Fantasy Hotel Ch. 03

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Warning: This story includes themes of consensually being used roughly, spitting, slapping, ass-to-mouth, and mild humiliation. If these themes don’t interest you, please don’t read any further.

Rose admired her hotel room; it was simple and small, just a bed and bathroom. In a way, it reminded her of herself and how she had grown to appreciate her petite body. What was once an insecurity about being small and flat became empowering. She was once made fun of and called a ‘ginger’ but now was appreciated as a redhead. Her freckles were now ‘cute’ and her shoulder length red hair was admired for being her natural color.

She appreciated her body as she stripped naked, calmly leaving her clothes folded neatly in the bathroom. Her excitement began to build as she sat naked on the bed. Looking around the room, she took a deep breath and took one last view of her surroundings. She then tied her blindfold behind her head, blocking out her vision and awaited her first mystery visitor.

With only the sound of her breathing and the excited pounding of her heart to keep her company, Rose quickly lost track of time. The room lacked a distinct smell; faintly her fruity body wash could still be smelt off her smooth, freshly washed and shaved body. Eventually, she heard the door creak open and footsteps enter the room. Her heart began to race even faster as her mind filled with the possibilities of what was about to happen to her; she was finally getting to complete her desire to be a free-use fuck toy. She was about to be used any way the strangers saw fit.

Her mind was going crazy and she could feel herself getting wet with excitement. An outdoorsy male scent infiltrated the room. Before she could organize her thoughts, the footsteps quickly reached her and his scent strengthened. Rose felt awkward and she was unsure of whether to greet the visitor or what to do. Before she could manage any words, she felt cold, strong hands grab her and lift her up.

The manly hands were able to lift her petite frame with ease, and for a moment, she could feel herself being held in the air. She was flooded with arousal as she knew she was at this stranger’s whim. She began to pant as her body was thrusted forcefully against the cold, hard wall. The man began to slowly lower her body, her excited moan turning into a loud gasp as she felt the tip of a hard cock. Squirming with desire, she tried to impale herself, but he held her firm.

“Fucking slut,” the man muttered.

She could only moan in response.

She wiggled more forcefully and was allowed for her womanhood to lower on his cock. Without warning, he began to violently thrust, slamming his cock deep inside her. A high pitched moan continuosly escaped from Rose as she felt herself slamming against the wall. A rhythmic thumping echoed throughout the otherwise quiet room, only interrupted by her moans.

Rose could not tell how long she was fucked, but before she knew, it she could hear the man’s grunts deepening. His deep voice and the tone of his grunts made Rose picture an ultra-manly gruff stranger fucking her. She reached out with a trembling hand as she tried to get a better sense of the man’s appearance. He aggressively grabbed her wrist, pinning her arm to the wall. His large hand easily gripping around her limb further emphasized how helpless Rose was, only arousing her more.

Rose moaned, relishing the feeling of being manhandled. His thrusts picked up and Rose let out a screaming moan as she felt the strange man’s cock twitch inside her, pumping her full of his cum.

Just before Rose could fall over the edge with him, the thrusting abruptly stopped. Despite missing out on a passionate orgasm, her arousal skyrocketed as the man stopped thrusting as soon as he got what he needed. He aggressively popped his cock out of Rose and bluntly dropped her to the ground. She could feel his sweat cascade down on her as his exertion strengthened the manly smell of the room.

Rose panted, trying to catch her breath. It had been exactly what she’d wanted. As she heard the mysterious man’s footsteps disappear into the distance, she tried to calm herself. She slowly fumbled around, trying to find her bearings without eyesight. As she managed to get to her knees, she felt cum dripping out of her soaking wet cunt. The feeling of being a used fuck toy sent pulses of passion through her. Just as she got a sense of balance and went to climb to her feet, she bumped her face into a thick cock. The man’s smell was much fresher, more proper in a way, as if he was wearing cologne. Rose pictured a sophisticated man, business in a suit by day, animalistic and rough by night.

In her surprised state, she made the mistake of leaving her mouth open, allowing the opportunity for the thick cock to be forcefully shoved in her mouth. Her jaw ached as her lips could barely reach around its girth. She tried not to gag as he slammed into the back of her throat

Yes! She thought to herself. Use me!

This second visitor showed no mercy, violently fucking Rose’s mouth. She could feel her eyes watering as the blindfold was soaked with Kartal Escort tears. Her face was quickly covered in the slobber escaping her mouth as she struggled to breathe.

Instinctively, Rose threw herself backwards, falling on her backside as she desperately needed to breathe and the force of her gags was starting to worry her. She flailed on the ground as she tried to gain a sense of equilibrium.

Despite her struggles, Rose was floating in a feeling of bliss at being used like an object. She attempted to get back to her knees, ready to ask for more. Before she could speak, the owner of the thick cock grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her back onto her knees. In a show of power, he balanced his large cock on her face and let out what Rose interpreted as a pleased grunt as she licked at the base of his resting cock. The man’s scent flooded Rose’s nostrils, sending lustful pulses through her body.

Without warning, the man pulled at her hair again encouraging her to climb into the bed. Of course, Rose complied, stumbling onto her stomach on the bed. Beggingly, she shook her small butt, asking to be fucked. She could hear the man chuckle with desire at her slutty efforts. Instead of blessing her desperate holes with a filling, Rose could only hear footsteps moving away from her.

A small scream escaped as she was yanked by her hair to the other side of the bed. The man forcefully rolled her onto her back and left her head hanging off the edge of the bed. She could feel the warmth of the man’s thighs on either side of her dangling head and could smell the delicious musk of his balls. He tightly pinched her nose forcing her mouth open to gasp for breath.

While Rose scrambled to fill her lungs with air, the fat cock was shoved back inside her mouth. Once again, the man aggressively thrusted deep inside her throat, his balls dragging against her forehead as slobber dripped up her face.

A muffled moan escaped from her full mouth as the man pinched her nipples. In sync with a painful twist of her nipples, Rose felt the man’s load explode into her throat. His cock twitched, pushing every drop of cum he was carrying out into her throat. She had no choice but to swallow the large load as the cock was pulled out of her throat and dragged across her messy face. Once the load was swallowed, Rose was able to gasp for air. Instinctively, she rolled onto her stomach to breathe. Once again, footsteps disappeared into the distance as her second visitor was done using her.

Finally, she was able to gather a coherent thought as wiped her wet face on the bed sheet and shuffled herself into a more comfortable position. She didn’t know when her next visitor would arrive. As she propped herself up, she could feel two wet spots in the bed, one where she had just wiped her face, and another where her leaky cunt had been soaking.

Her loud breathing prevented her from hearing her third visitor enter the room. She cried out in pain and shock as she felt a hard slap against her butt.

Aggressively, the third mystery man asked, “What do you say, slut?”

“Thh thank you?” Rose responded, unsure.

“Good girl,” the man announced, slamming his hand into her other cheek with another hard spank. A moment later, several more in quick succession sent her reeling and she whimpered in pleasure at the stinging pain.

The man grabbed Rose by the hair, lifting her in the air. She could feel his hot breath against her ear as he asked once more, “What do you say?”

“Thank you,” Rose responded more confidently this time.

“Good girl,” he commended before releasing her hair and causing her to flop back down on the bed. The bounce off the mattress was disorienting. She struggled to find a sense of balance as she fumbled onto her back. She screamed as she was yanked by her ankles to the end of the bed. Her visitor laughed at her shock as she felt him climb onto the bed.

Rose felt her heart race as the heat of his body loomed over her. Oddly, this man did not have a distinct scent,Rose thought as she fought against her body’s fight or flight response. The man climbed on top of her, his large thighs easily straddling her petite frame.

The man showed no care for Rose’s well being as he lowered his weight onto her core and it took a strained effort for her to breathe. He shuffled forward, dropping his cock on her chest, easily resting between her small breasts. She felt a mix of shame and arousal as she heard the man mutter a comment about how small she was.

Rose groaned in pain as the man roughly shoved her breasts inwards to force them to grip his cock. She could feel the strain on her skin as it was stretched to accommodate her user’s needs. Needing to squish her breasts together with his hands, the man was unable to properly fuck her breasts. Instead, he used his hands to rub them up and down the length of his cock to jerk himself off.

After a few moments of stroking, the man instructed Rose to open her mouth. Rose gladly stretched her mouth open, expecting it to be filled with cock. She was stunned as the man spat Tuzla Escort in her mouth. Rose felt disgustingly aroused and happily obliged as she was instructed to swallow it. While swallowing, a second glob of saliva landed around her lips. Rose had no control as her legs quaked and her hips thrusted, desperate for touch as her clit pounded with arousal.

“Lick your lips,” the man grunted.

Rose smiled as she slowly licked her lips, collecting all of the stranger’s saliva to swallow. She could sense that this was sending the man over the edge as his knees pinched against her sides. The man grunted and Rose could feel his cock twitching out an orgasm. She smiled proudly as she felt a warm pool of cum forming at the base of her neck.

She felt relief as the man released her breasts, allowing them to return to their natural position. Rose squirmed with excitement as she felt the man’s sweaty hand slide up her chest to the pool of cum. As he scooped up his load into his hand she eagerly opened her mouth wide, ready to be served a treat.

Instead, the man aggressively slapped Rose across the face with his load, the wet smack echoing as she felt the cum splash everywhere. Rose laid on the bed disorientated, the side of her face burning with pain, her ears ringing ever so slightly.

Shuffling in the bed, Rose struggled to orientate herself, her legs quivering with arousal, her clit throbbing and begging for release. As far as her limited senses could tell, her mystery play partner had left. Rose felt desperate for release, having already been used and objectified by three strangers..She slowly slid her hand down her stomach towards her pussy. Her hand pushed through a slush of sweat, slobber, and fluids while on its way to her pleasure spot.

Rose gasped as a cold hand grabbed hers, stopping her from reaching her goal. Her fourth user had arrived and he did not seem happy to find Rose about to please herself. He forcefully tossed her arm to the side muttering, “This is not about your needs.”

Rose felt her face heat, partly embarrassed getting caught, but still full of lust as her objectification continued. She felt a need to apologize, but before she could speak, the man continued.

Looks like you’re a used up fuck toy,” he said as he curled her hair behind her ear.

Rose felt a shiver as the man’s breath tickled her neck. She could only assume that he was examining her freshly slapped cheek.

Gently, the man ran his hand over her face, and she quivered as the stranger gently traced her sensitive impact area. She felt relief as the man finished collecting his predecessor’s load off her face. She waited anxiously until he broke the silence again.

“Roll over,” he commanded.

Excitedly, Rose flipped herself over to her stomach, and the man grabbed her by the hips, lifting her up. He pushed her head down, forcing her to present her holes to him.

Rose moaned as she was spanked roughly by the cum covered hand. Before she could react, the man began rubbing the cum on her cheeks. She excitedly shook her ass begging to be fucked.

The man chuckled at her desperation. Slowly, he pushed the load towards Rose’s asshole. Rose’s excited moan turned to a gasp as the man aggressively shoved his finger inside her hole. The remaining cum was just enough lube to get the stranger’s finger inside without pain for her hole.

After a quick, forceful fingering to prepare her, the man quickly swapped his finger for his cock. Rose whimpered with a mix of pain and pleasure as the man forced his cock inside her tight asshole, the glorious burn making her clit throb even harder. She was thankful that the man was not as large as her previous visitors.

She moaned loudly as the man forced his cock deep inside her ass with rough thrusts. Rose wanted to scream as her asshole was stretched, still leaving her on the edge of her first orgasm of the evening.

She did her best to hold her arched position to allow the man to fuck her but the increasing pain kept forcing her to fall down to her stomach. She could tell her user was not impressed as he sighed, mumbling to himself as he yanked his cock out of her asshole. Rose buried her head in the mattress in an attempt to muffle her scream of pain.

Her user seemed to have little care for her as he pulled her by the legs. “On your knees.”

Rose struggled to climb to her knees and balance on the mattress. As she did, she felt the dip of the mattress that meant the man was now towering over, her standing on the bed. The man pushed on her forehead to force her head to tilt up. For the first time of the evening, Rose considered hesitation as it was clear that the cock fresh from her asshole was going in her mouth, but she knew a true fuck toy would never complain, and being a true fuck toy turned her on more than anything. She proudly opened her mouth.

Rose struggled to stay eager as the man teased her mouth rubbing the tip of his cock across her lips. Rose was oddly grateful when the cock was roughly slammed in her mouth putting an end to the cock being right under her nose. Anadolu Yakası Escort She forced herself forward, crawling on her knees to get close enough to push her face against the man’s groin with his cock down her throat.

He better fucking cum quick, Rose thought to herself as she struggled to hold her position without air. She moaned as her throat was blessed with warm cum. Desperate to please, Rose began to dance her tongue on the tip of the cock trying to coax out every last drop.

It quickly clicked that she had made a mistake teasing the sensitive cock as the man shoved her causing her to fall back on the bed again. As Rose gasped for air, she could hear the man’s footsteps disappearing once again.

Rose was left laying on the bed, soaked with fluids, full of cum, and desperate for release. She knew only one more stranger would abuse her today… then she would finally get to cum while reliving her completed fantasy.

As she waited for her final visitor, Rose became self aware of her sweaty, sticky state. It only made her more desperate for release. Finally, she could hear footsteps gently approaching her.

A soft hand grabbed hers, pulling Rose’s arm towards the new visitor. Excitedly, she reached out attempting to grasp her new visitor’s cock. Instead, she was left feeling ridiculous as she stroked nothing but air.

Enthusiastically, Rose smiled as she heard her visitor repositioning. She went to begin stroking once more, but instead, her visitor gently positioned her hand open with her palm up. Rose could feel her body shaking as she excitedly waited unsure of what awaited her.

Rose gasped as she felt a warm wetness lowered into her hand. Excitedly, her hand twitched, causing a finger to slip inside what was undeniably a pussy. A feminine moan escaped from the visitor. I didn’t specify men but I did not think I had to, Rose thought to herself,mixed with confusion and excitement.

“Do you know what that is?” the mysterious woman questioned.

Rose could not find words to respond, instead she frantically nodded.

The woman giggled flirtatiously. “Is that okay with you?”

Rose eagerly nodded again.

“Good, I didn’t think a fuck toy would mind,” the woman said lustfully as she lowered her cunt further on Rose’s hand.

Rose moaned with desperation as she felt the warm, wet, pussy pressing against her palm.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?”

Rose shook her head. Finally finding her voice, she added, “I’ve never even thought I was bi.”

“It seems you might like women,” the mysterious woman pondered through a moan as she rubbed Rose’s quivering inner thigh.

Rose nodded in agreement as she squirmed in the bed.

“Y’know I was hoping to use you more but it seems the boys did not leave me much to work with,” the woman explained, dancing her hand up and down Rose’s thighs.

Rose’s hips thrusted out of control with desperation. Hearing herself assessed as used up only turned Rose on more.

“We’ll have to keep it simple,” the woman explained. “Lift up two fingers.”

Rose excitedly propped two fingers up, moaning as she felt them enter the warm, slick pussy. Her arousal raised exponentially as the mysterious woman moaned in sync with Rose. Without hesitation, the woman begin bouncing up and down on Rose’s fingers, aggressively using them to fuck herself.

Rose felt a small hand grip her breast. With the woman leaning in close she could smell a lavender fragrance. The pleasant smell warmed Rose, a charming improvement from the musk of her previous visitors.

The woman screamed as she sent herself over the edge, panting with each bounce. Rose felt her whole body shake with lustful pride as the mysterious woman’s squirt dripped down her arm.

After a few moments of quaking, the woman climbed off Rose’s hand. For the first time, it became apparent to Rose how sore her arm was from holding it up in position to be fucked. The mysterious woman caught Rose’s arm from falling and gently guided it towards Rose.

“Open,” the woman instructed.

Rose quivered as the woman guided her hand into her mouth. She whimpered as she was greeted with the pleasant smell of pussy approaching her. She ached with arousal as she tasted a woman’s juices for the first time. As she sucked the taste off her fingers she felt the woman gently plant a kiss on her forehead.

“You’re a good girl,” the woman assured Rose.

Smiling with pride, Rose listened as the woman’s footsteps disappeared into the distance. For a moment Rose took deep breaths pondering what had just happened. She then leaped into action removing her blindfold and racing to the bathroom. Her plan was to bless herself with release before heading home but after the shocking end to her fantasy fulfillment, Rose now needed a new plan.

She briefly admired the red lipstick kiss mark on her forehead before rushing to clean herself off enough to return home. Hastily she threw her clothes back on before darting for the exit of the room. She paused just long enough to remember to grab the video camera that had been documenting her fantasy then gleefully left the hotel. Not only was she now chasing a powerful orgasm, but she also needed to track down her mystery visitor. Damn the rules. Rose knew she needed to find this woman… she needed to be used by her again, and for more than just her fingers.

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