Girl’s Night Pt. 04

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“You want to cum too, don’t you bitch?” Sophie said. “But pleasure is only reserved for Mistresses and Dommes. Not sissy whores like you.” Sophie looked down at him, grinning evilly, turned on by the lips descending her body and the sight of him kneeling there in sexual servitude and agony. She let her hand fall lightly on the back of Jenny’s head as she felt the blonde woman’s tongue graze her slick labia. Sophie spread her legs ever so slightly, and thrust her hips forward instinctively.

Jenny tasted her delicately, running her hands up over the lace tops of her stockings, slowly parting Sophie’s lips with the tip of her tongue. Dewey sweetness made Jenny’s lips sticky almost immediately, and as she drove her tongue deep, she moaned on Sophie’s pussy, smiling as she felt her toned thighs tremble under her palms. She slid her hands inward and then back up, cupping Sophie’s ass in her hands, increasing the speed and gyration of her tongue, finding a strong powerful rhythm that teased her clit and her labia.

“Yes Jenny,” Sophie urged, “just like… that… right… there…”

Jenny moaned on her pussy again, then dragged her right hand down Sophie’s ass, positioning two slender fingers at the now slippery opening of her vaginal canal, and drove them deep inside her. She smiled as Sophie’s fingers grabbed a fistful of her hair, then, as she finger fucked her deep and hard, she let her tongue drift over her sensitive clit in sensuous figure eights.

Sophie bit her bottom lip and stared at Fisher, feeling the rush of impending orgasm crash through her body in wave after wave of pleasure. Jenny’s mouth worked her clit expertly, and her fingers alternately pressed and stroked her g-spot as she fucked her.

Fisher watched as Sophie’s hips arched forward and her stomach muscles tensed, every fiber of her body rippling as Jenny lifted her to a powerful orgasm. Sophie’s hand gripped both sides of Jenny’s head as if it was his, and screamed Jenny’s name over and over again. Finally after one last shudder, her hands fell back to the table and she braced herself there, panting softly. Jenny turned to Fisher, her breathing ragged, she laughed at him as his Mistress moaned and shook.

“Too bad…” Sophie said breathlessly, “you’re just a pathetic sissy, slut… this… will… never be you cumming… but here, here is a little taste…”

Jenny took his face in her hand, pinching his jaw open, and dragged her still wet fingers across his upper and lower lip, smacking him when he extended his tongue to lick them.

“Let it dry on your lips faggot,” she demanded cruelly. “I want your mouth to taste and smell like pussy, until we make it taste and smell like cock.”

“Mistressssss, pleeeeease…” was all Fisher could utter.

Sophie laughed. “Don’t worry whore, you’ll get the cock you’re begging for when you’ve earned it.”

“Ten dollars at a time for you cum slut.” Jenny said, smacking him again.

“And speaking of cum,” Sophie said, “looks like Candi loves her vibrator, don’t you Candi?”

“Y.. y…yes Mistress,” Fisher answered obediently.

“So what do you think,” Jenny asked Sophie as she squeezed the tip of Fisher’s leaking cock into the glass, “about a quarter full, should she be a facial queen or cum juggling bimbo?”

“Let her decide,” Sophie answered with a malicious grin. “Now ask nicely maid.”

Fisher didn’t know what to decide, all he wanted to do was beg for release. Sexual energy surged through him, radiating, pulsing. Sophie had never had him so unhinged during role-play before. He didn’t know if he would get what he asked for, or the opposite.

“Whatever you… you… desire… Mistress…”

“No, Candi,” Sophie said sharply, “not this time, tell me what kind of whore you want to be for us. Right. Now.”

“Mistress,” he asked, his high pitched voice rattling, “please make me a cum juggling bimbo…”

“Naughty, naughty Candi,” Sophie answered with broad smile, “there is plenty of time to make you a cum juggling bimbo tomorrow at the club.”

“That’s right bitch,” Jenny said, “I just told you I want you to taste like your Mistress’ pussy, but I guess you already are a bimbo, aren’t you faggot?”

“Yes, Domme Jennifer,” he admitted.

“Yes what?” she coaxed.

“Yes Domme Jennifer,” he repeated, then added, “I’m a bimbo.”

“And now,” Jenny continued, “you’re a bimbo with cum on her face.”

Jenny slowly poured the semitransparent liquid on his forehead, across the bridge of his nose, and dripped it over his blush-smeared cheeks. She giggled gleefully, and stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“Smile for your Mistress, sissy maid.” Jenny promted.

Fisher managed a soft smile as Sophie pointed her phone at him and snapped pictures.

“So adorable Candi,” Sophie said. “You look cute as a facial queen, wonder if everyone else will think so too… and … sent.”

She turned the phone around so Fisher could see the image being sent in the group text message. Tears began forming in the corner of his eyelids.

“Aww, what’s the matter konak escort sissy bitch?” Sophie teased. “You know you like being humiliated and dominated, don’t you?”

Fisher looked up at her, eyes blurry, cock raging between his thighs. Her magnificent body bare before him, save for the stockings and shoes, he never wanted her so badly. He had not expected any of this, and there was no going back afterward. He opened his mouth to speak, but Jenny interrupted him.

“Don’t bother answering faggot,” she spat, “your pathetically hard, and completely useless, cock is all the answer we need.”

“Indeed it is,” Sophie laughed. “And seeing as how we know you love it, you won’t have a problem cleaning up down here, while I take our guest up to the bedroom, will you maid?”

“N…no, Mistress,” he whimpered.

“Good girl,” Sophie said, “because I would hate for you to miss out on the two spankings you still have coming.”

She and Jenny laughed as they strode hand in hand from the room, leaving Fisher staring after them, kneeling and frustrated as the rumbling in his ass finally ceased. He rose to his feet as they ascended the stairs, cursing to himself as shuddered with every step. Sophie had combined every one of his fantasies, and he was slowly unraveling under her finely honed plan. His thoughts wandered to tomorrow, to what was going on in their bedroom, to any one of a thousand scenarios, and cleaned. He gathered their discarded clothes, the wine and their glasses, shut off the lights, avoiding the reflection of himself in the hd television, but still, his erection barely waned.

Upstairs, Sophie was entwined on the bed with Jenny, both women knowing that the plug in Fisher’s ass would prevent him from moving all that quickly. She undid Jenny’s bra with ease, kissing down her chest as it fluttered to the bed spread. Sophie, let her hand slip into Jenny’s panties as her mouth kissed and licked the underside of one breast. She smiled as Jenny writhed against her, letting her fingers part her warm, wet lips, circling her clit gently.

“I want to fuck you baby,” Sophie whispered. “I want to hear you scream my name…”

“I’ve been waiting to hear that all night,” Jenny moaned, “but what about the sissy?”

Sophie bit her nipple, grinning as Jenny inhaled sharply.

“I enjoy making her suffer,” Sophie said proudly, “let her watch.”

“You’re bad,” Jenny giggled.

“And that’s why you want me,” Sophie replied with a smile. “and why you’re going to ride my strap-on until you cum.”

“I so am,” Jenny said, pushing herself up off the bed. She opened her mouth as Sophie slipped her two cum soaked fingers from her panties, moaning on Sophie’s fingers, licking and sucking each digit with exhilaration.

“So fucking hot,” Sophie breathed, “mmmm, take off those panties, but leave them where I can find them, I have plans for them.”

Jenny stripped off her panties and laid them on the nightstand to the right of the bed, obvious with the decorations that it was Fisher’s. She stared at the picture of him and Sophie, almost feeling bad for what they were doing to him. A quick glance to her right erased her concern a moment later when she saw the strap-on buckled to Sophie’s hips.

“Oh my god baby,” Jenny gasped. “Its so big.”

“I know,” Sophie replied. “I wanted it to be bigger than my sissy. And she loves it.”

“What girl wouldn’t?”

Sophie laughed at Jenny’s joke and sat on the foot of the bed, wagging her index finger at her.

“What,” Jenny said with a coy smile, “no lube?”

Sophie sucked the tip of her finger seductively, saying “You and I both know you don’t need it.”

“I hate it when you’re right,” Jenny said quietly as she straddled Sophie’s thighs, her shaved lips poised above the rubber cock.

Sophie grasped the younger girls hips, guiding her onto the strap-on, moaning as the pressure on her clit sent pleasant waves through her. She kissed and suckled Jenny’s breasts, holding her steady as Jenny rocked back and forth gently, forcing it deeper with every motion. Sophie bit her nipple again and Jenny gasped loudly, entwining her fingers into Sophie’s hair. The other nipple was next, driving Jenny wild as she alternated kissing, licking and biting, until her normally pink hued nipples were red, firm and mind numbingly sensitive. She arched backward, holding onto Sophie and began riding the cock with ever increasing speed.

“Fuck yes baby,” Sophie gasped, “ride me you fucking minx.”

“Feels. So. Fucking. Goooood!” Jenny exclaimed. She bent forward taking Sophie’s face in her hand, and kissed her breathlessly, driving herself down on the full eight inch textured shaft, over and over again. Each thrust pounded her g-spot, driving her toward orgasm, and she screamed aloud when Sophie held her aloft, allowing just the engorged head inside her.

“Sophie… please…” Jenny gasped, “please… so close…”

“That’s better,” Sophie said, kissing her neck, “Moan my name…”

“Let me ride you Sophie,” Jenny groaned, “I need that kuşadası escort cock inside me… please…”

Sophie dug her fingers into Jenny’s hips and slammed her downward, smiling as Jenny shuddered and then tensed. Jenny could feel her pussy clench as Sophie held her there, forcing her to ride Sophie deep and hard with no relief. Her orgasm came in waves, until she could take no more and exploded over the rubber cock.

“Yes!” Jenny screamed, “fuck yessss Sophie!!”

Sophie laid back onto the bed, still holding Jenny’s hips and started gyrating her own, driving the base into Jenny’s clit. Jenny fell forward, aching for relief, but Sophie caught her arms above the elbows and pushed her backward, impaling her on the strap-on and restricting her movement. Sophie drove upward forcibly, grinning as Jenny’s thighs strained and clung to Sophie’s waist.

“Sophie!!” Jenny wailed. “Please, baby!! Ohhhhh FUUUUHHHK!!”

“Cum for me,” Sophie commanded her, driving her hips upward, “give the sissy a good show…”

Jenny whipped her head toward the door, her pussy throbbed and contracted, and her eyes fluttered closed as a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

Fisher stared, mouth agape, Jenny’s breasts arched toward the ceiling, riding his girlfriend’s strap-on, cumming loudly. He paused in the doorway, holding their neatly piled clothes in his arms, the leather paddle laying on top. His wide eyes moved to Sophie, and she smiled wickedly at him.

“See Candi,” she laughed, “good girls get to cum. I bet you wish you were a good girl, instead of a dirty sissy whore, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” he said, frowning. “Please let me be a good girl now…”

“But you make such a good whore,” Jenny said, catching her breath. “Especially with cum on your face.”

Sophie sat up and released Jenny’s arms, kissing the lithe blond softly. “Do your lips still taste like me bitch?”

“Yes Mistress,” Fisher answered, “they do.”

“Would you like to taste Jenny?” she asked with a playful grin. “She’s yummy…”

“Yes please!” Fisher answered excitedly, then cursed himself for being too eager.

“Good,” Sophie said as she slipped Jenny off her lap, and directed her onto the bed. “You can suck your Mistress’ cock when I’m done fucking her, you pathetic bimbo.”

Jenny laughed when Fisher’s head bowed and he whimpered his reply.

“You get no pleasure slut,” Jenny said, “Just humiliation. And your cock loves it. Look at yourself, all decorated, poking out of your panties, so excited to be dominated…”

“Yes, Domme Jennifer,” Fisher admitted reluctantly. And it was true, his erection had twitched when Sophie had demanded he suck her cock.

“Put those things on the dresser,” Sophie said, rubbing Jenny’s upturned ass, “and come kneel by me, maid, now.”

“Yes Mistress,” Fisher said, scurrying over to the dresser.

“And bring the remote,” Jenny added, laughing as he failed to control a whimper.

Jenny grasped Fisher’s cock when he gave her the remote, pulling him roughly to the edge of the bed. She squeezed him, extracting a thick drop of pre-cum, and smeared it across his forehead. She smacked his face when Fisher failed to thank her, laughing as he knelt next to Sophie, moaning loudly as she turned the vibrating plug to full power.

“Mmmm,” moaned Sophie, stroking her strap-on, “looks like somebody enjoys watching me fuck other women. Is that true bitch?”

“Yes Mistress,” Fisher said obediently.

“Liar,” corrected Sophie immediately. “You wish you were in her spot, getting your pussy pounded like the filthy fucking sissy you are.”

“Yes Mistress,” he said again.

“Say it bitch!” Jenny commanded him.

“I wish I was getting my pussy pounded like a filthy fucking sissy Mistress.” Fisher wished his cock would stop pounding every time she degraded him, but it wouldn’t. In fact it was getting worse. He whimpered as he felt another pulse from deep within him, and another following quickly after, false orgasms torturing him repeatedly.

“Be careful what you wish for…” Jenny said under her breath.

“Cup those big beautiful fake tits of yours Candi,” Sophie said, as she pulled Jenny’s hips backward until her feet were off the foot of the bed. “And think about all the cocks that are going to be in that lubed pussy of yours tomorrow night.”

Sophie slipped inside Jenny slowly, enjoying the shuddering of her body, then turned to Fisher saying, “One after another, I’m going to let them use your sissy pussy and your mouth, I’m going to let them jerk off on your face, those tits you’re so proud of and your ass. I’ll get so wet, humiliating you, and seeing you drenched in cum.”

“Mistress, please don’t,” Fisher groaned, “please don’t make me…”

Sophie began fucking Jenny in long, slow strokes, still teasing him. “I won’t be making you silly, you’ll be begging me to let you… won’t you?”

“Y..y..yes Mistress,” he stammered, pinching his rubber nipples in agonizing pleasure.

Meanwhile, Jenny began to push back foça escort into Sophie, “Ignore that faggot Sophie,” she pleaded, “and fuck me hard. Please, I want to cum on your cock again.”

“Not until sissy maid begs me…” Sophie said, smiling down at Fisher.

“You heard your Mistress,” Jenny spat, “beg her to fuck me.”

“Please Mis…tress,” Fisher said, twitching again, “Please fuck, fuck Domme Jennifer.”

Sophie gripped Jenny by the waist and thrust inside her hard and deep, making the smaller girl gasp aloud.

“Ohhhh Fuuuuuhhhk…” Jenny groaned. “Again sissy… tell her I want it harder… and faster… deep inside…”

“Mis…tress, please fuck Domme Jennifer hard…harder,” Fisher was leaking like a faucet again, barely able to stay upright, his head swimming.

“You want. Her. To. Cum.” Sophie said, pumping Jenny’s pussy so hard their skin slapped together. “So you can taste her. Taste her on my cock.”

“OHHHHH FUUUUHHHHHK!” Jenny screamed, her fingers clawing the bed.

“”Please Misssstresssss…” Fisher begged. “Make her c…c…cum on your c… c… cock, so I can taste her.”

“You little… slut…” Sophie teased, “you’ll do anything for cock in your mouth…”

“Yes Misssstressss, please show me how to be a good cock slut…”

Jenny screamed into the thick comforter, panting as she came, her pussy quivering on the rubber cock, the combination of Fisher begging and Sophie’s relentless fucking driving her mad. And then Sophie didn’t stop. Over and over, her body was thrust into the bed, driving her toward another reckless orgasm. Her legs collapsed outward, exhausted, and she let the waves wash over her, carrying her higher and higher, cumming breathlessly.

“Chriiiiiiiist,” she moaned, “Sophieeeeeee…”

“I’m not done with you yet,” Sophie said as she dragged Jenny’s limp legs off the bed, her heels hitting the floor with a thud. She waited until Jenny had her feet underneath her and shifted her backward until only Jenny’s hands were on the bed.

Jenny looked back over her shoulder, tossed her blond mane to the side, looked at Fisher but spoke to Sophie, “and I so don’t want you to be, fuck me hard and deep, like this little slut is going to get fucked…”

Fisher looked at her and groaned, still cupping his fake breasts firmly.

“You like that, do you bitch?” Sophie asked with a grin. “Get over here…”

She grasped Fisher’s hair in her fist and dragged him across the rug as he struggled to crawl on his knees until his left cheek was pressed to Jenny’s hip. She held her strap-on in her other hand and she brushed Jenny’s glistening lips with the tip of her rubber cock, spreading her pussy open ever so slightly, grinning as Jenny shuddered.

“Please baby,” Jenny whined, “don’t fucking tease me…”

Sophie stepped forward, burying the strap-on deep, her hips hitting Jenny’s ass with an audible slap. Jenny groaned loudly and Sophie withdrew, then slammed into her once more.

“Fuck yesssssss,” Jenny moaned.

“Mmmm,” Sophie purred, lifting Fisher’s head to look into his eyes, “can’t wait to hear you moan like that bitch.”

Fisher’s body trembled, and he mewled in response, words failing him.

“That’s a good start whore,” Sophie said, and then began pounding her hips into Jenny with long, intense strokes. She watched as her cock disappeared over and over again into her tight pussy, and she smiled down at her quaking sissy as he struggled to keep his grasp on reality.

Jenny looked back over her shoulder, mouth wide, as she was ravaged, feeling the orgasms ripple through her pussy. Her eyes moved from Sophie to Fisher and back as she gave in and screamed in ecstasy.

“Oh, my fucking, god,” Jenny groaned as Sophie’s hips slowed to long luxurious strokes. “You’re amazing.”

“Thank you baby,” Sophie said, and blew her a kiss, “I like how you sound when you cum, over and over, and over again…”

Sophie then pulled all the way out of her dripping pussy, twisting her hips slightly.

“Say ahh, sissy whore,” she commanded Fisher, her fist still grasping his hair.

Fisher complied obediently and he was rewarded with a mouthful of rubber cock slick with Jenny’s cum. He moaned in spite of himself as the soft head hit the roof of his mouth, and then choked, as Sophie pressed further.

“Naughty, naughty Candi,” Sophie scolded as she withdrew. “That just won’t do tomorrow night. Lets try again.”

Again she plunged into Jenny, slow and easy, and again withdrawing slowly. She laughed as Fisher opened his mouth without being told.

“So eager,” Sophie said with a grin, guiding the cock between his open lips, until he choked again, “but still not good enough.”

“Don’t you like the way I taste Candi?” Jenny spat.

“I… I.. do Domme Jennifer,” Fisher answered breathlessly, “I’m sorry…”

“You ARE a sorry little cocksucker,” Sophie said as she jammed her strap-on back in his mouth. “Fucking take it slut!”

Fisher choked again, gagging as she held his head impaled there. He moved his hands to push off her thighs and she smacked him hard across the face. Tears welled in his eyes as he gasped for air and before he could recover the cock was back in his mouth. He whimpered and moaned as his Mistress began to face fuck him, then yelped on the cock when a sharp pain ricocheted off his ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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