Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 38

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It was a longstanding tradition for Kristin’s family to have Thanksgiving dinner with their neighbors from two doors down, the Santinis, who arrived around noon. Mrs. Santini immediately swept into the kitchen to help with the cooking, while Mr. Santini joined Kristin’s father outside, where he was preparing to grill the turkey.

With them was their daughter Nicola, who had been a year behind Kristin in school. Jenny found her quite striking, with dark hair, incongruously bright blue eyes, and olive skin. But when Kristin introduced them, Nicola just stared right through Jenny, then looked back at Kristin and started telling a story about someone they’d gone to high school with.

That pattern continued through the day; Nicola either ignored Jenny or was icy to her, if not downright hostile. It was the only discordant note in what was otherwise a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, full of delicious food and pleasant conversation. A couple of times Jenny caught Kristin staring Nicola down, giving her a look that said “Cool it,” but it had no effect.

At dessert Jenny asked Nicola to pass the pumpkin pie and Nicola pretended not to hear, continuing to fiddle with her phone. When Kristin reached around Nicola to pick up the pie, Nicola stared daggers at her. As soon as dessert was over Nicola excused herself, none too politely, and went home.

Afterwards Kristin’s father and the Santinis retired to the living room while Carol, Kristin, and Jenny cleared the table.

“Jenny and I will do dishes,” volunteered Kristin. “Right Jen?”

“Sure thing,” said Jenny.

When Kristin’s mother had left the room she said to Jenny, “I’m sorry about Nicola.”

“Yeah, what was that all about?” asked Jenny.

Kristin sighed. “Well, she and I have always been pretty close, right? So, when I came home for the summer after my freshman year, I was used to getting laid a lot. But this is a small town and you have to be careful. So as the summer went on I got more and more horny… and Nicola and I were spending a lot of time together… and one thing led to another.

“So Ankara escort we started sleeping together,” Kristin continued. “And it happened again the next summer, and then this last summer. We usually get together at the holidays too. So she’s jealous.”

Jenny thought for a second. “But how does she know we’re…”

“Oh, she knows,” said Kristin. “She doesn’t miss much.” And it was true, Nicola was very sharp. But she’d been a bad student in high school, never studied much or did homework, and as a result when she applied to Bowmore College she’d been rejected. This was one more reason, Kristin realized, for her to resent Jenny.

Troubled by being the cause of this discord, Jenny had been searching her mind for possible solutions. A few possibilities occurred her, and she started to say, “Well, couldn’t we, um…” Then, a little embarrassed about what she’d been starting to suggest, she trailed off and blushed.

Kristin smiled. “I like the way you think. But after the way she acted, I don’t know.”

As they did the dishes, Kristin continued to mull the situation over. It was too bad that Nicola felt the way she did, but no promises had been made between them, and Nicola knew that. There was no excuse for her being a bitch about it.

Kristin asked herself, what would Miss White do? Surely she wouldn’t let this bad behavior stand? No, she would turn this situation around, and she would enjoy herself doing it.

By the time they had finished cleaning up, Kristin had decided on a course of action. She led Jenny through the living room, where the four adults had settled in to watch a movie, to the front door. They put on their coats and walked down the block to the Santinis’ house.

It took Nicola a long time to answer the door, and when she did she looked peevish. “What do you want?” she asked.

“Can we come in?” said Kristin, calmly but firmly.

Nicola stood back from the door and gestured with her arm for them to enter, though the look on her face made it clear she was not happy about it. “Thanks,” said Kristin. “It’s freezing Ankara escort bayan out there.” She and Jenny hung their coats on a coatrack in the foyer and followed Nicola into the living room. Kristin wasted no time in getting down to business.

“I think you owe Jenny an apology,” she said.

“Is that what you think?” Nicola sneered.

“You know you were rude. Now come on.”

“I”m so sorry,” said Nicola with unvarnished sarcasm. That was enough for Kristin. She’d given Nicola a chance to be civil; now it was time for action.

In the blink of an eye, Kristin had moved behind Nicola and seized both of her wrists. Taken completely by surprise, Nicola blurted out “Hey!”, but was powerless to resist; Kristin was much bigger and stronger.

Holding both of Nicola’s hands behind her back with one of her own, Kristin walked her over to the nearby couch. Nicola’s eyes blazed as Kristin pushed her to her knees, bent her over the couch, and lifted her skirt.

“What the fuck…” she started to say, and was silenced by the impact of Kristin’s hand against her butt cheek. “Ow!” yelped Nicola, and then a note of pleading came into her voice. “Listen, Kris…” Smack, Kristin’s hand came down on her other cheek. This blow was harder than the first, and a pained whimper escaped from between Nicola’s plump lips.

Kristin pulled Nicola’s panties down around her thighs and resumed spanking her bare ass. Taken a little aback by this development, Jenny stood studying Nicola’s face; her expression was one of shock and outrage, but something in her eyes acknowledged that she knew this was justice, that she had been asking for it.

As the punishment continued Nicola’s cries of pain gradually became more like moans, and Kristin’s blows gradually became more like caresses. Finally Kristin ran one hand down Nicola’s warm red ass and between her legs. She was sopping wet down there and Kristin ran a finger down her furrow, then slid it inside. Nicola let out an “Oh” that lasted ten or more seconds, arching her back and wriggling her hips.

Kristin Escort Ankara looked over at Jenny, who had been growing increasingly excited as she took in this spectacle. “Give her a kiss,” Kristin told her, and Jenny obediently walked over to the couch. She bent down and touched her lips to Nicola’s; they were soft and sweet.

“Now give her your tits,” ordered Kristin. Jenny pulled off her top and bra, then brought her chest down to Nicola’s eye level. Kristin continued to finger-fuck Nicola as she extended her tongue and gingerly touched it to one of Jenny’s nipples. It apparently tasted good, because she proceeded to lick the other one, then take it into her mouth.

Kristin added a second finger to the one already inside Nicola; she was in her element now. She jerked her head at Jenny, who instinctively knew what was wanted. Stripping off her skirt and panties, Jenny positioned herself so her crotch was right in front of Nicola’s face.

Releasing Nicola’s hands, Kristin took hold of her hair and aimed her head toward Jenny’s pussy. “Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry,” said Nicola, and ran her tongue up the length of Jenny’s slit.

Walking around behind Jenny, Kristin reached both hands around to cup Jenny’s breasts, rubbing the stiff nipples with her thumbs. Jenny moaned and leaned back against Kristin as Nicola burrowed aggressively into her pussy.

Watching over Jenny’s shoulder, Kristin very much enjoyed the sight of her longtime friend and neighbor pleasuring her freshman slave girl. But after a few minutes she needed more. She brought one of Jenny’s hands to her crotch and Jenny obediently began to finger her.

As Jenny approached orgasm, though, she had a harder and harder time focusing. She began to pant and leaned back against Kristin, who braced herself to support the weight as Jenny trembled through her climax.

Kristin held on to Jenny until she was able to stand up on her own, then gently released her. Wasting no time, Kristin lifted her skirt, swiftly stepped out of her panties, and gripped Nicola’s head tightly between her thighs. Nicola dutifully extended her tongue and began to lap up the blonde’s abundant juices.

Jenny and Kristin shared a smile. This was working out well — and they still had a whole long weekend in which to explore the possibilities.

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