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I was a young buck in Special Forces. I was fairly tall, blond hair, hazel eyes, nice face, and an easy smile. I had completed the Special Forces Qualification Course as an 05B1S, a Special Forces Communications Sergeant, but I was still a Specialist Four in rank.

I joined the Green Beret Parachute Club for entertainment, to learn skydiving. While you didn’t need to be in Special Forces to belong, most students and members had some sort of an affiliation. While I was there attending class, one of my fellow students was a young, busty brunette named Kim. We got along well and had a few skydives between us. We casually dated and were about to take it to the next level. Kim invited me to meet her father. Of course I said yes.

The next evening, I was introduced to her father, a two star General in Command of the US Army Special Warfare Center and School. We had a nice chat. I now know he was trying to send me away when he asked what school I wanted. Bribery gets you anywhere when you’re young and excited to attend another school. I thought quickly and answered that I wanted to cross-train and be a Special Forces Medic. He grinned and said, “Done”. That was one of the schools under his purview. It was also one of the longest schools in the Army. All I had to do was go through the Advanced Individual Training (AIT) school to become a medic. Back then it was coded 91B, today it is coded 68W. Then I had to attend the much longer Special Forces Medical School, the gold standard for enlisted Special Operations medical personnel. When I was finished I was told I was qualified to be a doctor in 27 countries. I think that’s horse ca-ca, but there’s not much I haven’t done when medically necessary.

Magically, I had orders in my hands the next day. I never saw or spoke with Kim again. I believe that was her father’s intent.

A few days before my AIT began, I drove my land yacht, a 1968 Buick Le Sabre to Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX.

On the way, I was exhausted and got a room in Austin, TX. I asked the guy at the desk where I could grab a drink, he pointed across the street. I thanked him, put my stuff in my room, quickly showered, dressed in clean clothes, and headed out for that drink.

I walked in and took a seat at the bar and asked for whatever they had on tap. Then I looked around. It was quiet and it was all women. I sat there quietly drinking my beer when two women walked up and started a conversation. It was nice but it felt… different. Then they clued me in. It was a lesbian bar. I had no idea. After speaking with me for awhile, they understood I was just there for a drink and not out to get laid. They invited me to join them and we had an enjoyable hour or two. I left to waved hands and a few hugs when sleep began taking over. I left for San Antonio the next day.

I arrived on a Wednesday, and inprocessed the school company, handing in my orders and signing a form or three. I was assigned a bunk, told that I would be the Class Sergeant, and to stow my gear. I did, and familiarized myself with tesettürlü escort where the showers were, the mess hall, and so on. I was instantly bored crazy, but I had a car, so I made a few friends, and drove us around. We found our classrooms, a few snack halls, the pool, the movie theater, and came home to crash in our bunks.

I stood out for two reasons. I was a fairly good looking blond, slightly older soldier with a few badges on my uniform, and I was wearing a green beret with a Fifth Special Forces Group flash and insignia.

I thought I was going to go insane with boredom, when in walked the Company Executive Officer, or XO. She was blonde, about 5’5″, had a brilliant smile, and filled out her uniform quite nicely, but I couldn’t judge her boobs. Her face was at least a 9.5, she was clearly way out of my league.

I had heard there was a certain Lieutenant who was an “easy lay for a Green Beret”, but I thought there was no way this officer, this Goddess among mortal men, would ever possibly consider me, she was that stunning. But I sucked up my apprehensions and gently approached her. I asked her if she could help familiarize me with the area. She just looked at me with smiling eyes and said “Sure, how about tomorrow evening?”

I was simply gobsmacked, got her address, and began mental preparations for my dream date.

What both of us knew but never really talked about was fraternization. Officers may not date enlisted soldiers. Officer, especially, may never date soldiers in their own unit. I am certain she would also be guilty of “Conducting Unbecoming An Officer”, but, obviously our mutual lust overcame our misgivings.

The next day was a blur, all I could think about was that night’s date. After duty, I showered, reshaved, and put on casual but nice clothing. I got in my Buick, and drove the several miles to her home. I approached the door to see a note on the door, inviting me to take a seat on the sofa, to wait there because she was showering. I sat and was dumbstruck when she dashed from the bathroom to the bedroom – naked. Damn, did she have a tight, gorgeous body with beautiful bouncy breasts. I knew it was a deliberate tease, so I just smiled and enjoyed it. We left her home and I honestly don’t remember much of what we did. I do remember, however, her sticking her tongue in my ear, resulting in the rigid hardening of certain parts of my body. Her name was Liz for Elizabeth, and she certainly had all my attention.

We returned to her place, where clothes flew off and I worshipped the body of this goddess. She looked like the sister of a recent Playboy centerfold, and I did everything I knew to make her experience one she would never forget. I know she climaxed, repeatedly, as did I.

That was Friday night. I woke up on Saturday with this goddess. We made gentle love, we talked, and she asked me if we could go to Canyon Lake, where the military had a small resort. There also was a nudist resort next door, but I never went there.

We türbanlı escort purchased a swimsuit for me and a towel and set off for fun in the sun. Then I discovered Liz had an exhibitionist steak a mile wide. We were extremely affectionate, even around her friends. She especially enjoyed throwing her arms around my neck, kissing me, rubbing herself against me and my very, very hard cock. We were speaking with her friends, when I reached down, pulled out my cock, pulled her suit to the side, lowered her, and guided her onto my raging bull of a cock. We were standing there, fucking, while talking with her friends!

I had known this woman all of three days and were checking off all kinds of fantasies.

Liz taught me how to man a grill, so I cooked often. We never got drunk, but enjoyed drinks with dinner, then afterwards, while holding hands.

We discovered we had grown up only about 10 miles apart, but she was one year older and had attended a neighboring high school. I knew a few of her classmates and she was related to a few of mine.

She started talking about marriage that first weekend. I was not opposed. She went into planning mode, as in planning out my life.

About one month into our relationship, her father visited. He is a retired full-bird Colonel. He was a really nice guy. Most of the weekend was spent planning out several ways I could receive my commission and marry Liz without repercussion. Six years later it happened, unbeknownst to them.

Life went on and it was good. The 91B school was mostly a reminder of all the first aid training I received in the Boy Scouts, but less stressful and with a few more physical tasks. I made a lot of enlisted friends, most of whom suspected I was living with our company XO, but they never publicly brought up the subject.

One of our sacred rules was that I must never acknowledge our relationship in public. She, as the XO, inspected us daily. I stood in front of the formation as Class Sergeant. She could torture me in front of my classmates and they would never know, for certain. Every day she did something to turn me into a bubbling pile of ooze, teasing me beyond comprehension. She would subtly arch her back in front of me, accentuating her magnificent breasts. Many days she would whisper in my ear, and describe something she wanted to do with me, tell me how much she had enjoyed something we had done, or say, “imagine they saw me sucking on your big cock, that you titty-fucked me, and blew a load all over my chest “. All the blood seemed to leave my big head, almost over inflating my little head. I was often delirious with lust. That evening I was sure I pounded her into submission, every night we were out of control.

At one point, Liz decided that we were going to visit a family friend, a living legend, General Omar Bradley, who was living at Ft. Bliss, Texas. She had a sports car but she wanted me to drive. We were on I-10, heading West, in the middle of nowhere, when she decided to drive my stick shift. She tüyap escort unzipped me, pulled me out, lowered her head into my lap and drove me insane with arousal. I knew I had to pull off to the side of the road because I would surely have an accident and was just about to when… Flashing lights filled up the rear view mirror. I zipped up, she wiped her mouth clean, and we both were giggling. I gave the officer my Driver’s License and Liz’s registration for her car. When he asked if I knew why he had pulled me over, I burst out, “I was getting a world-class blowjob and was just about to pull over”. He grinned and said, “yes, you were weaving all over the road.” He handed me back the paperwork, admonished me to drive more carefully, tipped his hat, grinning, and let us go!

The rest of the trip to Ft. Bliss was uneventful, and really boring, but we were always on the edge of busting out giggling.

Liz took me with her when she visited General Omar Bradley. He was wheelchair bound but he had bright eyes, his intellect was still keen. He died several years later. I was honored to have met a real American hero from World War II.

That night we celebrated by dancing at the Officer’s Club. Disco was still big, so we spent a lot of time dancing. One of my previous girlfriends really taught me to dance well, so we had a great time. …until I did some sort of a split on the floor and split the crotch of my skin tight faded jeans in half. It was the kind with all kinds of zippers for decoration.

One thing I have to mention now was that I was assigned to a Special Forces ODA, a SCUBA team. We didn’t wear underwear, I was told that we wanted to keep our crotches as dry as possible.

Here, Liz and I were in the middle of the dance floor, flaunting the family jewels quite prominently. Anytime I was near Liz I was hard, massively so. I quickly had Liz walk in front of me and I closely followed her out the door, to her car.

We got inside her car, she lustfully got on top of me, pulling my cock into her absolute sopping pussy, and started slamming herself down on me in the classic cowgirl position. The windows got all fogged up, we exploded, and we just relaxed in each other’s arms. I had done things with this goddess that books are written about. Until I fucked up.

Liz’s niece came to visit a week before I was to rotate back to Ft. Bragg before I returned for my Special Forces Medic Course, coded 300 F-1. Liz’s niece was the embodiment of an enhanced teenage slut. We had a few days together, when Liz had weekend officer duty.

Her niece wore barely there clothing, revealing double D cup boobs, a tight waist, and long, long legs. I tried to watch TV while she complained how much she missed her boyfriend, what she was going to do to please him when she returned, and how she was used to being pleased by him.

Seeing her and hearing this, I thought I was receiving a green light, go! To me it was blatantly obvious. To her, however, she was just venting. Just like that, therefore, I was out the door, never to return.

When I returned for the 300 F-1 course, I tried to call Liz, several times. She said she missed me but it was not to be.

The brightest light in my life flashed by, and I messed up. My experiment in fraternization was a brilliant success until it became a horrible failure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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