Going Home

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Big Tits

Just a short story about being with a friend who finally wet his pants after a long struggle trying to hold on whilst we sat trapped in my car above Birmingham on Spaghetti Junction. irrelevant I suppose but we were heading north to get to the M54 for Telford where I was living for six months whilst deputising for my manager on a project whilst he was off sick after a car crash. I had elected to use the M6 to start the journey as it was snowing hard and I reckoned the motorway would be better cleared. At the time of this tale I lived in St Albans and was used to ‘evermore’ delays on the M1 and M25. I knew what it was like to arrive home in wet pants and so always went for a piss before venturing onto them.

Andrew was a student with me as work placement for three months. He was good in the role I’d given him – very good – and he had the advantage of being really good looking – wet dream good looking I had discovered three times already. He showed little interest in the girls in the office and was clearly happier with Sarah who worked on site with us and was an ‘out lesbian’. Our job was largely office based but sometimes we had to get out on site and dirty and used to change into our ‘real’ hard worker in the office. Every time we had to ‘gear up’ I enjoyed watching him as he dropped his office trousers and his white briefs began to show before he pulled his shirt up and out of them and donned his polo and work pants. After about the fourth time I noticed his interest in me and he was having to conceal his ‘rising’ dick and turn away and pull up his bright orange work suit where the bulge was not visible. We worked well together and he was almost always aware of what task I’d need him to do next before I asked.

On the day of the snow on the motorway we had been working on a contract on the east side of Birmingham where work needed to speed up and he’d seen me sorting out the site manager who by the time we left was stalking around his site shouting at everyone to get bloody moving. It was becoming dark as we left, one of those days prior to Christmas when it never really seems to get light. The company car was a comfortable French Estate with a great heater and when we first stopped at the end of a tailback we both removed our jumpers and I settled back for a wait. Quite suddenly after about an hour we moved forward. Andrew had been sitting forward and fiddling with the car radio settings. I saw the waistband of his white Jockey briefs had risen above the top of his trousers. It made me horny. I’d been alright up to seeing the waistband but now I was having naughty thoughts about slipping my hand down into the dreamy dark world of his bottom. A jack knifed lorry had been the reason for the delay but that had been cleared and we moved slowly for another couple of miles before we stopped again.

Andrew I noticed was beginning to hold himself in a manner suggesting he needed a piss. It took me back to being a ten or twelve year old when Mum would see me in discomfort and ask me if I needed a ‘wee wee’ and then tell me off for not going before we had left the last stop. She used to carry an old beach towel in the back for drying off the dog when it got soaked and she’d tell me to fold it and put it under me so I’d not wet the seat and then say, “now get on and wet yourself and don’t do it again!”

Of course I did do it again until one day when we got home Dad told me to drop my wet shorts and bend over the kitchen sink when he proceeded to give me a good hard spanking over my wet undies until I began sobbing. I think it was more humiliation than pain. Currently I was enjoying Andrews discomfort greatly and then I saw the wet patch around the base of his fly and the inside of his crotch.

“Andrew,” I said, lean back and just behind my seat in my gym bag and kit with a large towel in it. Stick it under your bum and you can piss in your pants. I promise I won’t tell! I can easily wash the towel but the seat is not so easy.” The towel was no sooner under him than he let go and released the cause of his pain and suffering and settled for the warm wet comfort of humiliation in front of his boss. I was quietly ecstatic as I watched the wet stain spread over Andrew’s trousers, as I watched the initial release spurt through the material of his underpants and his trousers and bubbled through my younger friends fingers. I continued to watch as the stream slowed to a trickle and then halted. I smiled as Andrew gasped on completion gaziemir escort and as he quite unconsciously continued to rub his dick through the wetness and I realised I was rubbing myself

“Undo your trousers and drop your zip Andrew. Open them out and let your pants breath.”

He gave me a shamed smile and did as I said and I sat back and enjoyed the sight of his wet white cotton underpants which were now very yellow. I grinned and simply told him it happened to everyone now and again. I was enjoying the smell of his hot piss and the smell, not very strong yet but that I knew would increase as the heat in the car began to dry his soaked briefs. Darkness was descending rapidly as we remained stationary the queue.

I too needed a pee but I quite enjoy desperation and hanging on until it either bursts into my pants or I simply give in and let go because hanging on has become too uncomfortable. In the circumstances we were in I had no problem with the idea of release in my pants. I remember very clearly I was wearing an old pair of white chain store boxers with a with the elastic waistband being a wild chequerboard of colours. I leaned back in my seat and undid the black belt holding my trousers, popped the stud and slid down my zip. I knew Andrew’s eyes were boggling each and every stage.

“I love that nice waistband,” he said. “I was looking at it earlier when you were bending over in the office. I find Jockeys very comfortable but rather boring.”

‘Yes but you look good in them. I was looking at your brief lines showing through earlier on. They were so clear I could see your shirt tail was pulled right through the legs! Looked good.”

I put my left hand on his thigh and ran it up towards his crotch. He gasped and my cock grew by inches. I was in paradise and by the expression of his face, so was he. I let my hand travel around his wet briefs and to feel his excitement and then he moaned as I moved my hand back down to his thigh.

“Sorry Andrew. I ought not to have done that. It was wrong of me. I deserve a good spanking. As your boss I should know better.”

He in turn, grabbed my hand and placed it firmly on his wet pants.

“Wank me – please wank me!’

I did as commanded and inside fifteen seconds he was shooting his load into the palm of my hand. I licked what cum had not been wasted, leaned back in my seat and grabbed the previous days Sunday Times I’d never got around to reading and put it under my bum. I put his hand on my cock and flooded my boxers and trousers. In a way I felt disgusted with myself. Doing it alone was one thing but doing it with a guy at least three years younger seemed a bit out of order but Andrew did not seem to mind! I raised my bum off the seat and let go a much needed fart. Andrew giggled.

“It’s alright Andrew I’ve not messed myself!”

“Have you ever?”

“A few times Andrew. How about you?”

“Accurately – five times.”

“On purpose?”

He managed to grin at me. “Four times.”

“Have you ever been found out with loaded briefs?”

“My first time walking home from school with my friend. He was great though and never told anyone else. Mum was out and I managed to sort myself and clean my pants up before she came home.”

“Do you enjoy it in your pants?”

“Not as much as wetting myself.”

“Same for me,” I said.

We both continued quietly to fondle one another bits until just after I’d managed to slip my hand down between his briefs and trousers and feel his bottom the traffic began moving again past another jack knifed lorry. From here on the journey was slow but the car was an automatic, the seats were soft and comfortable and the inside was like a pee smelling sauna or like when you wake up and realise you’ve wet the bed and stick your head under the duvet and gasp at the smell of the still ‘wee wee’ damp clothes slowly drying. I had no intention whatsoever of pooping my pants but I did need to go and kept Andrew giggling with my farts. As we got near the office things were getting a bit close and I behaved myself. There was no point in going to the office and I stopped nearby and told my boss the sorry tale and he told me he’d see us both on Monday. This suited me and I asked Andrew if he wanted to come home with me for the night. It would mean sharing my bed but we were the same size and I had plenty of clothes for both of us and a good washing gümüldür escort machine. He did not quite bite my fingers off but was quite enthusiastic. I farted inadvertently and that department moved up a gear and I made the couple of extra miles a priority as a firm lump pressed into the seat of my pants. As I fumbled with the lock I soiled in my boxers. I told Andrew I’d be in a few seconds and went back to the car to secure it and as I walked the poo slid from my boxers and I shook it out of the legs of my trousers.

Andrew was in the kitchen and he had put the kettle on. Standing by the cooker he looked cute in his wet trousers, pale blue shirt, pastel striped tie and Jockey briefs peeking over his waistband. He looked like a boy standing outside the heads office waiting for the cane and I realised just how much I should like to put him over my lap and spank his wet bum. I was dressed in a similar manner the only difference being my boxers and chequered waistband. He moved away from the cooker and came and stood in front of me. His lips were a shade fuller than mine and his hair a shade darker. His hands each took one of my bum cheeks and he pulled me close into himself.

“Just checking to see if you need to change your pants Stephen. As you were opening the door I thought you might have had a little accident and I’d have to change you.”

When I told him I had had an accident and I’d dropped it down my trouser legs he found it funny and told me he’d once seen his Dad do that when they had been out shopping.

The house was good and warm and I suggested we throw our trousers, underpants and shirts in the washing machine, go upstairs and shower and I’d give him a clean tee shirt, undies and pyjama trousers for the night. He pulled me into himself and our lips met and whilst we kissed he fingered my bottom which was an experience I was going for a lot more of!. He walked behind me upstairs to the bathroom and I knew he was sniffing my bottom. I showered him first and enjoyed what I saw. I was pleased that like me he was only average in the size department. We would both be well able to satisfy in that area without scaring the other to death. When it was his turn on me with the shower he really scrubbed out my bum with his fingers and a bar of soap and it felt so good especially as he got close in and licked me with his tongue. I showed him my well stocked underwear drawer and I noticed that whilst he said nothing he noticed my set of girly cotton knickers like they used to wear for gym at school with their blouses tucked in. Andrew settled for soft white cotton boxers with a garish green waistband and matching trim and I took out a pair of bottle green knickers that hugged my bottom well and I knew held accidents safely! We both looked good in our patterned pyjama’s and back in the kitchen I launched a couple of curries into the microwave and opened bottles of strong beer. Sat close together on the sofa we talked and I knew this weekend would be wonderful.


We had several bottles of beer and it wasn’t till about midnight when we went to bed. Seeing it was a single bed made Andrew happy.

“Stephen, I sometimes have accidents in bed. In my place I have a plastic cover – have you got anything?”

“If I hadn’t I’d be scared to go to bed Andrew. You won’t hurt this bed!”

“Great”, he said with a look of relief that suggested wetting might just be frequent.

I pulled back the covers and doing so released an aroma of dried pee and a yellow stain from the previous night. “It is dry now Andrew.”

He grinned and dropped onto the bed as I crawled in beside him. I pulled the duvet up over us both and we kissed. The next thing I knew the clock said six in the morning and I heard Andrew in the bathroom. The bottom sheet was wet. He walked back to the bed, looked down at me and said, “Sorry Stephen.”

“Don’t be so stupid and get back on the bed. I’ve woken up horny.”

My dick was solid and I needed release. He kneeled on the carpet by the side of me and pulled down my pyjama pants before pulling the narrow little waistband of my knickers down so my cock leapt to attention. He munched and chewed me, looking up at times through smiling eyes. There was no way I could hold back and within five minutes I shouted out and sent what seemed like a weeks supply of cum deep güzelbahçe escort down his throat. He quite clearly enjoyed the transaction and still feeling full I told him to get back into bed and go doggy fashion whilst I went on a deep mining expedition. I entered slowly and gently, paused often whilst he sucked in breath and then moved on to find his excitement spots – I was thinking of both of us!

Several times he whispered, “don’t stop Stephen.”

I travelled around the shaft and inside the cave moving in so there was no space for a sheet of paper between our bodies. My hands were gripping his shoulders and he was making groaning sounds and squealing and in between gasping for breath. Then I lost my self control and filled him with everything I had left to give. It was a while before I became limp and pulled out to collapse by his side, my cock back inside my knickers. I figured I might as well wet my knickers and went back to sleep. I woke about eleven, kicked Andrew out of bed, stripped the bottom sheet, pulled Andrews boxers and pyjama pants off him and took them with mine to the washing machine. We showered, both selected white polo’s and knickers and I made a late breakfast. The day was raw cold with a biting wind and after sorting the washing to dry I decided it was time we had some discipline, old school style. Sitting together on the sofa we talked about our school punishments. Andrew had mostly received detention which had been corner time in the headmasters office as he worked though he had been caned a couple of times. Mine had been the slipper over my underwear in class and the cane over my underpants by the head. I grew to enjoy bending over in front of my friends. Andrew explained there were usually several boys lined up along the wall opposite where the head sat at his desk, their trousers had to be dropped and their hands were on their heads. Usually he said we all had erections but couldn’t touch them!

Andrew had selected brown knickers from my drawer and I sent him to stand and face the wall with his hands on his head. As he stood there we actually talked about the work we were doing and if he thought things could be better organised to hear it from his perspective. He was addressing me as headmaster and after about an hour said, “Stephen, seriously, I need a poo.”

“Come back here and lay over my lap Andrew.”

I stroked his bottom with my hand, let my hand wander between his legs and suddenly surprised him by giving his bottom a series of hard smacks. He yelped and farted and I sent him back to the wall where he stood until his brown knickers ballooned as they filled with poop. We chatted for another hour before I sent him to clean himself, but not before I’d given his bulge a good squeeze. It was about fifteen minutes before he returned this time wearing a pair of my old high-rise Jockeys. He was wearing them high on his waist and giggling and asking me if I’d really worn them. In truth the answer was that I had, all my mates had worn Jockeys and similar and I think we’d reckoned we looked sexy. Quite a lot of men were proudly wearing mesh pants, not string but mesh often bearing the Aertex name. When I sat on the toilet and sniffed my fathers underpants sometimes the mesh would be blocked by poo that had dried after he had scratched his bottom. Whatever else they might be they were not really sexy on Andrew and when we went to bed I chose some simple plain white Calvin briefs for both of us. They were not really white any longer but had quite yellow fronts and the rear of them was yellow and a pale brown.

We kept things simple and he fetched fish and chips and a good load of beer. We played “Scrabble” and went to bed about midnight, shagged one another for a couple hours and fell into deep sleeps. When we woke the bed was dry but both had to race to the toilet. He won and instead of peeing with him I wet my pants as I shaved. I do it often because I just love the gush of hot overnight piss bursting into my undies and pyjama’s and pouring down my legs to puddle on the tiles.

Before lunch we went for a ten mile run and in the afternoon slumped in front of the TV, watched “Where Eagles Dare” and played with one another. When the film was over he tickled me and I giggled like a silly girl and he tickled me until I wet myself. It was involuntary and I loved it!

This is a tale that could go on and on but for now it ends here. Andrew returned to study and we met for a few dirty weekends together. After gaining his exams he got a good job near Carlisle and we met now and again to climb and walk in the Lakes. He got married in order to conform but they split after a couple of years by which time I had moved to Derbyshire with work. We met again and carried on together as we had before.

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