Getting Caught

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I got divorced back in 2018, talk about a shitty year. With attorney fees, court dates, and stupid drama, that was a year I could leave in the past forever. Like all things, nothing lasts forever, and finally the divorce came to its conclusion.

Fast forward about six months, I decide to try dating again. First a few friends setup blind dates, talk about awful. You would think my friends would know what I like, but alas, not true indeed. I decide to get on Tinder. I soon realized this was an amazing hookup app.

Despite all these women claiming to seek the “one,” every one fucked me by date
. The most recent one, Jennifer, gave a bj on date

. I had never experienced just meeting someone then having them suck my cock. Anyway, more dates was a lock with Jenny. Over the first month, like most new couples, we fucked like rabbits. The challenge in our case was this, she lived with her parents, since she had just moved back from Colorado…so no sex there. Since my divorce, I had lived with my sister and her husband in their tiny apartment to save money, so that was out. So that left us fucking in the back seat of my car, at parks, and the gym where we both worked out.

The gym had your typical locker bursa escort rooms with individual shower stalls that had doors for privacy. For the past week, we would sneak into the men’s locker room and have fun in a private shower stall. We weren’t alone, many guys hooked up in there…so we felt it was a good cover.

Well last week something happened which changed everything between us. I was seated in the shower stall, completely naked, Jenny was on her knees, topless (she has the biggest tits and nipples the size of silver dollars), sucking my cock when the shower door opened and the manager caught us.

Todd proceeded to tell us he was going to call the cops and we begged him not to. Jenny stood up and walked to him and said she would do anything if he let us go. After what seem like forever, he relented, but said he wanted a blow job. Jenny quickly agreed, while I was not happy about this development.

She got back on her knees in front of him and pulled his gym shorts down, revealing the biggest black cock I have ever seen in person. As if flopped out of his shorts, it hit Jenny gently on the face and I could tell she liked it. Smelling his balls and cock, she proceeded to lick, nibble, and suck his bursa escort bayan nearly 10 inch cock to full hardness. What disturbed me most was how their eyes were locked the entire time. He would tell her what to do, calling her his sweet little whore, and she just sucked him even harder…until finally he blew his load all over her lips, chin, and tits.

He pulled his shorts up and said next time he will call the cops, then left.

Jenny stood up and walked over to me and we both realized just how hard my cock was…even dripping with precum. Despite being jealous and afraid, I was so horny. She stroked my cock and said somebody enjoyed the show and proceeded to sit on my lap, facing me, and putting my cock in her drenched pussy. Fuck, it was amazing having her fuck me and watching that blow job.

Her big tits were bouncing in my face and soon realized they were covered in Todd’s cum..I just licked the clean as I suck her titties. Jenny noticed me lick her clean and started to cum hard on my cock…seconds later I nutted deep in her.

Well the next day I knew we needed our own place, so we pooled our money together and found a cute apartment just outside of town. We moved in quicky, and finally escort bursa could fuck in privacy! Life was good. Again, however, my world gets changed in a single moment…

I come home early from work to surprise jenny and as soon as I walk in, I hear very familiar sounds coming form the bedroom. I creep up to the door, slowly opening it a crack, and see Jenny, legs spread wide open, and Todd fucking her senseless. I mean this guy was in amazing shape and could fuck like a pornstar. Luckily he had a condom on.

He pulled out and told her to get on all fours, which she was very willing to do. Just as he was about to slide back in, she reached around and tugged the condom off, saying she wanted to feel his big black cock skin to skin. He grunted and proceeded to ram his cock in her, just taking her pussy and stretching it. She then said cum in me, take my pussy and make it yours, seed me…I need your cum deep in me.

Todd somehow picked up the pace and then emptied his balls deep in Jenny. As he pulled out she slide between his legs and sucked his cock clean and hard again…they kept going. I couldn’t believe she was his slut now. I looked and my cock and it was hard as a rock and dripping so much precum.

I stroked my cock off twice as Todd fucked Jenny for another hour. I eventually left and came back at my normal time getting off from work. Jenny greeted me at the door and said she wanted to fuck….decisions decisions…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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