Fungirl’s Fantasy Ch. 4

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The ride to the marina was a quiet one for both couples due in part to the fact that both girls had a cock in their mouth. Gabby sucked Brad’s cock all the way there. Emma didn’t get the idea until she noticed that Gabby had disappeared from view ahead of them.

“Well that was altogether too short a ride.” Rudy said as they regrouped on the dock.

“I agree. I was half tempted to get lost for about an hour.” Brad confessed. They all laughed.

“So which one is it?” Rudy asked.

“It’s the cig at the end of the dock. It’s called ‘Miss Goody Two Screws’ and it’s one of the fastest cig’s in the area.” Gabby said as she led them down the dock to her boat.

“Damn.” said Rudy when he saw the boat. “This thing is a work of art.” he continued as he admired the artwork on the side.

“It damned well better be. I’ll be paying on it for a long time. Let’s go.” Gabby said as she untied the bow line.

Brad jumped down into the boat and grabbed Gabby by the hips and set her down beside him. On the way down, the hem of Gabby’s dress flew up and Rudy got a pretty good look at Gabby’s bare ass. Emma noticed and she reached behind him and grabbed his ass. Rudy jumped down into the boat next and he helped Emma down.

“Sorry about my dress, Rudy. It’s a little too snug to fly up like that. Be patient, you might very well get your chance by the end of the night.” she said after they were seated comfortably on the stern bench. Emma snuggled into the crook of Rudy’s arm and began playfully rubbing her hand on his crotch.

“Emma, can you reach back there and untie the stern line?” Gabby asked as she started the engines. They responded with a throaty growl. Emma moved to her right and knelt on the bench, leaning way over, pretending she couldn’t reach the line. Rudy took advantage of the situation, or so he thought. He moved up close behind her, straddling her feet, which were sticking out from the bench.

“Here, let me get it. That’s quite a stretch for you.” Rudy said, placing one hand on Emma’s hip and leaning over her to reach the rope. The further he leaned the more his hardening cock was pressed against Emma’s pussy and ass. She began to regret agreeing to wear any panties at all. Her pussy got wet as she thought about how good it would be to feel his denim covered cock against her bare shaven pussy lips. By the time Rudy got the line into the boat, Emma’s panties were soaked and useless and the outline of her nipples was easily visible.

“We’re clear, Gabby.” Rudy said, then he sat back down on the bench.

Emma walked forward to chat with Gabby while they idled away from the dock. Then as they were in the clear, Emma moved to return to Rudy at the same time that Gabby hit the throttles. This sent Emma flying into Rudy, her chest to his face and his hands to her hips and ass in order to keep her in the boat. Emma very nearly came in her panties against Rudy’s chest.

“Whoa! Well hello, again.” Rudy said, smiling as he brought Emma down to the seat beside him.

“Hmmm, hello indeed.” Emma said, the kissed Rudy deeply and passionately. “Mmmm, that’s nice. You and I are going to have alot of fun tonight, honey.” she purred in his ear, momentarily nibbling on his earlobe.

“Oh yeah?” Rudy growled, grabbing Emma’s ass. He pulled her down onto the seat next to him. “Yeah.” Emma answered. She settled into the seat next to him and cuddled up to him. She was catching a chill from the sea breeze and üsküdar escort her nipples hardened visibly inside her dress.

“Well I can hardly wait. Until then, though, why don’t you settle down here out of the breeze. It looks to me like you’re getting chilly. Ha ha.” Rudy chuckled. He stroked Emma’s arm.

“Why don’t you keep me warm then?” Emma asked. She took his hand off of her arm and placed it on her breast.

Rudy smiled and kissed Emma. He stroked her breast and nipple through the dress for the entire ride to Emma’s place. She returned the favor by giving him a continual cock massage. By the time they got to Emma’s, not only was Emma warmed up but her panties were soaked, her clit was screaming for attention, and her nipples were standing tall and hard. Rudy’s cock was straining for release from the confines of his jeans. One look at Gabby and Emma could tell that Brad had been working too. The group went up to the house and into the kitchen.

“So what do you have to drink? For some strange reason, boat rides always make me thirsty.” Brad said, and they all laughed.

“There’s lemon water, seltzer, soda, and milk in the fridge. I’m afraid my dad doesn’t keep any of the good stuff in the house unless he’s throwing a party.” Emma confessed.

“Which is exactly why I picked this up on the way out here earlier.” Gabby said, hefting a big jug of wine. “I figured even if we did come home tonight, Emma and I could finish the night off right.”

“I love a girl who thinks ahead.” Brad said and pulled Gabby to him. He kissed her deep and hard, their tongues dueling as his hands explored her bare ass.

Emma and Rudy just stood by and watched the other couple have their fun for a few moments. Emma stood in front of Rudy with her back to him and leaning against him. She could feel his cock getting hard again. Soon Rudy reached in front of her and played with her tit with one hand while the other moved down and caressed her pussy from outside the dress. She reached back and resumed playing with his cock through his jeans. It didn’t take long for anyone to realize that they were in the wrong room for the festivities.

“Why don’t we go up to my room? Gabby, can you grab those five glasses right there, hon?” Emma suggested, taking Rudy’s hand and leading him toward the stairs.

“Why do we need five?” Gabby asked.

“There are four of us and we need one to shoot into. Quarters.” Emma said, giving Rudy and Brad a mischievous look before winking at Gabby.

“Ahh. I see.” Gabby said, grabbing two of the glasses on the way by and giving them to Brad. She grabbed the other three and turned out the light when Emma turned on hers.

The game started out slow due to the fact that none of the participants had played quarters in a long time. Eventually everyone’s aim got better and rules were made. They started out with the standards: Thumbs, Drink Drank Drunk, Elbows, Swearing, Names. Then as the wine started to take effect, the rules got tougher. Brad made a rule that when he drank, Rudy had to drink. Rudy returned the favor. Gabby made a rule that every time Brad drank he had to kiss her. This, of course, didn’t make Rudy too happy because then Brad was more than happy to have to drink. Then Emma made him feel better by making a rule that when Rudy drank, he had to kiss her. It didn’t take much of these rules to make the game get interesting. Then şerifali escort Gabby got playful. She made a rule that every time anyone had to drink, they had to show some skin that was hidden by their clothes. This one was a hit and suddenly all attention was turned on Emma. After all, both guys had already seen Gabby in the flesh. Now they wanted to see Emma. Of course Emma defended her virtue and applied the rule to Gabby once for every time it was applied to her.

“I’ll start with the Clothing rule.” Gabby said as she made her first shot after making the rule. “E, stand up and show us something.” Gabby ordered.

Emma played bashful, but she did as she was told. She slowly stood up and raised the front of her dress, revealing her panties.

Gabby took another shot and missed. She stood up and raised the front of her own dress, however she stopped short of showing pussy, much to the guys’ dismay.

Then it was Brad’s turn and as expected he made the shot.

“E, I’d like more of you.” he ordered.

Emma dutifully stood up and lifted the front of her dress higher this time, showing her abs and panties.

Brad took his next turn and missed. The girls cheered as he took off his shirt.

Then it was Emma’s turn and she made her shot.

“G, I want to see more of you.” she ordered, much to the guys’ delight.

Gabby sat up and pulled her dress down to her waist, exposing her breasts. Her nipples stood tall and hard.

Emma missed her next shot, so she stood up and pulled down the top of her dress, exposing both of her perky breasts.

“Oh my. I like those. I like them very much.” Rudy exclaimed.

Then it was his turn and he made his shot. As expected, he chose Emma.

“E, you cumly little thing, would you kindly grace us with yet another viewing of your treasures?” Rudy asked.

“R, since you are such a gentleman and you asked in such a wonderfully eloquent way, I’ll give you all a special look.” Emma said. Then she removed her dress completely and sat down next to her bed. “Are you ready, stud?” she asked.

“Oh baby, I’m ready for anything you got.” Rudy said, stroking his own cock through his jeans.

“Good thing. Because you’re going to have to take care of this tonight!” Emma said seductively, and pulled aside the crotch of her panties, baring her pussy for all to see.

“Lord have mercy!!” Rudy exclaimed and promptly fell off his chair. They all laughed at him. He got back into his chair. “It’s still my turn, right?” Rudy asked.

“Yup. So take your shot, man.” Brad said. He glanced over at Gabby and caught her licking her lips and playing with her nipple while looking at Emma. The thought that crossed his mind made it necessary for him to adjust his position.

Emma noticed his actions and smirked. She rolled her nipples between her fingers and closed her eyes in response to the sexual electricity running from her nipple to her pussy.

Rudy watched Emma for a moment, then took his shot and totally missed.

“Wahoo!” cheered the girls. Then much to their amusement, Rudy stood up and dropped his pants.

“Oh, my God!” exclaimed Emma when she saw the bulge between his legs.

“You like what you see, eh?” Rudy asked in a heavy Italian accent.

“Hmmm. I can’t wait to get my hands on that!” Emma exclaimed.

“Not to mention your lips, tongue, and pussy.” Gabby added. They all laughed.

“Well, it’s your turn, G. Take your shot, I want to see that wonderful pussy of yours.” Brad said.

Gabby picked up the quarter off the table and lined up her shot. She looked Brad in the eye as she tossed it down onto the table and into the cup it went. She smiled.

“B, I believe it’s time for your pants to come off.” Gabby purred.

Brad’s head went to his chest. Then he stood up and removed his pants.

“Now it’s my turn to say it…Oh my God!” Gabby exclaimed. To Emma she said, “E, it looks like we’re are going to be too very busy women tonight.” Emma laughed.

“Yeah, but we’ll be two very satisfied women in the morning.” Emma said, looking lustfully at Rudy.

“Well now that we’re on almost the same level, I think G should continue her turn.” Rudy said, returning Emma’s lusty gaze.

Gabby couldn’t help glancing at Brad’s throbbing crotch just before she took her shot and subsequently missed completely. They all cheered as Gabby stood up, turned toward Brad and took a step forward.

“B, Honey, Do you think you could help me with this?” she asked innocently.

Brad smiled, and got up onto his knees as he pulled Gabby’s dress down past her hips ever so slowly. The dress inched its way down over her hips, slowly exposing her pussy to everyone’s eyes. As she stepped out of the dress, she wiggled her hips and did a slow sensual dance in front of Brad’s face. Brad’s eyes remained focused on her pussy lips the whole time. She grabbed his hair and moved his face slowly closer and closer to her pussy. Then just as his lips were to make contact with her clit, she pulled him away and stepped away, returning to her seat.

“Patience, lover. It’ll be worth the wait.” Gabby purred sensually.

“Oh Damn!! That was cold!” Rudy exclaimed, laughing.

“That’s right, Honey. Fire and ice baby!” Gabby exclaimed. She smiled as she played with her nipples. She leaned back and looked at Brad as she spread her legs and played with her pussy.

“It may have been cold right then, but it’ll be as hot as the surface of the Sun in a little while. I know from experience.” Emma answered coyly. She played with her nipples and slid a hand into her panties as she spoke. Her eyes closed and she shuddered as her fingers brushed across her clit.

The guys each sat back and began stroking their cocks and watching the shows the girls were putting on. They each continued to pleasure themselves for a few moments then it occurred to Emma that the game had just been getting interesting.

“Hold up people. Before we waste a wonderful experience, let’s get back into this game.” Emma sighed. Her panties were soaked. She looked at Gabby’s pussy and her mouth watered at the glistening lips and pouting clit poking out from them.

“Ok, yeah. ” Gabby whispered. “Whose turn is it?” she asked, crossing her legs much to the guys’ dismay.

“It’s Rudy’s. Oops! Guess I said a name. That means I have to drink, right? Oh no, I said a ‘D’ word! That’s two, huh?” Emma playfully said. Then she turned to Rudy. “I’ll tell you what, stud. You make this shot and I’ll give you a close up look at this.” she said.

Then she stood and turned her back to them. She pulled down her panties and spread her legs, then she bent over and leaned on the bed.

Rudy almost fell off his chair again. He carefully took his time and lined up his shot, and made it. Emma pulled her panties back up and walked over to Rudy. She promptly bent over, reaching between her legs and pulled aside the crotch of her panties again, leaning back toward Rudy. Rudy just moaned.

“Well what are you going to do, Rudy?” Brad asked, as a now naked Gabby snuggled up to him.

To Be Continued…

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