Funny How Things Turn Out

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This is my first story. Apologies for the length but if you stick with it, hopefully you’ll think it was worth it. Thanks.

I first met Amy through a mutual friend and it was lust at first sight, at least from my point of view. At 5’7″ with a tanned, athletic body I could imagine just picking her up and fucking her while I held her arse in my hands and her lithe body clung to me as I thrust in and out of her.

It turned out she became a member of the same gym as me so I began to see her fairly regularly as she would turn up in just a sports bra to contain her pert breasts that I would put at a C cup and those yoga pants that pass as training gear nowadays that I can’t help but be turned on by at the best of times. Her smile was infectious and every time we saw each other we would exchange a friendly hello and as time went by we would sometimes have a brief chat about this and that as we warmed up or were on our way to the lockers after our workouts. Her beauty hypnotised me and whenever she swept her sweat covered blonde hair out of her eyes it made my heart flutter and I couldn’t understand how someone could look so innocent but so wicked at the same time.

I had never done so much cardio work in my life as I would get on a treadmill behind her staring longingly at her tight ass as the fabric of her pants clung to her cheeks and disappeared into the crease of her arse while she worked on the cross trainer. My gaze would wander up her body from her toned, slender legs that ended at a bum I could stare at all day, up to the dimples at the base of her bronzed back and the tattoo script that went up her side and disappeared under her bra. Whenever she moved over to the weights and began her squats, my dick would stir in my shorts and several of my gym sessions were cut short as I rapidly headed home to continue my exercise alone in my bedroom.

I soon realised that I was falling in love with this girl that I barely knew, or least with the idea of her, but I was acutely aware that it was a one way admiration. I’ve had reasonable luck with girls so I know I’m not too bad to look at: 5’9″, brown hair, brown eyes and a trim body that, whilst not buff, still carried the outline of muscle, but this girl was something else.

The night my whole world changed started like so many nights before as I met with friends in town, this time to celebrate the 25th birthday of my flatmate Laura.

Laura had moved into my spare room a couple of years ago when she moved into town and we’d always had an easy going flirty friendship, one of the kind that comes from knowing that you’re just good friends and nothing more will ever come of it. She was a small girl, just 5’1″and naturally slim but when I came across one of her bras one day in the laundry I discovered she was blessed with 32D breasts which I always thought remarkable for a girl of her size. I used to tease her about toppling over but she just joked back that if she fell she would have a soft landing. She got a fair share of attention from guys whenever we were out due to her figure, combined with her long blonde wavy hair, blue eyes that always seemed to sparkle and the cutest smile I have ever seen that created dimples in her cheeks. She also had a wicked sense of humour, which was the main thing that scared those same guys away but it was one of the reasons we had clicked so easily and she fast became one of the few friends I would do anything for and I felt quite protective of her.

Celebrations were arranged for the Saturday night after her birthday at our local bar and I arrived a little late to find she was wearing her ‘go to’ outfit of tight jeans, DC trainers and a top that showed just a glimpse of her flat stomach. Together with her black leather bomber jacket she looked pretty tough, which was ironic considering what a gentle sweetheart she was.

“Geez Laura,” I said as I found them sitting at a corner table. “I keep telling you, how are you going to meet someone if you dress to scare them off?” I couldn’t remember her ever getting with a guy despite several advances and we often joked about her being frigid but she never seemed that interested in bringing one home.

“Fuck you Dave,” she replied with a grin as she leaned up and hugged me. “Who says I need a man anyway, with you in my life?” and with that she grabbed my bum and then fell back laughing while the rest of the group joined in at my expense.

Everyone was in good spirits and the drinks were flowing and we were all feeling a little tipsy by the time Amy arrived an hour later wearing a floral patterned summer dress so short you could almost see what she had for breakfast. The whole room turned as she walked in and immediately I could feel my dick stirring in my boxers. Her legs seemed to go on forever and you could see the muscles in them as she walked in and her normally ample breasts had been pushed up and together and were now almost under her chin and looking every bit a double D.

She came walking straight towards me and my mouth went Marmaris Escort dry and I could feel myself getting harder but then she breezed past me and went to Laura. So stupid of me, of course she’s here to see the birthday girl. I turned around and saw her bend down to hug Laura and as she did so the bum I had so often fantasised about was just a foot away from my face and as her skirt rode up slightly I could see the faintest glimpse of hot pink underwear. It was all I could do to stop myself from leaning in and biting her firm cheeks.

“Like what you see Dave?” Laura’s voice snapped me out of my daze and I realised I was staring open mouthed at Amy’s partially exposed bum. Amy turned her head to look at me but rather than stand up she continued to stay in her bent over hug with Laura and as my eyes came up to meet hers, fully expecting to get an earful in front of everyone, I could have sworn I saw her sneak a glance at the bulge in my jeans before she simply winked at me and then stood up and walked over to the bar as if nothing had happened.

“Thanks a lot Laura,” I whispered as everyone else turned back to their own conversations seemingly oblivious to what just happened.

“Don’t mention it stud,” Laura replied with that mischievous look in her eye. “I thought you enjoyed the view? Who knew a little girl on girl hug would get you so flustered!” and before I knew what was happening she slipped her hand under the table and grabbed my semi hard dick through my jeans. “Wow, you really did like it,” she whispered and started to stroke my hardening dick.

I opened my mouth to protest but the feeling in my dick stopped me and my balls started to tingle, when just as suddenly as she started she stopped and got up from her seat.

“You best stay there for a while until you get that thing under control,” she whispered into my ear as she got up. “I’ll get this round,” she said to the group and she walked off laughing hysterically as she went to meet Amy at the bar.

It was a few minutes before Laura returned with a beer for us both and still laughing at me she sat back down and looked straight at my crotch.

“Aw, I thought I might have had a slightly longer effect than that,” she whined, feigning disappointment at my now bulge less jeans.

“I have never studied the sports results so intensely!” I shot back angrily under my breath. “What are you playing at?”

“Just having a little fun with you, after all it is my birthday and I did tell you that you’re all I need, stud!”

“Ha ha Laura. What if someone had seen? What if-“

“Relax Dave,” she cut me off, “I’m only messing. And besides, so what if someone saw, everyone knows what we’re like. Maybe someone did see. Maybe they even liked it?” she mocked as she sat back and took a big swig of her drink.

“Well, there’s still no need to go around being a slut!” I shot back at her jokingly causing her to almost choke on her beer as my anger subsidised. “Serves you right!” I teased when suddenly there was a chorus of “Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you.” And I turned around to see Amy walking over with a Princess Fiona birthday cake with a single candle on top, her boobs bouncing around as they tried to jump out of her dress.

“A princess for my little princess,” she said as the singing finished. “Now, make a wish and you never know, it might even come true,” and as she bent down to put the cake on the table her tits grazed against my arm. “Oops, sorry stud!” she whispered and gave me a smile that made my balls tighten.

My eyes widened as I heard that. ‘Fucking Laura,’ I thought. ‘I bet she told her to call me that to wind me up.’ That would be typical of Laura, to get Amy to tease me and show off her body knowing full well that my balls would be aching by the end of the night. Well if that’s the game she wanted to play then I was going to make the most of it, but first it was my turn to get the drinks.

As the night wore on and people began to loosen up as the alcohol took its hold the conversation turned to stories about Laura, often at her cost, and while everyone was in such great spirits I decided to try to get pictures of the smiles and laughs to put into an album for Laura so after accosting the first unfortunate person that made the mistake of walking by our little party, we all lined up against the back wall for some group shots. I could see the happiness in Laura’s eyes and she gave me a big hug as people jostled for position.

“Like having my own big brother,” she smiled at me. “Thanks Dave.”

“No problem sis,” I joked back. “What are best friends for?”

As people began leaving at the end of the night I went to each of them in turn for a portrait shot, capturing them at their most intoxicated, figuring it would make an entertaining addition to the album, until it was only Amy, Laura and me left in our corner of the bar nursing our remaining drinks.

“The usual suspects again then,” joked Laura as she finished her drink. “Guess the Marmaris Escort Bayan others can’t keep up?”

“Their loss!” replied Amy as she too finished her drink in one giant mouthful.

There was a moments silence as the three of us sat there looking at our empty glasses.

“What about Amy then Dave?” questioned Laura suddenly and I almost spat out the last of my drink.

“Sorry?” I replied coughing, struggling to sound as casual as I could. “What about her?”

“Well,” continued Laura “you’ve taken photos of everybody else, but not her. What’s wrong with her?”

“Oh, sorry didn’t I get one of you?” I asked turning to Amy, trying to sound surprised.

“No, you didn’t,” she slurred, looking at me with puppy dog eyes, the greens of her irises like pools of an emerald lagoon I had seen on a postcard.

“Well, better make it a good one then,” I said, “save the best until last and all that,” and I moved into position taking a couple of quick photos. “Oh, that’s no good. Nope can’t use that one. I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to get a good one of you,” I joked.

“He liked the shot he had of you earlier!” shouted Laura. I turned and glared at her and opened my mouth to object but was interrupted by Amy.

“This one?” she asked and to my surprise I turned back to see she had bent over a chair with her dress riding even higher this time exposing more of her pink G-string so that now I could see it clinging to her soft mound and disappearing into the crack of the arse that had so often mesmerised me. Without even thinking I took a quick photo and then another one from below as I brought my phone down to my side so I could get an even clearer view of the thin fabric stretched across her pussy.

“Or, what about this?” Amy asked, a drunken mischievous grin spreading across her face as she started pretending this was her own personal photo shoot and she turned around and leaned forward with her hands on her knees so I had a clear view of her fantastic boobs and deep down into her cleavage.

“Yeah, that’s not bad either,” I joked as I clicked a couple more photos, “I’m sure Laura will definitely appreciate that in her birthday album!”

“Haha, alright you two, that’s enough,” Laura laughed. “I’ve had too much to drink so I’m off to the little girl’s room and then it’s time for one more before I head home,” and with that she got up and stumbled to the loo, leaving the two of us behind.

I looked at Amy expecting to see her laughing at me or angry that I had taken things too far, but although she had returned to sitting back on her chair she was now facing me, holding my gaze with hers and her lips just parted. When I finally managed to pull myself away from her eyes I noticed she had spread her legs before me so that I could see a small triangle of fabric between her legs. This had to be another one of Laura’s games I thought and I turned around half expecting her to jump out from around the corner but when I looked up I could see her entering the bathroom without even a look back.

I turned back to Amy as she licked her lips and spread her legs even more until her dress had drawn back almost completely and I could see a wet patch forming on the fabric of her underwear. I knew she was drunk but there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity. ‘To hell with the repercussions tomorrow’ I thought and I took three more quick photos; one of Amy’s full body in all its glory, legs pushed apart with her hands on her knees, breasts struggling to be contained within the confines of her bra and her stare barrelling straight into the lens of my phone; one of her face with her full mouth, soft and wet with her tongue gently caressing the upper lip and her gorgeous eyes aflame with desire; and a final close up of her pussy, its lips straining against the sheerness of her G-string and the wet patch between her legs growing, soaking the thin material.

I don’t know how much time had passed while I stared at Amy’s damp pussy beneath her underwear but all too soon Laura had returned with our final round and Amy seemed to snap back to reality and she quickly straightened herself up and her eyes went to the floor. During that last drink Amy avoided eye contact with me and I decided that I would delete the photos and we could put it all down to the alcohol and high spirits, after all I still had the images in my head to use to relieve myself when I got home.

“Here you go you two,” I said. “Just to show I’m not a perv,” and I held out my phone and deleted the ones that Laura had seen me take of Amy before putting the phone in my lap and ensuring that Amy could see me delete the others without revealing to Laura what had happened.

We finished our drinks as the bar was closing down and got up and said our goodbyes but when it came to say goodbye to Amy there was still an awkward tension in the air. Laura thought it must have been the alcohol taking its effect on Amy and said she would get a cab back with her and drop her off Escort Marmaris first to make sure she was OK before heading to our place.

I stumbled home and grabbed a cold one out of the fridge and idly watched TV while I waited for Laura, convinced that Amy would have made me out to be the instigator in order to hide her embarrassment and keen to explain my point of view so I didn’t look like a complete arsehole.

After a while I must have nodded off as I was woken by my phone vibrating in my pocket and expecting it to be Laura I took it out only to find a notification telling me my photos had successfully been uploaded to my cloud account.

‘Forgot about that,’ I thought. ‘Might as well take a look at the pics I took for Laura while I wait,’ and I grabbed another beer and headed to my room to open the cloud folder on my computer. I started scrolling through the pictures not really taking in any details due to my drunken haze until I came across the first one I took of Amy. How could I have forgotten, how much had I drunk that I didn’t remember? I looked at the photo and how the dress clung to her and then clicked the next button and again she looked stunning. I clicked next again and an instant later my dick was hard as nails.

On my screen in full HD was Amy bent over with her dress hiked up and her ass in my face. Hurriedly I clicked next to see how the other view had come out and the screen was filled with her tight ass again only this time I could also see the fabric of her G-string tight against her pussy. The next two photos were of Amy leaning forward exposing her wonderful cleavage for me and in the next she was staring back at me with her legs apart, a wet spot between her legs clearly visible.

I yanked off my jeans and shirt, slid my boxers down to my ankles and took my raging hard dick in my hand and began to gentle stroke it slowly up and down. The next shot was Amy’s face with her tongue licking her full lips and that lustful look in her eyes and the last one was the close up shot of her wet pussy through the bright pink fabric of her G-string, the faintest outline of her pussy lips bulging against the restriction of the fabric.

I opened my bedroom door so I could hear the front door in case Laura returned, sat back down in my leather desk chair and selected all nine photos, starting a slide show on 5 second rotation and sat back watching them while I steadily wanked my cock. I spat on it for lubrication, ensuring my hand travelled the whole length of my shaft from head to base, slowing right down to enjoy the moment for as long as I could, knowing that when I did allow myself to cum it was going to be a huge release from all the teasing of the evening from her and Laura. I was fixated by the images on my screen as Amy turned from a beautiful angel in a hot summer dress in the first couple, to a flirty minx in the next few, to someone that was actually getting turned on by my actions as the wet patch in her underwear visibly grew between the last few photos.

“Well well stud, you really are a dirty boy!”

I spun around in my seat to see Laura leaning against the wall in the doorway, wearing an oversized sports shirt with her arms folded across her chest and a look of shock on her face. She must have come home while I was asleep as I hadn’t heard the front door open.

“Shit Laura, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Obviously! I can’t think why not?” she said, her eyebrow raised as her gaze went down my body to my rock hard dick that I was still holding in my hand.

“Fuck! I can explain,” I started getting up from my chair and as I did so my dick swung free in front of me pointing straight up and towards Laura.

“Whoa there big boy, where you think you’re going with that?” Laura laughed, only this time there was a glint in her eye that I’d not seen before.

“I’m sorry,” I stumbled, caught between trying to hide my dick while at the same time turning off my computer screen. I managed to pull my boxers back up over my rapidly wilting cock when Laura spoke again.

“Don’t stop on my account stud,” she teased.

I ignored this latest attempt to wind me up and turned back to my computer to switch off my screen when I could feel soft breasts pushing into my back as Laura stepped into my room and leant over me.

“How come you never want to take photos of me like that?” she whispered in my ear, her hot breath sending shockwaves down my neck. “Don’t you like what you see?”

I hesitated for a second as my brain struggled to keep up with my ears but when I turned around to face her she was back in my doorway, this time facing slightly away from me and bending over while she pulled her shirt up a little and stuck her bum out to reveal the small of her cheeks.

Immediately my dick started to spring back to life and the bulge in my boxers began to grow again.

“Oh, so you do like my bum then? I thought it was just Amy that got your hard?”

“Uh. Erm.” I was lost for words, stuttering like a fool.

Laura let out a wicked laugh. “You still haven’t got your camera Dave, don’t I turn you on enough to warrant a reminder of this?” and with that she turned away from me so that I was now sitting directly behind her as she reached down and touched her toes, sticking her are straight back towards me.

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