Ebony Seduction

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“It’s about time that I got an assistant.” I thought to myself. Paperwork had been killing me and my in basket was continuing to grow as I had to stay later and later at the office. Then again, I mused, it’s not that I had a lot to go home to. My last girlfriend and I had broken up when I learned that she had wanted to sleep around. Enjoying the bounty of beautiful women as she put it. I was looking for a monogamous relationship so we parted ways. The breakup was amicable enough and we still sort of kept in touch. But, I noticed sitting behind my desk looking at the computer screen, she got her wish and I didn’t. It had hurt me that she had wanted to see other women. Wasn’t I good enough? This thought made me sigh in frustration. Looking back at all the work piled up, I decided to ask HR for some help. There was always a pool of interns looking to learn the ins and outs of the legal profession. So, why the hell not. I deserved my own little gofer myself, dammit.

After writing and sending the email, I realized that I wasn’t going to get anything more accomplished so I decided to call it a night. It was long after most had gone home to their more exiting lives anyway. Powering down the computer and locking up, I made my way to the elevator. On the ride down, I tried to imagine the last time that I had sex that was not with my own hand and toys. It’s not like I wasn’t attractive enough. Looking at my reflection in the shiny mirror that made up the elevator walls, I appraised my looks. Long blonde hair framed a pretty face which at this time looked rather tired. I tried to keep myself in great shape and if the looks I received from the men at my gym, I was succeeding. But I never let them get too close. Even the few women there who were coming on to me, I rebuffed their advances. I don’t know what I was looking or waiting for. That though frustrated me even more.

Once home, I stripped to my panties, pored myself a glass of wine and sat in my favorite chair, letting everything bothering me wash away. I started rubbing my neck, wishing there was someone to do it for me. As my hand worked at the tense muscles in my shoulder, my arm kept brushing against my tit, causing my nipple to harden under the friction. Trailing my hand down to my breast, I cupped it, feeling the weight of my tit. I started to tweak my nipple gently between my thumb and forefinger as I took another sip of wine before putting the glass down. I dragged my other hand down to the crotch of my panties before pushing the fabric aside and plunging two fingers into my pussy hole, my thumb caressing my clit. Harder and harder, I worked my hands. Pinching and pulling my nipples, scraping my clit with my thumbnail while the two fingers buried in me, I curled, touching my g spot. I brought myself off to a very satisfying orgasm, arching my back off the chair and screaming out. Sighing in contentment, I sat there for a minute basking in the glow before reaching out to grab the glass and take another sip. My cunt cream left marks on the glass and I could smell myself when I brought the wine to my lips to sip. Downing the wine in a gulp, I put the glass down before bringing my fingers back up to my lips. I delicately cleaned my fingers off with my tongue just to dip them under my panties to gather more of my juices. After gathering and tasting all I could, I took a long, lingering bath quickly followed by sleeping naked in my soft, comfy bed.

After my morning routine, I arrived at work expecting more of the same old high tension work that had been recently plaguing me. I was then shocked when, at around two, I received an email back from HR stating that my assistant had been approved and that I should be expecting her tomorrow. I opened the attached file eagerly and my eyes feasted on what I thought was one of the most beautiful young women that I had seen in a very long time. Skin the color of the richest milk chocolate, full, inviting lips and gorgeous dark, almost black, eyes started back at me from the screen as I quickly scanned for her information. Keisha was in her third year of college, top ten percent in her class and on a full athletic scholarship. I read and reread the entire file all the way through before gazing back at the picture. Something about her was so alluring that I could not look away. The knock on the door startled me awake. My boss was smiling at me. “Can’t wait for the help to arrive, huh?” I closed the file and the email, inwardly embarrassed at myself and not wanting Miss Whitten to see it opened.

“Yeah. It will be nice to have someone that can ease my load.” We both laughed a little and I quickly returned to my work. Every so often though, I would reopen the file and just gaze at the picture. I was getting worked up and couldn’t help myself as my hand reached under my skirt and surreptitiously touched the crotch of my panties. God, I was soaked. Thank goodness that I had worn a black skirt today, I thought to myself. Shaking my head, I left to go home.

That night, as I laid in bed, my mind kept going back to Keisha’s picture. I had to finger myself mecidiyeköy escort twice just to be able to slip into a fitful slumber. Two large cups of coffee and a long shower helped me wake up the next day. I decided to skip the gym and took a little longer to put on my face. I didn’t really know why either. It’s not like Keisha would take one look at me and jump my bones right there in my office. Hell, I didn’t even know if she liked women. Interoffice romances were kind of frowned upon but not forbidden as long as it didn’t impede work but, being in law, I knew inside and out the ramifications of workplace sexual harassment and didn’t want to go anywhere near there. I was a big girl. I could control myself. So, into the office I went.

At 9:30, I heard a knock on my door. I went and opened it and there she was. Unfortunately for me, her picture didn’t do her justice. Damn, she looked good. After a pregnant pause, Keisha delicately coughed. “Um, Miss Smith?” That snapped me out of my reverie. Smiling I moved aside, inviting her in to my office.

“Sorry about that. Still trying to wake up.” I smiled and offered my hand. “Pam Smith. Please have a seat.”

“Keisha Stuart. Thank you.” She smiled a dazzling smile of her own. I gave her a brief interview and after that, told her what I expected her to do. The file was right about her. Keisha listened intently to what I was saying, asking clarifying questions and making sure she knew exactly what I wanted. As she was sitting there across from me, I couldn’t help myself and my eyes traveled over her body. Her blouse, an off white contrasted nicely with her dark skin. The top two buttons were undone and just the barest hint of cleavage shown. Tucked in to her skirt as it was, the blouse was pulled tight and every time she turned to her left, just a little of her lace on her bra shown through. At the rate this was going, I was going to have to run to the bathroom just so I could get some relief. But I made it through without embarrassing myself too badly I hoped and she and I started the workday.

The mind numbing details of case files calmed me down somewhat but every time Keisha left the office on an errand, my eyes trailed down to her ass, packed in the tight skirt she wore. It was tight enough that I could make out her panty lines. This kept me in a state of excitement all day. At one point, she knocked my pens off my desk and when she bent over to pick them up, I had a wonderful view down her blouse. Luckily, it was right at the end of the day and after dismissing her, I rushed home.

My fingers were trembling as I undid the buttons and zippers and hooks that held my clothes to my body. I hopped in my bed and brought myself off, screaming her name as my cunt spewed it’s juices all over my fingers. Not satisfied yet, I got up, walked over to my dresser and pulled out my biggest dildo I owned. Slamming the toy into me, I pushed it all the way in until I felt it touching my cervix. Clenching my pussy down, my right hand started fondling my tits, pulling and twisting my nipples as I continued to move the plastic prick in and out. I could feel my stomach tightening from the impending orgasm. Shoving the dildo in as far as it would go, my thumbnail dug into my clit while I twisted and pulled on my left nipple. I screamed again, my back arching as, again, I sprayed cum all over my hand.. My body stayed like that as another wave hit me. I stopped breathing for what felt like an eternity. Finally, I relaxed. Lowering my ass down to the comforter, I tried to catch my breath as I came off the orgasmic high that I had experienced.

After a while, I brought my left hand to my face. After inhaling the scent of my cream, I licked and sucked my digits clean. I was about to remove my dildo when a naughty thought occurred to me. Getting up off the bed, I retrieved my panties that I had worn that day. I slowly eased them up and trapped the monster dildo deep inside me. Then I went to fix myself dinner. With every movement, I felt the plastic prick rubbing my insides. Every so often, I would clench down as a mini orgasm trickled through me. It was one of the most enjoyable nights that I had by myself in a long time. I was seriously considering sleeping with it in, but I decided against it. I needed a deep sleep from all that had happened today. Reluctantly, I slowly withdrew it. My breath caught several times as the ridges scraped against the inner wall of my vagina. After taking a nice, hot bath. I crawled into bed. Sleep overtook me even before I settled in.


This trend continued for the next month or so. Keisha would come in, looking fabulous and I would go home and relieve all the pent up sexual frustration. I was hoping that she might catch on to the effect she was having on me but she never let on that she knew. Keisha performed all the tasks that I assigned her admirably and my in box finally was cleared. I decided to treat her to dinner for helping me so much. My offer was gratefully accepted and we both agreed that Saturday aksaray escort would be the perfect day. Saturday came and I spent the entire day doing everything to make myself look fabulous. Manicure, pedicure, hair stylist, makeup just right. I even spent money on a new dress and pumps. I figured that I only had one chance to make a great first impression even though we had known each other for a month now. Keisha had never seen me outside the office. We had agreed to meet at Magellan’s at eight. Arriving just a little late, I saw her sitting at the table that I had reserved. She hadn’t seen me come in and I just stood there at the door studying her. “My God.” I thought to myself. Keisha had obviously thought the same way as I did. She looked immaculate. Her dress showed off her ample breasts perfectly. I had to fight the urge to run over there and just bury my face between her tits. I composed myself though and confidently strolled over. Her face lit up at my approach and a smile appeared. Her eyes got big as she looked me up and down approvingly.

“Wow Miss Smith! You look amazing.”

“Thank you Keisha. So do you.” I said, returning her smile. “And please, call me Pam. We’re out of the office now.” We both laughed as I sat down. Perusing the menu I was handed, we both looked over the selections. I kept glancing up, though. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes off of her.

After making our selections and receiving our drinks, I started the conversation by asking how her school was going. I was trying to keep the conversation light before dipping into the more personal questions later. Schoolwork, sports, likes, dislikes. I touched on it all. We were almost done with our main course when the subject of boyfriends came up. Keisha, it turned out, had broken up with hers just before interning with me. It seems a friend of hers texted her several pictures showing him with another girl. Keisha said that it hadn’t really bothered her as she was growing apart from him anyway. “What about you Pam? I notice that you don’t bring anybody’s name up. Still looking for Mr. Right?”

I giggled before responding that work had kind of killed any social life I was wanting. “It’s been a while since I’ve had someone special. The last one hurt me somewhat and that has made me a little gun shy about seeing others.”

“Oh Pam. I’m so sorry.” Keisha said as she laid her hand on mine.

“That’s okay. She and I just had our…” The words came out of my mouth before I even knew it. My eyes got really big, hoping that Keisha hadn’t noticed. But her reaction was to lightly smile, pull back a little and blush. “I’m sorry Keisha! I didn’t mean to say it.”

“Say what? You have nothing to be ashamed of. I’d figured it out for a while now anyways.” She giggled slightly as she looked into my face. I got a little defensive and asked her what was so funny. “Oh Pam. The look on your face when you said it was priceless.” I couldn’t help but giggle too when she said that. I couldn’t help but notice that her hand lingered on mine a little while after that before she pulled back. Her soft touch was electrifying and I almost reached out to take her hand again. But I restrained.

After paying the check, I walked her to her car. Keisha turned to face me and I met her gaze. I could tell that there was something that she badly wanted to say to me but then, “Pam, I…I want to thank you for tonight. I had a wonderful time and it was very relaxing. See you on Monday Boss?” I smiled at that, telling her I expected her in at nine sharp. It was very obvious that she wanted to say something else but I didn’t press her. I was hoping, praying that my hunch was right and I didn’t read too much into it. But as I reached my car, I saw her silhouette still sitting behind her wheel. She looked to be breathing hard and I was just about to walk over to see if everything was alright when she threw her head back and screamed out. Even with the windows closed, I could hear her orgasmic shout. Smiling to myself, I drove home to a nice bath before giving out my own scream of pleasure in my warm bed.

Monday came and everything between us seemed normal but I could tell there was something a little more sexual in nature in Keisha’s actions. Her skirt was just a little shorter. Nothing that was against the dress code but when she knelt down to reach for some files, I caught a glimpse of the top of her stockings and the barest peek of her lacy white panties. She looked up at me with her dazzling smile and I almost broke my neck trying hard not to be so damn obvious. Then she would bend over my desk to point something out or worse, lean over my shoulder to read something on the monitor. Her perfume was driving me so wild that I actually did have to run to the restroom to relieve the pressure in my loins. I was sitting in the stall, diddling my clit and sticking two fingers up my twat when the door open to the restroom and someone entered the stall next to mine. I started hearing muffled moans coming from the other side when I looked down at the shoes. Keisha nişantaşı escort was right next to me, making herself cum too. That knowledge alone pushed me over the edge and I clamped my right hand over my mouth to cover the noise as I coated the fingers of my left hand with my cream. Using tissue to clean myself, I contemplated just sitting there, listening to Keisha’s muffled moans but I quickly finished up and left the bathroom, hurrying to my office. She entered soon after me, breathing just a little heavy and looking flush. I asked her if everything was alright trying hard not to smile seductively. Keisha smiled, saying everything was fine before teasing me the rest of the day.

I was being driven out of my mind with desire for her. I started to change my wardrobe and look as well. We would play this game to see who could show the other the most skin. Most of the time, we couldn’t make it through the day before one or both of us ran to the bathroom. It went on like this for sometime, each teasing the other before the inevitable happened. Keisha and I were working late on a Friday. No one else was in the office and I was pushing her all day to get this important case ready for Monday. I had asked her if she wanted to go home as I was digging into her personal time but she smiled and said that she didn’t mind helping. Again, she was leaning over my shoulder as I was pointing out some important facts. I could feel her gaze traveling down the bare expanse of my breasts as I kept glancing at hers. I turned my face to her, just to see if she was listening when our eyes met. There was a long pause of silence as I looked into her eyes before I leaned in. Our lips met, barely brushing each other before I pulled back. I was just about to apologize for what happened when Keisha grabbed me by the back of my head and kissed me hard on the lips. Shocked for just a second, I started kissing her back as my hands wrapped around her waist, feeling the tightness of her ass. Her tongue invaded my mouth and we went into the most sensuous French kiss that I had been in ever. She let go of my head and I felt her hands begin to work on my blouse, her frantic fingers trembling as she unbuttoned each button, exposing my lace covered breasts. Taking the hint, my fingers worked on getting the zipper of her skirt lowered. It pooled by her feet as my hands caressed her silken covered ass. A low moan escaped Keisha’s throat as she massaged my tits before undoing the front clasp. Now my chest was totally laid bare to her nimble fingers. Rubbing my tits and lightly pinching and tweaking my nipples caused me to moan as well.

Breaking the kiss, Keisha stood up, smiling her most beautiful smile. “God Pam. I’ve wanted to do that for so long. Ever since you let slip you were a lesbian, all I could think off was you. I’ve never been with a woman though. Please teach me. Teach me how to pleasure you Pam.” She took me by the hands, helping me stand and pulling me into an embrace. Our lips met again as I held her tightly against my body. We both pulled back and, in a reversal of what we had just done, I undid her blouse and bra as she undid my skirt. Now, both naked except for our stockings and panties, I stepped back just a little so that we could both look at the other, drinking in each others beauty.

“Keisha, you’ve been driving me crazy ever since I saw the picture of you on your file.” I said as I stepped forwards again. Our breasts were barely touching, our nipples rubbing together. “It would be my pleasure to teach you. Here’s the first lesson.” I laid her down gently onto the floor, using mine and hers discarded clothes to cushion her head. Laying on top of her, our tits mashed together as I leaned down and kissed her deep. Then I started kissing down her neck after I lightly bit her earlobe. My body kept in contact with hers as I made my way to her breasts. Pausing just to admire the mouth watering orbs in front of me, I glanced up to see her expression. Keisha’s eyes were closed, a smile on her face as I began to suck on her nipples like a woman starved. I brought each nipple to aching hardness before making my way lower. I gripped the waistband of her panties and slowly, sensuously pulled them off her body. I could see little droplets of dew clinging to her pussy hair as I leaned in. She squealed as my tongue snaked out, cleaning her labia of all her yummy cream. God, she tasted so good. Spreading her lips gently, I started feasting on the pinkness within. I dipped my tongue into her hole, pushing as far as I could go before exploring her cunt in earnest. I purposefully avoided her clit, trying to build her up as much as possible before giving her release.

When I heard Keisha cry out and felt her hands on my head, trying to pull me closer, I gave her the release that she craved. I pursed my lips around her clit, sucking the little nubbin into my mouth as I whipped my tongue back and forth, causing her to cry out and flood my face with her juices. I pulled my face back and licked my lips, trying to capture all of the flavor as I inserted two of my fingers and started tickling her inner wall. She was moaning loudly and I felt her pussy clench down as another orgasm ripped through her body followed closely by a third. Keisha was breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling so much, her tits were jiggling with every movement.

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