Finding Mom Pt. 05

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The next day, despite her having two sleepless nights in a row Miriam was up at the first sound of her alarm, which she had set the following night for 11:00 AM. First, she got online and ordered a mattress protector for her bed and then she had a quick bite to eat and was soon out lounging around the pool shortly after lunchtime.

Miriam had decided she could sleep just as easily while getting some sun as she could laid up in the bed. As she quickly ate her lunch in anticipation, she swore to herself over and over that her decision had absolutely nothing to do with what had happened at the beach. Absolutely nothing at all!

It was a bright hot sunny day out, and Miriam knew that once Nate discovered her whereabouts it would not be long before he would quickly decide to join her. She was expecting it.

By the time Nate finally discovered she was awake and at the pool Miriam had been out there for a while and she was beginning to slowly drift in and out of consciousness, she just could not seem to keep her eyes open any longer.

She was sitting mostly upright in the lounge chair, and she forced herself to awaken slightly, just long enough to softly mutter good morning to him.

She then sleepily set her phone to record and quickly placed it on her stomach so that the camera faced outward in the direction of her feet.

She then spread her legs open slightly, softly closed her eyes, and was soon fast asleep.

When Miriam awoke hours later and made her way inside for a quick shower before preparing their evening meal, her feet felt a little moist and sticky between her toes, but she didn’t think much of it as she had rubbed them down earlier with suntan lotion.

Later that night Miriam was completely awestruck as she lay in bed and watched the recording. She masturbated wildly as she watched Nate stand over her at the poolside and pump his big tool as he slowly jerked off and then blew his hot nut all over her feet and toes while she slept.

She then watched in pure amusement as he desperately tried not to wake her, while he very softly and very gently attempted to clean his splooge from her feet with a wet towel.

After watching it and then cuming like a geyser, Miriam instantly knew she had another long sleepless night ahead of her.

After she finally passed out sometime in the late night, Miriam dreamt of Nate standing at her bedroom doorway slowly stroking himself and loudly screaming over and over again, “Where’s your tits? “Where’s your tits?”

Miriam did not understand the dream until much later that next day when they were at the beach together.

After catching Nate staring at her boobs a few times earlier in the day and then after one of the many times, she caught herself staring at the hardness beneath Nates swim trunks and had to force herself to quickly rip her eyes away, she suddenly out of nowhere felt a very strong urge to expose her breast to him.

“Ahh yes, I see now,” she said softly to herself. Nate had seen her pussy but not her titties.

Miriam suddenly stood and walked down and sat in the very edge of the ocean and began splashing and saturating the front of her swimsuit with the warm salty water. When she was satisfied that the form of her nipples protruded against the wet material and were left somewhat visible, Girne Escort she rose and slowly made her way back to where Nate sat waiting.

Later that evening on the short but slow walk back home Miriam contemplated on just how she was going to go about showing her son her breast while making it seem to be an unfortunate accident.

The problem was mind boggling to her but as they made their way home, she knew that with a little more thought directed towards the matter, she would think of a way sooner or later.

The next morning after another night of completely draining herself and her phone battery, Miriam awoke still nude and searched for the panties she had discarded the night before.

She did not put on a bra before pulling one of her long nightgowns down over her head.

It was a first for her, she had always worn a bra, even under her thick nightgowns, she had always only taken it off just before bedtime.

Miriam didn’t have huge breast, but they weren’t exactly small either. Her grapefruit sized boobs gently swung and swayed freely beneath the cotton gown as she nervously made her way to the kitchen. Her big pink areolas were puffy and swollen and her nipples felt hard and stiff as they pressed against the soft material of the thick gown.

By the time she got the coffee going and had bacon frying on the stovetop, Miriam realized the panties were already growing damp as she sat quietly at the table and waited for the aroma of the simmering bacon to bring Nate from his room.

It was hard not to notice the confused look on Nates face as she sat his breakfast down in front of him. His mouth hung open and Miriam thought drool would soon run from it as he gawked at her chest.

She felt her breast swing and sway gently from side to side as she moved toward him and then they were suddenly thrust forward and pressed tightly against the gown as she bent to set the plate down in front of him. He was completely mesmerized by her gently swaying titties and was totally lost to anything else happening around him.

“It’s a good thing they weren’t trying to cross the street,” Miriam thought with a soft giggle to herself.

They both took a good bit longer than usual finishing their breakfast that morning, Nate usually finishing his well before she did. When she noticed him stalling a bit, she slowed down a little as well.

Her braless breast moved gently back and forth beneath the gown as she ate, and Nate barely looked down at his plate at all as he continuously snuck quick little glances at her chest. Nate never looked up at her face and she watched him intently as he ogled her jiggling boobs.

When breakfast was finally over, and the dishes were done Miriam had to go straight to her room and change the sopping wet panties.

It was another cloudy day out which led to a not very eventful day as Nate mostly stayed in his room gaming and Miriam just lounged about braless in her gown, napping now and then catching up on some much-needed sleep.

At one point she laid down on the couch and napped for a while with her gown pulled up almost above her knees, “Just in case Nate got tired of gaming,” she thought to herself with a nervous little grin.

Later that evening while researching sex toys on the Kıbrıs Escort internet Miriam was first shocked and then ecstatic to learn that there was actually a six-inch vibrator with a curved tip that was specifically designed to reach the squirt spot.

She instantly knew without a shadow of doubt that at any and all cost, she simply must have it.

It was clearly a necessity.

Miriam quickly selected overnight shipping and then made the pricey purchase!

That night after just two orgasms Miriam had to take a break from pleasuring herself as she was just simply exhausted.

She spent the rest of the night tossing and turning about restlessly in her sleep as she first dreamt about sending Nate photos of her bare-naked breast.

Then a bit later the dream suddenly changed and became about her innocently sleeping on the couch while Nate sat in the floor just beside her.

The hem of the gown had been pulled up to her knees and he sat quietly beside her with his right arm extended up the garment while he slowly and carefully caressed her hairy twat through her damp panties.

At some point within the dream, she awoke while his hand was still up her gown. She kept her eyes closed and pretended to sleep as she very slowly inch by inch began to tug upwards slightly until the hem of the gown had reached her waistline.

As he slowly lowed his head towards her wet hairy crotch, she suddenly spread her legs wide and let her hand slip down between them, just before his mouth made contact with her slick wet panties, she reached and quickly tugged them over and then firmly held them aside for him as he buried his face in her thick hairy beaver.

She was suddenly startled awake, only to find that she was once again very moist between her legs and left trembling deep down inside.

Later that morning when Miriam slipped the gown on over her braless breast, she did not fasten the very top button at her neckline.

It was storming outside, and breakfast was pretty much a repeat of the morning before, Nate seemed to concentrate on the open button when she bent slightly and sat his plate down before him, it all went slowly but when it was finally over Miriam soon found herself changing her panties again.

Later that afternoon when she laid down on the couch for a little nap Miriam unfastened the very bottom button of the gown, just before hiking it up to her knees.

“Just in case,” she mumbled softly, as she set her phone to record and placed it just so.

Later that afternoon when she awoke, she immediately opened her camera and carefully watched as Nate had come from his room while she slept and knelt softly beside her on the floor just at her knees and tried to peer up her gown for a few moments.

Her legs were open slightly but she knew it was dark beneath the thick gown and he probably couldn’t see very much, maybe just a tiny bit of her white panties at best.

When she suddenly stirred a little, he quickly stood and made his way back to his room.

It wasn’t much, but none the less it was enough to warm Miriam up a bit, and she was looking forward to spending the night with her phone on full charge and her new vibrator that was scheduled to arrive later that evening, batteries included!

With Magosa Escort a mattress protector in place and her new vibrator plowing away between her open legs Miriam was in heaven as she lay totally nude in her bed and all through the night, she put the plastic bedliner through a rigorous test.

Miriam awoke late, well after Nate had already had breakfast but none the less, she did not button up the bottom button of her gown, and she left two unfastened at the top!

“There’s always lunch,” she said, with a short snicker.

As Miriam bent and placed the sandwich and chips in front of Nate, he could barely contain himself as he got a brief but good view of the very tip top of the wide “v” that formed between her hanging tits. The mere hint of a little cleavage excited him immensely and she watched as he licked his lips and reached beneath the table and adjusted himself.

“Another button or two and he’s going to jerk off right here at the table,” she thought with a quirky grin.

As she had awoken late, and it was already well past lunchtime she didn’t expect to nap that day and she felt a little disappointed about it as she went to her room and removed first the gown and then her wet panties.

She put on a fresh pair and slipped a long button up dress on over her braless breast and without hardly even thinking about it, left the top three buttons unfastened.

She was quite sure it would be all the rage at supper time!

She was sure Nate was rock hard and fondling himself beneath the table as she bent and placed his plate before him that late evening.

She could feel a cool breeze slide across her upper chest as she leaned way in and the unfastened portion of her dress parted widely with the force of her heaving breast, as they swayed vigorously from side to side and then suddenly swung forward.

With the sight of her full cleavage exposed for a moment Nate groaned softly as he bent slightly over the table and Miriam was sure he was just mere seconds away from seeding himself as she stood upright and made her way to the chair just across from him.

“Actually, I’m pretty close myself,” she suddenly thought, as she sat down and squeezed her thighs together tightly, she knew it wouldn’t take much.

Somehow Miriam made it through the meal without having an orgasm, but she wasn’t so sure about Nate, she just wasn’t sure at all.

The boy made very odd sounds and shifted and squirmed around something terrible as Miram sat across the table from him and slightly squeezed her breast together with her upper arms until the soft full mounds rose slightly and began to peek out from their enclosure.

When Nate suddenly jumped up and rushed to is room without a word Miriam knew that if by some chance, he hadn’t already cum in his shorts under the table just moments ago, he was now off to the races.

Later that night after Miriam had thoroughly doused down the mattress protector, she drifted off to sleep and soon began dreaming of Nate again.

This time in her dream she had taken some sleeping pills and was in a deep, deep slumber. The hem of the gown was at her knees. Nate suddenly shoved her legs wide apart and then slipped his head beneath the long gown, he roughly snatched her saturated panties aside, and then commenced to lick her hairy quim quite thoroughly as she lay snoring and sleeping soundly.

When she awoke the next morning feeling wet and still breathing heavily from the effects of her dream, she silently wondered to herself, “Do dreams really ever come true?”

The End

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