Fun in the Air

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Sitting in plane waiting for take-off my hands are sweating is it nerves because I am afraid to fly or is anticipation of what is sure to be a life altering experience. It had been years since we have had a vacation together. Too long for sure, but there was always a good reason for postponing for yet another year a much-deserved vacation. After our honeymoon we got wrapped up in our lives, between work and going back to school there never seemed to be a good time to go away. Finally we decided that it was time for us to enjoy ourselves. And we planned to do all the things we have fantasized about.

As the plane barrels down the runway I reach across the seat and grab Seth’s hand. Knowing how nervous I am to fly he squeezes lightly his eyes meet me and I can see the excitement building. I manage a small smile as the plane becomes airborne and I know that in few short hours we will be on the beach. I close my eyes and can almost feel the heat of the sun as it caresses my naked skin. I shift slightly in my seat as I imagine the sun on my freshly shaved pussy, the heat creating sensations that run through my veins. I can feel myself getting wet at just the thought. I shiver with excitement and anticipation. Seth looks over at me and misinterprets my shiver for a chill. Which is understandable as I now notice that the plane is over air-conditioned and the hair on my arms is standing on end. As the flight attendant passes I ask for a blanket. My nipples are fully erect and are pressing through the fabric of my thin sundress. A sight that has not gone unnoticed by my husband or the young man sitting next to me in the aisle seat. As I snuggle under the blanket to regain the warmth I felt moments ago I close my eyes and imagine the sun licking my skin with its warmth. I feel the flush of heat spread over my body and smile.

The flight is smooth with only a few bumps that give me an excuse to grab Seth’s hand and bring it with mine under my blanket. My husband looks to me to tell me it is ok and that a little turbulence is normal. But before he can utter a single word I place his hand on my now exposed breast. Since I had a blanket large enough to cover most of my body I had undone a few buttons on my dress. Feeling the fabric of the blanket rub against my sensitive nipple made me forget my fears of flying. The look of surprise on Seth’s face when he felt my bare skin was enough to make me feel even more daring. Slowly Seth begins to tease my nipples. Pinching and rolling them between his fingers. I begin to squirm slightly as I try to contain the moan that threatens to escape my lips. A quick glance at the man sitting next to tells me our fun has not gone unnoticed. He has a shy smile on his face and I can see a bulge beginning to form in his lap. Seeing his enjoyment in our activities inspire me to kick this fun up a notch.

Under the blanket Seth’s talented fingers are working me into a state of total arousal and I can feel the juices in my pussy begin to over flow. I am quickly reaching the point where I must have some attention paid to my aching pussy. I guide my husband’s hand from breast down to my thighs. Thinking I had had enough of playing he slowly and gently caresses my thigh. Ever so slowly his hand climbs higher up my thigh with each stroke his hand roams higher and higher. I am dying with anticipation for him touch my dripping pussy. I lower myself in my seat so to the casual observer it looks as though I am trying to relax during Marmaris Escort the flight. But what I am really doing is making my pussy more accessible to my husband’s touch. After what seems to be an eternity his finger accidentally grazes my quivering lips. Suddenly his hand stops mid-thigh as he tries to comprehend what he just felt.

Could it be true was I really naked under my sundress. I had never dared to go bare before, he thought he must have been mistaken. From the corner of my eye I see his look of contemplation and smile at him. His hand continues to caress my thigh and soon reaching the point of divide. Where my legs ends and pleasure begins.

Extending a finger he plunges it into my hot wet pussy and stops. I cannot suppress the moan that escapes my lips. Seth is beside himself with shock. Not only was I not wearing any panties it felt as if I was a smooth as baby’s ass. In is lap his now hard cock is straining to be released from his tight jeans. Seth’s finger works in and out of my soaked pussy building my passion with each stroke. Deftly he begins to work my clit with his talented fingers looking up just in time to see our neighbor adjusting his now fully erect cock in his pants. Meeting Seth’s eyes our aisle-mate smiles and says this is the best flight I have ever been on. It doesn’t take long for my husband to bring to orgasm. As the first wave of my release shakes my body the blanket slides off my breast exposing them to anyone whom happened to look in our direction. Fortunately our neighbor saw this and quickly brought the blanket up to cover me giving him the in he had been waiting for.

His fingers quickly go to work on my sensitive nipples bringing my orgasm on even faster and much more powerfully. Seth looks up to see what has brought on this renewed fever. As he catches our neighbor’s eye he says beautiful aren’t they. It takes all the control I have not to cry out when my orgasm reached its peak. Wave after wave of pleasure came crashing down upon me as I shudder and moan softly. Seth’s fingers stop their tantalizing dance across my clit as my neighbor slows his nipple teasing to extend the pleasure before he finally stops and looks at me and my husband.

After a few moments I am able to speak I turn my head to face my accommodating neighbor and say, “ Hi my name is Julia, this is my husband Seth, it is very nice to meet you. Gently he takes my hand and lightly places a kiss on the top of it and says my name is Marc and the pleasure is all mine. But if you will excuse me for a moment I am in need of a slight adjustment in my pants. With that said he rose from his seat and made his way to the restroom.

As soon as he was out of earshot Seth turns to me and says, “ you are just full of surprises aren’t you. “You naughty girl how did you get out of the house with no panties on without my knowing”. Playing along with his scolding I coyly ask if I am in trouble for being such a naughty girl, and what my punishment will be. Smiling he tells me to be ready for whatever punishment he may choose whenever he may chose to instill it. Then seriously he looks at me and asks what I thought about our new friend. Marc is in really good shape and looks to be in his early twenties. His hair his short and fashionably tousled. I tell my husband that I thought he was very attractive and had a soft touch. Turning the tables I asked Seth what he thought of our new friend and what had just Marmaris Escort Bayan transpired. Smiling he places my hand in his lap to feel his rock hard cock and says what do you think. At that moment Marc returned to his seat and looked a bit uncomfortable. Grinning I look at him and ask how he is doing.

Stuttering at first he admits he wasn’t sure what to do when he left the restroom. He was sure that he wanted to remain seated in our aisle but wasn’t sure we were ok with it. He glanced to Seth and looked as though he had a million things to say but could not think of one word that sounded right. He starts to apologize for his presumptuous behavior but before he can get a work out Seth tells him that it is ok by him and that I didn’t seem to mind either. As my two companions straighten out the niceties I check out their laps and notice that they are both still hard and I am sure longing for some attention. After I straighten my clothing and put my breast back into my dress I adjust the blanket to cover all three of our laps. Slowly begin to caress the legs of the men on either side of me. Seth immediately relaxes and opens his legs to give me better access. Marc looks shocked and slightly flustered not sure what he should do about the latest development. After receiving a knowing look from Seth that said he approved Marc finally relaxes and gives me access to his steel rod.

Too soon our mini-hand job is interrupted by the flight attendant with our meal service. Seeing the three of us sharing a blanket she asks if we each like one. The guys chuckle and say they are just fine with sharing. Over our coffee and muffin we share information about our trip. Marc tells us how he was suppose to take this trip with his buddy but the jerk started a new job and couldn’t take the time off. Knowing that it could be awhile before he had the chance to getaway again he decided to go by himself and if the vacation is anything like the flight down he was sure he made the right decision.

After our meal was cleaned-up I excused myself to freshen up leaving the guys to get better aquatinted. Seth mentioned that we were also staying on the beach and that we exploring a variety of fun options for entertaining ourselves during our stay. With the days being spent playing in the sun and surf and the evening for more “grown-up” activities. When I return to my seat Marc begins to rise to let me reach my seat. I tell him not to bother as I climb on his lap for a quick impromptu lap dance. His hands rest on my hips and push my pussy into his hardening cock in his lap. Raising the armrest between our seats I slide myself onto my seat and replace the blankets over all three of our laps. Seth knowing what is on my mind unzips his pants freeing his stiff cock. He leans towards me and whispers in my ear that my punishment is to be performed now. Taking his member in my hand I slowly stroke its length gently tweaking the head. I look to him and say I will do what you ask, when you ask, where you ask. Leaning down into my carry on bag I remove my hand lotion and begin to rub it into my hands. I then bring my hands back under the blanket and look at Seth and say. Tell me what I should do next.

Seth directs my hand to his cock and begins to stroke the shaft with me. I mention that I have two hands. Seth tells me to be neighborly to our new friend since he has already given us a hand in our time of need. Not needing anymore encouragement Escort Marmaris than that. I use my free hand to reach into Marc’s lap and find his zipper has also been undone and his steely rod is just waiting for my touch. After a few strokes of his shaft I begin to work in earnest to bring both of my cocks off. No small feat considering my husband has amazing stamina and I almost never am able to make him cum without my pussy. Marc on the other hand is getting closer to orgasm. Seth sees how close our new friend is to release and he urges me to direct my full attention to Marc. With both hands now free to work on this new cock I am able to better judge what I have in my hands. Although not as long as Seth’s Marc’s cock is considerable indeed. It is about 6 inches long, which isn’t too shabby, but what really caught my attention was that I could barely get my hand around it. For what ever he lacked in length he more than made up for in girth. Adding a touch more lotion to my hands I work his cock with both hands. Wrapping both hands around his fat cock I quicken the pace my hands travel up and down his shaft. Squeezing every few seconds to keep him off balance. It doesn’t take long before I sense his release building in his balls. His cock begins to throb within my tight grip. Seth hands slide into Marc lap to give me a napkin to catch his cum in. The temptation is so great that he sneaks a quick feel of Marc’s member. Which brings Marc over the top. With a low grunt and a thrust of his hips Marc spews his juice into the napkin and seems to collapse into his seat. Marc’s eyes are closed as he smiles and says WOW.

I am too excited to take much more of this teasing. My soaking wet pussy needs to be filled with a hard cock. And it better be soon of I feel sure I will lose my mind. Winking at Seth I scoot my way out of my seat and casually stroll to the restroom hoping Seth understood my unspoken desire. I enter the small cramped restroom and though I feel unsteady from the excitement that is building within. My hands find my nipples and tease them with quick rolling pinches and the juices in my pussy begin to flow. I swear it felt as though my pussy leak all down my legs if I kept this up. At that moment the restroom door opens and my husband joins me in the restroom. Something I can help you with my love he whispers as he pulls me close to him.

His hands feel like they are all over me. In one quick movement he turns me around facing the small sink slides my dress up around my waist and slides his hard cock between my legs stuffing my hot pussy. Ohh I moan as I feel his cock ram in and out of my hot pussy. Seth’s hands are grabbing at my breasts I arch my back to feel his member deeper inside me. His pace quickens and his breathing grows more rapid. I can feel his throbbing dick reaching its peak. Harder and faster he slams my pussy until finally he grabs hold of my hips to steady us as he gives one last thrust before emptying his load deep in my pussy. Holding on to that sink for dear life because there is no way my legs will support me now. I feel Seth slide from between my legs. He leans over and whispers in my ear, just glad I could help out, before he straightens his clothes and returns to his seat. I take a few more moments to collect myself and let Seth’s cum drip from me before I head back to my seat.

With a grin that will not go away I slide back into my seat and buckle up. Just as I get settled the pilot’s voice comes over the intercom telling us we have reached our destination and are preparing for landing. As we head in for our descent I grab both men’s hands to prepare for touchdown. As the brakes screech to slow down the barreling plane I squeeze their hands and say this is the best flight I have ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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