Eddy Pt. 05

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Eddy got up his cock rock hard and dripping, he straddled the lounger I was laying in, he slowly fed me his cock, showing John as I swallowed it to the base, Eddy fucked my mouth till he was on the edge. He got up pulled me to my feet, my own cock raging hard and leaking, John had a massive bulge under his boxers trying to cover up the massive boner he had.

Eddy and I grabbed each a hand and led John to my bedroom, we laid him on his back on the middle of the bed, he and I ran our hands over John’s hairy chest, tweaking his nipples. The man’s body so sensitive to touch, his body quivered as our hands touched him in different spots.

I leaned in and kissed the mans neck to his ear lobes to his chin, he did not turn away, he welcomed the kisses. I gently pressed my lips to his own, the man whimpered a soft moan as I kissed him, I positioned myself on top of him, he rolled us over and his lips held my own to his. Eddy watched as we kissed, John’s massive cock on my own cock, my cock felt small in size compared to the massive tool John was sporting.

I pulled my legs up, I would want this man’s huge tool deep inside of me, John and I held the kiss for quite some time, the man so passionate. I rolled us over so I was now on top of John, I kissed my way downward to his erect nipples, my tongue swirled around his engorged pointy nipples. I licked and sucked them feeding on them making the man squirm and cry out a few times.

I slowly made my way downward, kissing and licking my way down the man’s stomach, over his ribs to his pubic bone. I kissed and licked the man he had a hard time to stay still, the stimulation too much for him, no one had touched him in this area or anywhere on his body for a very long time. I licked the man’s ball sack, his balls reacting to the gentle touch of my tongue, John pulled in a deep breath as my tongue first landed on his nut sack.

I sucked in one ball, I massaged it, I rolled my tongue all over it, I sucked in the second ball my mouth filled with John’s hairy nut sack. I released his balls one at a time, my prize directly right in front of me, the man’s cock was massive in size, his cock had to be ten inches long and for sure six maybe more around. I was curious could I swallow the whole thing to the base.

I gently ran my tongue along the shaft, ever so softly till I got to the mans knob, he had a huge mushroom knob, it was soft and oh so sensitive. I guided my tongue along the rim of the knob and down the shaft, John was gripping the sheets, his balls pulled in so tight they were not to be seen. I licked my way downwards, then back up the shaft.

John continued to pull at the sheets, his cock jerked and the man shot a massive load of cum, up his chest, past his nipples, the second volley just shy of his nipples, then two more in his navel. John’s body contorted as he came, his cock continued to drip his precious seed. I kneeled between the mans legs his body slowly relaxing as the grip of the orgasm released him.

Eddy grabbed a towel and wiped John off, I took the mans cock and lapped away the remains of his massive load, John’s cock would not be allowed to go soft, I would get two or more loads out of this man. Eddy grabbed the lube and slicked up his cock and my ass, his cock disappeared into my hole in one quick movement.

I continued to lick at John’s massive pole, he did not talk, he looked at me as I licked his cock, I grabbed a pillow for John so he would be able to watch me as I sucked out another load out of his huge pole. Eddy was going to town on my hole, I told him not to rush it, I wanted to feel both in me one in my mouth the other deep inside my ass.

I took John’s mushroom head in my mouth, it was so soft but yet firm, Konya Escort his cock slowly disappeared down my throat, I was about half way when I thought I was at my limit, but I had to know could I take it all? John watched in amazement as his massive cock disappeared into my mouth, I was three quarters in when I dove in to take the rest of it.

I now had his cock deep inside of me his pubic hair on my nose and upper lip, I slowly pulled back his cock slowly coming back out of my mouth. I sucked I slurped, I needed the mans load deep inside of my mouth. I fondled his balls as I swallowed his huge cock, I gently pinched a nipple as I tried to coerce a load out of his cock.

Eddy was close, his balls rose, his cock stiffened, John grabbed the sheets once more, his cock ready to spill once more. Eddy and John filled me from both ends, John’s load massive, his cock just kept pouring it out. Eddy slammed his load inside me, his cock filling me full of his cum, Eddy pulled out and laid on the bed beside us.

John pulled me up and into a kiss, the man was so gentle, so loving, the appreciation of what I had done for him in the kiss he and I were now having. John rolled us over, he laid on top of me his eyes on my own, his lips pressing to mine over and over. John held me down till he came back from the intensity he was feeling.

“Tom that was incredible, you brought me back to life, I could only fantasize about anything that you just did to me just now. Eddy was right about you, you are one incredible lover in the bedroom, so in tune with your own body and so willing to please others.”

“I told you John this guy is great, he can make a guy cum in no time, over and over, you think you can only cum once or twice Tommy will make you cum that one more time.”

“Guys what can I say I love sex, and if the guys are as hot as you two straight guys even better, and John that cock of yours is incredible, I need that in me again.”

John still had me pinned down, his body on my own, his cock slowly getting harder and harder the more we talked about sex. These two guys so similar in that they were straight but were not getting the much needed sex they both desired. I knew I had to see if I could take John’s huge cock in my tight hole, I needed it in me.

John started to kiss me once more, the man so sensual in his kisses, not like Eddy John was more intense, they had feeling behind them. Eddy watched as John and I made out, no matter what position we did this in his huge pole was going to hurt some. We would try doggy style at first, Eddy gave John the lube to get his cock slicked up.

I wet my already lubed up ass to accommodate John’s huge pole, Eddy laid under me he and I would sixty nine while John would fuck my ass. John pressed his cock to my hole, like Eddy he was gentle, I was glad as I would not be able to take him shoving it directly in me. John pressed his knob to my hole, that mushroom would be hard to take in alone.

I pressed and John applied pressure to my hole, ever so slowly his cock slid in me, being honest the girth alone was a lot to take, it had been some time since I had something this big inside me. John’s cock slowly disappeared inside me, at one point I was sure I would not be able to take the entire length, his cock never seemed to end.

Once fully in John held his cock still as my ass got used to the sheer size and length, Eddy pulled my head to his own cock, pulling my own cock into his wanting mouth. John slowly pulled out then slid right back in, the feeling was incredible, my hole filled to the max, my cock being sucked, and a beautiful cock for me to swallow.

John’s pace slowly got faster and harder, his cock slid in me Konya Escort Bayan and back out, at one point John pulled completely out then shoved it back in me. As John got closer his pace faster, he would use me as his sex toy of sorts, John hammered my hole with his huge club as his orgasm came closer and closer.

My hole would be well used and sore tomorrow, John held my hips as his cock rammed my tight ass, I felt his cock enlarge, swell, his balls tight in their sack. John shot me full, I felt every rope of his orgasm as it blasted inside of me. Eddy’s cock exploded in my mouth, my own shooting him full of my cum.

John collapsed on top of me, the man worn out from all the sexual activity, Eddy got out from under me the man covered in cum, John’s cock slowly deflated still deep inside of me. I slowly laid down John still on top of me, I felt so for lack of a better word safe under John. All three of us needed a moment to get our bearings, all three of us worn out.

John got up and went into the washroom he needed to drain his bladder, Eddy and I laid there spent, worn out, Eddy smiled at me.

“Tom this was incredible, bringing in John was the best idea ever, not sure you have ever shot so much cum when I sucked your cock ever.”

John walked in, he had splashed his face with water, I guess it really had taken it out of him, to not have sex in that many years and to have three sessions back to back was a bit much. I repositioned so John could lay down beside me his head on the pillow he could catch his breath. John held his arm out so I could lay on his chest, the man such a cuddler and a great kisser.

Eddy got in beside John on his other side, John held Eddy like he held me, all three of us would take a short nap, recharge the batteries so we could go a few more rounds, or so I hoped. All three of us just laid there looking at each other, not one of us would sleep, John’s cock was semi erect the entire time, the man was a machine.

I ran my hand over John’s chest, tweaked his nipple, leaned in and ran my tongue over it. I knew John wanted to kiss and snuggle, the man wanted to be on top of me, holding me down so he could kiss me over and over. Eddy got up to go pee, John quickly got on top of me, his eyes on my eyes his lips coming in for a kiss.

John was a man who knew how to kiss, he was gentle, the kiss sensual, once the man kissed you, you never wanted it to stop. John pulled back looked me in the eyes, again he pulled in for a kiss, he snuggled his face into my neck, his head on my chest. The man seemed to be totally content to just lay there on me, John looked up at me, his eyes on my own.

“Thank you for this Tom, you make me feel again, I feel so good on top of you, I could lay here all day and be totally content in doing just that.”

“You’re most welcome John, I have to be honest and say it really does feel good to have you not only on me but your kisses are amazing.”

John snuggled back in his head on my chest, his body enveloped into mine, I felt so good with John on top of me, his hands held me, like I would try to get away. Eddy came back in the room, he gave us a look, I knew he wanted more sex, this is what he had came here for not this cuddling thing John and I were into.

John made no move to get off of me, and I had no plans to make the man get off of me neither. Eddy sat on the bed beside us, I suggested we all take a swim in the pool maybe have a beer or something. John reluctantly got off of me, he took my hand to help me get up off the bed, John held my hand as we walked to the backyard.

I stopped at the kitchen, John did not want to let my hand go, John pulled me in for a kiss before he went out Escort Konya with Eddy while I got us all a beer. I came out Eddy was in the pool, John had waited for me to get in with him. The man always the gentleman, but it also seems the man might be a bit infatuated with me, I was not opposed to that, John was the kind of man I was attracted too.

The three of us enjoyed the pool, the water felt good on the body, each of us settled into our loungers and enjoyed our beer, the weather was perfect for the three of us to be naked poolside. Eddy got up and walked over to my lounger, the man was rock hard and ready for more. I took his cock deep into my mouth, dam he had some delicious precum.

John sat and watched us as Eddy and I played, Eddy grabbed my head and fucked my mouth hard, the man knew what I liked. I could see John’s massive cock was rock hard and ready for more. Eddy pounded his cock in me, his balls retracted my reward very close to being shot out to me. Eddy tried to hold back but his load ready to be sent out.

Eddy’s cock blasted my tonsils, shot after shot the man pelted me with cum, hot wet creamy delicious cum. Eddy released my head and I licked the man clean, there would not be a drop wasted, Eddy took a seat in his lounger he needed a minute or two to get his wind back so he could go another round.

I watched as John’s huge pole slapped against his abs, his cock leaking its clear fluid getting his cock slicked up and ready to invade my mouth and throat. John spread his legs his feet on the floor, his cock there ready for my mouth to come suck on it. I licked my lips as John slowly stroked out more precum, the man teased me with his huge pole.

I got up and stood at the foot of his lounger, John gave me this look the man had one thought in mind and only one. I got in between his legs his cock there ready, John gently stroked it, I placed my mouth on the knob of his huge pole. I sucked out all the precum the man could produce, I slowly took in more and more of his huge cock.

John laced his hands behind his head, he would lay back and enjoy this, he had a willing man who would suck his cock and drain his balls for both their pleasure. The sheer size of his cock, the huge orbs that were the man’s nuts, most would be intimidated by John’s cock it only made me more hungry to suck out more of the man’s white seed.

I took the man’s cock in slowly at first, John looked at me I knew he wanted more than a nice slow blowjob, the man wanted me to work his huge cock. I took his cock to the base then lips on the tip, my movements were slow and precise, the frustration showed in John’s face. The man needed to unload and I was the one who would drain him.

John grabbed my head and slowly at first he fed me his huge pole, then the movements gained momentum, his cock came in and out like a pump, I had to grab a breath of air when I could. John’s cock firmed up, his balls pulled in tight, his hands pulled my head in harder, his cock rammed my mouth.

John’s breathing increased, his strokes firmer, deeper, harder, he was using my mouth as his sex toy now. Just as he was about to unload John screamed out.

“Fuck Tommy take my load you beautiful cocksucker.”

John’s cock seemed to squirt more and more cum, his cock pelted me with semen, I licked and sucked all he had to give me. John laid back he was spent, the load had taken it out of him it seems, John grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Tom I have never screamed out as I was about to shoot ever, that was the best blow job I have ever had, the best sex I have ever been a part of, the biggest load I have ever shot in my lifetime.”

John held me to his chest, I felt so good on him, this man could make me have feelings for him very easily. With Eddy it was just sex, he and I played he laid back and caught this wind, with John the man wanted to cuddle, he wanted to hold me, kiss me. I would have to be careful around John he could make me fall for him very easily.

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