Emptying Thomas Ch. 02

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Diane’s pussy had never been this wet. Her ultimate sexual dream had come true when her husband agreed to let her bury a finger up his butt. She had dreamt for years of anal, it was all she thought about while masturbating and all she looked at while watching porn. She relished at the thought of a woman penetrating a man’s tight backdoor and making him into an oozing puddle.

After more than three weeks without being able to achieve an erection, Thomas was desperate for any release so he readily agreed to her proposed course of anal stimulation. It had worked like a charm too. His tiny little nub was harder than she could ever remember, she could almost swear that his little four-incher had gained some length and girth even. Her index finger penetrated his hairy tight little booty up past the second knuckle. She had wormed her way in the backdoor and there was no way she was ever leaving. All she needed to do was to give him the most mind-blowing orgasm of his life and he would submit to her probing whenever she desired. His ass was going to be her playground. As these thoughts crossed her mind, she could literally feel globs of wetness roll past her pussy lips, pooling along with the already impressive wet stain on the sheet below her.

“Alright Thomas. Now that my finger is easily gliding in and out of your butthole it’s time for me to really begin the work. You will be feeling some pressure on your prostate. My finger is currently in your rectum, I can use that position to stimulate your internal sexual organs. Since it’s been a few weeks since your last orgasm I know your balls have swollen quite considerably, but your prostate will be quite enlarged as well. This is your internal sexual organ and I’ve read that stimulating it can be quite intense. Some people can even achieve full anal orgasm.” Her tone was clinical, she still wanted him to think that this was purely about helping him with his ejaculatory issues. She was pleased that his only response was a moan, Diane didn’t want him speaking or interrupting her playtime with idle chatter.

Thomas was having a hard time comprehending exactly what was happening in his butt. He could feel his wife’s finger gliding in and out of his sphincter and wiggling around in his rectum, but he had no idea why it felt so entrancing. This one tiny little finger dominated his being, it enthralled his mind such that he could barely create coherent thoughts other than a vague joy over being the target of such euphoric pleasure. He was almost nervous to hear that she hadn’t even begun to stimulate his prostate. He processed that his wife was talking but couldn’t quite comprehend the words. He trusted that she was going to continue her orgasmic sensations and tried to say something encouraging in response. The sounds that came out of his mouth, however, were just animalistic grunts and groans; he hoped that that would be enough to get Diane to continue her ministrations.

Suddenly he was aware that the finger was no longer thrusting in and out of his butthole. Instead it was firmly planted in place and the pad of Diane’s finger was starting to apply pressure to one spot inside his butt. Somewhere deep inside him a shockingly low and guttural moan escaped from his body. He vaguely wondered if this prostate pressure had pushed the sound from his throat.

“I know your balls are swollen, Honey. But if you think that those guys are backed up you should feel this prostate. It’s like you’ve got a grapefruit ballooning in your rectum.” She swirled her finger around in circular patterns, tracing the edges of his massive gland. His moans were a good sign that she was training his mind to accept anal pleasure, but she knew that this was just the beginning of his conditioning. Her light stimulation was causing him to moan like a whore, she didn’t know how he would respond to a more targeted pressure. She ceased her circling and instead moved her finger to the center of his p-spot and began to push.

Up until this moment her gaze had been glued to his ass. She loved watching his little butthole weakly clench and open around her finger, she loved feeling his balls writhe in her other hand as she felt their meaty size. Now she looked up at her husband’s face. His eyes were screwed tightly shut and his head was thrown back in ecstasy. His mouth was stupidly hanging open, a perpetual moan escaping from his lips, forced out by the pleasure she was administering to his prostate. The moaning escalated as she applied more pressure to his gland. Diane never thought it would be this easy to bend his mind to her will, that just a simple finger on his prostate could erase all thought from his mind and replace it with just a dim awareness that she was controlling his sexual pleasure.

She looked at his penis to check its stimulation. içel seks hikayeleri She knew that his erectile problems were the reason he agreed to this probing, but honestly, she was not interested in his little pecker. For years she had put up with him squirting inside her because he repaid that favor with mind-blowing oral, but she had just never experienced the orgasmic pleasure some women get from penetration. Even with past lovers who were more well-endowed, her pleasure was all clitoral. Deep down she knew that she had always just wanted to be the one doing the penetrating.

What she thought was going to be a quick glance at his penis, though, turned into utter fascination. She had never cared about his cock before, but as she looked at how hard it was straining, how aroused he was, she couldn’t look away. Diane applied even more pressure to his prostate and nearly fainted from mental pleasure when she saw a thick, creamy glop of his cum emerge from the tip. She knew from videos that milking the white semen out of his ass was possible, she just never thought her husband would be able to do it on their first try. She assumed that it would require years of training his ass before he was able to achieve this type of orgasm. The white dropped parked itself in his slit then dribbled to the side as another cum drop forced its way out.

Diane couldn’t help herself in that moment and her mouth immediately and fully engulfed his entire cock. She alternated between a strong prostate push with her finger and a long suck with her mouth, vacuuming the cum from him. With her left hand she felt his balls shift from her massaging. He had several weeks worth of cum backed up in him and she was emptying it one drop at a time.

She wanted more and for that she needed more prostate stimulation. She wiggled her finger and bit to check the tautness of his sphincter. He seemed oddly loose for someone who just 15 minutes ago had never been anally penetrated. She moved her middle finger into position on the outside of his rim. Between the lube and the laxity of his sphincter muscles she slipped in the second finger with ease. Glancing up at her husband she expected him to be watching the show, he normally loved seeing his wife’s mouth bobbing up and down on his little dong. At the very least she expected some facial reaction when she doubled the number of fingers in his butt.

She saw no reaction at all. Thomas’ face was frozen in pleasure. A continuous moan emitted from his open mouth and his expression made it seem like he was entirely lost in an alternative reality she had created. One where the only thought that occupied his brain was the stimulation in his prostate and the general sensations in his rectum. She wasn’t even sure he had yet consciously registered that she was blowing him. She wasn’t sure that he could even remember his own name, he seemed that enraptured by her anal administration. Diane briefly stopped massaging his balls to check her wetness. Her finger had the same sensation as dipping a toe into a swimming pool, total immersion in pussy fluids.

Thomas was less and less aware of anything in the world around him. He was so focused on the pleasure that he was attaining from this rectal stimulation that he was unable to fully understand exactly what Diane was doing. He knew that she was applying pressure to his prostate, it had started so intensely as soon as she targeted it but somehow that intensity had grown. What began as wide circled around the edges of his gland had settled into targeted pressure. Hard pressure, easing, hard pressure, easing. She never fully removed her finger from his prostate but merely alternated between how she pressed.

At some point he became aware that the stroking had changed. She was now alternating between her hard pressing but at two different spots. Diane must have put another finger in his butt however he had no idea when that happened. Thomas wondered vaguely if this meant she had stretched his sphincter out too much; this worry was quickly dismissed by the fact that he just didn’t care how loose his sphincter got right now. He couldn’t even be sure how much time had passed. She could have been spelunking in his back cavern for a few minutes or for weeks, the only timing that mattered was the rhythm of her massage.

She now settled into pressing each finger hard against his gland in alternating fashion. Hard with the index, ease with the middle. Hard with the middle, ease with the index. This meant that his prostate never full escaped the extreme pressure treatment he was being subjected to, he never had even a microsecond of breaktime for his mind to recover, all he felt was just one continuous and alternating wave of pleasure emanating from inside his butthole outward to the rest of his body. He was consumed by ecstasy.

Diane sized up her husbands’ testicles. Since she began her treatment that had shrunk considerably. After weeks without cumming, they had been juicy limes hanging low in his sack. Now they were shrinking with every drop of cum that she pushed out his prostate and sucked down her throat. Up until this point she had never fixated on cum before. Normally she just swallowed because it was easier. But now, knowing that this cum exited his cock because of the power she exerted on Thomas’ ass made her want to consume every drop. This was her cum, she made it appear, she owned it and she wanted it inside her. She forced a continuous orgasm out of his prostate and she would consume it, make it her own; Thomas might be feeling like he was cumming, but she would own the orgasm.

As she sized up his balls and prostate, she decided that the milking phase was over. Her husband was already a pliant puddle of a man who was bending to her will, but she knew that a big finale would make this change permanent. She would lock into his brain the knowledge that this way of fucking was the only sex he would ever want.

Thomas slowly became aware that Diane’s activities were increasing in intensity. She pressed harder and faster on his prostate. She sucked harder and went deeper on his cock. His mind sent conflicting signals. His manhood told him to focus on the sensation in his cock, to focus his brain on the blowjob. But the animalistic pleasure side of him told him that his cock didn’t matter; the pleasure he was getting might be squirting from his cock, but it started in his butt. The animal side won; his brain seemed almost to forget about the blowjob. He was only vaguely aware that a warm sucking sensation whisked away the cum that those fingers forced out of his prostate.

Diane moved faster, she never relented for even a second while pressing his prostate. Thomas felt his entire essence in this moment boil down to the sensations in his ass. Waves of pleasure started in his prostate and emanated across his entire body. Pulses of agonistic ecstasy spread from his ass to his toes and the tips of his fingers. He never stopped moaning.

Diane felt her husband start to tense. She knew that this was the moment, the moment when his weeks of pent-up orgasm would be released by her rectal assault. The moment when she would permanently re-order his mind, the moment when his butt would become his one true sex organ. Knowing this she kept working harder and harder, she would bring him to anal orgasm and from then on she would own his sex.

Thomas felt his orgasm build. He had no idea how long it built for, it could have been seconds it could have been hours. When the orgasm finally broke it was like no other sensation that he had ever felt in his life. A flood of cum erupted from his prostate and balls to shoot out of his cock. His normally marginal loads replaced by a torrent of sticky goodness. Diane dutifully hoovered it up, feeling almost a cup of cum slide down her throat.

His toes curled, his back arched, his already intense moaning went into overdrive. And it all emanated from his ass. Diane would stroke his prostate even harder and bring on another wave that would shoot through his entire body. Thomas writhed in pleasure, unable to control himself, unable to register even the most basic of thoughts beyond feeling anal pleasure. This seemingly went on forever, an entire universe could have been born and died in the moments that he felt that orgasm.

Gradually the sensation began to fade. He became intimately aware that his prostate and cock were now even more sensitive. Diane eased off to a slight pressure in his ass and a soft suckle on his cock and yet it was still almost too intense for him to bare. The mouth left his cock, he looked and saw that it was still dribbling cum despite the fact that his body was unable to shoot it out anymore. As Diane slowly and gently worked his prostate more and more fluid kept leaking from his cockhead. Slowly, that too came to an end. Weeks of cum buildup had erupted out of him. When the eruption was over, more of it just dribbled. Then there was nothing left. He was empty.

Diane took Thomas’ hand and put it onto his balls. She wanted him to feel how much they had shrunk. They now felt somehow even smaller than usual, tiny, shriveled grapes that had had all their essence forced out of them. Thomas felted satiated in that moment in a way that he had never felt. He felt content with everything in his being and the entire world as well, and he knew it was all thanks to two fingers probing his backdoor.

Diane, however, was hornier than ever. She may have forced a monstrous orgasm out of his ass, but she still wanted her own. Emboldened by the cum she had taken from Thomas, she crawled up his prone body with incredible speed. Somewhere along the way she managed to ditch her lube-covered latex gloves. She grabbed his head with both of her hands and sat her pussy directly down onto his mouth. Diane had put off stimulating herself for so long that the mere act of rubbing her clit on anything was enough to send her over the edge. She ground his face into twat, hearing Thomas gag from the copious pussy wetness she was giving off. The gagging pleased her greatly, she loved the power. His head felt like a ragdoll in her hands, his mind so wiped and stupid from her prostate toying that he would submit to anything. She didn’t need a tongue or a vibrator, she just needed something to rub her sopping slit onto and she was off.

The orgasm went on and on; every time it was close to subsiding, she ground her pussy a little harder and she would get a few more waves. When finally she lifted her pussy up a bit she looked down to see her husband was drenched with her fluids. “I’m going to ride your tongue to a few more orgasms. Is that ok honey?” the words fell breathlessly out of her mouth. Quite frankly she didn’t care if her assented or not. If he didn’t say yes she probably would have just locked his head between her thighs, grabbed the back with her hands and ridden him anyway.

To her great pleasure she saw that he was trying to form words but that that part of his brain had not yet been brought back online after the orgasm had wiped his mind clean. After a moment he gave up on trying to form words and simply nodded in assent. He was putty, he would have agreed to anything. This realization made her even more eager to get riding again. She had broken his mind, dominated his sexual being and replaced it with a twin desire to please her and have his ass toyed with.

Thomas’ melted brain gradually was coming back to life and as she rode he was able to consciously start to move his tongue around. It wasn’t his tidiest work but his desire to bring her the same pleasure he had just received made him enthusiastic. He wasn’t sure if it really mattered, Diane seemed like she could use his face to get off regardless of whether he did anything. His deep urge to please he kept him going through and he dutifully kept tonguing.

She rode his face to four more orgasms before she was too exhausted to continue. Gracelessly she rolled off his face to fall into a position roughly next to him on the bed. Her own thoughts were a jumble of incoherence. She alternated between remembering how much she had loved riding his docile face with her sense of accomplishment at finally battering in his backdoor. The thoughts of probing his ass won out. As much as she enjoyed the orgasms her true mental pleasure came from thinking about passing her fingers through his once tight sphincter to stimulate his swollen prostate. The thoughts made her briefly considering going for another ride. Ultimately, she was not sure she had enough energy to get up there again.

Thomas and Diane lay there for quite a long time, breathing hard and trying to come to terms with what had just happened. Their sex life up until now had always been fairly boring. Enjoyable, but never the kind of thing that left someone panting and out of energy for an hour afterward. Each of them was quiet except for their breathing, each of their minds fully occupied by the experience. Instinctively their bodies moved to cuddle each other, their hands intertwined. They each knew that there would be no going back to how things were. The sex they had just had was too good to ever give up on.

Thomas spoke first. “I’ve never cum like that before. And neither have you.” It was so obvious that it came off as a fairly stupid thing to say but he felt like it needed to be said anyway. “Did it, um, bother you that we didn’t do any of the normal sex stuff?” his tone was inquisitive, he wanted to know how likely it was that she would agree to play with his prostate again.

“Thomas, you know I’ve never gotten off on penetration, even when I was with men who didn’t have dinky little weenies like you it was always about my clit. But I really really enjoyed playing with your butt. This was the best sex I’ve ever had. By a mile.” She hesitated. Diane knew that her actions had an effect on his brain but she didn’t want to say something that might push him away. She decided to go for it and make her proposal. “I think after the orgasms we just had we have found our new normal. We should do that all the time.”

Diane held her breath, she hoped that the clear memory of his mind blowing orgasm would help persuade him to let her take over full time penetrative duties but she wasn’t sure it would be enough. She didn’t have to wait long for a response.

“Yeah. Yeah let’s do that all the time.”

He had agreed. Diane owned his butt now and she had so many more plans on what she was going to do to it.

To be continued.

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