Exploring New Horizons

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Karen’s breakup, while devastating, wasn’t going to be the end. She knew that. She’d learned to understand her own body better. She’d no longer repressed the thoughts she had. She embraced them and explored them. She knew the first thing she wanted to do.

Her first step was to update her online dating profiles. Slightly sexier photos, more suggestive bios. Showing her fit legs should do the trick.

Within two days, she had ten matches, six on bumble and four in OKCupid. Summoning her courage, she started messaging the most attractive one first.

‘Hi B. I’m so excited we matched!! Your smile and lips caught my attention. What kind of things do you like to do? Karen’

‘Hi Karen! Me too! Your lovely legs and smile attracted me. I enjoy the beach and a glass of wine. Interested in meeting for a drink at the Paradise? It’s just down the road from me. B’

Karen was going on a date.

‘Hi B I’d love to! How about 6:30 Friday night?’

‘Deal! See you then!’

Karen’s stomach fluttered at the thought.


Two months earlier, Karen had first felt uncomfortable in her relationship. While she loved him, they had different hopes and dreams. Karen’s were focussed on country living, horses, bonfires and Jim Beam. Sean’s were focussed on city living, international travel, physical activity and debating. Ultimately their lifestyles didn’t mesh.

The problem was, the sex was out of this world. And now it was gone. Ripped out from her life as fast as it appeared.

Prior to meeting Sean, Karen had a narrow view of sex, struggled to orgasm and treated it as just something that occasionally felt good, but didn’t really do much for her. It was a wifely duty. Karen never undressed in front of others, sex was always in bedroom in the dark and it was never talked about.

And then Sean appeared. After their first date, just texting him excited her. Karen was breathless at the thought of his touch. Her body tingled. Her heart raced. She was restless at night, imagining his hands on her skin. And he hadn’t even kissed her after their first date!

Between their first and second dates, Sean described the ways he’d like to touch her skin via text messages. How his fingers would trace across Karen’s arms, shoulders and neck. How he wanted to run his fingers down her spine. The messages brought out feelings Karen didn’t realise she had. She was confused about how words could have such an impact on her physical being. She’d never sexted before and found herself excited as someone takes about sex in such an open way.

Their second date ended back at Karen’s house. Sean was tender and direct. He touched her in ways that blew her mind. He undressed her with the lights on, slowly exposing more and more skin. His mouth covered every inch of her and Karen was wetter than she had ever been before he even touched her pussy.

While she didn’t orgasm that night, she was aroused beyond words. Sean had kissed her ‘down there’ and it was no perfunctory kiss so he could fuck her. No, he spent his time exploring her pussy in a way no man ever had. His tongue had run up and down her folds like he was caressing a cat. He didn’t dive straight for her clit, but explored her folds inside and out.

Their first visit to an adult shop overwhelmed Karen. While Sean looked at toys and talked to the attendant, Karen stood over in the clothing section staring at the carpet. It was a month before she even tried the toy. It quickly became her ‘go-to’ toy to get off.

Sean was direct and blunt, unafraid to talk about anything. He talked about sex like it was politics. Karen’s had spent her entire life hiding her thoughts about sex. He bought 200 questions about love and sex and went through them like they were trivia questions.

When the question was, “Are there any sexual fantasies you’ve hid from your partners?” Karen couldn’t speak the answer. She could only text, ‘anal sex’. Two days later, Karen lost her anal virginity and discovered a new sensation that she loved.

As Karen become more confident, she started to examine her feelings and thoughts. She shared her interest in other women. She drove home without a bra on. She went with Sean to a strip club and then went back the next night and had a lap dance.

The photos become more explicit. The texts became dirtier. The sex got better. Karen discovered that she could orgasm from intercourse. She had sex in the kitchen, in the lounge, on the table, in the feed shed, on the veranda.

Karen sent videos of herself masturbating. Sean took videos and Karen got aroused watching them. Karen sucked Sean off until he came all over her face. She fucked him cowgirl style and then sucked her own cum off his hard cock. She rubbed her clit up and down his cock and then begged him to fuck her hard from behind. She let him cum inside her pussy and then put panties on so she could smell it later. She let him cum inside her and then sucked both of their cum off his cock.

Sean provided written instructions for Karen to follow. He istanbul escort fucked her in the ocean. He fucked her in the bush, bent over holding on to a tree, until he came inside her wet pussy.

Karen went skinny dipping. She sunbathed topless. She was free sexually. She lamented that she waited so long.

But there was still this one thing…


Friday came all too quickly. Karen got home at 530 to get ready. She chose her short skirt from Tasmania and the translucent top. The Demi cup bra she bought would show her breasts under the top. The stockings would accentuate her legs. Not wearing underwear would keep her aroused the whole time.

It took all the strength in her not to masturbate right then and there.


Karen ordered two Jim Beam and cokes and took a seat at a corner table, her back to the door. She was early, but she needed to be facing a wall, not other patrons.

Her first drink took the edge off and by the time her date arrived, Karen was relaxed.

‘Karen? Wow! You look amazing!!’

‘Hi B! You look lovely.’

Karen stood up to give Bianca a hug. She realised that B was extremely petite – barely 5’1″ – but with a large bust. Karen relished the feel of B’s breast against her own.

Karen gazed up and down B’s body. The high neck top showed off her great shape. Her jeans were tight and showed her legs to great effect and indicated she was in good shape.

‘What can I get you to drink?’

‘Red wine.’

‘Sure thing. Be right back.’

Karen grabbed another Jim Beam along with a glass of red.

Karen smiled as she walked back to the table and saw B sitting there. She was on her first date with a woman and her pussy was dripping with excitement.

‘Here you go. To new friends’, Karen announces.

‘To new friends.’

Karen looked at the gorgeous creature in front of her and felt the cum leaking from her pussy.


The conversation flowed easily, facilitated by the alcohol. Karen explained her inexperience and B nodded understandingly, explaining she was in the same predicament.

‘So, I’ve been staring at the top of your gorgeous breasts for two hours now. Every time you speak, they rise and fall with your voice. It’s very hypnotic.’

Karen blushed. But B’s statement gave Karen courage and an idea.

‘Really? I’ll take it that’s a good thing.’ Karen purred, emphasising her breaths with each word.

‘Yes. Oh yes. They’re lovely.’ Bianca replied.

‘Why thank you. But I’m at a bit of a disadvantage, because you have a high neck top on. I can only see the shape, but no skin.’

With a deep breath that caused her breasts to swell, Karen continued, ‘I’d like to see more.’ Leaning forward to give Bianca a better view, ‘I’d like to talk to you in a more private setting.’

‘Oh yes. Yes, I’d like that too! Mind if we walk back to my place?’

‘I’d love to!’ Karen responded, almost too fast.


As they stumbled through the door, Karen smelled the vanilla conditioner in B’s hair. As B closed the door, Karen took a chance, stepped closer to B, looked her in her blue eyes and brought her face closer. B closed her eyes and leant forward, touching Karen’s lips with her own.

B’s soft lips sent shivers down Karen’s spine as the touched hers. Karen pressed her lips forward.

Karen parted her lips and tentatively extended her tongue to touch B’s lips. B moaned a little and opened her mouth to take Karen’s tongue into her mouth.

As Karen explored B’s lips, tongue and mouth, her hands tentatively started to touch B’s back.

B moaned as she felt Karen’s hands stroke her back over her top. Her own hands came up to touch Karen’s waist. Karen pulled Bianca towards her until their bodies were touching.

Feeling B’s breasts against her, aroused and emboldened Karen. Her hands slipped under the edge of B’s top to touch her skin. B moaned at the touch. Karen ran her fingers as hands up the sides or B’s torso and discovered that B had no bra on.

Karen’s hand slid along the outside of Bs large bosoms before cupping them gently in her hands. Her pussy was dripping and she fondled and caressed B’s large breasts.

Karen’s ran her palms up over B’s nipples, feeling how hard they were before gently pulling on them.

B was moaning continuously as Karen felt her up. Karen’s own pussy was soaking wet. B wanted more and she pulled her hands away from Karen to pull at the bottom of her top.

‘Here, let me help you,’ as she lifted the top up over her head.

Karen watched in awe as the fabric exposed more and more skin. First B’s flat stomach and then the swell of her large breasts. The areola were small and dark, but her nipples were long and hard. Karen quickly covered B’s left nipple with her lips and sucked it deep in her mouth. B groaned out loud, ‘Oh fuck!’

Karen’s tongue and lips devoured the nipple into her mouth. She sucked as hard as she liked her nipples sucked, pulling the flesh şirinevler escort deep in her mouth, causing her cheeks to cave in. Karen pressed her tongue up towards the roof of her mouth, crushing the turgid nipple in the process.

‘Holy fuuuuuckkk,’ was all Bianca could get out.

Karen grinned silently – ‘I’ve got this,’ she thought. Her hand trailed down Bianca’s stomach to the top of her jeans. Her mouth left B’s nipple and Karen slowly ran her tongue up B’s shoulder, leaving a damp trail until Karen reached B’s neck.

Karen kissed softly, while her finger traced the edge of B’s jeans, across her hip until she was around the small of her back. The jeans gaped there and Karen could slide two fingers into the space between B’s skin and the denim.

‘Oooooh,’ B purred as Karen’s mouth closed over B’s lips again.

Karen’s fingers stayed under the denim as the started working their way back to B’s hip. B’s skin was hot under Karen’s touch and Karen could feel the muscles in Bianca’s upper leg. With four fingers under the edge of B’s jeans, Karen ran them across her lower abdomen, just inches above her pubic mound.

Her own pussy now dripping with excitement, Karen brought her left hand down to B’s waist and slowly fumbled with the top button of B’s jeans. With a ‘pop’ the waist loosened on Karen’s hand, allowing her to slide it lower. She looked for the top of her panties, but despite investigating further down, she only found B’s sensual skin.

They both moaned out loud when Karen’s fingers reached the top of B’s smooth mound. There was just a narrow strip of very short hair, with no stubble to be found. Karen thought to herself, ‘how they hell does she not have any stubble?’, but quickly returned to her caressing of B’s most private part.

The other three buttons on B’s jeans were now undone as well, giving Karen easier access as her fingers slid further down B’s vulva and Karen spread her fingers apart as she slid down either side of B’s clitoris and down the lips of the radiating pussy.

Karen’s fingers pressed against B’s labia, pushing her lips towards her opening. B groaned at the stimulation. Karen’s fingers could feel the heat, the dampness, the desire. Gently, her two fingers came together and pressed against B’s opening.

‘Yeeeeeessss. Slide your fingers inside me. Pleeeeeassssee Karen.’

The wetness from B’s pussy spread across Karen’s fingertips as she gently pushed against the soft, swollen lips. Karen could feel B stretch to accommodate her fingers and she slowly pushed them in until her palm rested against B’s vulva.

‘Oh yes, yes. Oh fuck yes. Oh fill my pussy up with your fingers, Karen!’

Karen slowly withdrew her fingers from the dampness, brought them to her face and inhaled. ‘Mmmmm, smells delicious.’ Her fingers were directly under her nose.

Her lips parted and she slowly slid two fingers in her mouth, savouring B’s juices. ‘I want to taste this from its source. Let’s go someplace more comfortable.’


Bianca led the way down the hall to her bedroom, bare to the waist, her arse hidden by the loose, unbuttoned jeans. Karen’s heart skipped a beat.

As Karen rounded the corner to the bedroom, she came face to face with Bianca standing just inside the doorway, her breasts proudly displayed on her chest and her jeans unbuttoned, giving a tantalising view just above her mound.

B grabbed Karen and pulled her close, smashing her lips against Karen’s. Her tongue was insistent, invading between Karen’s lips, wet, soft, sensual.

Karen’s tongue returned the passion, dancing along with Bianca’s, her hands slipping under B’s jeans. Karen’s hands on the cheeks of B’s arse served two purposes: one, to make sure she couldn’t get away and, two, because her two globes felt so marvellous in her hands.

Slowly, Karen walked B backwards towards the large four poster bed, her lips never leaving B’s and her hands never leaving B’s arse.

When B’s feet stopped moving backwards, Karen removed her hands from inside the jeans and slid them up to B’s shoulders. Gently, Karen pushed her down until Bianca was sitting on the bed.

With a playful push between her breasts, Karen had B flat on her back. As Karen’s hands reached to either side of B’s jeans, she lustily looked B in the eye and asked, ‘Mind if I take these off?’

‘Yes, please,’ Bianca replied, as she lifted her legs until they were straight up in the air.

Karen pulled the denim down under B’s gorgeous arse until it had cleared the edge of the bed. With her thumbs against B’s hamstrings, she slid the jeans up B’s legs.

As the material reached B’s knees, Karen looked down to discover she had an unimpeded view of Bianca’s swollen labia. The narrow strip of pubic hair was like a signpost pointing at B’s clit: no longer than a few centimetres and only about a centimetre wide. Karen licked her lips unconsciously.

‘Why did you stop?’ Bianca inquired, with a grin.

‘Sorry, I was admiring taksim escort the view,’ Karen said sheepishly.

‘Well, you know, if you get them all the way off, I might let you have a closer look,’ Bianca teased.

Karen smiled, as she quickly ripped the jeans over B’s calves and threw the crumpled mass on the floor. She knelt on the soft carpet, her face now centimetres from a real pussy.

‘Can… Can… Can I lick you?’ Karen asked cautiously.

‘Oh, yes, please Karen. Please lick me,’ Bianca begged.

Karen’s stomach did somersaults at Bianca’s words. She could smell her arousal. She could feel the heat coming from between B’s legs. She could see how swollen her sex was.

Karen lowered her face towards B’s hips. Her face turned sideways just slightly, her lips brushing against the inside of B’s left thigh. Her skin was smooth, soft and warm.

Karen’s dragged her lips further up the inside of B’s thigh, parting to run the tip of her tongue against B’s bare skin. She puckered her lips to kiss gently, edging closer and closer to the core of B’s sexuality.

As Karen’s lips hit the crease of B’s thighs and pelvis, Bianca moaned out loud, ‘Oh god, Karen. Yes, yes, I want you to lick me!’

Karen’s tongue drew a wet line from the crease until her lips brushed B’s labia. It was soft and warm. Her tongue then snaked its way up the folds of the left side of B’s pussy until it ran alongside her clitoris.

‘Fuuuuuck, Karen!! Please lick me. Please lick my pussy. Quit teasing me!!’

Karen grinned to herself. After 35 years of only having sex with men, she was about to taste her first pussy other than her own.

Shifting her head ever so slightly, Karen’s wet lips covered the top of B’s pussy. Karen’s tongue made a long, slow pass up the length of B’s clit. The taste was to die for.

‘Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, yeeeessssss!’ Bianca yelled. ‘Yes, yes, yes. Lick my clit, Karen.’

Encouraged, Karen threw herself into the task. The tip of her tongue flicked the hard clit back and forth, eliciting further moans from Bianca. The reaction she was getting made Karen’s own pussy even wetter.

Karen looked up over B’s stomach, across her beautiful breasts and towards her face. B’s eyes were closed, her mouth open, grunting as Karen’s tongue danced on her clit.

Remembering how Sean used to tease her, Karen backed up slightly and lowered her mouth down to the entrance of B’s pussy. Her tongue licked the cum from Bianca’s lips. The taste continued to arouse her and Karen decided she wanted more.

Pushing Bianca’s let’s apart, Karen pushed her face closer and shoved her tongue as far inside B as she could go. It was warm, tight, wet and very tasty. Karen flicked her tongue inside B’s pussy, gathering as much cum as she could.

B’s labia were pressed against Karen’s lips and B was beside herself. She could feel her cum soaking her pussy and her clit was throbbing.

‘Please make me cum Karen. Pleeeeaaase.’

Karen felt a surge of pride through her core, starting in her stomach, flowing up through her chest and into her mouth. Her tongue and lips had B on the edge of an orgasm. She was going to make another woman come from oral stimulation, something only her last lover had managed to do.

Karen’s tongue withdrew from B’s wet tunnel. She sucked first on B’s left lip, getting as much cum off as she could. She repeated the process with the right lip.

‘Pleeeeeease, Karen. Stop teasing me!!’

Karen grinned and knew what she had to do. Her tongue licked along the edge of the right lip until it struck B’s sexual core.

The moment Karen’s tongue touched Bianca’s clit, Bianca felt the orgasm crash over her entire body. Electrical pulses screamed through every nerve fibre, starting from her pussy, through her abdomen, up her chest, electrifying her nipples, up to her shoulders and down her arms, up her throat until it escaped out of her mouth as a series of utterances that were music to Karen’s ears.


The wave repeated itself as Karen continued to flick B’s clit with her tongue. Twice, three times, four times Bianca’s body pulsed with her orgasm. Her clit throbbed under the sustained attention of Karen’s tongue, her pussy oozed cum until it ran down across her arse.

Finally, she could take no more, ‘Stop ppp ppp,’ she panted, weakly pushing Karen’s head in a vain effort to reduce the stimulation. ‘Please, I can’t take any more.’

Karen glowed as she withdrew her mouth from the ‘V’ of Bianca’s legs and sat back. She looked down at the gorgeous B, who’s head was tilted to one side, eyes closed, breathing heavily.

Karen glanced down B’s sexy body and admired her handiwork. Bianca’s pussy glistened with a mixture of Bianca’s cum and Karen’s saliva. The mixture covered not only B’s labia & clit, but the crease of her legs, the insides of both thighs and ran down between the cheeks of her arse, leaving a wet spot on the bed. B’s pussy lips were pink and swollen. Her clit looked angry and red from being over stimulated, but throbbed with each heartbeat.

Karen looked back up B’s body, across her flat stomach, her soft breasts and her lovely face. She smiled as she lewdly licked B’s cum from her mouth and lips. She really did enjoy the taste.

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