Elise Ch. 06: Special Services

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Elise was intrigued: she had been discussing feminine matters with her friends and one of them had approached her privately and recommended a small company on Argyle Street that she claimed was the best she had ever had. When quizzed by Elise as to why, she talked around the subject but never got a clear answer. The only way was to find out for herself, right? The friend had provided a phone number and Elise had phoned and obtained an appointment very quickly, and so here we were at the door.

Elise rang the doorbell and it was opened quickly by a smart young nurse in uniform. “Miss Devereaux?” asked the nurse. Elise nodded and they proceeded to reception where Elise filled out the standard registration forms. The same nurse then escorted Elise to one of the several small clinic rooms equipped with an adjustable bed, sturdy table and a few chairs plus a special electronic machine she did not recognise. She also noted that the door was quite thick and it appeared that the whole room had been specially sound-proofed.

The nurse asked her to lie on the bed and remove her lower garments so that she could take vaginal swabs and a blood test to check for the usual range of STD’s. The nurse returned quickly and asked Elise if she wanted to wait for the results which would be soon available except for the blood test which would be the next day.

Elise opted to wait, and then broached the subject that had intrigued her with the nurse. “My friend specifically recommended you here because of some Special Services,” said Elise.

The nurse immediately took a great interest in what Elise was saying and said, “Can you please tell me who recommended you?”

Elise thought quickly and said, “Oh yes, it was my friend Edwina Chow.”

“Please wait a minute Miss Devereaux, I shall be straight back,” replied the nurse.

Sure enough, the Nurse was back in less than 5 minutes. “Yes, that is absolutely fine. Miss Edwina is registered with us as a VIP and allowed to recommend us,” continued the nurse.

“Then may I learn more about the Special Services please?” said Elise.

“The Special Services are usually handled by appointment with our Dr.Cook, but I can check if he is available if you can wait a few minutes,” replied the Nurse.

“I am in no rush, so that is just fine,” Van Escort replied Elise.

After what seemed like an age, but probably no more than 15 minutes, the nurse returned with a very handsome young man in a white coat. “This is Dr.Cook, Miss Devereaux,” said the Nurse. “He will explain the Special Services protocol, and if you wish you can avail of it today if you have time, since Dr. Cook has no further appointments. The whole procedure takes about half an hour or so and is provided at no extra charge to our special clients like yourself,” she continued.

Dr. Cook commenced. “First thing, Miss Devereaux, is for you to sign this non-disclosure agreement form. You will automatically be registered with us as a VIP, but since some elements of our protocol are not yet approved by our profession, we cannot allow our clients to discuss our methods outside this building. The Protocol comprises a graduated set of stress tests which allow us to assess your physical and biological responses, and determine your overall sexual health. The stress tests can be stopped by yourself at any stage. I apologise for keeping you waiting but I needed your test results before being able to see you. During the test, we have a single-point electrode from the funny-looking machine over there which records your blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature. That’s about it. I will explain each step as we proceed. Do you wish to avail of our innovative Special Services Protocol now?”. Elise nodded vigorously. “Then please sign the form and we can start,” continued Dr.Cook.

The nurse presented Elise with the form which she immediately signed and handed back. Dr. Cook then said, “Excellent Miss Devereaux. Will you please now make yourself comfortable on the bed over there?” Elise dutifully went over and laid herself down on the bed. The nurse attached the electrode and switched on the machine.

Doctor Cook took a casual look at the numbers and declared all normal. “Nurse can I please have Miss Devereaux’s underwear a moment?” said the doctor. The nurse passed him Elise’s panties which she had still not put back on. Dr. Cook put them to his nose and took a deep sniff. “Superb fragrance. Please mark that as 100% on the form, nurse,” he continued.

Elise wondered what was next. She did not have long Van Escort Bayan to wait. “Right. I would like to proceed to Test

,” said Dr. Cook. “This involves me making a physical check of your vagina with my fingers. Shall I proceed?” he continued.

Elise replied, “Oh yes. Please do, I would love that, but please do not use those cold rubber gloves, I like real, warm hands.” Dr. Cook realised that it was gradually dawning on Elise what the Special Services Protocol was all about. He noted a spike in her pulse and a rise in her body temperature, so he knew from experience that all was on track.

Elise was, as usual, wearing a short, flared skirt and the nurse now carefully removed it and put it aside. She lifted Elise’s legs into a big M and Dr. Cook leaned over and worked two fingers into her vagina.

Gently Dr. Cook started to finger-fuck Elise and watched as her blood pressure started to rise. The doctor then moved up to three fingers and Elise was feeling great as her juices started to flow, slurping over the doc’s fingers.

Dr. Cook continued to finger-fuck Elise until he felt her pussy starting to throb. “Nurse. Chalk up another 100% and we can move onto Test
if Miss Devereaux approves,” stated Dr.Cook. Turning to Elise he said, “Test
is our Oral Test in two parts. Oral A involves me providing you with a short cunnilingus session. Is that to your liking?” Dr.Cook continued.

“Dear Dr. Cook,” said Elise. “I can clearly see the direction these tests are heading and I approve wholeheartedly. It is beyond my wildest expectations. I have the utmost confidence in what you intend to do and how you intend to do it. To make it simple, please assume that I approve of all your tests. Rest assured if I want you to stop I shall say so,” she continued. The nurse beamed and Dr. Cook proceeded.

Dr. Cook now pulled Elise towards him, burying his head between Elise’s legs, and licked her pussy up and down. Tug after tug on her large wings and sucking her prominent clit followed by deep tongue fucks. Elise made loud cries and the nurse bent forward and French-kissed her. All pretense of Tests evaporated as Dr.Cook warmed to his cunnilingus.

Dr. Cook now moved to Elise’s head and pulled down his elastic-waisted pants and boxers. He slid his pulsing Escort Van dick between Elise’s lips and she sucked hard. The nurse moved around and continued the tongue-fuck that Dr.Cook had abandoned.

Suddenly the overhead monitor sprang to life and displayed many clips of possible fucks that could be enjoyed under Special Services.

Elise looked up and saw a clip of a 69 with a patient and the nurse on the table, patient on top, with Dr. Cook fucking the patient doggy. THAT was hers. THAT was what she wanted and needed, THAT was what she was here for, and when Dr. Cook popped the question regarding her choice, she knew exactly what her answer was. It was even named 69 DOGGY! Done. Now to do it!

Everybody knew the routine which was clearly well established. Even the reason for the soundproofing became clear. The nurse was wearing a short skirt too, and no panties. She headed for the table and lay flat, face-up, hitching up her skirt. Elise knelt over her head just as she did with Jacques, and buried her head in the nurse’s crotch. The nurse pulled Elise down until her tongue slipped inside Elise’s hot cunt.

Dr. Cook was immediately on hand and eagerly working his dick over the nurse’s face towards the hot wet cunt he was searching for. His dick was hard, hot and erect and slipped easily into the wet pinkness between the bushy hair. His hands slipped under Elise’s boob tube and grasped her pendulous orbs.

Soon the magic slap slap music was cascading around the room and mixing with the ecstatic screams from Elise. The doc. shot load after load after delivering a hard rough fuck which Elise loved. Elise sank happily back onto the nurse’s face for the slurp slurp clean-up. What a day!. What Services! And now she was a VIP!

Elise left the clinic and headed East along Argyle Street to Waterloo Road, down Waterloo Road, and then left from Waterloo Road into Nathan Road to head for Star Ferry. She felt great after her Special Services and hummed a little ditty as she strode along, to the melody of London Bridge Is Falling Down:

“Doctor Cook knows how to fuck, how to fuck, how to fuck. Doctor Cook knows how to fuck, my fair lady. Get his dick and stick it up, stick it up, stick it up. Get his dick and stick it up, my fair lady.”

“My God we are already at the YMCA…maybe I can drop into Yue Hwa Chinese Emporium just round the corner there to the right before heading home”, she surmised. “I would like to send something special to Dr. Cook and book my next visit. Whom could I recommend for Special Services?”

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