Expanding Horizons

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Big Dick

*Author’s Note: This is erotic fantasy. It involves sexual situations between consenting adults, all of whom are over 18 years of age. Since it is fantasy and it’s my fantasy, I presume a world free of STDs. I hope you enjoy the story; if not, such is life. Comments are always appreciated.


“I’m going to cum,” Doug Platter warned, looking down at his cock sliding in and out of his wife Clara’s pussy, her long inner lips clinging to the shaft of his 71/2″ cock, her big clit glistening wetly above.

“About time, too,” Clara gasped as he released her ankles and pulled his cock out of her, sitting up and leaning over to take his glistening, gooey cock into her mouth, moaning with delight as she tasted herself all over it, her nostrils flaring when it swelled, then exploded, hot thick cum gushing onto her tongue, filling her mouth as she eagerly gulped it down.

“Damn, I love seeing you do that,” Doug groaned when she leaned forward after sucking him dry and took his entire cock into her mouth and down her throat, milking him.

“You know that there’s nothing that I love more than to have your cock in my mouth, filling it with cum,” Clara said, teasing the slit with the tip of her pointed tongue, then finally sitting back and smiling up at him as she licked her lips.

“You have no idea how much I like hearing that,” Doug laughed as he lay down on his stomach between her legs, hooking them over his shoulders as he leaned forward and dragged his tongue through her gooey pussy to her clit, sucking on it and teasing it with his tongue as she gasped, arching her hips to press against his mouth as she spasmed in orgasm, Doug happily lapping up her juices as they bathed his tongue which he jammed into her as deeply as possible as he slurped on her juice fountain. “It’s just hard to understand why you’d like something like that so much,” he said when he lifted his face from her pussy.

“It’s impossible to describe,” Clara sighed, “like a flavor. Everyone perceives it differently. You just have to taste it yourself, experience it for yourself to understand.”

“What do you mean?” Doug asked, freezing.

“Well, could you describe what it’s like to eat my pussy?” Clara asked, smiling at him.

“Uh, yeah, I see your point,” Doug conceded, chagrined.

“I think that it’s the same for sucking a cock,” Clara said. “You’d just have to do it to understand what it’s like.”

“I’m not gay,” Doug said emphatically.

“Sucking a cock wouldn’t make you gay,” Clara laughed. “Gay is a lot more than sex, it’s a desire for men instead of women. It’s emotional. Sex is…well, sex is just sex. Would you consider me a lesbian if I liked to eat pussy?” she asked.

“But you aren’t a lesbian,” Doug replied. “Nobody knows better than me how much you love cock.”

“But what if I also liked eating pussy?” Clara asked. “Would you consider me a lesbian?”

“I guess not,” Doug replied.

“Do you think of bisexuals as gay or lesbian?” Clara asked.

“I never really thought about it,” Doug replied.

“They enjoy sex with everyone, irrespective of their sex,” Clara said.

“What are they then?” Doug asked.

“Bisexuals,” Clara laughed. “Open minded.”

“You think being bisexual is okay?” Doug asked skeptically.

“I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with it at all,” Clara replied. “Consensual sex between adults shouldn’t have any limits or stigmas. Think about it for a minute. Straight people, gays, lesbians, they’re all limited to 50% of the population for sex. Bisexuals have access to 100% of the population. Who do you think has it better?” she asked.

“Would you do that, eat another woman’s pussy?” Doug asked.

“What makes you think that I haven’t?” Clara asked with a laugh. “I had a life before I met you and I experimented just like everyone else. I wasn’t a virgin when we met, you know.”

“I-I didn’t think…you…experimented with women?” Doug asked.

“Of course I did,” Clara laughed. “Does that bother you? Most men love the idea of seeing two women together.”

“You…you ate another woman’s pussy?” Doug asked in amazement.

“Yes,” Clara replied. “That’s why I understand and appreciate the fact that you love eating mine and do it every chance you get. Didn’t you ever wonder about why I loved sucking your cock after you had been fucking me? I love the taste of myself on you.”

“You…you liked eating pussy?” Doug asked.

“I loved it,” Clara replied. “It’s not sucking cock, but it’s wonderful.”

“Wow,” Doug said, stunned.

“Doug, are you upset?” Clara asked, alarmed.

“No, no, not at all,” Doug assured her, “just really surprised. I never thought… Did you have a girlfriend or something?” he asked.

“No,” Clara laughed. “It wasn’t like that, it was just experimenting. Me and two other girls were best friends, so we tried everything together. It wasn’t about them, per se, it was about the sex, our pussies. It was the same with the guys. It wasn’t about them, Çorum Escort it was about their cocks. Sex doesn’t have to be personal, it can just be sex.”

“Is that how it is with us, just sex?” Doug asked.

“Don’t be silly,” Clara replied. “I wouldn’t have married you if it weren’t also personal. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have sex just for the sex, but there’s always a personal aspect to it with you. Don’t tell me you never fucked a girl just because you could, not because of who she was.”

“I just never really thought about it,” Doug said.

“You have, you just never realized it,” Clara said.

“What do you mean?” Doug asked.

“Well, you wouldn’t be asking me what it’s like to suck a cock if you hadn’t wondered about it yourself,” Clara replied. “I’m sure that there’s not a guy alive who didn’t wonder about it,” she said when she saw him starting to protest. “It’s perfectly natural, just like with girls wondering about other girls. The only thing that differentiates people are those who actually do more than just wonder.”

“Did you know any guys who experimented like that?” Doug asked.

“You have to realize that we’re talking about the end of my senior year in high school,” Clara said. “I met you my first week in college and we’ve been together ever since. There were two guys that we used to fuck. They were cool about letting us try things.”

“Like what?” Doug asked, crawling up over her, his hands covering her smaller B-cup breasts, his fingers finding her fat ruby nipples as his cock found her pussy, her legs lifting to wrap around his waist as he sank his cock into her.

“Well, pretty much everything,” Clara replied. “They were learning as much as we were.”

“And they…did things together?” Doug asked.

“Yes, just like we were,” Clara replied. “We all sort of encouraged each other. We’d tell them things that we wanted and they’d do the same.”

“Such as?” Doug asked as he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Sucking cock, ass fucking,” Clara answered, feeling his cock lurch deep in her pussy as she clamped down on it. “They saw how much we enjoyed it and we convinced them to try it, too.”

“And they liked it?” Doug asked.

“It seemed like they did,” Clara replied, laughing. “They never shied away from any of it.”

“How did you feel, seeing them?” Doug asked.

“Oh, it definitely turned me on,” Clara replied. “It turned all of us on, especially seeing them sucking each other. That was a lot hotter than seeing them fuck each other or one of us fucking them with a strap-on. Ass fucking is pretty boring unless you’re the one getting fucked. It’s not like watching a pussy getting fucked.”

“You did that, fucked them with a strap-on?” Doug asked.

“Them and each other,” Clara replied. “Sometimes we didn’t have any guys to fuck, so we’d fuck each other. Those last few months of high school were like a non-stop orgy. We were totally obsessed with sex.”

“You were the best sex I had ever had,” Doug said as he continued fucking her.

“When I met you, I hadn’t gotten laid in a week and I was going crazy,” Clara laughed. “I was afraid that I was going to scare you away, I was so horny.”

“And you never…with girls after that?” Doug asked.

“I had you,” Clara replied simply. “You were always more than ready, willing, and able to eat me or fuck me. I’ve been totally happy, even after 20-some years. I have no regrets and wouldn’t change a thing.”

Doug was silent as he continued to fuck Clara, her words echoing in his head as he thought about what she had told him.

“Let me be on top,” Clara gasped.

“I’m almost ready to cum,” Doug warned as he rolled over, taking her with him, his cock staying buried in her pussy.

“Even better,” Clara said, smiling as she began to rapidly hump her ass up and down, riding his cock.

“Oh, damn!” Doug groaned as his balls let loose and he began spewing cum up into her pussy as she continued to ride him.

“You’re not upset with what we talked about, I hope,” Clara said as she milked his cock with her pussy.

“You know better than that,” Doug gasped as he squeezed the last bits of cum from his cock.

“I just want you to know that I understand that you would wonder about sucking a cock,” she said, crawling up his body, his cock slipping from her pussy. “Or about why I like sucking them so much,” she said as she slid her pussy onto his mouth, his tongue stabbing up into her as the cum cocktail filling her oozed onto his tongue and into his mouth. “I mean, not many guys will even kiss a girl after she sucks them, much less eat a pussy after fucking it, especially if they’ve cum. You’ve always liked it. It’s natural that you’d wonder what it would be like sucking a cock and tasting it from the source.”

“I didn’t always like it,” Doug said when she finally slid off of his face and snuggled up next to him after he had eaten her clean. “I was disgusted the first time you did that to me.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Çorum Escort Bayan Clara asked. “I always thought that you liked it, that it turned you on. It was one of the things that really turned me on about you, that you’d eat my pussy after you had cum in me.”

“It did, after a while,” Doug replied. “But at first, well, I would have done anything to eat your pussy, even that. Then it wasn’t really so bad, then it was just part of sex with you. It was just a head thing that I needed to get past. I never saw anyone suffer from eating my cum and it certainly never bothered me, except in my head.”

“If you wanted to try sucking a cock to see what it’s like, I don’t mind,” Clara said.

“You’d probably enjoy seeing it,” Doug laughed.

“Oh, I definitely would,” Clara agreed, laughing. “Are you really curious about it or is this just a momentary lapse of reason?”

“I really wasn’t thinking about it at all until you started talking about it,” Doug replied.

“I’m sorry,” Clara said. “Talking about this really took me back. I hadn’t thought of those times in a long while. I won’t mention it again.”

Fuck! Doug exclaimed silently to himself the next day at work, sitting back in his seat at his desk and shaking his head. Now that they had talked about the unmentionable, he couldn’t get it out of his head. Going online, he did a search for men sucking cock while their wives watched and was shocked to see that there were quite a few forums dedicated to the subject. Before he knew it, a couple of hours had passed as he read through several of the forums, stunned when read many posts that perfectly described his thoughts and feelings about it. The one thing that really stood out, though, was that of the men posting who had actually tried it, they all had enjoyed it and looked forward to doing it again, while there were also a lot of posts by men who said that they just didn’t have the courage, though the idea intrigued them. He also found it interesting how many of the men posted that they had only done it at the urging of their wives and that it had put their sex lives on steroids as a result.

“Doug, what is it?” Clara asked at dinner that evening when he was unusually quiet and pensive as they ate. “Does what we talked about last night bother you?”

“Yes and no,” Doug replied with a sigh. “I couldn’t stop thinking about it at work. I’m afraid that I didn’t get much done today.”

“I’m really sorry,” Clara said.

“I looked it up on the internet, women watching their husbands sucking cock,” he explained.

“Oh!?” Clara said, holding her breath.

“It seems that it’s not that uncommon,” Doug said, shaking his head.

“I see,” Clara said noncommittally. “What do you think about that?” she asked.

“It also seems as though it turbocharges the sex lives of the couples that do it,” Doug said, not answering her question.

“I don’t think that our sex life needs turbocharging, do you?” Clara laughed.

“No, but it just made me wonder about the whole thing,” Doug replied.

“What else did you learn?” Clara asked.

“That the most common thing is that couples share a guy, or do it with another couple,” Doug replied.

“I see,” Clara said. “How do you feel about that, sharing me with another man or couple, without even getting into the cocksucking part of things?”

“I’m not sure,” Doug replied slowly.

“Well, we’re in our 40s and the kids are away at college,” Clara said. “If we’re going to experiment like that, we’re in an ideal situation.”

“It wouldn’t bother you?” Doug asked.

“No,” Clara replied, shaking her head. “I’m more concerned that it might bother you. Would you really want to see some other man fucking me? The idea of you watching me like that, well, just the thought turns me on. I’m getting so wet,” she laughed.

“Would you want to fuck another man?” Doug asked.

“Only if it was something that wouldn’t upset you,” Clara replied. “If it would turn you on, I’d like it. It’s just sex. But I’d only do it if you were right there with me, watching, even joining in. I’d never want to fuck some other guy without you being part of it. Or maybe you’d rather see me with another woman, fuck both of us,” she suggested, smiling.

“That wouldn’t bother you?” Doug asked.

“Gosh, no,” Clara laughed. “The idea of watching you fuck another woman is hot, especially if I get to suck your cock afterwards. Maybe you’d get off on watching me eat her pussy full of your cum.”

“This is all crazy, you know,” Doug said, shaking his head.

“Maybe,” Clara replied. “But what if you enjoyed it?” she asked.

“What?” Doug asked.

“Seeing me with another woman, fucking both of us, or seeing me with another man, maybe even sucking his cock or eating me after he fucked me and filled me with cum,” Clara replied.

“What would that do to us, our relationship, though?” Doug asked.

“You’re asking the wrong person,” Clara laughed. “I think it would be great fun, but I’d never even consider Escort Çorum it if you weren’t 100% into the idea, too. There’s no way I’d ever do anything to jeopardize our relationship. No amount of fun would be worth that.”

“How…how would we do it, find someone?” Doug asked.

“I have no doubt that there are many groups out there for just this sort of thing,” Clara replied. “We could even check the personal ads or post one of our own. That’s the easy part. The hard part is deciding that you actually want to do something like that, then actually doing it.”

“Hearing you talk about the past, it made me wonder if I was in the way of you enjoying yourself as much as you can,” Doug said.

“Just because something might be fun to do or nice to have doesn’t mean that my life is lacking in quality or pleasure,” Clara said. “I like colored diamonds, think that they’re beautiful, but I don’t have any. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying my life. You make me absolutely happy in every regard. I don’t need anything more to be happier. I know it sounds cliché or trite, but nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing you happy. That’s all I want, for you and the kids to be happy. How that happens is irrelevant to me, as long as nobody is hurt in the process.”

“But what would happen if we tried something like that and I, or we decided that it wasn’t fun, or for us?” Doug asked.

“Then we’d have learned that and we’d move on,” Clara replied. “Either way, there’s no harm, no foul. Life’s a learning experience until the minute you die. It’s also constantly full of new experiences. We make choices throughout our lives, to try this, that, and the other thing, and not to try some things. That’s what life is, making decisions, accepting the consequences, and learning from everything.”

“I don’t know what to say, what to do,” Doug confessed.

“You don’t have to say or do anything,” Clara assured him. “We’re talking about possibilities. There are no decisions that have to be made. Nobody is putting any pressure on either of us to do anything. But it’s also clear to me that the whole issue is bothering you and I hate seeing you like this. What do you want to do? What can I help you with so that you don’t feel this way?”

“You don’t think that there’s something wrong with me because I’m even thinking about these things?” Doug asked.

“Quite the opposite,” Clara replied. “I’m proud of you for having the courage to admit that you’ve thought about these things, that you’re perhaps contemplating exploring some of them for yourself. You’ve got to understand that I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with any of it, thinking about it or doing it. It’s only sex.”

“This whole thing is definitely bothering me,” Doug sighed.

“Then do something about it so that it stops bothering you, one way or the other,” Clara said. “Problems like these don’t just vanish without taking some sort of action. Talking about it like this is a good start.”

“Shit talks, money walks; is that it?” Doug asked, smiling.

“Pretty much, though I wouldn’t discount the power or use of talking,” Clara said. “Sometimes talking will help you to see where you need to go, what you need to do.”

“And I need to decide whether I want to try this or not; is that what you’re saying?” Doug asked.

“Well, you could just keep on driving yourself crazy thinking about it,” Clara said with a smile. “It’s cute in its own way and I’m very much looking forward to you taking your frustrations out on me in bed.”

Doug sighed as he left for work the next day, despite having done exactly as Clara had predicted, taking his frustrations out on her several times during the night, unable to stop thinking about and picturing what they had talked about even while they were fucking, wondering what it would be like to eat her pussy full of another man’s cum while he was eating his own from her.

“What’s this?” Doug asked when he arrived home from work the next day as Clara handed him a gift-wrapped package. “It’s not my birthday or our anniversary.”

“Just something that I thought might amuse you,” Clara replied, smiling. “Go ahead, open it,” she encouraged.

“What the fuck!” Doug said when he ripped the wrapping paper off to find a strap-on with a big black dildo attached to it, 8″x2″ according to the packaging.

“I learned to suck a cock with carrots and cucumbers,” Clara told him. “I lost my real virginity to a carrot, my ass, too. A dildo’s not the same by any means, but it’s pretty close. I thought that maybe if you tried sucking on this, that it would help you to decide if you want to try it with the real thing.”

“You…you want me to suck on this?” Doug asked, his face pale.

“You can stick it in me first to flavor it,” Clara suggested with a smile. “We’ll have some fun. You can suck on my clit while you’re fucking me with it.”

Which is exactly where Doug found himself shortly after they finished eating dinner with Clara on top of him in a 69 while he plunged the strap-on’s black dildo in and out of her pussy while sucking on her clit.

“Go ahead, suck on it,” she encouraged when they broke apart, pulling the glistening dildo from her pussy and offering it to him. “It’s just us. Nobody will know,” she assured him, rubbing his lips with it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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