Formal Event

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Author’s note:

I have posted quite a few stories here, and to be honest, have gotten surprisingly little feedback from the readers, even though I can see that some of the stories have been read well over 50,000 times.

As a writer, feedback is important to me, and would very much like to have feedback from you, the reader. Part of the joy of writing is knowing that the readers are enjoying the fruits of your work.

If you like my stories, or dislike them, or would like to comment on stories you would like to see more of, or less of. If you have ideas you would like to see me explore, or just enjoy getting off to my stories, please, let me know. You can PM me, e-mail me or leave comments on any of the stories.

Thank you


Now on to the story!


This was not going to be what I called a good time. But the boss had made it clear that the donors wanted the staff to be there, so we would be there. It was to be a black tie event, certainly not the kind of thing I had ever been to, let alone dressed for.

Finding a dress had been an adventure in itself. I must have gone to almost every shop in town that had formal dresses before I walked into this little shop. On the outside it looked kind of dumpy, but it had some of the most beautiful dresses in the window, so on a whim I decided to look inside.

The little old lady behind the counter looked to be about two hundred years old, stooped over and haggard. She looked me up and down and then announced she had the perfect dress for me, before I even had a chance to tell her what I was looking for. She led me to a dressing room with the walls completely covered in mirrors, and told me to get undressed, she would be back in a second. I protested that I wanted to see what she had in mind first, and she scolded me gently and insisted I undress. “everything dear.” She said as she left.

She came back a few moments later with a hanger containing an absolutely stunning black evening dress. It was a strapless, which always made me feel uncomfortable, and had an angular hem. The material shimmered in the light, making it look almost alive.

“Come now deerie. Everything.” The old lady said gently, sensing that I was a bit uncomfortable. “No one here but us two, and I can assure you I’ve seen every kind of body imaginable.”

I turned away and undid my bra straps and let it slide down my arms, dropping onto the single bench in the center of the room with the rest of my clothes. Taking a deep breath, I slipped my white panties down my legs and stepped out of them, not fully understanding why I needed to be so completely naked to try on a dress. But I found myself following her directions even as my mind feebly protested.

“Here.” She said simply, pulling the black dress off the hanger and holding it out for me. I stepped into the dress and wiggled my hips as I pulled it up. The material felt so sensual against my skin, almost as if it were caressing me. Just the feeling of it against my skin started a tingling deep inside me. I worked the material up my body until I settled the strapless top over my large breasts. The dress seemed to mold itself to my body, holding and cupping my breasts almost as if it were a set of hands. I looked at myself in the mirrors and realized that the back of the dress was almost non-existent, the material scooping down to almost to the round of my firm ass, a few delicate strings holding it together almost as if by magic. I turned from side to side, my breasts moving ever so slightly inside the top of the dress, gently tickling my quickly hardening nipples.

The old lady disappeared for a moment, and came back carrying a pair of shoes, black silk stockings and a black lace garter belt. “These are all you need to complete the outfit.” She said. “Try the shoes, just to be sure.”

I watched her set them on the ground and stepped into them, each fitting as perfectly as the dress had. “Perfect. How did you know my size?” I asked as I moved on the three inch heels, turning admiring how my body looked in the dress. My right thigh showed halfway up from my knee, giving a tantalizing view of my legs, while the angular hem dropped to well below my knee on the left. The effect was a combination of class and sexiness. As I moved the dress continued to caress şişli escort my breasts and nipples, making my pussy wetter by the second.

“It’s perfect!” I said with a smile. “I’ll take it.”

“Very well. You dress, and I’ll go write up the ticket.”

I stepped out of the shoes and started to slide the dress down my body. I so wanted to touch myself, and after placing the dress on the hanger, finally gave into a desire that I didn’t seem to be able to control. I sat on the bench in the middle of the room, lifting one leg onto the bench I stroked my finger between my lips, surprised at how wet I had become. I stroked gently up, drawing my moisture across my clit while I watched my body in the mirrors, enjoying how sexy I looked, wishing that my finger were a hard cock. It only took a few strokes before I closed my eyes and allowed the feelings to wash over me, my pussy practically vibrating in delight as the tingles of electricity raced through my body, from my pussy to my tits to every inch of me. My body twitched as I moaned quietly with the sensations flowing over me. I removed my fingers from my sopping pussy, suddenly feeling self conscious, sitting in front of all the mirrors.

I quickly dressed, hoping the little old lady didn’t find out what I had done. Finally dressed I stepped out of the dressing room and carried the dress, shoes and lingerie to the counter.

“That will be seventy eight even,” She said, holding out a little slip of paper.

“Your sure? That sounds awfully inexpensive.”

“Yes, that is correct. Cash or check will be fine.”

I nodded and pulled the checkbook out of my purse. It only took a moment to write the check while she placed the dress in a long plastic bag.

I got home and almost ran to the bedroom, hanging the dress on the doorknob. I couldn’t wait to try the dress on again, this time pulling out the other items as well. I undressed and looked at myself in the full length mirror. My body was far from what I would like it to be, and far from what most men wanted. I shook my head and then sat down in a chair to pull on the stockings. One at a time, I rolled them and slide my hands up my long legs, allowing the silk to stretch and form to my legs, caressing them sensuously. I loved the feel of real silk against my skin, and my pussy was already tingling with the feel of the silk. I stepped into the garter and settled it around my hips, clipping the tops of the silk stockings in place.

I pulled the dress from the bag and looked at the shimmery material, anticipating how it would feel. I stepped into the dress and began to slowly pull it up, feeling it caress my body with each inch I pulled it up. I worked it up until it cupped my full breasts, my nipples hardening as the dress seemed to tease them. I turned side to side, admiring how the dress made me look, realizing that I looked every bit as good as a starlet in the shimmery black material. In the mirror I was pleased to see that my rock hard nipples barely showed in the top of the dress. I tried walking around and with each step my nipples felt like they were being teased by the dress, making me wetter by the second. My pussy was practically vibrating and tingling with anticipation.

I walked over to the bed and sat on the end, looking at myself in the full length mirror on my closet doors. I slowly pulled the hem of the dress up, exposing my wet lips to my sight and my fingers. I gently stroked myself, more turned on that I could remember in a long time. Spreading my legs wider, I leaned back and moaned as my finger bounced across my hard clit, making me jump with the tingles it shot through my whole body. I was in a dream land of pleasure as my fingers stroked myself, seeking that perfect spot, while my deep panting breaths teased my nipples along the inside of the dress. I felt the warmth spread through me as my orgasm grew, little tingles starting at my clit and slowly flowing out toward all of my body, my nipples tensing even harder as they responded to the gentle strokes of my breathing. I lay my head back, my mouth hanging open in pure ecstasy as the waves of sensation washed back and forth over me, my pussy gushing juices over my fingers with each new wave of utter delight.

I lost track of time as I continued to tease myself, not even remembering how taksim escort I came to lay on the bed with my dress pulled up and my legs spayed wide. I looked down at the mirror and saw myself, laying with a contented look, feeling as if I had just been very well fucked.

The entire next day I had worked with anticipation, waiting for the day to be over. I hadn’t been looking forward to the reception, yet now, the thought of wearing that dress, in public, knowing how it turns me on, and how wet I will be. Yes, I was now looking forward to it. Now standing in front of the mirror, caressing my almost naked body, I couldn’t wait to slip the dress on. My fingers teased my nipples, almost as if asking them if they were ready. I knew my pussy was ready. My aroma was strong in my own nostrils as I clipped the lace garter to the tops of the stockings. I so wanted to be spread by a hard dick, and feel the largeness push into me. I stepped into the dress in anticipation, feeling the dress caress my body as I settled it into place. God I was so horny and so wanted to be taken by as strong man, my nipples sucked and my pussy filled.

All the way to the reception I wished I had taken the time to use one of my little toys to make myself climax. I felt so horny, so turned on. But the time for that was past, I would just have to wait until later, much later.

At first I barely noticed him, just another black tuxedo in a sea of black. Then I saw his eyes, the cut of his jaw. There was something captivating about him. He was far from drop dead hansom, yet the way he carried himself, the way he moved told volumes. I moved with him, but always at a distance. I wondered if he knew he was being watched. Part of me wanted to walk over and kiss him, sensuously. Yet the stronger part made me hold back, watching him. He stood talking to a tall woman. I could see him between heads as I stood near the wall. Suddenly his eyes locked with mine. His conversation never changed, yet his mouth curled up in just the slightest of smiles. He knew, somehow he knew. My stomach was filled with butterflies and my wet pussy grew even wetter as I realized that all this time, he knew I was watching him.

Excusing himself from the woman he was talking with he turned, and walked away. I was afraid I’d lost him, he was headed off, to… who knows where. I almost ran after him, but my feet were rooted to the ground in fear. He reached for a glass of Champaign from a passing tray, took two, and then turned to look at me, his eyes once again boring into mine, making any resistance melt away. I wanted him, and more, I wanted him to want me. He cocked his head slightly, almost imperceptibly, but I saw it, how could I not see it? It was meant for me. He turned and walked away, and I followed, as obediently as if I were on a leash.

I had no idea where he was going, or what he planned, but I didn’t care, I wanted him. I wanted him to want me, so I followed. He led me across the wide lawn to the small lake and across the small wooden bridge to an isolated island. He turned and waited for me, holding both glasses, part way between the bridge and a small gazebo, lit gently with tiny flicking lights. He said not a word, simply held out the glass and then slipped his arm around me. He steered me gently into the small structure, allowing me time to step gently up the stairs on my heels. I turned to face him, looking deep into his blue eyes, feeling my desire burn inside me. He reached out and took my glass, setting them both on the railing of the gazebo, and then stepped forward. His arms were powerful and strong, yet he held me as delicately as if I were breakable china.

I circled my arms around him, pulling him to me, pressing my breasts into his chest as he lowered his lips to mine. His kiss was electric, causing all those butterflies in my stomach to fly throughout my body. I practically melted in his arms as he stroked my nearly naked back with is strong hands. His gentle kiss continued, our lips tasting, searching, gently teasing each other even as his hands were slowly pulling my dress over my hips.

For a moment I was afraid, what if someone saw us, noticed what we were doing. But my desire for him, my lust for feeling his strongness inside me overcame, and I moved my arms to his neck and stepped back enough to let topkapı escort him have his way. I so wanted him to have is way with me.

His hands pushed my dress down over my hips, the material dragging across my rock hard nipples before they were exposed to the cool night air. He knelt before me, breaking the kiss with my lips and kissing down my neck and chest as he knelt. I felt his hot breath on each of my hard nipples as I looked down, anticipating, longing for him to wrap his soft lips around both of my hard nipples.

I moaned loudly as he sucked my right nipple into his mouth, his tongue working slow teasing circles around it while he caressed my bare ass. My hands pulled his head to my breast, my eyes closing in pleasure as he teased and licked my hard nub. I felt his hands leave my naked ass, but I didn’t care, as long as his mouth continued to push me slowly up the climb toward the climax I had been longing for for hours. His mouth disconnected briefly from my right breast, only to close again on the left, bringing yet another moan of pleasure. My mind screamed at me that I was standing naked in the open, my body being taken by a man I didn’t know. My body silenced my mind as his fingers teased across my wet lips, stroking some of my moisture up and across my exposed clit, a shudder shooting through my whole body.

I was disappointed when he pulled his head away again, leaving his hot saliva to cool on my breast. I opened my eyes to look and saw him getting up from his knees, his body somehow as naked as mine was. I never even felt him move from me his attention to my nipples so intense.

He backed me slowly to the railing and gently lifted me up, sitting me on the wide board. With a smile he spread my legs and stepped between them, his hard dick pointing up at me, looking at me, begging to be touched. I reached out gently with both hands and grasped his rock hard cock, gently stroking it as he reached for a Champaign glass. He dipped his finger and gently drew small circles around my nipples, teasing then with the cold liquid as I gently stroked his dick.

I wanted him to fill me, I wanted him deep inside my wet pussy. I pulled him toward me, aiming his hard head at my wet lips. Willingly he stepped forward, allowing me to press him against me, and then leaning forward to slowly push into me. Gently, slowly, tenderly, he pushed his wide head deep into me, making my tunnel spread and stretch around him. Again a moan escaped me as my body reveled in his attention, his dick slowly filling my whole being. If there were a heaven, this had to be it. My body cried in pleasure as he stroked slowly in and out of me, his fingers teasing my nipples. I reached out and held him around the neck for balance as I lifted and spread my legs, wrapping them around him. I could feel him move in me, his mushroom head pushing and caressing my tunnel as my heels rested on his constantly moving rear.

With each stroke I felt the tingle grow. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, my climax slowly building to where I couldn’t contain it. My body cried out in pleasure as the first tremors washed across my legs, only to be driven into a frenzy as I felt the first strong surges of his cum flow into me. His dick jumped and jerked, his cum filling me as my own body jerked and trembled in pure ecstasy. My body cried, and I cried into the night, as the pleasure washed over me time and again, the intensity more than I had ever recalled. For what seemed like hours I felt his hard dick twitch and buck inside my spasming pussy, never wanting the feeling to leave.

Finally, slowly, almost dreamily, the feeling slipped away, leaving me panting, wanting more. I opened my eyes to see my lover, to look into his deep blue eyes and thank him for such an incredible gift. But all there was to see was darkness, broken only by the twinkling of the small lights. I looked down and saw myself, fully dressed, yet still flushed and panting from the incredible strength of my climax. I reached between my legs, hiking the dress up, touching my pussy, feeling the wetness leaking from me.

Confusion set in quickly. Where was my lover. Was he a dream? Had I imagined the whole thing? How could that have been. He was so perfect, exactly what I wanted, needed, desired. I shook my head, deciding that I had made the fantasy up in my head, disappointed that my perfect lover was only in my mind.

I slipped off the rail and stared to the stairs, freezing in my tracks as I looked at the wide railing, and two half empty Champaign glasses sitting with a black bowtie looped around the stems, tying them tighter as one.

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