Evening at Home

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It’d been a long day and I couldn’t wait to get out of my boots. I gave a big presentation that afternoon and I made sure to look my best. I had chosen a long skirt that was conservative, but slit up the side — just a little higher than what was completely professional, and shiny black knee boots. The jacket I wore perfectly complimented my shape, giving just a glimpse of the silky camisole beneath. I always knew I had nice features and I wore my long hair swept up, exposing my neck. It had always been my softest spot. Closing the door to my flat, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, imagining the warmth of your breath as you slowly came up behind me to kiss the back of my neck. It would be so easy to make me melt…

Slipping off my jacket and shaking myself from the reverie; I unzipped my boots and stretched my toes. I tiptoed into the kitchen in my stocking feet and poured a glass of wine. It was my time to relax. The sun was just starting to set and the west windows overlooking the river were filled with bright orange light. I wandered into the living room and switched on the stereo. Smooth, deep, soothing jazz filled the room. I reached up and removed the pins from my hair, shaking it loose and letting it cascade down my back. kolej escort bayan

Slowly undressing and taking my glass into the bathroom, I ran a steamy bath, poured in my favorite bath oil and slowly surrendered to the warm water, feeling the days’ tension melt away in a swirl of fragrant water and cool wine. The wine and steam helped me to relax and soon I was drowsy. Deciding I would fall asleep right there if I didn’t move, I finally got up and let the water out of the tub. Leaving wet footprints across the bathroom floor, I wrapped myself in my favorite soft robe instead of a towel, refilled my glass, and settled down with a book I had been trying to finish for weeks. But try as I might, I just couldn’t get into it. My mind wandered to the long day I’d had and the weekend ahead. I thought about unfinished business, the chores I needed to do, the long list of things I would simply never have enough time to finish… But mostly, I thought about you.

I thought about the way you look, and even more I thought about the way you might feel, or the way you might taste. I closed my eyes and thought about how I would like to tease you, at first, to brush past you in a crowded room, to stand too close Escort sihhiye in an elevator… I though about how to make you notice me, how to make you feel the electricity that you’d sparked in me.

I gave up and set aside my book, running my fingers through my hair and stretching my neck from side to side. What I really could use was a good massage. Well, at least for starters…

Touching the cool glass to my forehead, I let the tiny drops of condensation trail across my face. I was in the mood and I dipped a finger into the glass, tasting the sweet chardonnay on my skin. The fragrance of the bath oil lingered, the subtle scent blending with the aroma of the wine. Slowly I let my hands trace the curves of my body, imagining your touch. I thought about all the things I wanted to do to you, all the things I wanted to experience with you. I slowly drifted away and floated, my mind turning, full of desires…

Feeling the slight residue of the bath oil on my skin, I rubbed the back of my neck and slowly slid my hands down, across my collarbones to my breasts. Kneading them, I could feel my nipples harden, longing to feel your hands and mouth. Needing more of a release, I reached one hand down sincan escort slowly to caress the top of my mound, feeling the bit of soft short hair that proved I was born a dirty blonde.

Sliding my middle finger into my slit, I felt the hot, slick desire that had been building all day. Relishing the friction, I bit my lip as I spread my legs slightly and slowly drew my hand up, sliding over my clit, which was just begging to be touched. Spreading my pussy with one hand, I circled my clit with slick fingers and slowly pushed one inside me, sliding it in and out as I began to move my hips against it. Sliding a second finger in, I moved faster, feeling the tension building in my body.

Longingly to feel you inside me, I thrust my fingers in and out, brushing my clit with each stroke until I could feel the world start to disappear around me. Unable to control myself any longer, I squeezed my legs together, increasing the tight pressure around my hand and sending me over the edge. My body began to squirm and contract as my orgasm washed over me, lingering and bursting forth again as I slowly withdrew my hand and brushed my sensitive swollen clit.

Breathing harder, I reached up to squeeze my breasts, relishing the small aftershocks of my orgasm. Lying there, recovering I remembered my wine on the nightstand and I took a long swallow, enjoying the refreshing cool of it. Reaching over to open the night stand drawer, I looked at my collection of toys and smiled. It was going to be a very good relaxing evening at home…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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