Friend Day Ch. 01

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Believe it or not, there are benefits to the ridiculous fuel prices that have plagued our country. I am a living, breathing example of it. A few years ago, I was in a real slump. I was working part time, going to school full time, and living at my mom’s place. It doesn’t sound so bad, until I say that I wasn’t fresh out of high school. No, things hadn’t changed much for me in the long six years I’d been trying to become a self-supporting member of society. I was 24, and because of the way I lived and where I lived, I wasn’t getting much action either.

I lived in a small town, which meant all the girls my age I had graduated with. All of them had moved on, either moved out of town to attend big schools or got married and cranked out kids already. The little action I did get was usually out of pure luck by some new girl in the college finding an attraction to my silent and mysterious demeanor. Most of them were afraid of me, but maybe once a year a new one would take a chance on me. I got head twice that way, and actually fucked one. She was my first and only, until the summer of the glorious year my story is about.

My best friend from high school was Paul. He was the one guy that didn’t want to leave town. I did want to leave, but my family was not wealthy enough to send me off, and I wasn’t about to stay in a dorm so I chose to commute to a nearby community college. He was the small town type — he wanted to work, had no interest whatsoever in higher education, and wanted to start a family young. And that’s exactly what he did. He got a job, married his high school sweetheart, and a few years later came their first.

Socially and morally, he was pretty much the complete opposite of me. But with just about anything else, we were like identical twin brothers. That included physical build, sexual tastes, and humor — save he was about half a foot taller than me. So it was no surprise that I found his wife Elaine (which I’ll refer to as Lanie) attractive. I knew her in school too, so after they married she kind of became my assistant best friend and one of the bros. Just out of high school she was at her prime (as we all probably were), and had a perfectly curvy real body, cute face, C-cup breasts, wavy brown hair, and a plentiful ass. After the kid she kept on a few extra pounds, had a slightly wider ass, and her breasts plumped into D-cup range. That didn’t bother Paul or me though. Neither one of us ever thought ourselves as beefcake material in the body department. I’d catch glances at her from time to time, and they both knew it. Who can blame me? I think Paul saw it as bragging rights for himself.

Anyway, it was early summer of my 24th year. I was hard at work because I’d just put another semester in the books and I belonged to the boss for the next few months. Paul and Lanie would come to visit or I would visit them about once a week, but that month things had slowed down. I called Paul to inquire. He said they were in a financial bind and were about to lose one of their cars. Lanie wasn’t working at the time — something that could have helped — but she was the old fashioned type that wants the man to bring home the bacon. The next week, their second car – Lanie’s only ride into town – was repossessed.

It wasn’t long before Paul began asking me for help. I had very little financial assets to offer them anything, so asking for money turned to asking for favors. Paul had to work overtime almost constantly which required the use of their only vehicle, and Lanie needed to run errands every few days for groceries and whatnot. Add to that the fact that she was stuck at home alone with their daughter all day, every day, with no interaction from someone her age other than the few minutes in the mornings and evenings she got to see her husband.

Paul proposed an idea to me over another phone call, “How about once a week on your day off, why don’t you drive out to our place and take Lanie into town so she can run errands and have someone to talk to?” maltepe escort At first I scoffed at the idea because even though she was a friend, I didn’t like the idea of me being alone with my best friend’s wife in a small, gossipy town. Rumors spread, and he might just kill me if he heard something I did but that I didn’t really do. Or even if he didn’t care because he knew better, word could make it around to my various family members, and they wouldn’t know better.

But then I realized that I could take advantage of the situation. My only intent was for a little gas money, but my humor got the best of me and I replied to him, “Okay, I’ll do it, but you know the old saying — ‘ass, gas, or grass: no one rides for free’.”

Paul chuckled and said, “Alright man, I get it. I’ll see what I can do. I really appreciate it, Steve. She’s going crazy out there by herself. Talk to you later, gotta get back to work.”

Did I forget to introduce myself? I guess so. I’m Steve.

Sooner than I knew it, Wednesday rolled around which was my first arranged ‘friend day’ with Lanie. I had not been prepaid and assumed Paul had left some cash with Lanie or would attempt to owe me. It was a hot and beautiful summer day with a few white clouds against a glowing azure sky. When I arrived at their place, Lanie and her daughter were waiting outside the house for me with a car seat ready to go. As I helped her install it in the back seat of my truck, Lanie said to me, “Steve, I can’t tell you how much we both appreciate this. It’s been hell without a car.”

“I know,” I said, “I can only imagine what it must be like. It must be especially hard with this little booger” as I lifted the little girl into her seat and strapped her in securely. She smiled at me and gave me a playful slap on the cheek upon realizing I called her a booger. Lanie smiled and nodded.

As we sped towards town, Lanie broke the silence that had befallen the cab of the truck. In the background the radio played softly. “So I just need to get a few things at the grocery store. We can drop her off at my parents’ place” pointing to her daughter in the back seat.

“Alright” I agreed as I looked over at her in the passenger seat, noticing she was wearing a sports bra and jogging pants. The blue sports bra really brought out the shape of her chest, and I got a little chubby after I could see some nipple through the material. I didn’t keep my air conditioner on full blast for nothing. But as I focused back on the road, my thoughts went from tits to why she was dressed that way and I joked, “So why are you wearing workout clothes? Gonna get a workout in the store, eh?”

“You know how we women shop!” she laughed. After a slight pause, she continued, “Actually I was hoping you might have time to take me by the track so I can get my exercise for the week in. You’re welcome to join me if you want.”

“Ehh,” I said, “we’ll see. I’m not really dressed for the part so maybe a brisk walk but anything more than that and I might get a rash.” I’m very sensitive about what clothing I wear while working out.

“Well that’s okay,” she replied and smiled, “you can just sit in the truck and keep an eye on me.”

I smiled back and said, “No problem.” I knew this was an obvious reference to my various glances her way through the years, and I got a little chill because she obviously didn’t mind me staring.

The rest of the way to her parents’ place was silent, and dropping the kid off went smoothly. I even got a friendly wave from grandma (whom I’d met numerous times — she seemed to like me). On the way to the store I couldn’t stand it anymore and I finally had to ask Lanie, “So I hate to be like this, but how are you going to pay for today’s transportation?”

“Oh don’t worry about it Steve,” she said, “I’ll pay you when we get to the track. I just have to make change when I go to the store.”

“No problem,” I said again as we arrived pendik escort in front of the grocery store. She climbed down from the truck and I continued, “I’ll just go park over there so I can see when you get out.”

“Thanks,” she smiled; “I’ll be back as fast as I can” and she ran into the store. Watching that ass bounce away in those ass-hugging pants brought my chubby back to life. While I sat in the parking lot, I tried listening to the radio but I couldn’t really focus on the music. I had a raging boner but I wanted to deny it to myself. I began to perspire, and was getting funny looks from patrons returning to their cars.

About ten minutes later, which seemed like an eternity, Lanie reappeared and I wasted no time pulling the truck around. I got out of the truck and rushed around to help her with the few bags of groceries. I was moving fast to hide my sweat drops and boner. She kind of stood there amazed at how fast I moved and how helpful I was. As we both climbed back into our seats, she just said “Wow!”

“What?” I asked, trying to act normal.

“You move fast. That was very nice of you,” she said, “you didn’t have to do that.”

“Just bein’ nice” I shrugged.

The continuation to the track was awkwardly silent as I tried to ditch my thoughts of my friend’s wife getting sweaty and bouncing her tits around. When we arrived I was only about half staff. After parking, I looked over at Lanie expecting her to ask me if I was joining her. Instead, she just sat there looking back at me. The silence was brutal. We even locked eyes.

“Well,” I said gesturing in the direction of the track in front of us, “are you gonna get your sweat on or just sit here?”

“I am,” she smirked, “but first I have to pay you.”

“It’s not exactly a timely matter” I said, finally breaking eye lock to look down at my steering wheel shyly.

“I know,” she replied as she unbuckled her seat belt and scooted over to the center seat, leaning against me slightly, speaking softly into my ear, “but I don’t want you to suffer watching me from the truck with that huge cock sticking up like that.”

My heart began racing, and my boner returned. I was shaking of nervousness, and my only response was to attempt to play off what she said, “Lanie! What kind of talk is that?!?! I… I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh come on,” she laughed, “don’t think I didn’t see it sticking out when you were running all over the place at the store. It was too easy to spot!”

I locked eyes with her again as she began to move her left arm slowly down my body towards my shorts. Right as she reached the waistband I swatted her hand and said, “What’re you doing? We can’t do this! What would Paul do if he found out?”

“He’d probably watch us” she laughed, positioning herself on her knees on the seat in a manner so she could face me. She flipped her hair back and made a ponytail with a scrunchy.

“You’re nuts!” I quivered.

She shrugged and said, “He told me you’d be like this. He said you told him you wanted ‘ass, gas, or grass’ and we can’t afford the last two.”

“Bu-bu-but,” I replied not believing what I was hearing, “that was just a joke. I just wanted a little cash.”

“Look,” she said as she put her face close to mine, “we need every penny he gets right now, and he trusts you so much that he asked me if I had a problem with performing sexual favors on you because he knows you haven’t been laid in a while.”

“And what did you say?” I said, knowing the answer while trying to stall.

“What do you think I said?” she hinted as she reached for my crotch again. I swatted her hand again. “C’mon Steve, you know you want me and I’ve always been attracted to you, so let’s just do this thing.”

I was getting tired of resisting, so I put up my last effort in fighting it, “I don’t believe that he’s totally okay with us screwin’ around while he’s at work, and kaynarca escort even if I did, you want to do it right here at the track, in broad daylight?!?!” I looked around to emphasize that we were in a very public, wide open place, with a state highway just yards away in plain view of the truck.

Getting tired of squatting on her knees, Lanie sat back upright in the seat crossing her arms. “You know it’s hot to get busy in public,” she said, “and anyway you’re a bit of a voyeur yourself. I know you’ve tried peeping through our bedroom door while I was changing on more than one occasion, and I always gave you a little sample.” She paused for a moment and began rubbing my shoulder with her left hand. “How about I just give you a hand job since you’re so wound up about this, and if you don’t like it then we’ll never talk about it again? I’ll even find a way to pay you legit.”

I sighed and slipped my shorts off down to the floorboard, looking around as if I expected someone to be staring in the windows. “Relax babe” she said as she leaned closer to me. We both remained seated upright since people could see us from afar if they tried, and there were a few walkers on the track. She wasted no time slipping her hand under the waistband of my boxers and started stroking me vigorously.

I began to moan slightly as she continued. She was all business with her hand skills, as she continued to stroke me moderately fast. As I began to ooze pre-cum down my shaft and onto her hands, she felt it tighten up as I was about to blow. She finally changed her speed and began long, smooth, slow strokes. I was moaning in a solid volume. She even moaned a little, as she seemed to get some kind of sick pleasure from it. She stuck her right hand down her pants and began to finger herself.

I felt ready to spew, so I looked around again as if I was going to splatter the windshield or something and embarrass myself. I saw a lady on the track jogging by, and she looked at us for a moment and I got a little worried, but she passed us up and continued with her exercise. Lanie apparently saw her as well and said, “See? No one can see us, and even if they could, they don’t care.”

I just laughed a little as sweat covered my body and refocused on my hard cock. Alternating speeds as I neared climax, she eventually returned to the hard and fast speed of a constant stroke, and I was so hard that the tip of my cock was sliding back and forth on the bottom of the steering wheel. This increased my pleasure. “I’m gonna cum” I moaned.

She began to stroke me as fast as possible, and as she watched me orgasm from my face, she waited until she felt cum smother her hand and my underwear, and then just let go of my dick as I finished jetting on my own. It was intense, it was great, and it felt like it lasted for hours. She was way better than those college girls I’d been with.

When I finished, my underwear soaked, she pulled her hand out to reveal the huge load I’d lost all over it, and she fingered herself faster as she licked it off her hand. She quickly climaxed herself as I rested, and as I pulled my shorts back up she was finished as quickly as she started and was climbing out of the truck. Smiling at me she said, “I hope you liked that. Just remember if you play your cards right you can get that and more every week. I’ll be back in a little bit.”

All I could do was just nod and wave as she left me on my own in the truck. She jogged around the track, each time passing the parking lot she was getting sweatier and bouncing those assets around. When she returned, she was soaked and the sweat on her sports bra highlighted her chest once again. I drove to her dad’s house quietly reflecting on what had just happened, and composed myself when we arrived. We retrieved her daughter and I drove the two of them home on the quietest car ride I’d ever been in.

“So,” she said as she unloaded groceries at the house, “can I assume that the deal is still on as planned?”

“Uh huh,” I muttered, “but I still think I’m gonna get my ass kicked.”

“Give it time,” she smiled, “you’ll find out it’s on the level. Who knows? Maybe he’ll get a day off too, and the two of you can…coordinate.”

I said goodbye and drive home drained. I spent the night drinking and thinking on it, and jerked off three times in the process.

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