First Chapter!

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I was coming up to my nineteenth birthday and still a virgin; it seemed that girls weren’t that interested in me. All I knew about women and sex was from what I’d learned from reading ‘dirty books,’ looking at dirty pictures of naked women as we called porn in those days. No one told me about the so called ‘birds and the bees,’ so formed my own opinions about women and what I thought they liked.

I had enlisted in the Air Force to get away from the small town I lived in, and after basic training was stationed near Newcastle in Northern England, and like a lot of others would go to all the dances I could, as well as doing my share of drinking that was popular then. I had a low image of myself and usually asked the less attractive females to dance, and often dating them hoping to get lucky. It seemed I was the only one in the barracks that was still a virgin, sure I bragged about the occasional conquest like others did, but in reality it never happened.

Occasionally I’d get to grope the odd tit, but attempts to get below their waist had been unsuccessful so far. All I could do was dream about what it must feel like to have a shag, I’d wank a lot often more than once a day, morning noon or night whenever I felt the need. My favourite was in the bath tub where I could close my eyes and dream, maintaining my erection for as long as I could before splashing my seed over the water.

I had a motorcycle then, a 350cc but when it came to going out unless the weather was really nice I’d take the bus to town like most guys did.

It was a Friday night and I was at the Palais de Dance in Newcastle, sitting by myself along the wall watching the others dancing when I saw her. She was dancing with another woman and we happened to make eye contact, in the subdued lighting of the dance floor she didn’t look that bad, or that old for that matter, better than the kind of girl I’d normally ask to dance.

She kept looking at me till others obscured our vision, a few minutes later they came dancing around once again. This time they were closer to the edge of the dance floor, I thought she definitely looked in my direction so I smiled and she smiled back. This definitely made me sit up and take notice, Funny in a way I felt self conscious, straightening my tie and smoothing my hair and glancing around to see if anyone had noticed, but the chairs on either side of me were vacant.

Still she had shown an interest in me and that was all that mattered, I felt excited and next time around she smiled at me again and with my head and eyes indicated the empty chair beside me. She gave a very slight nod and kept on dancing, once the dance was over came and sat on the chair next to me saying “hello.” I was surprised she was much older than I’d realized, I didn’t know what to say other than saying “hello,” in return and just sat there.

There was an awkward silence for me until the next dance was announced, and not knowing what to say, asked her for the dance. Smiling she stood up and held out her hand, I led her onto the dance floor joining other couples and started dancing to the music.

The floor was crowded so there was a bit of jostling making it easier to dance real close to one another, she felt warm, and her body soft and I loved the smell of her perfume. As we danced she placed her cheek against mine and muttered something like, “You seem very shy” giving me a friendly squeeze as she looked into my face. “What’s your name?” “John” I replied, “hi John I’m Norma The truth was I didn’t know what to say, this was not the type of woman I was used to dancing with.

She continued the conversation by asking where I was from etc., so I told her and that I was in the Air Force stationed nearby. The conversation got easier after that and I was enjoying dancing with her, I was aware of our thighs touching and she didn’t pull away the way lots of girls did. I got a hard on dancing with her, felt she must know dancing so close but she didn’t pull away.

We spent the rest of the evening together chatting and dancing, I liked the fast ones, we used to do a lot of jiving to it and she was very good at it. I felt I was being very respectful and enjoyed her company then after midnight, (the dance finished at one o’clock) she asked if I had to catch a bus back to camp. I admitted I had, (but if I missed it I wasn’t worried as it wouldn’t be the first time I’d have to walk home) and she suggested perhaps we could leave so we could spend a few minutes together before I had to get on the bus. I asked how she was getting home and she told me not to worry as she lived close by.

We got out coats and left, outside she took my arm hugging it as we walked down a side street towards the stop where I was to catch my bus. Once we got close we found a darkened doorway where we could cuddle, I lose a lot of my shyness as we kissed, and her kisses were passionate, long tongue in mouth kisses as we pressed our bodies together. I undid the buttons of her coat, she stopped for a minute and smiling said Kolej Escort something like, “Now you’re being naughty” but didn’t stop me.

Once it was undone I slid my hands round her back under the coat, pulling her to me as we embraced again, I was hard and pressed it against her through her clothes and felt her push back. My hands wandered over her back, I felt her bra strap through her dress and feeling bold, moved a hand down over her hip. We kept kissing and I moved it further down to feel the outline of her buttocks, her suspender strap and round her thigh to the front.

She was breathing heavier now, both her hands on my head as her kisses got more urgent pulling me to her. I dared to bring my hand round over her belly to the valley between her legs. Never before in my life had I touched a woman there, I was nervous and excited as you can imagine. My hand raised her dress up so I could feel her stocking tops and garter then on to bare thigh, this is when she stopped me.

“Oh John you’re so nice but we better stop now as this is not the place, will I see you again?” She asked. She had my face in her hands looking into my eyes, what could I say other then “Of course, how about tomorrow night.” We talked about where we could meet and finally agreed on a public bar we were both aware of in the city.

Back at camp in bed she was all I could think of, I couldn’t sleep, I had lovers balls and tossed and turned my cock hard, I was aching to plunge it into a pussy. I stroked myself thinking about how good it was going to feel, I worried she might just be a cock teaser and I’d never see her again. But she was old, how old I don’t know, certainly old enough to be my mother. At that moment I didn’t care, she was quite good looking and all I felt mattered was that I was finally going to lose my virginity.

Sleep finally overcame me; I got up late the next morning and decided to take a bath to be clean for my date that night. The worry about what others might think began to creep in to my head, I considered not keeping our date but the need inside me was too strong, and I knew no matter what others thought or said, I was determined to lose my virginity.

In the bath I dreamed about what it was going to be like, I worried about the possibility of disease and wondered if I should get some rubbers for our date. The water was cooling, I had been in the tub so long the skin on my fingers was wrinkled, so I jacked myself off as I usually did and got out.

The day seemed to just drag on; in the middle of the afternoon I couldn’t wait anymore and took a bus into the city. I wandered aimlessly around the city core just window shopping, the condom question kept popping into my head, and finally decided it was better to be prepared and should buy some. I had never bought them before, I knew they were sold in Chemists shops but kept out of sight under the counter.

I found a shop and waited outside till there were no others customers, then went inside. ” Can I help you” this woman asked, trying to keep a straight face I just said, “A packet of Durex please,” she reached under the counter and placed the packet on top. I had no idea what they cost not having bought any before, and handed her a ten shilling note. Others came in the shop and I just stood there embarrassed as she seemed to take forever to give me my change.

After leaving the shop I breathed a sigh of relief, pleased with myself then the old fear returned what if she didn’t show up, it was agonizing waiting around till 7 PM outside the pub where we were to meet. I had butterflies in my stomach; worried someone who knew me might ask what I was doing hanging around outside, you can imagine my relief when I saw her walking towards me.

“You kept our date” she said sounding pleased, “I was sure you’d have a change of heart afterwards.” “Why would I do that” I answered, feeling relieved as I opened the door for her and we entered the pub. The place was filling up fast, normal for that time of night in England in those days, particularly on a Saturday night. As we found a seat nobody paid us any attention, Norma sat down while I went up to the bar and bought our drinks.

It was stuffy in the bar with all the people smoking and talking, so she took her coat off and placed it over her knees. She had on a very nice dress I was disappointed as it had a high collar and no buttons at the front, I had convinced myself she would wear something more accessible for later on. When she went to the toilet I saw her from behind and again I felt an excitement seeing her stocking seems going up her legs from her high heels, and disappearing under the hem of her dress. She had a nice figure no doubt about that.

I was still a little anxious being with her and began to wonder about going to the dance with her, there would be others from the camp who knew me, and would be wondering why I was with a much older woman. I had the bright idea (I thought) that she might Sincan Escort like to go to the pictures instead, but she just said she’d prefer to go dancing. I was just too weak to argue; in fact I was too weak to take any initiative at all at this point.

My fear made me drink quickly and she noticed, placing a hand on mine telling me to relax, things would be all right. After a couple of hours and about 4 drinks, we left to walk to the dance hall. We checked our coats and went into the main hall, it was quite crowded as expected and sure enough there were some guys from the camp who knew me and said hello. I’m sure I went red in the face as I muttered a reply and kept on walking with Norma. She had the good sense to keep going till we got further into the hall where we found a couple of chairs.

Once we got dancing I felt more relieved, again with the crowd we danced cheek to cheek and I loved the feel of her body against mine. She would blow in my ear from time to time and brush it with her lips, one hand behind my head to hold it close to hers. My concern of what other people thought soon dispersed as a result, as I enjoyed the mild titillation of rubbing our bodies together, my cock as solid as a pole.

We danced all the slow ones and jived to some of the fast ones and had a great time really, the dance went on till 1 AM but around midnight I asked her if she wanted to leave but she said no, she was having a good time. Finally around 12:30 she agreed and to my relief I got our coats on and we left the hall.

Once outside initially the coolness was a relief from the heat of the hall, but it was a bit cool so we hurried along the street. Arm in arm, she told me she had a really nice time and was glad to have met me, telling me how nice I was. She seemed to be taking the lead as to where we were going, turned down a side street that was a lot darker that the main street. I put an arm around her waist and steered her into a doorway, there we started to kiss. She took my face in both her hands and like the night before kissed me fiercely, her tongue going deep into my mouth. I loved it, my arms went around her to pull me too her as we did and pushed my leg between hers.

She was responding as I’d hoped, I undid her coat buttons and got both my hands under it and around her hips to pull her into me. I massaged her buttocks through her dress and as I did pulled it up and getting under it and onto her knickers. Now she had her head back letting me kiss her as she placed one leg behind mine and her hand found my crotch. She gripped my manhood through my trousers and before I could stop it I ejaculated, I felt it pour out of me into the fabric of my underpants and trousers. I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to say, Norma felt it too and realized what had happened.

There was nothing I could do there and she took the initiative and fastening her coat said, “Come on” and taking my hand led me on down a few more streets and into a block of flats. She led me up a few flights of stairs and stopped at a doorway and taking a key out of her handbag, unlocked the door and brought me inside. She took her coat off and hung it up then helped me off with mine, then my jacked and hung them up too.

I had wanted this so badly now I felt like a little kid, I didn’t know what to say or do, I just stood there like a dummy while she undid my belt and trousers and next thing I knew she was telling me to take them off. I was the man, I was the one who was supposed to be doing the seducing, this was not how it happened at all like in the books I’d read. She had me sit down while she took my shoes off, then my trousers along with my underwear. She went to her bathroom where I heard her run a tap while I sat there embarrassed covering myself with my hands.

She rinsed the cum stains out of my shorts and trousers, then hung them up to dry before returning to sit with me. I felt so humiliated; I could have cried it was all I could do not to. All my dreams of finally getting shag had gone horribly wrong, I felt so helpless and stupid for not being able to control myself. She came and sat beside me, and turning her back to me asked me to undo the clasp and zipper of her dress for her. Once I did she stepped out of it and placed it over the arm of a chair then took off her slip.

She put an arm around me and gave me a hug and said something like, “That’s OK, you’ll get over it, and it will get better” and putting a hand on my cheek turned my head towards and kissed me. I didn’t really respond, I felt too intimidated and now wished I’d never gone on the date with her.

Saying “come on,” she got up and took my hand and pulled me to my feet, meekly I followed her as she led me into her bedroom where she undid my tie and took it off, unbuttoned my shirt and it followed my tie. Now standing there in just my socks I felt like a little boy whose mother was getting him ready for bed. Even seeing her in her bra and knickers didn’t Yenimahalle Escort arouse me, in fact I think my cock had shrivelled up to the point I felt it would never get hard again. For the time being all my macho feelings had gone out the window, my ego was at an all time low.

She unsnapped her bra and threw it off and lay on top of the bed and patting it said, “Come on join me.” Now I did as she asked, smiling at me I felt she was laughing at my attempts to make love to her, she was taking the initiative and I just let her kiss me and run her fingers over me. I wrapped my hands around her; more for the feeling of security it gave me, like a child does in the arms of its mother. Hugging me pressing her breasts into mine, her hands roaming over my back and buttocks, her touch so light soon I felt my body start to respond.

The feelings being induced inside me made me feel better, her kisses encouraged me, tongues probing one another, and getting more urgent as her hands continued to work their magic on my skin. I felt my manhood stiffen and I automatically moved to give her better access.

She didn’t take hold of my cock as I would have suspected, rather just let her fingers rake over it up and down. Repeating this from my balls to the tip of my cock was working their magic, and I once again enjoyed a glorious hard on. She turned onto her back and whispered to me, “well aren’t you going to take my knickers off,” I got up on my knees and with shaking hands pulled them down and off her feet. Once they were clear she opened her legs and for the first time I gazed on a real hair covered vagina, that neat triangle of hair against the whiteness of her skin was marvellous.

Instinctively I knew what was needed as I crawled up over her and brought my cock to her pussy, she reached down and took hold of the shaft and guided it to the entrance. I felt her rub it up and down her slit before placing the head inside the entrance. Excited beyond belief I rammed it home, and for the first time in my life I felt my cock inside a woman’s body.

I started to shag her and felt her lift her legs over my back as if to hold me inside her, I loved the feel of her nylon stockings on my skin. I still do to this day. The bed was rocking from my thrusts and matching my strokes she gave out some ‘ohs and ahs,’ (something I learned later was for my benefit). It took maybe a minute if that before I felt my cum rising inside me, quickly I pulled out and let it splash over her thighs.

“Ooh why did you do that” she said, “you should have left it in, and I wanted to feel you cum inside me.” I didn’t know what to say, all I knew at that time was if you cum inside a woman she might get pregnant. I suddenly thought of the rubbers I’d bought and should have used one, but before I could apologize or think of anything to say, she told me she couldn’t get pregnant. I didn’t understand it as there were no birth controls I was aware of in those days, and I’d never heard of tubal ligation. Again I felt stupid, and sensing my anguish she quickly hugged me and said, “That’s OK John I still loved it, and it will be better next time.”

Cuddled in her arms and before drifting off to sleep I remember feeling pleased with myself, I was no longer a virgin.

We slept late into the morning and I awoke feeling more like my old self, the embarrassments of the night before behind me now. Norma was lying with her back to me, I snuggled up to her and placed an arm over her and felt her breast taking it gently I cupped it in my hand. I felt her stir and placed a kiss on her back, slowly she turned on to her back rubbing the sleep from her eyes. I kissed her tit, finding the nipple with my tongue I sucked on it and she continued to turn till we faced one another.

She opened her legs and I placed both of mine between hers, and for a minute we both hugged each other. My cock was as solid as a pole again, wanting to find its nest I placed it against her pussy and she took hold of it and placed the head between the lips and I pushed it into her. Now I held her tight, one hand on the cheek of her arse as I shagged her, my thrusts not as violent as the night before and I loved the feeling of stroking her. My climax arrived quickly and I pushed my cock as far into her as I could, holding still as my sperm poured out of me into her pussy.

After quickly she got out of bed and ran to the bathroom, I followed her as I had the need too, she sat on the toilet and I heard her pee hit the water. Once finished she took some toilet paper and cleaned herself, then got up to wash her hands at the sink. At last I could relieve myself and before I was finished I felt Norma’s arms around me, she placed a cheek against my back and waited till I was finished, then kissed me and went to make us some lunch.

I was a little uncomfortable being naked, (embarrassed) as I was not used to it, but as she stayed naked I was too embarrassed to say anything or put any clothes on.

After lunch she told me she was going to take a bath, and after filling the bath tub, and placed some bath salts in it. Inviting me to join her I got in and slowly settled down into the piping hot water. We just soaked for a bit and she kind of looked at me funny, I had my back to the taps and had to sit upright as a result, while she just leaned against the curved end of the tub.

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