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I’ll admit it. I’m still not completely sure I like the two of them alone together.

“Don’t be upset, Jack,” she had said when I brought it up yesterday.

“Sometimes you’re not around when I’m feeling horny. Sometimes I just wake up in the middle of the night and don’t want to bother you. Sometimes I just feel like coming that way.”

Allie’s reasons were valid. They even seemed logical. But they didn’t make me feel any better. I guess I felt like my masculinity was being called into question.

At any rate, I decided to see what it was that made her want a vibrator instead of my cock. I had to find out what was so damn fascinating about a piece of plastic. And really, it wasn’t fair of me to be so against something that gave her pleasure without knowing more about it. Was it?

So yesterday I created a plan. Unexpectedly, I found myself growing hard just thinking about it. That’s when I knew I had to carry it out right away.

This morning I woke up first. I think it must have been the excitement of learning more about my woman that made me wake up so early. Well, actually I think it was a combination of being crazy with lust and worried about what I might find out. What I know for sure is that I woke up with a hard-on that a sculptor would have loved.

I looked down at her, lightly touched her lips while she slept. Moving my leg over hers, I gently pulled it toward me. She had to be open for my plan to work. I heard her sigh as she moved a hand over her head. I almost thought I woke her but she relaxed into her dream world again.

I was getting more excited by the minute. I caressed that soft spot under her ear while my cock nodded in anticipation. I slid my fingers down her neck. Her silky soft skin was making me wild as I moved my palm across both her breasts. I think I might have started to drool a bit when I rested my hand on her right one. I know for sure my cock was.

When I captured her nipple between spread fingers, I found it was as hard as I was. Scissoring that tight little bud, I rolled and lightly pinched it. She moaned, slowly waking up.

When I heard her breath deepen, I remembered what she told me about the connection between her nipple and love button. “When you play with me like that, I can feel it in my clit.” I never really understood what she meant – until then. I not only understood, I saw the effects. Her hand near her head grew into a fist. Her legs moved uncontrollably as her clit grew longer and stiffer between my fingers. The feel of it and the sight of her arousal made my blood boil. Talk about a connection!

Not letting my fingers stop, I kissed her, licked her lips until her mouth opened to take my tongue. It was electric. I wanted to take her right there and then, but I didn’t. That wasn’t my plan.

She sighed heavily into my mouth. “Jack,’ she murmured sleepily.

“Morning, Allie,” I whispered. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, softly groaned when I moved my hand from her breast to her Bahçelievler escort stomach. I traced her navel then slid lower, hand resting lightly on her closed nether lips. My middle finger pressed down on the crease as my other two pushed together. Massaging her clit from the outside made her body do things I had never noticed before – things that I never took the time to see. Her hips arched as she tried to make me spread those lips open, tried to make me touch the place I knew needed my finger.

“Is this what you want?” I widened her slit and touched the soft crescent of smooth flesh just under it.

“A little higher, Jack,” she panted. Suddenly, I needed her touch just as much as she needed mine. Letting her hot lust move me higher, she almost pushed me to the point of doing what she wanted. I started imagining what it would feel like when I pushed my cock into that moist pussy. I closed my eyes and thought about how good it would be to just hold myself inside her, not move as I massaged her clit, making her come against me. I was so carried away by these images and sensations that I almost moved over her. But I didn’t. It was time to see what that damn toy offered her that I didn’t.

My plan was to bring her to the brink, then see how she handled it when I stopped. I wanted to force her to come by using the vibrator. I wanted to find out what it could do and maybe even learn something more about her desires. I wanted to find out why she needed more than me to feel good. At least that’s what I told myself. But I also urgently wanted to enter her. It was a hard decision but my plan won. I was surprised because usually in an argument like this, my cock wins. I’m not going to tell you it felt good to be right. Carrying out my plan was almost impossible, but mentally I had to know what her fascination with the vibrator was about.

I pulled my hands away from her body. “No, Allie. I want you to touch a little higher. I want you to show me how you do it with your vibrator.”

She sat up and smiled at me. “What are you talking about? A demonstration?”

I was surprised and caught off guard by her reaction. It sounded like she expected something like this to happen. I could have sworn I even heard excitement in her voice. But, I kept going.

“I want to see what makes you sometimes choose a toy over my cock. I’m not going to make you come this time. I want you to do it yourself–with the vibrator.”

I was amazed at my tone of voice. We had sometimes talked of different fantasies and role-plays. One of them was me as a dominant and she as my submissive. But then it had only been foreplay talk. Now it seemed like domination was part of my plan, only it wasn’t. Abruptly some rules had changed without me knowing it. But I didn’t mind. I liked the strength I heard in my words. Apparently she did too.

“I am, am I?” She smiled as she leaned over toward the nightstand. “OK, if that’s what you want…” Opening the drawer, she fumbled. Bahçeşehir escort bayan When she turned back toward me, she was holding a box. The word ‘Eroscillator®’ was written on the top in big white letters. “Are you sure?” she grinned.

“I’m sure,” I said. I can’t tell you if my voice still sounded powerful or if I sounded like HER submissive. I can only say that at that moment, I wanted to watch her more than anything else in the world.

“I’ll tell you what, Jack.” She turned to plug her toy into the wall socket next to the bed. “I’ll come for you if you come for me.”

“What? Are you serious?” I couldn’t believe it. Men didn’t do this in front of women. They just didn’t. Did they? And what made her think I’d do it?

“Come on … give me your answer. I won’t do it unless I get to watch you too.” Her hand slid up and down a long and thin dark beige piece of plastic. She watched me, knowing that I was already imagining her hands moving slowly on my cock. “It’ll be nice to have you here in person for a change when me and my toy get together.”

She laid out three small attachments in front of me. One was shaped like the helmet of a cock, one was wide and flat and one looked like a small bunch of grapes. I watched as she touched each one, held it up for me to examine.

I felt my hand on my cock before I even realized it was there.

“That’s better,” she said, giving me a knowing smile. “Any idea which one you’d like to see me use?”

She lifted the one that looked like the top of my now glistening cock. She let her thumb rub over the tip, then held it close to her lips. She gave me another knowing smile.

“You know, Jack, you shouldn’t really be so upset about me and my vibrator.” She licked her lips. “This little piece is my favorite.” She touched the plastic to her tongue. “It reminds me of you.” She traced the rim, exactly as she always did to me.

My cock stood straight up. I couldn’t say a word. Her mouth was hypnotizing me. Suddenly it dawned on me. I was caught up in HER plan. How did that happen, I wondered as I started stroking the rock hardness between my legs. I was about to say something, try to get some control over this but by that time, my thumb was rubbing my pre-come over the tip and I forgot what I was going to say.

After what seemed like forever, Allie put down the miniature of me and picked up the flat attachment. Inserting it into the top of the long plastic tube, she flipped a lever and I heard a soft whirring sound.

“The reason I like this vibrator, Jack, is because it doesn’t move up and down like a regular one.” She held it up for me to see. “It moves sideways.” She placed it down against me, letting me feel the vibrations on my leg. Then she opened herself to me, fingers spreading herself for my viewing pleasure. Picking up her toy with her other hand, she dragged the tip up my thigh and across my cock. I couldn’t believe how good that quick surging motion Escort Bakırköy felt on me. I wanted more. Suddenly I was the one that wanted her to touch me higher, it was my hips arching up for that caress.

“Keep your eyes on my hands, Jack,” she whispered.

Like I had other things to look at, I thought as she moved our toy away from me. I watched that little pearly head flutter back and forth against her clit. Her other hand started playing with her left nipple. Again, I saw that connection she told me about as her body tensed and relaxed in a constant rhythm.

My hand started working my cock a little faster. I suddenly experienced another connection that I never knew existed. Watching her fingers pull the hard tip of her breast as she twisted and pinched it made my hand squeeze my balls. I started stroking myself faster to keep up with the back and forth vibrations of our toy against her clit.

I was almost ready to come. Pure lust ran through me as I looked at her face. The sparkle in her eyes as she watched me play with myself was almost too much for me to handle. I wasn’t sure I could last much longer. I think she must have known this because her voice kept me from exploding.

“Look at my face, Jack. Let’s see how we look when we come together.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. The sounds of the vibrator, her eyes gleaming as she watched me stroke myself for her, how her fingers looked as they played with her nipple and the way her clit hardened under the motions of our toy created images that I wouldn’t forget as I looked into her eyes.

Then it happened. Her thighs tensed hard. She grabbed her breast and held up her nipple for me to come on. I did. At the same time, I shoved two of my fingers into her pussy. The combination of our vibrator and my fingers pushed over her the edge right along with me.

Lost in the spasms of her insides clenching my fingers and my own orgasm, I finished coming to the sounds of our toy and her moans of release.

After a few minutes, I moved to a sitting position next to Allie. “So how was it?” I know, it was a dumb question but I wasn’t sure what to say. I was nervous, wondering if it was better for her with me or without me. My plan had fallen apart and now I wasn’t sure which one of us she preferred.

“How was it?” She sighed. “It was incredible.” Her hands followed the trail my come had made on her breast. “I’m thinking that I’ll never use my toy again without feeling you next to me, even when you’re not.”

I moved and held her in my arms, my fingers softly caressing her face. The forgotten plastic vibrator felt warm between us as she snuggled against me. Even silent, it felt alive somehow.

“And when you are here, I’m hoping you won’t mind the three of us getting to know each other a little better.” She moved closer to me.

I groaned, remembering how our toy had felt against my cock for that split second. She understood what I had felt just like I now understood about her fascination.

While I’m still not sure I like the two of them alone together, her toy isn’t really between us anymore. I’m thinking I may have made a new friend, someone I’d get to know when I was feeling horny or when I woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t want to disturb Allie or when I just felt like coming that way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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