Fun on South Beach Ch. 11

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Emi had flown to Los Angeles several days before Angel’s whirlwind trip to Puerto Rico, so she was a little surprised when Angel called her to say she was making the trip. Emi felt a little left out but she realized that the job she was in LA for was very important to her career.

The job had been arranged by Marcela Whitman, one of the rich ladies she had met at the fashion show in Palm Beach. Mrs. Whitman had flexed her considerable muscle in the modeling world and gotten Emi hired to model for a spread that was going to appear in a big men’s magazine. As one of the companies Mrs. Whitman owned was the biggest advertiser in the magazine, she had quite a bit of clout which they indulged by letting her “direct” occasional photo shoots.

For this particular shoot, Emi knew that Mrs. Whitman had hired her and a model from the west coast, a girl named Natasha Lee. Emi knew a little about Natasha because she had begun to appear in some of the ads that Mrs. Whitman had control over that Angel and Emi were now following closely.

Natasha was a very beautiful Korean girl who looked to be about 20 or 21. She had long black hair that fell to just above her rear end. For an asian girl, Natasha was very Rubenesque, that is she had very womanly curves but still had a slender waist and legs. Emi had admired what she had seen of Natasha so far, in fact, she thought that Natasha was almost as beautiful as Angel.

Emi arrived at the studio early so she could look around and get comfortable with whoever was going to be on the set. It helped her to relax when she knew the shoot was going to involve some nudity. She was pleased to see that Natasha was already there and seemed to be doing the same thing. She wanted to introduce herself, but she took a moment to look at the set they were shooting on today.

To say it was pretty odd would be an understatement. It looked like a camp for Vikings from 1000 years ago. There were big fake boulders, a campfire, bearskins, spears, and other props of the same vein all around. Emi shook her head and then headed towards Natasha to say hello.

“Hi. Your Natasha, right? I’m Emi and I guess we’ll be working together today,” she said.

“Hi Emi. It’s great to meet you. I’ve seen some of your stuff in print. It’s very nice,” Natasha replied.

“I’ve seen yours too! The ad you did for Siesta Tequila was fantastic!” Emi told her.

“Thanks. That was actually my first big shoot. I was lucky it turned out as it did.” Natasha said. “Listen, I worked one other time for this Whitman lady and it was a little weird. It was like she tried to keep feeling me up the whole time. Have you ever worked for her?”

Emi thought quickly about how to answer.

“Well, um, not sure how to say this other than plain and simple. Mrs. Whitman is a lesbian. It’s a long story, but a friend of mine and I worked this gig in Palm Beach that she was involved with. It was rather interesting to say the least.”

Natasha was shaking her head.

“Shoulda known. The way she kept touching me and saying that she needed to adjust my clothes or to put powder on my breasts. It was a little unnerving.”

Unknown to the 2 girls, Mrs. Whitman was standing across the room watching them. She lusted for Natasha and her lust was particularly strong after Natasha had resisted her prior advances. So Mrs. Whitman came up with a plan, a plan to seduce Natasha so that she could get her hands on the asian beauty’s incredible body. She was going to use Emi to do it for her, though Emi would be none the wiser. Her plan was to direct the shoot in such a way so that Emi’s beauty and touch would seduce Natasha even as they were shooting.

She walked across the room to greet the girls.

“Emi! Natasha! How wonderful to see you. I’m so glad that I was able to hire 2 of my 3 favorite girls for this shoot.” Turning to Emi, she said, “Emi how is your dear girlfriend Angel?”

Natasha looked at Emi slightly surprised, waiting to hear her answer.

“Um, she’s just fine Mrs. Whitman. She’s actually in Puerto Rico right now.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Well, I have much to do and you girls need to get in wardrobe.”

“Mrs. Whitman, exactly what are we doing today? This set looks kinda weird,” Natasha said.

“Well, it’s a fantasy theme like those paperback books from the 70’s that had the girls in danger on the covers. You know, where a girl is chained while a Conan-type battles to save her. Except, there is no Conan today. You two are going to be fighting each other.”

Emi spoke first, “Fighting?”

“Well, make believe anyway. Oh, and Emi, you’re going to be the winner,” the woman told them.

She stepped over close to Natasha and took her by the hands, pulling her to her and kissing her on the cheek.

“And to the victor go the spoils,” she added as she raised a hand to stroke Natasha’s face.

Mrs. Whitman then dashed away after she pointed at the wardrobe area for them. The two girls headed off to get dressed.

“Okay, Ankara bayan escort weirdness is setting in yet again,” Natasha said.

“Tasha, don’t let it bother you. She’s pretty harmless.” Emi replied as they headed to wardrobe.

The two girls were quiet for a few minutes as the wardrobe staff fitted them with their “Conan” outfits. Both of them wore heavy leather bra’s that had metal emblems attached. There were leather armbands and legbands. There were leather skirts, very short, and very cut up the sides. There was “warpaint” to put dashes of bright color on them. Finally, there were helmets that came down across the top of their faces. It was really quite fantastic.

Just before the girls went back to the set, Natasha approached Emi.

“Can I ask a question?”


“Um, before, when Mrs. Whitman was talking, she said you had a girlfriend.”

Emi smiled at her.

“Well, yeah, I guess that’s pretty true. I have a friend that you’ve probably heard of. Angel Enriquez. She and I are very, very close. It’s something that just kinda happened to us. I can’t explain it. But, it just happened.”

“Angel Enriquez is your girlfriend? That’s incredible! Her picture is everywhere! Magazines, calendars, everywhere. And she is your girlfriend? I never would have thought that she was……”

Natasha caught herself just before she said something stupid.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to….uh….I was just surprised

Emi took her hand, “It’s okay. I don’t mind you asking. I can see how that might have got your curiosity.”

As Emi held the asian beauties hand, Natasha didn’t move. In fact, she was looking at her hand in Emi’s, almost fascinated by it. Emi put her other hand over Natasha’s and gave it a squeeze. Natasha then looked up and the 2 girls smiled at each other. Their connection was broken by the Mrs. Whitman’s voice.

“Okay, we are ready for our two stars on the set. Ladies, if you please.”

Natasha tried to withdraw her hand, but Emi held it for another second causing Tasha to look her in the eye one more time. They smiled again before Emi let Tasha go and they walked onto the set.

“Now ladies, the two of you are great Viking warriors. You are in a fierce and lengthy battle. Your swords will clash. Your helmets will fall. Even your leather outfits will be damaged and torn. And finally, we will have a winner who will immediately enjoy the spoils of battle,” Mrs. Whitman told them quite enthusiastically.

Natasha looked at her somewhat increduously while Emi was smiling. She could see where this was going.

“Very well then, let’s begin. Photographer?” she said as she clapped her hands.

The photographer barked out directions to the assistants who handed swords to the 2 girls. They were positioned on the set and the “battle” began. The girls were directed through many shots using swords, knives, axes, and clubs. As they went, various dabs of makeup were added to make them look dirty or bloody. Parts of their outfits were either cut or damaged in some way as if each girl had been struck by a weapon. Finally, Mrs. Whitman stepped in.

“Now girls, the battle has been long and hard fought. But now it is time that one of you begins to lose,” she said as she went to Natasha and put her arm around the girl’s slender waist. “My dear Natasha, I’m afraid that you will be the loser today. Dear Emi will defeat you and she will then enjoy her reward. So, for the next several shots, you will be beaten down, you will fall, you will lose your weapons, and Emi will stand over your defeated body.”

The shoot resumed as Emi “knocked” Natasha down once, twice, and a third time. Natasha lost her sword the third time she fell and Emi stood over her, pointing her sword at Natasha’s heaving chest. She let the blade rub over the leather that barely covered Natasha’s breasts as the asian girl watched. Mrs. Whitman smiled to herself as she watched her plan coming to fruition. She stepped in again to prompt things along.

“Okay, we are now to the climax of our little story. Natasha, please position yourself on the floor at Emi’s feet. Emi, take a fistfull of Tasha’s hair and pull her head back. Yes, that’s it. Now, shake your fist in her face. Good. Now Natasha, hold up a hand as if you give in, that you surrender. Good. Now Emi, you must enjoy the fruits of your victory.”

Emi wanted to hear Mrs. Whitman say it, so she asked a question.

“Exactly what do you want me to do?”

“Why, I want you to strip her of course. She is your prize. Just do it slowly so that we get all the pics we can.”

Emi turned back to look at Natasha who had a nervous look on her face.

“Don’t worry Tasha, it’s all an act,” Emi said reassuringly.

Emi moved around behind the asian beauty and crouched down. She wrapped her hands around the girl’s waist and hugged her as she kissed Tasha’s cheek. Tasha was doing a good job looking scared because that’s exactly what she was feeling, but Escort bayan Ankara somehow, she was also excited. Emi was a very pretty girl and seemed very sweet. Natasha had taken an instant liking to her when they had met earlier. Now that they had worked their way through this shoot and now that she was going to be “helpless” in Emi’s hands, she felt slightly aroused.

Emi held Tasha from behind for several shots as if she was capturing the beautiful warrior. She let her fingers play over the laces that held Tasha’s leather top together. Tasha looked thoroughly frightened as she watched her captor untie the laces and slowly peel the leather bra back, letting her gorgeous breasts spill out. Emi held Tasha’s shoulders back making her breasts jut out and up. Mrs. Whitman was loving every minute of it and the photographer was catching it all on film.

“Yes Emi, you can see your prize now. It is time to take it,” Mrs. Whitman prompted.

Emi said nothing but let her hands rise up the bare waist of the asian girl until she gently cupped the girl’s breasts from underneath. She lifted gently to feel the weight for a moment before she moved her hands over each breast and began to fondle her captive.

Tasha had her back against Emi’s chest and her head down slightly as she watched her breasts being fondled. She couldn’t help but to let a few small “ohs” slip from her as she felt Emi’s soft but firm grip. She was still very nervous but the sight of beautiful Emi’s hands on her was very arousing. Her eyes hardly blinked as she watched her breasts being massaged and fondled.

“That’s very good Emi. Now, come around in front of Tasha. Push her back against that rock. Good. Now lift her arms up, there are manacles and chains to imprison her. One on each wrist. Now pull her head back, there is a leather strap that can go around her neck. Good, now she is helpless to you. Finish stripping her now, she is your prisoner, take her,” the older woman said almost evilly.

Tasha was virtually in bondage now. Although the manacles were fake, they did effectively hold her arms out so that her movement was very limited. The strap around her throat didn’t choke her, but held her head back so she was arched back over the rock. Her chest jutted outwards as a result. Her ripe breasts, and the rest of her body for that matter, had never been so defenseless before and the thought of being in such a submissive position was very exciting to her.

Emi stood in front of Tasha and looked at her beautiful captive. She had to admit to herself that the sight of her was pretty arousing. She had the strongest urge to just dive onto Tasha’s body and take her. She had to remind herself that this was actually a photo shoot, not an orgy of some kind.

In the meantime, Mrs. Whitman had been shooing various people off the set until it was just her and the photographer left. The photographer was actually an employee of Mrs. Whitman’s not of the magazine the shoot was for. This isn’t normally the case, but for this special shoot, Mrs. Whitman had made sure that she had control of everything.

Mrs. Whitman started to wander slowly right to the edge of the set where Emi had begun to remove the rest of Tasha’s outfit. She was unlacing the leather tie that held Tasha’s skirt around her hips and pulling the skirt down the girl’s slender legs. Tasha wiggled her hips to help the effort and also because she was excited. Neither girl realized that Mrs. Whitman was now on the set with them. She knelt down just behind Emi and began to whisper direction to her.

“Very good Emi. Your captive is now stripped before you. She is totally helpless. She cannot resist you. Her body is yours to control and to take. Yes, you like to touch her breasts don’t you. And look at her face, she likes your hand on her. Listen to her, she is almost moaning as you touch her.”

Emi and Tasha were looking right at each other as Emi aggressively fondled Tasha’s breasts. They were both hearing the whispers of Mrs. Whitman and it had almost a hypnotic effect on them. Emi was feeling very dominant and Tasha was letting herself be dominated.

Emi let one of her hands glide down Tasha’s stomach until it reached her belly button. Then, she slowly massaged her hand down lower until her fingers intertwined themselves into Tasha’s pubic hair. Tasha twisted in her manacles as she felt Emi’s fingers so close to her sex. Mrs. Whitman pushed her on.

“Yes Emi, you can almost touch what you want. You want her sex and she cannot stop you. She is your prisoner and you will take her,” the woman commanded Emi.

Emi looked back up at Tasha’s face as she let one arm go behind the girl’s back to hold her. Her other hand moved lower through Tasha’s pubic hair until her fingers lightly brushed over the tender petals of the girl’s sex. Emi saw the arousal in Tasha’s eyes as she let 2 fingers slowly push into the steaming girl. Slowly and gently they went in as Tasha slowly breathed in deeply. She felt an incredible Bayan escort Ankara surge as Emi’s fingers penetrated her. She was so aroused by her submissive position and the fact that this beautiful girl was dominating her. Her eyes closed and she moaned openly as she relaxed and let Emi’s fingers go all the way in.

Neither girl noticed that the photographer had stopped shooting now. In fact, he had left the room entirely and was in the hall guarding the door to keep everyone else out. It was now time for Mrs. Whitman to make her move. She gently took Emi’s shoulders and pushed her away from Tasha’s luscious body. Then, with Tasha’s eyes still closed, she took over the ravishing of the captured asian beauty. Her arms wrapped around the girl as Emi had done and her fingers snaked into the girl’s wet pussy to continue fucking her.

Tasha’s eyes fluttered open briefly, closed, and then flew open again as she realized it was the older woman that was taking her now and not Emi. She was almost startled to realize that instead of the young, beautiful Emi, she was now in the iron grip of the 60 year old Mrs. Whitman. She looked down her body to see the woman’s fingers plunging into her pussy. She tried to move herself but realized that the manacles and the neck strap were still holding her.

“Mrs. Whitman! What are you doing to me? What is happening?” Tasha breathed.

“Oh Tasha, I wanted you so badly, but you wouldn’t let me have you,” the woman whispered as she continued to ravish the beautiful girl. “I had to figure a way to seduce you. A way so that you would let another woman touch you. So, I set up this shoot With Emi, who had no idea what I was up to. But I knew that Emi did like being with girls, so I hired her to work with you. After that, nature took its course.”

Tasha wiggled in her bindings as she watched the woman’s fingers work into her pussy. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She had never thought of having sex with another woman and now she had been seduced by the setting for the shoot and by this young latin girl so that Mrs. Whitman could take her. But her arousal was controlling her now and she settled back to let the woman take her.

Emi had moved around Tasha and was cuddling her face to the girl’s breasts. She let her tongue snake out to tease one of Tasha’s ripe nipples. Tasha squirmed as she felt this new stimulus. She looked down just in time to see Emi lower her mouth over a nipple and suck it in hard. Tasha’s head dropped back as a bolt of electricity surged through her. The suckling of her breast was all it took to push her over the edge.

The shock that hit her was almost overwhelming as her body spasmed from a huge orgasm. Her head arched back and her body shook in Mrs. Whitman’s arms as the orgasm rolled over her. Emi had to grab a tight hold so that she could keep her mouth on Tasha’s breasts. The asian beauty rolled from side to side 5 or 6 times before the orgasm finally subsided.

Mrs. Whitman let Tasha go and eased herself back so that she could release the manacles and the neck strap. She pulled the girl slightly towards her so that she was able to lie flat on the floor. Then, she moved between Tasha’s legs, pushing them far apart. Her hands wrapped under and around each shapely thigh as she eased her mouth down onto the girl’s sex. Her tongue flitted out and teased over the girl’s pussy causing Tasha to gasp for a breath. The woman did not tease the girl for long, but rammed her tongue deep into Tasha’s saturated sex. Tasha’s hands flew up as she grasped the woman’s head and pushed her hard against her. The woman worked the girl furiously, her tongue shoving into her as hard as any cock ever could.

Tasha’s head rolled from side to side, her black hair flying, as she felt another orgasm building in her. Emi had eased from suckling her and cuddled up to Tasha’s shoulder so she could slide her arm under the girl and hug her close.

“That’s it Tasha. Let it build up. You can feel her tongue in you can’t you? She’s licking you so good. You love to have your pussy taken don’t you?” Emi whispered to her.

The prompting from Emi was all Tasha needed to cum again. She reared back and Emi held her tight as the orgasm rocked her even harder than the first. The darling asian girl could barely breathe as her body tried to survive the huge electrical shock she felt.

Mrs. Whitman finally eased off the girl and sat back to look at Tasha’s taken body. The girl was stretched out, covered with the “battle” makeup from the shoot and now drenched in her own sweat from the sexual encounter she had just had. The old woman smiled to herself about how successful her plan had been and how she had ravished the asian model she had so desired. She sat for several minutes and stared at the spent girl. Judging by the way Tasha had cum, Mrs. Whitman knew that the girl would be back for more, that she would want more.

She dragged a hand across her mouth and then reached out to stroke the girl’s leg.

“Okay ladies, fun’s over. The magazine want’s their studio back in 20 minutes. Better get yourselves cleaned up and out of here,” she said as she picked herself up off the floor.

Emi, still nuzzling Tasha, whispered to her to wake her from her daze.

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