Erik’s Inheritance Ch. 06

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Sitting in the breakfast diner that evening, Erik folded the menu up and decide to have an omelet. He was waiting to meet with a contractor he had located after an internet search. He hoped he had found someone worthy of an extended relationship. He hadn’t rejected the idea of working on a strip club and Erik considered that a good sign.

His waitress walked up with a pitcher of sweet tea. “Know what you want hun?” she asked, her words having a lazy slur that matched her slouching posture. Her sky blue button down shirt held a nameplate that read ‘Sandi’. She was a stout woman in her forties with a red lipped smile.

Erik told her his order and looked up as the glass door opened. A man who looked to match the picture from Erik’s earlier search walked inside. He was tall with short curly hair cropped professionally close to his head. He wore tan carpenter style work pants with a blue polo. An attractive brown skinned woman in a dark floral dress followed him in, holding the man’s hand. Meeting Erik’s eyes, he raised a hand, signaling that he had spotted Erik. Erik nodded back. His forgotten waitress trundled off.

Erik’s eyes traced the curves of the woman’s black dress quickly, unable to stop himself but looked away after a second. She was stunning in the split second he had to look at her. The dress hugged wide hips and smoothed over her thighs.

Unadulterated lust filled his mind, his loins twitching then surging down his pant leg as an unbidden image of her bending over the table flashed. He imagined his hand running up the insides of her thighs, the soft tan flesh cool against his fingers. The wetness of her lips would meet his fingertips and he knew her petals would part for him.

Standing up to greet them Erik dashed the daydream away.

“This is my wife Camila,” Richard, the contractor said. Erik took a moment to study her beauty. She had rich, chocolate colored eyes set in a round face with dark eyebrows that curled up slightly in the middle. Long, almost black hair shone in the terrible diner light, framing her face asymmetrically with one side tucked behind an ear and the other shadowing one cheek. Winged eyeliner drew him to her round cheeks, dotted with a pair if dimples. Deep purple lips smiled wide.

She was diminutive in height compared to her husband who stood several inches taller than Erik whom also stood a head taller than her. She was thick bodied with breasts that swelled out above a flat, if wide, waist. He didn’t look down any further and had to drag his eyes up before being too obvious at staring.

“I hope you don’t mind that she came but when I told her about the projects she insisted on coming.” Richard said.

Erik didn’t mind at all. “A beautiful woman is always welcome, I’m sure your feminine taste will be greatly beneficial Camila.” Erik said, inciting a laugh from her.

“Careful, she’s a flirty one,” Richard said with a smile at his wife. She tried to hide a blush. “She might get a crush on you.”

Camila playfull slapped his arm with the back of her hand while giving him an eye roll. Richard just smiled back at her.

“I’m sorry, not trying to be rude.” Erik said. He hadn’t meant to be so forward like that.

“It’s okay, I’m glad you think I’m pretty,” Her eyes flashed at him when she spoke, a thick latina accent laced her voice, “Besides, what do two strapping men know of the work it is to be a beautiful woman?” her look intensified, “I will make sure you give your girls what they need Mr. Erik.” She smiled at him, her eyes trying to penetrate into him.

“You’re right, I don’t know anything of being a beautiful woman, so I’m glad you came.” Erik said, trying to be encouraging. If he wasn’t careful Camila was going to wrap him around her finger. He would have preferred to wrap her around himself instead. He twitched inside of his jeans thinking of the sounds her accented voice would make when he forced an orgasm from her.

Erik looked at Richard and found the man staring at his wife, almost bewildered. Richard then met Erik’s eyes and laughed, “I don’t think I’ll ever get over how sassy she is.”

Laser beams shot from her beautiful brown eyes directly at Richard, but Erik was confused. She had seemed the epitome of perfect wife.

Richard noticed and explained, “She had been giving me lots of shit over something earlier and I think she might be mad at me.”

“He has another meeting to go to alone and I’m not happy I have to be alone Mr. Erik.” Camila was defensive but giving Richard a haughty stare. “Maybe he will be good man and not leave me alone.”

Richard smiled somewhat sarcastically, “I hope the experience is all you hope and dream of Camila.”

Richard chuckled and wiped at the table before settling his arms on the table, “I lured her to me with a promise of a green card, you know,” he winked at Erik as he made the joke.

Erik snorted and Camila slapped at Richard’s arm. “He was a good man with money too, we can’t forget that I married you for your money.” Her tone was at Sakarya Escort least half joking, he thought.

“Ah yes, the money mustn’t forget that.” Richard was joking and smiling but Erik caught a hint of something else he couldn’t place.

“So, tell us of your plans Mr. Erik, I was very impressed when you said you wanted to take care of your dancers.” Camila leaned forward, her breasts bulging over the table.

Erik eyed her wet lips and imagined how soft they would be wrapped around his cock. Coughing, he pushed the image away and looked her in the eye. As he spoke, he made eye contact with Richard a moment later and as he explained his hopes and general ideas to them, Richard nodded absently and looked around but Camila seemed to hang on his words.

While he spoke his omelet arrived and Richard ordered food for him and Camila while she kept her attention rapt on Erik. He didn’t eat yet, deciding to wait until their food arrived so as not to be rude.

“Are you sure you have the business to warrant these investments?” Camila asked after he was done.

Erik was confused, “What do you mean?”

Camila went on while Richard picked up his phone and began playing on it. “The business, the,” she paused, searching for the words, “The customers, do enough of them come? You don’t want to put in a bunch of money into your club unless it will help get you more money, right?”

“Well, yes I do hope to continue to make money, I’m hoping to be more than that.” Erik said.

“Ahh,” she nodded, smiling at him and then pointed, “Take care of dancers, dancers take care of customers, right? Smart man.”

Erik smiled, “Exactly. Honestly, I have no idea if i have enough business right now because I don’t know what the business is like, I’ve only had the club a few days but I know the girls deserve better.”

Camila paused for a moment, staring at him, then said, “You are a good man. I like you.”

Their food arrived and together they all three began to eat. His omelet was lukewarm but he didn’t care. It could be cold and he would have still ate it. They all took a few bites then Richard wiped his mouth.

“So you said that there is a dressing room you want to fix up first then the lounge area needs work and then a large area in the back right?”

Erik nodded. “There is a ton of work to be done.”

Richard took a drink and then looked Erik in the eye. “You do know that this will all cost quite a bit right?”

“It’s also going to take lots of time. We’re going to be working together for over a year I expect.”

Camila spoke up again, “I like the sound of that.” She was leaning one cheek on the bunched up palm of her hand.

Richard looked sideways at his wife and smiled, “You know, why don’t you take the lead on this one. I was going to try and go by the club tonight and take a look but why don’t you go instead?”

Erik felt the shift and knew that he wasn’t going to be working with Richard regardless of her answer but that didn’t bother him. Camila though, did she have the capability to actually run these projects? “Are you sure Richard?”

Richard closed his eyes and shrugged, “Sure, she knows all of the same people I do” he opened them again, “and I’ll be there to back her up if something happens.” Richard leaned forward on his elbows despite the plate of food, “She’ll probably take over on me anyway. She’s way more vested in this than I am. It’s the perfect thing for her because its a series of small jobs over a long period of time. I’m more into hundred thousand dollar renovations. You’re probably looking to spend that in a year. I’ll make that in a few weeks.”

Erik sat back, taken aback, “Oh, I had no idea you did business like that.”

Richard shrugged again, lacing his fingers behind his head and leaning back, “It’s alright, we wanted to meet with you anyway.”

Erik scrunched his brow, “Why?”

Camila spoke, “For me. I wanted to meet you,” it was her turn to glance sideways at her husband, “He has a plaything on the side and I want one too.”

Erik shook his head, confused “What?” He felt as though he had been lured into a trap somehow.

“Camila and I have an open relationship and she is wanting to network with more people. Meeting you would help with that.” Richard said.

He connected a couple of points in his mind. Being his contractor would allow her to act independently of Richard with people she knew and some she didn’t. Most men weren’t chastened by the fact she was a married woman and in fact she could hide that if needed while finding partners. It was actually kind of perfect.

“You are late, aren’t you?” Camila said to Richard.

“Not yet, but I will be soon.” Richard leaned forward and caught the waitresses eye, signaling for the check.

“Well, don’t let me hold you guys up if you need to go.” Erik piped up. He didn’t want to hold them back and he wanted to make sure to be polite, “I’ll get the check too.”

Richard met Erik’s eyes, “Yeah? Okay Sakarya Escort Bayan thanks, I do need to go, Amy will be waiting for me.”

Richard stood and Erik followed a split second behind him, offering his hand for a handshake. Richard took it and departed almost in a rush. Erik sat back down.

“That was…”

“Rushed?” Camila finished for him.

“Yeah, but it’s okay.”

Camila reached out and rested a hand on his, “Don’t worry about him, I’ll take care of you.” she smiled her dimpled smile at him, her wet lips parting over white teeth.

Erik smiled back at her and thought about how she would taste with her mouth pressed against his. “I won’t, you’re so beautiful I don’t even remember his name. How did we meet again?” he joked.

She laughed then asked, “Is your club open now? Maybe I could see it?”

“Yeah! Sure, but I doubt i have the most luxurious of vehicles.” Erik picked up the check that Richard had left behind. Almost all of the food was untouched on the table, all of their time spent talking.

She laughed once, “It’s okay, I won’t be looking at it much.” She winked at him and together they stood.

She excused herself to the bathroom and he paid the waitress at the single register, leaving a large tip.

She took his arm in a comfortable fashion after she left the bathroom and they left together. At his truck, he walked her to the passenger door and opened it for her.

“Gracias,” she said, her accented voice like a spicy sweet sound to his ears. A minute later and he was in his seat and they were driving out of the parking lot.

“What is your love life like?” Camilla asked once he was on the main road.

Erik laughed, “Mine? Man, I don’t know how to describe it. Up until lately, it was dead in the water.”

“What changed?”

“When I started dealing with this strip club, things started happening for me. I sort of stumbled into a couple of encounters and now I’ve met you and,” he trailed off, glancing at her.

She turned in her seat, then placed a hand on his thigh.

“You are very cute and I think your cock would taste wonderful.”

Erik looked at her again, studying for a second before his eyes went back to the road, stunned. “Wow, uh, thank you?” He tried to hold back a nervous laugh but failed.

“Your welcome. Can I try it?” She asked. Her tone held no hesitation. It wasn’t business like either, it was pragmatic, almost like she was asking to borrow a sweater.

“Right now? You want to put my cock in your mouth?” He asked, eyebrows rising up, his surprise growing. He couldn’t deny the jolt he felt down his spine, thinking of her in his lap.

She nodded, he sawnout of the corner of his eye.

“Sure, since you asked so nicely.” Erik glanced at her, letting a small smile flash. “What about if I cum?”

She moved towards him, her hand snaking over his thigh. It began rubbing his crotch. His shaft filled with blood and she found it in his pant leg. Cupping and rubbing she responded, “Mmm, I hope you do. I will swallow all of it. I really enjoy the feeling of my mouth being came in.”

He felt her fingers work his pants until she could slip her hand inside if them. A second later, her small fingers wrapped around his member. With a little adjustment, she managed to get it out.

Once he was exposed to the air, Camila wasted no time in getting him into her mouth. Her dark hair dipped down and he felt hot saliva and soft lips engulf him. A moan fell from his mouth as her dark hair bobbed up and down, stroking his flesh with her lips and tongue.

She worked slowly on him, moaning. Erik couldn’t feel the vibrations but knowing she was enjoying herself made up for it. She pulled up and exaggerated the pop sound his head made as it left her mouth.

“You do taste good,” she said. He could hear the smile in her voice.

Her teeth grazed his hard flesh and he looked down to see her face turned sideways so she could hold him in her mouth like a bone. She slid down and back up a few times then stopped at his base. The next feeling was a wet probing into his pants, her tongue touching and flicking his balls that were still inside of his pants. A second later she was bobbing up and down on him again.

He drove with no destination in mind. He knew where they were going of course, but he missed a turn, then after correcting he missed another turn. He let his hand fall on her back, rubbing her back through the dress she still wore.

Camila’s hand took hold of his cock at the lowest point, and she started small motions that matched her mouth. Erik lost himself in the rhythm, his vision swimming. It felt like she was trying to milk the life out of him and he was going to let her.

His vision cleared a moment and he realized he had slowed down considerably his truck now crawling along the road. He pulled over to a dim parking lot and idled. Camila never let up.

Now that he could relax, Erik slid forward a little, giving Escort Sakarya her more head room.

Camila took it, plunging her mouth further down his length, her lips pressed to his zipper. Holding as much as his pants allowed, her tongue swirled around his cock. He ached to cum in her mouth and the image of her greedily swallowing him let open the gates to his loins.

He placed a hand on the back of her head, fingers slipping into her hair as his orgasm descended in a wave of endorphins. She moaned when he moaned, her lips pulling on his cock. Tingling built in his back and fuzzed his nerves with gentle electricity. Her head bobbed up and down under his hand. He clenched a fist full of her hair, trying not to pull on it but she groaned against him, nodding her head with his cock still in her mouth.

With the encouragement, he pushed and pulled with her established rhythm. The wave of pleasure crashed into his balls and they clenched tight with pressure.

“AH! Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” he said, panting. He wanted to give her warning at least.

She sucked, her hot breath cooling as it embraced his shaft, her lips soft as they stroked his cock and then he was there. Like a shotgun blast in her mouth, he fired. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Each round echoed in his mound and he relaxed his hand on her.

She still sucked on him. She pushed down, taking almost all of his cock, and swallowed against it. The motion milked even more cum from him and he shuddered. She kept her face there, milking his cum from him for long moments. He let himself grow soft in her mouth until finally, minutes later, she eased herself up.

Erik slouched into the corner of his seat. “There are no words to describe that pleasure.”

She smiled at him. “I know. I hope you will still be up for fucking me later.”

Erik grinned back at her. “It will be my pleasure.”

A minute later they were driving again, heading directly for his club.

They arrived at the club and Erik was forced to park on the back row. That surprised him, he wasn’t expecting it to be so packed.

Getting out of the truck, Camila met him and they walked together to the entrance. Two guys lingered nearby, smoking cigarettes and chatting. When they walked in, no one was near the front to collect cover charges, but a female voice sang against a steady hip hop beat.

A dozen men crowded the stage while Rachel moved her tall body around it. Currently she was laying on her back with her legs spread out to each side. Her hand slapped her pussy then she rolled over. Erik scanned the rest of the room and found Jackie in a corset carrying a tray full of drinks. He turned his eyes on the bar and found Bob furiously making drinks while Jackie smiled and took orders. She was topless with her nipples hovering just above the bar.

Erik was astounded at the sight of the chaos. His people flowed in it with smiles and jokes but it was not the calm good times he was expecting. It was like a group of sharks swimming amongst a storm, waves of hands flashing in the air, people standing or sitting down at different moments.

Rachel finished her set, gathered her things and nakedly walked out into the crowd, tits still hanging out. She stopped and whispered to a couple of guys before heading towards the bar.

Selena’s cheery voice came over the speakers, “Next up we have Bethany to the stage, ready to tease you with her sultry good looks.” Then an Eminem rap song came on.

Bethany mounted the stage, an empty drink tray set by the stairs.

Erik’s mouth dropped. His club was severely undermanned and he could tell that it needed help, any kind of help. Waitresses alone would be a benefit but even more was needed, more dancers would be helpful and definitely someone to work next to Bob at the bar plus a doorman to collect covers and provide some measure of security. He prayed for a second that a fight wouldn’t break out either because he would have to just let it go on its own, much like a fire. He didn’t have the man power to solve any major problems.

Erik began reacting, forming a plan. Busting out his phone he turned to Camila, “I’m sorry, an in depth tour is going to have to wait. I have to help my people.”

Camila said something and looked around then a moment later, while he was dialing his phone, she walked away, her hands smoothing out her long dark hair and pulling it up.

He stepped outside and made a call.

“Hey man, what’s up?” came a friendly voice, “Long time no see!”

“Ken! Dude, I need a huge favor.” Ken was an old friend from high school that he hadn’t seen in a year or more. He wasn’t normally reliable but free drinks might get him out of here.

“What’s up bro?”

Erik gave Ken a super fast synopsis of what had happened and ended with asking for help.

When Ken spoke again, he knew it was to someone else, not to erik, “Hey babe, Erik needs a hand running his strip club, wanna be a hot drinky girl and make some cash?”

A muffled female, “Fuck yeah!” was heard distantly.

“Alright bro, text me the address, and I’ll be there asap. We’ll talk later.”

Erik hung up with Ken and began texting Amber. He oddly hadn’t heard from her but everything about her hit him at once. Maybe she was mad at him. He’ll have to deal later.

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