Games with Isabel

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Stretching out on the sofa I’d just enjoyed the luxury of Isabel’s kiss, so warm and alluring.

Of all my girl friends in the past, she was the best and really made a guy feel so good and wanted. The sensual feel of her tongue rolling around mine and the press of her hand behind my head, moulding her mouth to mine in the most sexually stimulating way.

This was my baby spoiling me to the hilt. She said she loved me and would not do the things she did with me with anyone else. That she absolutely worshipped the ground I stood on and; for her, I had all a man could offer and more.

Later in bed, beneath the duvet – that kiss crazed my senses once more, it was long and sweet and perfectly applied, her finger tips teasing my chest, moving in circles and I was in my element as I felt the touch of her, dressed simply in those scintillating black stockings and underwear, me occasionally snapping her suspender belt against her delicious thigh, she whispering ‘ouch!’ and smiling very provocatively.

It was always like the perfect dream making love with Isabel; and after the long French kiss and the teasing of fingertips I gently massaged her firm bosom, running my fingers around her erect nipples, and as her head slid down and down and I knew immediately what she was about.

“Darling this is the most wonderful vessel given to man and I adore it so much.”

Her lips brushed me gently as she slowly worked it out of my boxer shorts, the shorts she loved me to wear which she said are so manly and alluring; and giving a girl a full eyeballing of that beautiful lunch box simply waiting to be munched and spoiled.

I loved the terms she used, she sucked me like I’d never been sucked before, she certainly made a meal of it. I was plain numb after that first sucking session.

” So gorgeous and so pliable” she announced between sucking and flexing the length with her manipulative left hand, as her right cradled me beneath; “so warm and lovely, where would a girl be without them” she whispered enjoying me to the full. Her mouth taking me deep.

“Perhaps nowhere at all” I giggled, because there would be nobody here on earth at all”

“Artificial insemination?” she challenged squeezing my cock in her hand, stretching it back to fully expose the p-hole she delighted in so much.

“In Adam and Eve’s time there was no such thing” I replied moaning simultaneously as her tongue found its mark. and I was treated to a very long and slow tongue tease when she loved to entice a small globule of pre-cum, which she delighted in licking and smoothing around her lips before she continued the long deeper and deeper sucking and balling. Always accompanied by her delightful throat sounds as she really went to town with her busy mouth and fingers, tasting and squeezing.

“No one does it like you do it” I whispered feeling so good with the largest erection I could muster, I never needed Viagra with Isabel, she was my aphrodisiac and had the ability to entice me to do anything she wanted, and occasionally I was submissive for her pleasure and when she fitted a strap-on to take the male pert,it seemed alright to feel her gradually initiate me in the most delightful way.

For a woman to do that to me I would once have imagined repugnant – but with Isabel it was all so different and natural, it was what she wanted, she had asked me and I was thrilled with the prospect of being fucked by her, because the way she did it was with feeling and wanting, she had delighted Zonguldak Escort in my hip movement, the ‘Pete wiggle’ she called it and she clarified that not only had I the perfect breakfast- box but also a very fuckable ass, they were her words, straight to the point and it made me feel all the more aroused; and during the times she sucked me, which was frequent because she loved it so much, she discovered her own desires in more ways than one, enjoying the feel of me between my ass, she sucked and wet her fingers to smooth and lubricate me in readiness for the most wonderful and thrilling adventure; and I was completely hers for the taking in every way and no mistake.

“I love the was you are darling and please never ever change,” she purred. and I told her she was my pussy cat and I would want her to be as she is for ever more and I could go along with that.

“Did I tell you Amanda thinks you are the tops”

“No you didn’t and I take the compliment humbly, Isabel.”

“You do underestimate yourself so very much, I doubt if you notice the way girls look at you.”

I guess I blushed a little, t’was my shy nature coming through but such was my concentration on that which she was doing to me my only interest was in her, I felt no other girl could ever come up to her and I told her so as she delicately lifted my balls so lovingly. and once more complimented me on their fervour.

“So I have no need to worry about other girls stealing you attention Pete?” She looked up at me from her kneeling position between my thighs with those very deep set brown meaningful eyes and I was all asunder watching her gently play with me, doing roly-poly’s with my stiffness and placing her right palm across my length, pressing it back against my tummy. Then after all that her ‘ham sandwich’ trick squeezing my all between her buxom breasts.

“My God! it almost reaches your belly button, what a big boy you are.” she giggled and then she got to licking my length beneath, then around my balls, between my ass and back along to the tip of my throbbing cock when she delighted in teasing my p-hole once more. Then she breathed;

“I told Amanda you are all mine but she is very curious about your performance?

“Really I asked. “And did you tell her?”

“We talked about oral sex and I told her how soothing and divine I find it to be. The feel, scent and taste of well sspoiled cock is always a treat I could never miss. She looked all open eyed and asked me to tell her more but I said that was our scret, there is a limit Huh baby?”

“You told her thatIsabel?”

“Well in so many words.”

“So you weren’t thinking of a threesome, Isabel?”

“No way, she is my bestest friend but when it come to boy friends we are generally agreed each to her own. Why did you think I meant that?”

“Just wanted to establish, you certainly seem to have no bother with sharing intimate secrets with her.”

“Do you mind?”

“No” I lied. I just wanted to be sure that’s all”

“You wouldn’t like her anyway, she is far too overweight and her boy friend Derek said he would dump her if she didn’t slim down a bit, he said he had to think of his constitution.”

“Is that what they call it now” I joked. “But some guys like their girls with a bit of meat on them.”

I could see Isabel wasn’t prepared to continue the conversation about her friend.- she said the only meat she was interested in was mine and it was about time for fucking.

“I Zonguldak Escort Bayan love fucking you, baby” I said gleaming.She had given me a great time but I was coming to the point where I wanted more than just her mouth and her touch, I needed her warm wetness to suck me into her being and soon we would both reach that utter gratification only a deep prolonged fuck could achieve.

In a moment though she had altered position and prompted me to, she astride me, her skirt covering my face and I breathed in the scent of woman, a woman ready to be fucked, but I wanted to taste her first, she’d had her helping of me and now it was my turn as a prelim to our fucking.

Her cunt was sweet as honey and I rounded my tongue deep inside those gorgeous lips to enjoy the vibrancy and sheer generosity of her deep inside as she yelled for it, but I was not about to give it to her it yet, there was some more teasing and tantalising to do before that, I would feel and touch her everywhere as I pressed my face into here beneath her black skirt, tasting again the taste of woman, The sheer pungency of being with woman, my cock thumping for her fuck and wanting it, I pressed it into her with a sudden surge and we were joined in a frenzied deep throbbing fuck.

But wait a jiffy, that was all in my mind – the sheer anticipation of what would come, imagining being bonded with her as she worked me still and I realised she was teasing me to the hilt.

We are on the bed again; out came some handcuffs we’d purchased from Ann Summers along with other attributes we wanted to try – like the strap -on gear Isabel so surprised me with talking about, like she really wanted to do it with me that way. It was all a learning curve with Isabel sure enough and as she bonded my wrists to the head bed rail and my ankles, with legs astride, to the bottom rail I realised this was the secret Isabel coming out and I was the object of her experiments. I watched seductively her undo the tie on the side of her black silk thong, she looked at me with those wicked eyes and with just one move she rubbed them in to my face, the she gagged me with them and all of sudden I felt like a lamb for slaughter.

I tried to talk, asking her in a frenzy how much I wanted her, but she tied the gag tighter so I could not talk at all, she emphasised in no uncertain terms that would come later, that there was no point in interrupting the foreplay too soon just for a quickie and the fun would be all over.

She purred that she wanted much more of me before that and when she tied the cock ring around the base of my cock and then another around my balls and cock, to pronounce my masculinity, I began to realise what she was about and this was going to be some love in like never before.

The cock sucking restarted she feathered my balls standing high , sort of levering my cock backwards, then holding it back with those busy fingers I felt the utter thrill of her tongue licking and working me all the way down my length, around my balls and then. Stretching my ass cheeks apart I felt her tongue delve into the sensitive part between my balls and asshole. It was the most wonderful sensation as I just laid there and enjoyed the adventure, and there was something so very sensual and special about being wanted so much by this very passionate woman who wanted to play games.

Although I felt the urge to cum of course I couldn’t and Isabel certainly made my heaven on earth with Escort Zonguldak her incessant slow licking and sucking, occasionally asking me how I felt when she did this and that, just not yes or no she teased and running through my mind after this prolonged tease was just how I was really going to fuck her when she released my bonds, whether she realised it or not I don’t know but she would have a raging animal taking the best of her female ambience and I would fuck her to the absolute limit, her cunt, her mouth and that lovely tight asshole I had craved for so long but never felt comfortable to venture with, but now that I knew how she loved to experiment I could do likewise and as sure as not I would be fucking that tight round ass soon.

It would be my turn to play the dominant role and I would have her strapped leaning over the bed rail, her ass yielded high for my venture and I would be doing it all, the strapping, the licking tasting and sucking of the beautiful ass, stretching that temping brown hole with lots of cream, enjoying every succulent minute, and like she was, I would take time and hold back – that was the notion although I knew that was almost an impossibility with me, it is something women can do so well, and Isabel was no exception – and she made bloody sure my erection would last for her pleasure the way she had ringed and tied me.

She was knelt beside the bed now. She tool a tube of moisturising cream from her handbag, squirted some into her palm, looked up at me again with those devilish eyes and then down for a further examination of my assets, then with her left hand she grasped my cock and I felt a firm stretching feeling as she pulled downwards exposing my already very well worked and very red knob, but then I was in heaven once more and she would have heard my moaning even though I was still gagged, because she was massaging the creamed palm of her right hand over my throbbing knob, not forgetting the p-hole which she had sucked to kingdom cum before and now she was treating it to a really good fingering with the cream. Again she asked me how it felt and again I nodded my approval so she did not stop and I was floating once more into an area I could not have envisaged ever, the feeling as out of this world and I knew then I would never tire of this woman.

She teased and tantalised and mouth fucked me to the core, she kept telling me just how she adored the rich pungent flavour of me and this was just the start, we both knew that I would want to do the dominant bit next time and when she did release the gag and after a full throat sucking she kissed me with those warm lips, the tongue she had been working my cock with now inside my mouth twisting and turning and I knew now I just had to fuck her, and ordered her to remove the handcuffs and ties, I lifted her as she clasped her legs around my back as we both stood, I immediately felt her wetness and knew she was well ready for it. I slipped into her easily and at last we were bonded. All hell seemed to be let loose and I fucked her standing up, over the kitchen table and well up her ass, and she was beautiful and so condescending, like she wanted more and more and her appetite would never falter.

And then the crescendo, deep inside thrusting and delivering our bodies thriving on it and twisting and turning around and around, first she on top and then me – and then a real good deep ninety nine tasting the love juices of each other and then fucking again until at ;last we both ended up on the carpet in the lounge utterly exhausted but very, very gratified and happy.

“But darling we got so involved, we forgot the strap-on” she chuckled mischievously.

“Well baby, that’s all the more to look forward to” I replied

It was wonderful and Isabel and I were certainly going places …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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