Fulfilling a Fantasy Pt. 02

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Beach Sex


The strapon is held to the harness by a big plastic “screw” that takes an allen wrench. I wanted to get one and keep it with our toy so we wouldn’t have to hunt one up every time my wife was in the mood to fuck me. We were going to the hardware store so I told her to get the strapon out so I could see what size wrench we needed.

When I went into the bedroom she not only had it out but was wearing it. She was just trying it with the briefs just to see how everything fit. Seeing her with her hard cock sticking out got me instantly hard. We played around a little bit. I stroked her and got on my knees. She held it out and I tried again to see how much I could fit in my mouth. I was super horny and told her that if we had more time she would have to use it on me.

That was all we had time for. On the way to the store she asked if we could put chocolate on it. Depending on what she has in mind we could but it’s not something I want to get inside of me. But it makes me wonder what she has in store.


I told my wife last Friday that, if she wanted, she could probably talk me into sucking her cock and letting her fuck my ass. Turns out she had already been thinking up a scenario so we planned things for that Saturday.

The next afternoon I was laying on the couch waiting for her to get ready. After a few minutes she came into the hallway and knocked on the wall. I got up and pretended to open the door.

She was playing the role of a guy who was staying in the same motel as I was and needed some help with something. We went back to “his” room (our bedroom) where she proceeded to tell me about her problem. She had hired and paid for a hooker who never showed up. She had also taken a Viagra to help her out. Having told me all of this, she looked down and indicated her problem: A raging hard-on stretching out her pants a good six inches. She even offered to pay me if I would help her out. I could always use some extra cash so I decided to take her up on her offer.

She pulled down the top of Kartal escort her pants, releasing her hard cock. I took it in my hand, stroking it. I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. And anywhere else she wanted to put it.

We stood there and talked as I stroked my wife’s cock. We both knew what was going to happen. I just wanted to hear her say it.

“Suck my cock.”

I eagerly dropped to my knees and took her dick into my mouth. I couldn’t deep throat her like I wanted to but I gave it my best shot. I gagged some but not too bad. Her cock was big enough that I could grab it with my fist and pump it as I sucked her off. It really turned me on to be able to suck her as hard and as enthusiastically as I was able to because the few times we had done this before we didn’t have the strapon so one of us had to hold the dildo while I sucked it. Now we both had our hands free and could do whatever we wanted. At one point I had her hold my head in both hands so she could fuck my mouth. At the same time I used my free hand to push her end of the dildo against her pussy. (She told me later that it’s too thick and hurts to try and put it inside of her. I’m looking into ways to help her out. I’ll let you know how things go.) After a few minutes of sucking and stroking she “came”. I held a mouthful of saliva so I could show her “load” to her before I eagerly swallowed it.

We climbed onto the bed and I had her lay back so I could suck her some more then she had me get on my hands and knees so she could enter me doggy style.

Whenever I’ve taken a dildo in the past it hurts a little when it first goes in so I have to take it out, relax a little, then put it back in. My wife knew this and we had planned for it.

She lubed up her cock and I tried to relax as she entered me for the first time.

As I said earlier, in the past our dildo hurt a little when it was first put in but this time was different. This time it hurt like a motherfucker. I couldn’t get her out of me fast enough. She pulled out and I laid on Kurtköy Escort my stomach and tried to let my asshole recover. After a couple of minutes the pain subsided enough that I could consider giving it another try.

I got back on my knees and my wife relubed her cock and slowly eased it back inside of me. This time it slid in much easier and felt better.

Staying in character the entire time we spent the most part of the next hour or so with her cock in my ass, trying different positions and seeing how hard and deep I could take it. I’m pretty sure that with practice I’ll be able to take her as deep and hard as we both want.

My wife came twice, maybe three times, during our little session and had that intense, teeth gritting expression that really turns me on. After she was done I decided to jerk off to finish. It wouldn’t take long. I still wanted her to be totally in charge and not do anything to me. After a couple minutes of stroking my cock I realized something: I needed her back inside of me. Not needed it to help me come. Needed like I would have gotten on my knees and begged for it if that was what it took. I bent back over the bed and she entered me again. It felt great but still wasn’t enough so I had her lay down again and climbed on her cowgirl style. After a few more minutes of riding her and her thrusting into me I came without touching myself. The last time I did that I was soft and my climax wasn’t very satisfying. Not so this time. I was hard and gave a few good squirts. Then stopped. I still needed to come and debated on finishing by hand. I also really wanted to lean down and lick my cum off of her. Filled with indecision I rode her a few seconds more. And came again. Or finished coming. I’m still not exactly sure. I came hard, shooting over her shoulder and onto her pillow. When I could think again I climbed off and laid next to her.

It took two days for my asshole to feel normal again and for the muscles in my legs to stop hurting. Totally worth it.

A few weeks later we had Pendik Escort another session. This time I decided to play the submissive servant to my Mistress. She works Saturdays so while I was off I made sure to get all the errands done along with some laundry and a few other things around the house. She knew something was up when I met her at the car and carried all of her stuff inside. I told her everything I had gotten done and that I hoped she was pleased. When she went to change her clothes I helped her get undressed and dressed. During all of this I called her “Mistress” and was as submissive as I could get.

The problem with the whole scenario is that my wife is too nice. She giggled through everything, didn’t assume the demanding role I was hoping for, and wouldn’t let me sit at her feet and attend to her during dinner because she didn’t think I would be comfortable.

She did, however, do the important part. She went into our bedroom and came out a few minutes later wearing a hot low cut top and her cock. Two things that really turned me on. She started referring to herself as my queen and let me service her. The first time she fucked me when she first entered me it felt like someone was shoving a pineapple up my ass. This time it went in a lot easier and didn’t hurt at all. We played around for about an hour or so and, like last time, ended with me riding her and coming without touching myself.

The problem was that during all of this my wife never came until we were done and she took matters into her own hands. Like I said before, her dildo is too thick for her. She also told me that the part that connects her dildo to mine is too short and that even if she could get it in the one that goes in me wouldn’t be positioned right and would point straight down.

Since then I’ve made some modifications. I trimmed down her dildo by cutting away the edge of the head, which is the widest part. I also cut the part that joins the two so now we have two separate dildos. They’re still connected by the wires so both vibrators work. I’m looking forward to trying our new and improved strapon and really hope it works for her. I want her to enjoy our sessions as much as I do. Plus, the more she likes it the more she will want to use it.

Stay tuned for updates.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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