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Some of my friends tease me about baby-sitting.

“You’re eighteen now, Emily.” they all say, “.You shouldn’t be baby-sitting anymore.”

But, the way I look at it; I’m saving money that I know I’m going to need once college starts. Besides, it’s become routine – every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon at the Cunningham’s. Occasionally Mrs. Cunningham has me come by on a Saturday and pays me extra. I make twenty dollars, or more, every visit.

I knocked on the door. As always, Mrs. Cunningham was happy to see me,

“Come on in Emily,” she said, “…Everything is ready – the baby is asleep.”

The baby was always asleep, it seemed like he was on sleeping pills or something.

“Go ahead Mrs. C., I know where everything is,” I told her.

Gloria Cunningham is a stunning woman; at five foot-seven with long auburn hair, she always seemed perfect to me – a natural beauty. She dressed well – not real fancy or gaudy, but well groomed. She always smelled great too, she wore some kind of herbal perfume and every time I smelled it, a strange sensation ran through me.

“I know, honey, I know. okay, I’m on my way.”

She reached over and kissed me on the cheek; I could smell her perfume.

Mrs. C. pulled away, then stopped and looked into my eyes – I stared back. Suddenly, she kissed me square on the lips. It wasn’t a long kiss, it was more of a peck really, but it left me paralysed for a few seconds. Then she gathered her stuff and was out the door.

As soon as she left I went into her bedroom. I always went to her bedroom because she had one of those adjustable beds and I could sit back and watch TV in absolute comfort.

The bed wasn’t made, so I took it upon myself to make it. As I was doing so, I noticed something protruding from between the mattress and box spring; it looked like some kind of a knob. I reached and pulled it out – it was a fairly large vibrator!

I sensed that Mrs. C. was lonely; since her husband was always away at work and she was usually busy herself, so it made sense that she would masturbate in order to take care of that ‘missing element’.

The vibrator was long and slender, the tip was a little bit curved, and the base was ribbed. I’d never seen one; except for pictures in those Laura Ashley catalogues. The ads always said it was a massager, but anyone could tell by its shape that it was meant for pussy stimulation.

I never actually held one, so I was curious. I stared at it for a moment and then sniffed it. I don’t know why I sniffed it, but when I did I smelled the funk that I knew came from Mrs. C’s pussy and it really turned me on.

As I sniffed, I had a vision of Mrs. C. kissing me. I opened my eyes, shrugged, and returned the toy back under the mattress, then continued to make the bed.

As I tucked the sheets in under the mattress I felt other objects and I began pulling them all out; there was an arsenal of dildos and vibrators – five of them, all together.

One was fleshed coloured and had bumps all over it – I twisted its’ base and it began to vibrate, soft and slow, and as I turned the knob it vibrated harder and faster. I began to imagine what it would feel like inside my pussy.

One vibrator really amazed me – actually, it wasn’t a vibrator at all, but a very large rubber dildo shaped like a big black cock. There was another one that was smaller and coloured red; and there was a butt plug!

“Wow! Mrs. C. must really be lonely,” I said to myself.

I smelled the big black one, taking long deep breaths with my eyes closed, imagining Mrs. C. working the big black cock in and out of her pussy.

The thought enraptured me and I started touching myself underneath my skirt and panties. The more I sniffed the harder I rubbed, and the more aroused I became. I started to lick the rubber cock. My body heat was rising and my fingers worked their way into my pussy.

I sucked the black cock, and imagined I was sucking a real black cock.

When I opened my eyes and saw my reflection in the mirror – the dildo in my mouth and my fingers inside my spread pussy, I came.

Afterwards, I cleaned up, made the bed, and put everything away.

I must have seemed a little uneasy when Mrs. Cunningham came home, because she kept asking me if everything was all right.

“Of course,” I assured her.

“Wait here and I’ll get some cash out of the bedroom,” she said.

I was nervous when she went into the bedroom; I was afraid she fatih escort would somehow discover what I had done earlier. My anxiety was peaking when, finally, she came out and handed me some cash.

“Same time tomorrow?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said as I turned to leave.

Before I reached the door Mrs. C grabbed my arm; I turned, a bit startled.

“I just want to give you a hug, honey,” she said as she embraced me.

As she held me, my uneasiness seemed to disappear.

I don’t know how long she hugged me, but she held me so tight I could feel her breasts on mine, and feel the heat from her thighs pressing against my legs. I couldn’t help imagining her naked, with the big black dildo inside her pussy; I felt so horny and my pussy was getting real wet.

I came back the next day; Mrs. C was in a hurry.

“There’s food in the fridge, help yourself”, she said as she rushed out the door.


I went to check the baby – fast asleep.

As I passed Mrs. C’s bedroom I could hear the TV, so I went in.

Without thinking twice I sat on the bed, but instead of ‘Oprah’ or ‘Rikki’, pornography filled the screen. I was shocked at first, and turned my head. I tried to keep my eyes away, but when I heard women moaning, I was curious. I looked up, stopping to take it all in.

On the screen was a beautiful blonde woman propped up on a kitchen counter with her legs spread wide open. There was another woman on her knees, with her face in the blondes’ crotch, licking her pussy; it seemed like she couldn’t get enough.

The blonde had her eyes shut and held the girls’ head, pushing her wet pussy into her partners’ face. She looked down and watched the girl dutifully suck her vagina.

The girl looked up at her matron, her tongue still inside the luscious hole, and the blonde looked back at her so lovingly, “Mmm.you make me feel so good.” she said as she continued to press the girls’ face into her pussy.

I watched enthusiastically as the next scene came on the screen. Now the dark-haired girl was on her stomach, with her ass lifted way up, fully exposing her pussy. The golden-haired girl got on all fours, positioned herself behind the brunette, and started licking her pussy from behind, inducing screams of delight.

I couldn’t believe it when she started licking the girl’s asshole; I’d never seen anything like it before. She licked her asshole like she was making love to it, and I started getting really horny.

‘Blondie’ poked her tongue inside the girls’ butt hole, making her squirm with delight; I started squirming too. There ‘s something erotic and forbidden about analingus that makes it arousing and exciting. Watching two beautiful women engage in such a lewd act, sent waves of pleasure cursing through me.

The next thing I know the blonde has a gold dildo in her hand and starts fucking her companion with it, never removing her tongue from the girls’ ass. I was completely turned on and could feel my pussy get real wet; I started rubbing myself. Jerkin’ myself off watching these women go at it, stirred me up!

I finger fucked myself until I remembered Mrs. C’s dildo collection.

I got up, reached under the mattress, and grabbed the first things my hands got hold of – the big black cock and the smooth vibrator. I raised the adjustable bed so that I was sitting up with my legs spread wide and my wet pussy fully exposed. I licked the vibrator, getting it real wet and slippery with my saliva, and then turned it on – low. I sat, propped up, jerking myself off to a lesbian porno.

It didn’t hit me until right then; I was engrossed by the sight of women licking each other’s pussies and assholes – aroused to the point of fucking myself with a large vibrator!

Two different women were on the screen, in a 69 position. The images and slow motion close-ups of the lesbians, with their probing tongues inside their lover’s pussy, gave me the most erotic sensation.

I rubbed the vibrator up and down on my clit, causing my twat to swell and my imagination to soar. I reached over and grabbed the black dildo with my free hand, shoved it in my mouth to get it wet, then stuffed it into my waiting hole; my pussy was so wet and ready that it slipped right in.

While holding the vibrator on my clit, I jammed the huge dildo in and out of my cunt. My hips bucked as I pressed the vibrator harder and thrust the big black cock deeper into my snatch.

I sat, propped up, fucking istanbul escort myself with Mrs. C’s dildos; I began to think of her. She probably masturbates like this every day; while watching this very same video.

It suddenly dawned on me that Mrs. C. got off on lesbians. Is she a lesbian?

“She’s married,” I thought.

“If Mrs. C. is a lesbian and wants to have sex with women. does she want to have sex with me? .Does she find me attractive?”

I couldn’t stop thinking about her; imagining her fucking me with the black dildo – rolling me over and fucking me with it, then licking my butt-hole like the dykes in the video.

All six inches of the black cock was shoved in my vagina. I held it there as I squirmed around, forcing it deeper into me; it felt so good.

I continued to wiggle on the dildo, and work the vibrator on my clit, while visions of Gloria Cunningham filled my head.

I remembered her embrace; how warm she was, how her breasts were so hard and felt so good rubbing against me. And yesterday – the way she looked at me and kissed me on my mouth – I imagined her kissing me, and came.

I lay there for a while; spent, then turned the vibrator off. I waited a few more minutes before I slipped the dildo out of my cunt. I pulled it out slowly as shivers ran down my spine. The black phallus was covered with my creamy jizz.

The women on the screen were still eating each other out, and I was still, very much, turned on, so I licked all my cum from the dildo, tasting my own pussy. The funk was soft and wet; it tasted sweet and sour at the same time.

I sucked on the dildo as if it were a real cock, driving it in and out of my mouth. My pussy began to ache and I started rubbing it again. I sucked the black cock and finger fucked myself until the dildo was clean and I reached my second orgasm.

When I was done I put my panties back on, turned off the TV, and straightened up the room. Mrs. C would be home soon.

Mrs. Cunningham came home about an hour or so later. I had fed and changed the baby and was playing with him when Mrs. C came through the door.

“Was he a good boy?” she said as she picked him up and kissed him.

“No trouble at all”, I said.

“You know, Emily, if you’ve got some time, I could sure use your help”, Mrs. C began.

“I know I probably should have done it earlier but … Oh well. You see, I need to get some shopping done, but instead of leaving you here alone with the baby, I thought we could all go together … what do you say?”

“Sure, I’d love to”, I said.

A couple of hours later we returned. I took care of the baby, who was fast asleep, while Mrs. C put the groceries away and started dinner. I wanted to help, but I’m not the greatest cook, so I set the table and got things ready. When we sat down at the dining room table it was near sunset. The sky was all blue and orange. It was beautiful.

“Would you like some wine with your meal?” Mrs. C asked.

“I’m not sure I should drink”, I said, “…but I’ve heard that wine is good with meals and is actually considered healthy.”

“Well, yes it is”, Mrs. C said as she poured my glass.

The dinner was really good. I felt really good too. I didn’t eat too much and it seemed we polished off two bottles of red wine. I wasn’t really drunk at all, I just felt really good. I felt loose and comfortable.

“Why don’t we cozy up on the couch and watch a movie or something?” Mrs. C suggested.

I know I must have been a little drunk because my response was something like,

“My favourite is the one in your room.”

Mrs. C didn’t say anything for a moment. Then she asked, in a sultry way,

“You’ve seen the tape in my room?”

“Oh yeah!” I said, “…what a turn on!”

Through my drunkenness, I realized what I had said and suddenly felt uncomfortable. I fidgeted a bit and told Mrs. C I was sorry, that I shouldn’t have said that and that I should go home.

“No, no, no”, she said, “It’s okay”, and insisted that I stay and sit down. “So you liked it, huh?”

“Yeah”, I said hesitantly.

Another silent moment. Mrs. C looked at me. She was really beautiful and as I looked at her I started thinking about the tape and how I fucked myself while watching it, and how Mrs. C probably fucks herself when she watches it. I could feel shivers in my body. The thoughts swimming in my head were turning me on.

“Well then…”, Mrs. C said suddenly.

She stood taksim escort up, walked into her bedroom, and came back holding the tape,

“…It’s settled.”

She put the tape into the machine and turned on the television. I was silent. I know she was putting in the tape of the lesbians. I was nervous, a little confused, and a little ashamed. I thought the best thing to do would be to leave, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to watch the women on the tape. I wanted to masturbate.

As these thoughts floated through my head I kept asking myself if I was a lesbian; or if Mrs. C was a lesbian. Why was I so turned on by the images?

The screen came on and Mrs. C plopped back on the couch. She seemed very comfortable and easy, like there was nothing to fear or worry about. Her attitude relaxed me. It all seemed very normal. We watched the screen. We watched the two women in the video fuck each other with dildos and lick each other’s pussies. I was getting so turned on. I started to reach for my pussy without even being aware of what I was doing. Mrs. C looked over. Realizing what I was doing, I stopped.

“No, honey…go ahead, don’t be afraid”, Mrs. C said to me.

I looked at her, a little confused.

“It’s okay”, she assured me.

I reached down under my skirt, slipped my hand into my panties; my pussy was so hot.

“That’s it, honey”, I heard Mrs. C coo as I started rubbing my pussy.

I was watching the woman on TV go down on the other as I rubbed my pussy.

Mrs. C reached over and put her hand on my knee. She tugged on my knee, motioning me to spread my legs. I looked at her. I stopped. I stood up and peeled my panties off. My school uniform was still on and I left my shoes and socks on. I sat back down on the couch and spread my legs wide. My pussy was fully exposed and I began masturbating. I looked over at Mrs. C; I could tell she was getting hot.

“I want to watch you too, Mrs. C”, I said.

Mrs. C stood up. She stood right in front of me.

“Keep touching yourself, Emily”, she said.

I obeyed. Then she began removing her clothes. She was doing it slow. This really turned me on and I began masturbating more diligently. Her breasts were exposed and I thought they were just perfect. Now she was completely naked standing in front of me. I looked at her body; she was beautiful. I kept on rubbing my pussy.

Mrs. C sat beside me on the couch, put her right leg around my left leg and began masturbating. I know it was just her leg, but the feeling of her flesh on mine was incredible. I was so hot and horny.

We watched the tape and masturbated. The blonde woman in the video was eating out the other girl from behind, licking her pussy and asshole. We kept on masturbating. Then Mrs. C reached over with her hand and put it on my pussy. We stopped. I looked at her. She was so beautiful. She began rubbing my pussy.

“Ohhh!”, I moaned, as she rubbed and rubbed.

It felt even better than when I rubbed myself. She moved her head closer to mine and began kissing me. I thought I was going to explode. We were making out while she continued jerking me off. I thought, for sure, I was going to come. We stopped kissing and Mrs. C looked right at me, right into my eyes. Then, without saying a word, she inched her face down to my pussy. I was so excited and turned on. I knew what she was going to do. I wanted it so much.

Suddenly I felt her warm mouth on my pussy. Her tongue began licking and probing me. I moaned, in ecstasy.

“0h! .Lick me, please lick me”, I cooed.

As Mrs. C licked my cunt I could see the girls on the screen. The blonde was kneeling on a couch with her ass held high, while the other girl licked and sucked her ass and pussy from behind.

I watched. I looked down at Mrs. C licking away. I repositioned myself on the couch just like the blonde. It took Mrs. C only a second to figure out what I wanted. I held my ass up high and spread my pussy with my hands. Mrs. C buried her face into my cunt.

“Oh my God!” I thought to myself, “…this is incredible!”

I felt Mrs. C’s tongue slide up into my asshole. This was the most erotic, lust filled sensation I ever had.

“Ohh!” I moaned and wiggled my butt around in order to achieve the maximum effect.

“Lick my asshole Mrs. C…. Oh! … It feels so good!”

She licked and licked my asshole. Slurping up and down on my pussy and asshole. She grabbed my butt cheeks with both hands, spread my ass wide open, and started sucking my asshole. She stuck her tongue right into my ass. Her tongue was in my asshole, probing deeper; I could feel the wetness of her tongue in me. I couldn’t help it; I came.

Copyright 1998-2000 Martin Cory. All Rights Reserved

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