their existing one. That creates an unfortunate situation that no one intended to happen.

A group of female friends should simply create a group whose motto is “You fuck my guy and I’ll fuck yours.” If they were really devious, they would tell each other what their husbands really liked and the substitute fuckee would not do those things. This makes the wife seem more compelling. The Guild could schedule the liaisons, share the information and recruit new members. If there were enough members, you could limit the contact to one fuck per couple thereby shortcircuiting any chance of getting to know and liking each other. There would be no strings, no wooing, just fucking. The man is happy and the woman is secure.

Now, I’m Karaköy escort bayan sure that every woman reading this is completely pissed off. It’s not meant to belittle or insult a woman, but only to protect her relationship with the man she loves. Her man will be happy and her membership in The Guild will only make him more loyal.

I described The Guild to Lynn. Was she upset? No, she was incensed, outraged and completely bullshit. She said that it was bad enough that I was trying to get the wives of married friends to pimp for me, now I was asking her to pimp for me, as well. I thought hers was an intelligent perspective. At the beginning of this story, I said I wanted a smart woman and her analysis proved she was. Nonetheless, I still believed this could be her way to support my efforts to find more bedmates in a nonthreatening manner and she totally rejected it.

We did not speak for a few days after that hubbub, but she called to say that she had calmed down and asked that I go to her place at 1 p.m. the next day. When I arrived, she was dressed in sexy negligee and smelled great. I was thinking makeup sex. Then, she told me to strip, and I was thinking she is ready to make up for rejecting a brilliant innovative concept. Then she handed me a gift wrapped box and when I opened it, she told me to put on the contents. It was a blindfold. Not a fantasy of mine, but I was as happy to fulfill her fantasies as she had mine.

I sat on the bed and Lynn hugged me and murmured nothings in my ear as she pulled on the inside of my knee to spread my legs. Then, as she was kissing my ear, I felt someone grab my cock and start to suck it.

I didn’t leap. I didn’t yell. I was cool. Escort Kayaşehir Lynn pushed me back on the bed and said here are the rules:

“Before you start with the rules,” I interrupted, “Is it a woman?”

Lynn said, “Shut up and listen to the rules”

“One, you can’t remove the blindfold until I return. Two, this beautiful woman will not talk so don’t try to engage her. She is a mystery woman. Three, she doesn’t do anal. Four, try to pull out before you come. Five, have fun”

With that, I thought I heard Lynn leave. Mystery lady came up off the bed and promptly put blindfolded me into position 69. I could feel big tits and meaty thighs which pressed on my ears. She was soft and full figured and smelled like she had put baby oil all over her. She was also still wearing a thong so I had to push it to the side. Her pussy was hairy, which was a pleasant change.

The 69 continued and I started playing with her ass crack with my finger despite the no anal admonition. I thought the reaction was encouraging. Once we broke the 69, I placed my cuddly partner on her side and said since I can’t see you, I’m going to get to know you with my mouth. I felt her start to take the thong off and I said I would try to use my tongue to do it.

I kissed her neck and ears, went down to suck on big tits although her nipples weren’t that protruding. I licked down to her naval. I hardly used my hands at all. I was so happy that this was happening. Since Lynn was supporting my needs, I wanted this woman to have a really good time.

I started to use my mouth and tongue to remove her thong. I positioned my tongue underneath the strip along the back, but it was too hard to do. I finally Küçükçekmece escort gave up and just took it off. I was perpendicular to her with my face at her pussy and started eating in earnest. She had a stronger smell but with the kinkiness of the blindfold, I was really into it. I licked her clit and inserted my tongue into her slit. After a few minutes, I had to test whether she at least liked the attention that my tongue would give her asshole.

I moved forward and spread one cheek upward and started licking the insides of her cheek. There was no resistance. I took it further. My pointed tongue when right to her rosebud and I used my finger to rub her clit. She started to breath heavily. I opened my mouth wide and rubbed my whole tongue tight to her anus. This, of course, was my favorite. After a minute, I heard a moan and then “Oh my God, that’s nice.” Upon hearing her voice, which broke one of Lynn’s rules, I stepped up my licking and in a few minutes she came.

She started sucking my cock hard and I rolled on her back and started fucking her missionary. I decided I needed to break another of the rules, so I came in her pussy. I figured she wouldn’t talk to complain. That was another small victory against the dictates of Empress Lynn.

When we were finished, she gave me a huge open mouth kiss and I felt her leave the bed. In a few minutes, Lynn came back and as she took off my blindfold, she said “I heard it went great.”

Lynn was stark naked. She said, “Now you owe me and I am going to collect.” She pushed me on my back and sat her asshole right on my mouth. I ate her with force and passion. I gave her round the world, which she loves, for probably twenty minutes until she came.

I couldn’t figure out the blindfold because I assumed that Lynn had committed to fucking mystery lady’s man. Of course, I was highly enthused about the prospect of Lynn getting laid by someone else because it gave me license to explore other women’s assets. I was proud at how devious I was becoming in my search for pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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