Fantasies Revealed Ch. 01

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Note: Please understand that while the subjects covered in this storyline are indeed fantasies of mine, none have been lived out so reality may indeed be far different than what I imagine and write. On top of that I’m not a trained writer so I’m positive there is room for improvement.


I’d had the urges for years, and to be honest, I thought I’d never see them realized. As the years began to pass quicker I began to yearn more and more to realize these fantasies and feelings. I intentionally pushed the issue so that my wife would ‘find’ all of my hidden sites, pictures, movies and stories. Maybe I hoped that life would play out like many of the stories I’d read and gotten off too. Perhaps she would share some of these same feelings and I wouldn’t destroy my marriage in my pursuit of kink.

I installed a program that would record any actions on my system so that I could better track when she was on and looking around. She’d come along way in regards to computer use, but she still wasn’t a rocket jockey on them. I left a few mild trails for her and saw that she bit on them after about a week. She’d gone so far as to look into them and other similar sites on her own rig, gotta love home networks. So she either found the female domination interesting or so revolting she had to research the matter to decide what to do with my ‘sick’ self.

After about two weeks I noticed that she was looking on my rig for more ‘secret’ folders and files, so I gave her some. I threw up a couple folders of female on male strap on sex and some light stories about guys being ‘forced’ to have anal sex and role reversal role playing going on.

These proved to ignite a wild fire. Her internet use that focused on these subjects actually out stripped her shopping online. In addition our sex life blew up. She was initiating sex now and was very into it. She developed a distinct preference for the cowgirl position and began to hesitantly and lightly probe my anal area. Her ‘accidents’ in touching there became more frequent and lasted longer as I moaned at her touch or arched my body in response for more of her touch.

After three months I’d given up on her ever taking the next step in any of the fantasies I’d left for her to find and relegated myself to just enjoying the increase in sex. I figured that she had let her inhibitions stop her yet again. Since I’d never cheat on her I went back to the old routine of masturbation and self anal play to fill my kink desires.

As it turns out I was wrong on many accounts in regards to my wife and her reactions and acceptance of my fantasy life. The following illustrates just how wrong I was and where it all led the both of us.

Life started to change this last November. It was the week of Thanksgiving, the night before actually. We were both off for the next 4 days which was a rare thing given our schedules and work sectors. We never seemed to mesh on holidays in regards to our jobs. This year was a welcome change to the routine.

I’d been home for several hours by the time she got home from work. My normal schedule was to surf and masturbate, then move on and get some housework done before cooking dinner. Today was a particularly good session as I had found a set of clips and story that closely mirrored the action and my orgasms were intense. A nice calm and relaxed state had engulfed me and had lasted until she’d actually made it home.

She came through the door and gave me a deep kiss that was a change from the every night greeting. After we parted I could see that glimmer in her eye and just knew I was going to have fun after the dishes were done tonight.

“Someone is in a good mood tonight.” I laugh as I tweak her nipple and get a low moan. Yes indeed it was going to be a good night.

“I can’t help it. I’ve been thinking of our long weekend together and how long it’s been since we’ve had this much time together.” She gave me a smirk as she teasingly groped my crotch and kissed me again.

Dinner was a hurried thing as her eyes and body language oozed lust. She really had been thinking about this all day and was ready to take what she’d been thinking about all this time.

After dinner I was rushing to get the dishes done and the food put away. Getting it all done quickly I hit the living room and turned on the tube to see how things would play out. I didn’t want her to think I was rushing her or pressuring her to have sex since that would turn things cold rather quick. She brought me out a cold can of Dew and told me to relax a bit as she was going to take a quick bath and then she wanted me to come to the bed room. That was all it took to fill my cock completely which brought forth a happy giggle from her lips. I took a long drink as I watched her naked ass sway towards the bathroom.

The next thing I know I’m groggily waking up and find myself naked and bound to something. A hood covers my head and it feels that it’s solid except for my şahinbey escort nose and mouth area. My body was arranged so that I was in a doggy style position and spread. My wrists, ankles and thighs were tied or strapped down and I could feel a thick strap around my waist.

As I became more awake and aware I took greater stock of myself. I realized I’d been drugged and also realized that the stale plastic taste in my mouth wasn’t an after effect of the drugs but from the gag that was strapped in place. My ass was also full, it had apparently been stuffed with a plug and a very large and well lubed one at that.

I noticed a slight change in the sounds in the room and realized that someone had just entered where I was being held. In a panic I tried to get free or at least loose from my helpless state.

“Struggle all you want dear, you won’t get out of that.” Came my wife’s lust filled voice. “That is right, this is exactly like what that one story related isn’t it?”

I must have stiffened when she said this as she let loose a derisive laugh. “Yes, I found all of those hidden folders and websites. It all shocked me at first and I felt betrayed. I thought that I hadn’t been pleasing you and that you were getting your enjoyment without me and that hurt. Then it hit me one day!”

I could hear her moving around me as she spoke and my skin began to come to life in anticipation of a touch, be it soft or harsh. “I didn’t find those things because I was good or sneaky on your computer. You let me find them. You wanted me too. I realized that you were telling me but in a way that would defuse the situation, and that’s when I began to think about it and really enjoy what you had introduced me too. I have to say that I wish you had shared this with me years ago, and I haven’t even done anything to or with you yet. Just thinking about it has had me on the edge of sexual frenzy for the last few hours.”

I knew I stiffened then. Hours?! What the hell had she drugged me with and what exactly was I in for now that the cat was out of the bag? Her laugh was more teasing than derisive, but it still caused a mix of fear and anger in me.

“Yes dear I said hours. I had a great deal of work to get done and needed you to be unaware and compliant for what I know you want. Well now I’m going to give you what you have wanted, however I’m going to give it to you in a way that pleases me and only what pleases me. I know that my little hidden slutboy will love it regardless.”

I felt her hand come down on the back of my hood encased head. With a sharp tug she pulled my head up and talked to me right beside my ear.

“This is what is going to happen for the remainder of the holiday. You will do everything I tell you to do. If you don’t we will never play at your fantasies again, if we even have sex again. I promise that I won’t truly hurt you in anyway, but your boundaries will be pushed and discovered. In doing that you may not like me much, but know that I do love you and don’t want to lose you. I can’t take you not being honest and open with me though so this is how you make up for it.”

She let my head go suddenly and the downward jerk jolted me almost as much as her words.

“It’s your choice dear. Nod if you agree or shake it no if you want out of it all.”

My nod came right on the end of her words and brought forth a sigh of relief and a real laugh for the first time since I woke up.

“I’d hoped you would see it like this. These fantasies of yours, at one point I would have argued that they were gross and belittled myself or women in general. After exploring them more I have to say that they in fact do the opposite, and I intend to enjoy it all. I hope that you enjoy them as well, but then that part is now secondary.”

As she finished the blows began to rain down upon my naked ass cheeks. Not terribly hard, but enough to sting and know that she was whipping me with something……..a riding crop perhaps? The physical and emotional feelings ran rampant within me. I rode a wave of lust and doubt, hurt and passion. My cock went up and down, rising and shriveling with the tides of inner turmoil. Then the butt plug began to vibrate and I went rock solid and the blows vanished leaving behind only the memory and the warm glow they left on my skin as a reminder of just what predicament I was in, and I found that I did indeed like it. I liked it a lot.

My thoughts were broken by something soft yet firm lightly tracing the underside of my cock and my hanging balls. The touch was wonderful and elicited an exited moan from me through my gag. This continued for a time and I loved it. It all ended in a heartbeat though as a mild strike to my cock forced a squeal of pain and surprise from me. In turn my squeal brought forth an electrifying laugh from my wife.

“Oh god! I nearly had an orgasm watching you as I slapped that prick of yours. Honey I, WE, are going to have soooo much fun with this. My pussy is so wet it’s running down my thighs and I haven’t even touched myself there yet!”

The slaps to my cock and balls remained light but enough to sting and make me try to escape them. They came quicker and quicker until my entire groin was alight with a mild heat. My cock had gone limp but my level of horniness had gone up. The feelings in my ass had intensified as my cock was ‘punished’ and I had begun to hump my ass at the feelings there. The plug was buzzing along at a good pitch and began to rise.

The increase in speed started my cock to rise again. As soon as I hardened completely the blows began again until I softened completely. This pattern repeated itself until the plug was screaming inside me so much that my ring had started to go numb. My prostate was another matter. I got a complete hard on again, harder than I think I’ve ever been. I could feel a cool on the heated skin of my cock where my pre-cum had been spread out by her blows. I was cringing in fear of the blows that were sure to come again. I jumped at the touch and it took a few seconds to process that I wasn’t being struck, but rather stroked.

Her soft and hot hand was stroking my cock slowly from tip to root. I was leaking so much pre-cum that it didn’t take long until her hand was making slurping noises as she stroked me. My orgasm was coming on slowly and so deep that I felt my balls start to tingle. That’s when the ice pack got placed behind my balls. Tied as I was there was nothing I could do but scream into my gag and buck my hips a little. The bucking was not a good thing as it just served to push the ice harder against me, but my body was reacting and I had no control over it at the moment. My cock did a retreat like no other. The ice began to dance as she laughed.

“Wow I always thought the whole shrinkage due to cold was an urban myth. My god it looks like your cock has almost disappeared and you just have a different looking clitty above your balls.”

I couldn’t do anything but scream my curses into my gag and struggle more against my bonds. I’ll never admit it to her but that moment broke something in me, that last little restraint within me that kept me from enjoying this completely. At that moment my whole sexual being fell into the sensations of my ass just as the plug went dead. I moaned my frustration into my gag and bobbed my head up and down in frustration and hoping that this would signal her to turn it back on. Instead she took it out of my ass. I could feel and hear the pop it made as the widest part left my ass. I could also noticeably feel the cooler air begin to fill my gaping hole. That coolness turned to ice that speared into me as she plunged in a slightly smaller plug, but it was ice cold as if it had been frozen as well. This brought the screaming and thrusting back in force.

Through all this the cold had somehow gotten my cock semi-erect. The strangest thing was that I could feel the cold of that plug flowing through my cock. It was keeping me on the edge of arousal and the urge to retreat. That’s when the heat of her mouth engulfed me. The war between the cold filling me and pushing on my prostrate and the soft moist heat of her mouth was fierce. I was soon humping franticly into her mouth only to have to pull back at each thrust as the frozen plug pushed harder into me. The feelings in cock and ass began to merge into a dual pronged pleasure center. I rode those feelings and got rock hard again regardless of the ice in my ass. That’s when she stopped sucking me and moved away.

The blows came rapidly and without warning and carried a little more power to them. My cock shrank as quickly as the stinging blows returned heat to both my cock and my ass. The plug had reached a comfortable coolness within me and my ass was actually starting to pulse around the plug hoping for some added stimulation. My awareness was pulled back to my cock as I felt my wife putting something on me. I knew right away that she was caging me and a thrill of lust and fear filled me.

“You’re going to wear this cage for the next three days” she told me. “I control you from now until then, completely. You will have pleasure only as I see fit and you will orgasm only when, and if, I feel you deserve it.”

Her task finished I felt her come to my head and sit in front of me while putting her legs on my shoulders and back. She removed the gag and gave me a moment to work my jaws and try to swallow some of my slobber before grabbing the back of my head and forcing me into her pussy.

“Suck me, slave!” was her only command.

I happily went to town. I sucked, licked, nibbled and out right bit all the right places at all the right times for her and she came 4-5 times before hitting the back of my head and commanding me to stop. She sat there with her crotch twitching in my face while she caught her breath. I took the time to slowly work the pain out of my jaw and tongue. That pain was only reinforcement of the pain and frustration that was going on with my cock and balls. I had started to get hard many times while servicing my wife and each time the pain inflicted by the cock cage shriveled me up. I was leaking so much pre-cum that I could feel it sliming up the cage. My ass on the other hand was alive and happy. It felt every twitch and how the plug played along with my muscle contractions.

My wife got up and left the room for what seemed like a half an hour. During this time my ass had begun what felt like a sucking motion on the butt plug and I came to realize that I had to pee. Bad. I was just about to holler out to my wife, punishment or not, when she came back into the room.

“Honey, I need to pee really bad. Would you let me up so I can go?” I asked my wife as timidly as possible.

“You don’t seem to understand. You aren’t getting up from that position for a long, long time.” I heard shuffling noises and my wife walked up beside me and moved something around underneath me. “Now pee. I’ve got a bucked under you. If you try to argue with me or whine about it, understand that I will put a catheter in and then cage you again. You would also get the next level of punishment as well for making me go through all that. Do you understand me?”

“Yes ma’am” was all I could muster as I let my urine flow forth as I needed relief badly.

After I finished I heard and felt the bucket being removed and something else being put underneath me, directly under my cock. My wife then moved behind me and began to lightly tug on my butt plug. The movement set me on fire again and my cock started to grow again only to be forced to shrink by the pain from the cage. My moans of pleasure turned to pain and frustration at this. She responded by pulling the plug from me in one swift motion. The suction from this produced a strange clenching feeling in my balls and my ass felt empty and wanting. It didn’t want long as another frozen plug began to sink into my ass. This time it felt good and I didn’t buck away as I’d come to like the sensations. Then I realized that this was different as it kept sinking in and filling my ass deeper and deeper. Then I felt her thighs meet the back of mine. She had a frozen strap on dildo stuffed up my ass and I groaned in pleasure and need.

“That’s right dear, I’m going to fuck your ass like you won’t believe. All of those stories had so many elements of truth to them so I’m sure you are enjoying this greatly. Myself I’m loving it and I also find that what the Domme’s I’ve been in contact with were able to correct many of the false or bad ideas those stories had so that I wouldn’t hurt you and would increase my pleasure. I’m going to fuck you until I milk the cum out of your balls sweetie. You’ll empty out but won’t orgasm in the sense of getting a release. God the sight of my dildo stuffed up you brings on so many ideas and feelings that I never knew I had. I’m going to enjoy this.”

That said she began to fuck me slowly. She spent a long time working her stroked up to being the full length. She would pull out until just the tip of her dildo was in my ass before she would slowly put the whole length back into me. I could feel pre-cum or maybe even cum oozing out of my cock. She was right though the need to reach and orgasm boiled in my nuts searching for a release. I started to hump back trying to get that extra feeling the may give me the relief I needed.

She laughed as she saw this and switched to shorter pounding stroke of the dildo. This only took the fire in me higher. I could feel what seemed a steady stream oozing out of my cock head and my moans and squeals turned into a low chant.

“I need to cum. I need to cum. I need to cum. I need to cum. I need to cum.”

My frustrations and fears were realized as she collapsed on my back panting with her dildo still stuffed in my ass. After a few minutes she began to stir. I could hear her fumbling with something and suddenly she was off of me but her dildo remained buried to the hilt in my still clenching ass. I could feel the straps of her harness dancing on my thighs as my ass hungrily clenched on the dildo wanting more, wanting release.

Her finger tips brushed my cock head as I heard her exclaim. “Look at all that cum! Holy shit I didn’t believe her when she told me that I could get you to lose the biggest load I’d seen and you wouldn’t get a release from it! Oh, oh shit………I’m cumming again!” The sounds of her moans and the sloppy sound of her fingers plunging into her wet pussy were soon filling my ears.

I heard the schlurp of her fingers being pulled from her pussy as she came to my head. “Stick out your tongue slave.”

I was expecting her to stuff her pussy juice covered fingers into my mouth, actually I was wanting that. What I got was completely different as she poured my cum over my tongue and into my mouth. I was starting to splutter and spit as I felt her hand grab my balls and tighten.

“Swallow it or else! ALL of it!”

My lust jumped a notch as I complied. Another of my deep secret desires fulfilled! How much did she find on my system and how did she do it without me knowing?

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