Dominated by the Camera

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Anastasia Lux

Kara bit her bottom lip nervously as she approached Amy’s house. It was late Friday evening and the sound of her feet striding along the sidewalk seemed to be the only sound in the usually busy town. Even the black sky above seemed to be casting an ominous tone on the events ahead.

Kara was a stunning twenty three year old with straight raven hair that cascaded down each side of her face and rested gently on her shoulders. Her emerald colored eyes were offset by a pair of luscious ruby lips shaped perfectly for her face. She was blessed with a pair of 36-B breasts encircled by soft brown areola, and pert nipples that grew hard at the slightest provocation. Her tight abdomen and long, slender legs made her a stunning sight.

Amy was twenty five with fiery red hair that twisted in locks on each side of her feminine face, soft pouting lips, and doe-like eyes. In contrast to Kara, Amy’s breasts were a size 34-C with soft puffy nipples. Her 5′ 4″ frame would give the appearance of a rather shy and demure character.

Both had met while attending art and photography classes at a prestigious college. As they shared the same interest in fetish art and erotic photography they often chatted at breaks or lunch. During these chats Amy had learned a few things about Kara that had piqued her interest. Kara, like herself, was bisexual, currently not in a relationship, had many of the same interests as she, and best of all Kara had all the signs of a submissive female. Amy was always the dominant when involved with another female. Instead of pursuing anything with Kara though, Amy had chosen to devote her time and effort to her classes.

Fate intervened as both Kara and Amy soon advanced to being the top two students in the class and found themselves locked in a contest with each other to submit the best overall artwork in the category of digital art. The winner would be given a showing at a trendy art gallery known to launch several local artists. In the weeks leading up the contest they worked fervently at creating what they hoped would be the winning entry.

Kara submitted a brilliantly colored painting with an oversized, monstrous dragon confronting a nude female warrior brandishing a shining sword that rested on her shapely ass. The details of the painting were incredible and would have easily won if not for Amy’s more erotic themed fantasy of a nude female in a dark and eerie dungeon being guarded by a muscle-bound hunk. After careful appraisal the art professor declared Amy the winner. A deep sense of dread overcame Kara as she recalled the conversation two days earlier.

The professor had presented a way for the students to earn some extra credits by pairing off and one agreeing to model for the other in a photography session. For this event he wanted it to be sexual themes, exploring the worlds of dominance and submission, BDSM and other fetishes. He wanted them to explore lighting, texture and creativity in their shots.

Both Kara and Amy agreed that the winner of the art contest would do the photography, and the loser would be the model. The professor accepted the pairing and Amy had instructed Kara to be at her house at 11 P.M. Friday night, and to be prepared for a long night. For Amy it presented the golden opportunity. She could work on her photographic skills and also manipulate Kara. Under the guise of modeling she could dominate Kara through the lens of her camera and that is precisely what she intended to do.

Kara ascended the two story brick house that Amy lived in alone. Ringing the doorbell, she was soon greeted by a beaming Amy, wearing a bright red midriff top and faded jean shorts. She was holding a glass of wine and motioned Kara inside. The smell of incense filled the air as Kara looked around the spacious living room. It was decorated in a casual style, but what caught her eyes the most were the erotic paintings and drawing that adorned the walls. They were BDSM themes, and some very explicit.

“Shy?”Amy remarked coyly as she caught Kara’s response to the pictures.

“No, I like them, they are very…intense,” Kara remarked cautiously. Even though Kara knew Amy was interested in fetish art, she expected Amy to be a studious recluse; instead Kara was already seeing a different side of Amy.

Moving quickly, Amy carefully changed the subject. “I do my best work at night, which is why I asked you to come over at this hour. I am more motivated,” she grinned as she looked Kara in the eye.

“Good for you,” Kara remarked, not bursa eve gelen escort fully knowing how to answer the remark.

“I am so excited to have you as my model. Remember you did agree to anything. We will be going down to the basement for what I have in mind, but would you like some wine first?” Amy remarked with a slight impish grin.

“Sure, why not,” Kara remarked as she slumped down onto a nearby couch and tried to get more comfortable amid the growing apprehension of what she had gotten herself into. Even though Kara had lost the class competition, the extra points would still put her in a good position to be recommended to one of the art galleries.

The two began chatting about various things as they drank the wine. “What I have in mind is a series of photos around the theme of you being kidnapped by a cruel Mistress. A helpless captive being forced to submit to her every desire; that sort of thing. I hope you find it exciting. Remember it is like acting. You really have to possess the mindset of a captive and put yourself into the situation for the pictures to look authentic,” Amy mused as she sipped her wine; carefully setting up the seduction she had in mind.

Kara’s heart was racing wildly as she tried to imagine what Amy had in store for her, and trying to convince herself it was only art, yet there was something lurking beneath the facade that Kara sensed but could not yet fully determine.

Shortly before midnight Amy suggested they head down stairs and get things ready. Kara followed Amy down the wooden steps that led to the dark basement. The sense of dread Kara had been feeling was confirmed the moment the basement lights were turned on. To her shock and utter amazement, the entire basement was a well equipped dungeon; Metal cages, tables with straps, leg irons and wrist irons were fastened to the walls. Whips, feathers, and even candles could be seen strewn on top of a nearby table.

“Amy, I know I agreed to this, but…I am really not into the bondage scene,” Kara remarked as her eyes scanned the array of items with a mixture of curiosity and caution.

Amy flashed Kara a cold, icy stare as she picked up an expensive camera and readied it. “It’s just art Kara. We can create some amazing things here, but if you want to back out, I can call the professor and…”

“No!!” Kara interrupted as she hung her head sheepishly. “I will do it. I am just nervous is all.” she replied. “And by the way, where the hell did you get all this stuff?” Kara inquired.

A devious smile formed on Amy’s lips as she worked with the camera. “My dear ole uncle left me this place in his will. I found a little antechamber he had covered up. Who knew his little secrets? Over the last year or so I have added some things to kind of fuel the fantasy,” Amy smiled.

“You have actually used these things?”Kara remarked as she paced slowly along a small table of items.

“Let’s get started shall we? Amy remarked. “Take off all of your clothes.”

Kara’ could feel a wild and strange excitement racing through her at the thought of getting naked in front of Amy but it was the tone in Amy’s voice that she found even more alluring and provocative. She bit her bottom lip nervously and began removing her clothes until she stood naked and quivering slightly in the strange basement/dungeon.

“Good girl. Let’s have a look at you,” Amy remarked as she slowly walked around Kara. Kara could feel Amy’s eyes roaming every inch of her as she blushed slightly. The momentary awkwardness was soon interrupted as Amy gave the instructions for the first shot.

“I want you to go half way up the stairs and lean in against the brick wall with your back facing me.”Amy remarked. Amy knew the lighting at the top of the stairs would bathe Kara’s body perfectly, creating the illusion of a submissive female in a soft pose.

As she strode towards the basement steps she tried to imagine what Amy was seeing and how she appeared to the camera. Amy took a self-indulgent moment to admire the way Kara’s ass swayed as she began the trek up the steps.

“Stop! Now lean against the wall. Stretch out your arms wide above your head. Lower your head downward so that you are looking at the floor.” Amy instructed as she readied her camera. The image of Kara’s body casting a shadow against the wall; the soft light illuminating her from the rear, was skillfully captured on film to Amy’s delight.

As Kara listened to the camera bursa escort click, the realization that the entire class would soon be seeing these photographs sank in. As Amy gazed through the lens her keen eyes saw Kara’s fully erect nipples and a crooked smile formed on her lips.

“Turn around and face me. Rest your hands behind your head and stick out your chest. Your nipples are hard and that will look great!”Amy remarked as she licked her lips in anticipation of the next shot.

Kara gasped as she looked down and saw what Amy meant. Her nipples were indeed rock hard and jutting out from her ample breasts in an erotic show. Under normal circumstances, Kara would have covered them and ran for cover, but now she found herself willing, even turned on at displaying them for the camera.

Content with the first round of shots, Amy beckoned Kara back down the steps as she studied the room for the next shot. Having Kara naked and ordering her around while she herself was fully clothed was allowing Amy to assert her dominance systematically and she wanted to turn it up a notch.

“Alright let’s do something a little more provocative and intense now, “Amy remarked as she led Kara over to center of the basement. “Turn around and put your hands above your head.” Amy directed.

Kara nervously followed Amy’s directions and watched apprehensively as Amy bound her wrists and ran the rope through a pulley on the ceiling above. Pulling Kara’s arms upwards until they were amply stretched, Amy walked behind Kara studying her next move. Amy wanted a shot of her own hand print firmly displayed on Kara’s ass and proceeded to slap Kara firmly, causing Kara to gasp audibly to the dull stinging sensation on her fleshly mounds.

“What are you doing?” Kara asked in a soft but nervous tone.

“I am spanking your ass like any good Mistress would do,” Amy remarked coyly. “I want everyone to see my hand print visibly displayed on that cute little ass of yours,” she continued. The feeling of her hand on Kara’s soft bottom along with the resounding echo of Kara’s ass being spanked sent a decadent thrill of control cascading through Amy.

When just the right glowing hand print was clearly visible on Kara’s ivory skin, Amy slipped back to the camera and caught the image perfectly. It would be the perfect lead in to the BDSM theme the professor wanted, but even more it played into Amy’s personal intentions for Kara. Leaving Kara tied and squirming, Amy slipped over to the nearby table and picked up a black leather riding crop and returned to her position. Instead of striking Kara with it, Amy began running the business end of the crop between Kara’s legs and along the puffy lips of her exposed pussy.

“Amy…no!” Kara gasped in a broken voice.

“Stop? Are you sure? I think you like it,” Amy whispered in a seductive but firm voice as she ran the crop across the hood of Kara’s clit teasingly. There was no response from Kara aside from heavy breathing.

“Arousal translates well to the camera, and I want to see you dripping wet,” Amy remarked in a more sinister tone. Kara blinked her eyes as the heat between her legs began to build. Inside, the battle for self-control and giving in to desire became more desperate as Amy guided the wand over her sensitive pussy. Taking Kara to the brink of orgasm, she quickly stopped, returned to the camera and clicked off a few more shots.

Before Kara could recover and regain her composure, Amy moved to the next shot. Loosening Kara’s hands from above, she bound them behind her. She bolted upstairs and quickly returned with a pillow. Forcing Kara onto her hands and knees, she positioned Kara with her head lying on the pillow and her ass stuck proudly in the air. Kara was more vulnerable than ever before as Amy began softly running her fingers along Kara’s puffy lips, teasing her slowly and relentlessly.

“Try telling me you don’t like it now,” Amy snarled. “Your pussy is getting very wet.”

Kara couldn’t answer. Her body and mind were both prisoners of her own desires. She wanted Amy to stick her fingers inside her burning pussy and make her cum, but she was still hanging on to the last ebb of control.

As if Amy had read her mind, she glided two digits slowly into Kara’s pussy and began fingering her, allowing her thumb to torment the bound girl’s clit. “Cum for me like a good little slut!” Amy hissed as she fucked Kara harder with her fingers. The last ounce of will power faded from Kara as her görükle escort body’s growing needs took over. Her body trembled and shook as copious amounts of spray shot from her drenched pussy under the force of the orgasm.

Almost immanently Amy became inspired for yet another picture. Pulling Kara’s arms under her and backwards she fastened her arms and ankles together. The resulting image showed Kara’s fully stretched ass sticking upwards, her head buried on the pillow, and her pussy clearly in the throes of a recent orgasm. Her puckered hole was aiming right for the camera and Amy wasted no time getting the shot. The scent of Kara’s aroused pussy filled Amy’s nostrils as she aimed the last shot.

“That was fucking hot!” she remarked as she ran her hands along Kara’s ass cheeks. “Now let’s do a little imprisonment shall we?” Amy replied.

Kara was still under the spell of orgasmic bliss as Amy spoke. Her words seemed muddled and distant.

For these shots Amy wanted blindfolds, cuffs, and ropes. She wanted the scenes dark and edgy as she gathered the needed items. As Kara came to her senses she was aware of her bladder filling up inside her.

“Can we take a break Amy?” Kara replied in a weak voice.

“Oh no babe, don’t want to lose the magic and have to start all over,” Amy mused from the distance as she gathered the needed items for the next shots.

“Amy, I have to…”

“Hush,” Amy replied as she poured herself into the next shot. She knew exactly what she wanted and worked quickly to adjust the lighting. Moving Kara to a padded mattress now bathed in soft light, she hooked two leather collars around her ankles and bound them together with a single chain. She then proceeded to place a studded collar around Kara’s neck and ran a link of chain upwards attaching it to clamp overhead. Placing Kara on her hands and knees on the mattress, Amy looked through the lens, ecstatic at the submissive view before her as Kara’s hair fell downward, drawn by the force of gravity.

It was the most erotic picture of the night thus far and Amy was particularly proud of it as she viewed in the camera lens.

“Amy..I gotta pee!” Kara whimpered as she felt the desperation building.

Hearing Kara’s pleading voice fueled the dominance inside her as the idea for a mind blowing picture took place.

“Great Kara. Desperation looks great on camera. Hold it for as long as you can.”

Kara’s bladder was on the verge of emptying itself with or without Amy’s consent as she tried desperately to remain in control. Amy led Kara to several more bondage shots, including some breast bondage, nipple clamps, and pussy play, even making Kara ride a sybian with her hands bound behind her. The desperation in Kara’s face made the pictures priceless and authentic.

At long last, Amy quickly grabbed a bucket and sat in the middle of the floor. Loosening Kara’s bounds and binding her hands behind her back, she walked Kara to the bucket.

“Squat and pee. I will take the pics from behind. Only you and I will know you actually pissed while I took this picture. It will be fucking hot!” Amy mused.

All defiance and resistance had left Kara as she squatted over the bucket, totally surrendering herself to Amy’s demands. The hissing sound of the escaping flood soon filled the air as Amy snapped the view from the rear, taking care to preserve Kara’s dignity while making the picture erotic.

The filming ending for the night, Amy cleaned everything up and guided Kara to a hot shower. As Kara was basking under the warm jets she felt Amy slip in beside her. Amy said nothing as she pulled Kara to her and the two exchanged a long and passionate kiss. Amy then bent down and began sucking Kara’s hardening nipples as her hand slipped again between her legs.

In the bedroom, Kara willingly allowed herself to be tied spread eagle to the bed. Amy Straddled Kara’s face and lowered herself to Kara’s open mouth. Facing away from Kara, with her ass and pussy grinding Kara’s face, Amy leaned over and began working on Kara’s glistening pussy with her own tongue and fingers.

Kara put her full effort into pleasing Amy as she worshiped her pussy and licked Amy’s asshole vigorously. Amy soon erupted in a full blown orgasm, drenching Kara’s face with her hot sticky juices. Amy returned the favor by bringing Kara to a powerful orgasm. Amy rose from the bed and took a long hot shower before returning to the bound Kara.

“Are you going to untie me?” Kara asked as she watched Amy slip the covers over her.

“Sure… first thing in the morning. Goodnight,” Amy remarked before turning out the lights. Amid the slowly gathering darkness of the bedroom, Kara could see the shiny reflection of Amy’s camera sitting on the night stand and grinned before drifting off to sleep herself.

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