Goddess Leah New Paypig

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Goddess Leah loved her job as she was a financial dominatrix. She loved the fact that men drooled over her like dogs over a steak. She loved the fact that she could basically have anything she wanted when she wanted. She is literally the definition of a spoiled brat. She has always had everything she wanted, when she wanted thanks to her parents who hated to see their princess upset, so she lived a very pampered lifestyle. It helped a lot that she was stunning. Voluptuous breast, flat stomach, nice fat ass. Then her face was glorious from her perfect sized nose to her big plump lips perfect for giving a blow job.

One day she was out shopping when she noticed an employee staring at her. She gave him a wink and a gesture to come over. She asks “what do you think you’re doing boy” in a dominant tone that sends shivers down the poor guy’s spine. “Er.” he replies nervously. Leah laughs at the kid who has just turned 18. This makes the kid so much more nervous that he begins to start visibly shaking. “I’m sorry miss I should not have been staring at you and I’m so sorry for that.” the boy finally replies. “Well harry that just won’t do. As an apology.” Leah replies confidently. Harry’s expression drops slightly. Leah says “maybe you could do something after work. When do you finish Harry?” “An hour Miss” Harry replies shyly. “Good. Then meet me at the coffee shop after you’re finished. If you have any plans cancel them.” Leah walks over to the coffee shop where one of her loyal subs is waiting.

“Hello sub. Have you got my money you pathetic piggy?” Goddess Leah smiles as she finishes her sentence.

“Yes goddess” the sub puts his hand into his wallet and takes out £500. Places it on the table and looks up to goddess Leah for approval. Goddess Leah looks at the money and says “slave you know that i saw more money in that filthy wallet of yours now give me the rest or your money or your chastity cage key will not be sent to you on time” Goddess Leah says in the middle of the outdoor coffee shop loudly that everyone within the small place can hear. With a bit of fear in the subs eyes he gets the rest of the money out of his wallet and puts it on the table. “Good pet!” Goddess pets her pet on the head and the subs have a beaming smile on his face. “Now be a good bitch and go fetch me my favorite coffee now pet” Leah always likes talking to her slaves like that in public she always gets a kick out of them being publicly humiliated. Not long after the sub left he came back with Leah’s coffee and looked down to her perfectly pedicured feet. Leah knows exactly what he wants. “Yes piggy you can have the pleasure of kissing each perfect foot goodbye.” the sub smiles happily like he’s entering his dream world. He gets down on his hands and knees in the middle of the coffee shop and gently Kartal escort presses his lips to her exposed toes and kisses them. He gets up thanking goddess Leah for her time and walks off into the crowded mall not to be seen until next month’s monthly meetup they have as he was her first piggy and has never massively disappointed her. Leah looks at the table and counts the money that on it £1100 great she thinks to herself now onto the new boy.

She sits there outside the coffee shop for the next 45 minutes as she waits for the perverted teen to come to the assigned rondaview point. She looks through her twitter dms some bullshit sub and a genuine sub that sent her £50 tribute cost. Double now sub to know that you’re serious about this paypig job. Attached a pic with her middle finger showing with the im a bitch look. After a little draining session with that pathetic loser it was about an hour later and to her surprise and pleasure her new paypig to be had shown up. “Sit” Leah commands the teen. “So i think that was really fucking rude of you to do what you did to me in the fucking shop earlier and hell i could of got you fired as you were acting like such a perv.” she says in one fell swoop taking Harry by surprise. “I think that I’m going to have to teach you a lesson in how to respect women and goddesses like myself. do you understand Harry?” Harry nods frantically as he has never been in this situation before. “Good, now go buy me a coffee Harry as I am thirsty.” she says dismissively. Harry gets up and makes his way into the coffee shop to get the coffee. She has a simple on her face that she has got another paypig. He comes back to the table with the cup of coffee but there is something wrong with it. “Hey Harry didn’t i say to get me a coffee?”

“I did.” Harry replied.

“Well then. Why is your name on the side of the cup and not mine huh?”

“Because it’s yours but i told them my name”

“harry harry, let me tell you something you don’t get to say anything to me you know my name is Leah so why the fuck is it got YOUR NAME ON IT?” Goddess Leah said more impatient this time.

“Sorry Leah but I’m worried what people would think if I’m buying you a coffee.”

“fucking bitch just go get a coffee with my name on it now!” Leah says aggressively making Harry give her a petrified look. Harry gets up quicker than Leah thought he would and orders the coffee again and having to pay twice for the same coffee she chuckled to herself. People were starting to glance over at her but none of them interfered as why would they. It was between her and him.

As he came back to the table Leah was pleased that Harry had finally got the coffee that she wanted. Now she was thinking to herself what should i get him to do for me now. As she was thinking things Kurtköy Escort through she noticed that poor Harry was trying his best not to stare at her tits and then he would occasionally glance down at her feet. Leah had seen that look on many a man before the look that he wanted to get on his knees and worship them. So she got an idea, time to go heels shopping. Leah needed a new pair of heels anyway and a pair of trainers for when she started to go back to the gym. She stood up quickly and told Harry ” come on we are going shopping!”.

On the way to the shop Leah asked questions about Harry mainly, how long he had been working at this shop two years was his answer so she knew he had the money for these heels. “We are here!” Leah says with joy in her voice and Harry is wondering why she has brought him to this store. Leah is a common customer at the shoe shop. She normally comes and buys a pair of heels at least once a month, always with a new guy to buy her shoes. As the employee looked over at the entrance and had seen her favorite customer as she got her into the world of financial domination and became a paypig in the process. The employee is now in a debt contract with the stunning Goddess Leah and always looks forward to her next visit from the Goddess. Anyway back to the store she says “welcome Leah is there anything i can help you with?” the employee says eagerly.

“Yes there is something. I’m looking for a new pair of red high heels. My old ones have got scratches on them and a goddess like me deserves perfect heels.” Leah replies kindly and in a soft voice the complete opposite of how she talks to Harry.

“Perfect come this way Goddess.” the store employee says with a jump in her step. The employee has been serving Leah for about a year and a half now so she’s gotten over the embarrassment of calling Leah goddess in public. As the three of them walk throughout the store Harry tries his best to hide his wandering eyes but Leah catches him as she knows that he could not resist her stunning looks. Not many men can. “Here we are goddess. All the red heels that you could ever want. Just call my name if you need anything else.” the employee said as she wandered into the store to help another woman with her heels.

“Now Harry, which ones do you like the most?” Leah says with a seductive tone to her voice. Her voice echoes in the head of Harry who is having a hard time trying to make his erection not be shown.

“Erm, I think these ones look the best, Leah.” Harry says after looking throughout the collection of shoes.

“Mmh why are they your favorite Harry?” Leah was intrigued in what Harry had to say.

“Because they have open toes so everyone could see how pretty your toes are Leah.” Harry says casually then realises that he just said Pendik Escort that her toes were pretty. Harry’s cheeks go beetroot red with embarrassment. Leah looks at him and gets up and says to Harry really seductively

“would you like to see them on my pretty feet, pet?” Harry nods profusely in agreement. Leah now tells Harry to go buy them in her perfected seductress voice that has gotten a lot from weak willed men and women in the past. Of course Harry is weak and agrees to buy the heels. “Wait Harry that’s not all. I want some cute pink trainers as well. Let’s go find them. Hold my heels, will you my pet?” Harry feels himself submitting to Leah more and more as he spends time with her. Her power was too great and he was becoming a mindless drone wanting to do everything to please her.

After awhile looking at trainers Leah found a pair that she liked and went over to Harry who has been sitting on the chair waiting patiently while Leah finds what she is looking for. “There you go Harry you can now go and buy them for me.” Leah says casually.

“Er. I can’t unless you give me the amount needed.” Harry replies nervously. This is it Leah thinks. This is when you will totally braake him. Leah sways her hips seductively as she closes the gap to Harry and gets real close to his ear and whispers. “Don’t you want to be a good boy for me. You still do owe me for the perversion earlier. But don’t think about that, think about how happy I will be when I get home and have some new shoes that you brought me. Plus ll send you some pictures of them if you do buy them.” Leah leans back and has a look at the face of the teen. Harry’s face is bright red now and he’s shaking. He nodded to the dominant person between the two of them and hurried off to the cash register to pay for the shoes. As she watches Harry scamper off she chuckles to herself that she has got another piggy to use and drain. Harry comes back to Leah with a bag and a recite. She grabbed them and looked at the cost £450. Great, that’s a good way to get a piggy started, she thinks to herself. “Harry. I need to go right now but if you look up @GoddessLeah69 on twitter you should be able to dm me on there.” Leah tells Harry “Also be sure to download cashapp you might need to use it.” she tells him on the way home. She takes one last look behind her and sees Harry staring at her. She blows him a kiss and wanders off home. On the way home she posts the receipt on twitter and within a couple of minutes her cash app is pinging with notifications for the reimbursements, from loser men like Harry and sub. The full price of the shoes were reimbursed twice on twitter. Ahh she thought I love making money.

Thanks for reading this story. This is my first attempt to ever write a story so I’m not sure how well I did. I do look forward to writing more stories in the future. Not sure if they should be about Goddess Leah or if they should be about other doms. But I am sure I’m going to continue writing and improve at it as well. Thank you again for reading it and hope you have a good day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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