Going Out? Not So Fast

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“Honey,” Rio said, “would you mind if I went out for a couple drinks with the guys?” His wife Sylvia was sitting on the couch, absentmindedly scrolling through Facebook.

“Of course not, sweetie,” she said, without even looking up from her phone. Rio smiled in relief and quickly grabbed his coat before she could change her mind. He was halfway to the door when he heard Sylvia say, “Not so fast, sweetie.” Rio sighed in resignation as Sylvia set her phone down and got up from the couch.

Sylvia walked past her husband to the bathroom, returning a moment later with a bottle of lotion and a paper cup. Reluctantly, Rio followed her over to the end table, having gone through this routine at least a dozen times before.

It had all started several years ago, just a few months after their wedding. Rio had gone out with his friends and gotten absolutely hammered, ended up at a strip club, and blown several hundred dollars on lap dances. Sylvia was understandably furious when she found out and threatened to leave him if he ever did it again. And sure enough, he woke up to find her halfway through packing her bags when he sakarya seks hikayeleri did the same thing about a month later. Rio spent the better part of the day begging her to stay while struggling through a massive hangover.

Finally, Sylvia agreed to stay on one condition: Rio wasn’t allowed to go out with his friends unless his balls were emptied beforehand. The way Sylvia saw it, if he wasn’t horny, he wasn’t wasting their money on those skanks at the strip club. So, she created a routine to prepare her husband for a night out with the boys.

Sylvia knelt down, undoing Rio’s belt and sliding his jeans and boxers down to his ankles in one swift motion. Despite expecting this and despite being in the seclusion of his own home, Rio still felt a sense of embarrassment at suddenly standing bare-assed in the living room.

“Ok, sweetie,” Sylvia said as she stood up, “get in position.” Rio obeyed, bending over at the waist and resting his hands on the sides of the end table. Sylvia stepped behind him, squirting a generous amount of lotion into the palm of her hand. She pressed her crotch up to his ass as though about to fuck him from behind and reached around his waist, taking his cock in her hand.

Rio shuddered as he felt Sylvia’s hand grasp his cock and begin stroking him from behind. Soon, he began moaning out loud. The two of them had a very active sex life and Sylvia had mastered the art of the hand-job, thanks in no small part to these living room sessions.

“That’s it, baby,” she cooed in his ear. “You love it when I stroke your cock, don’t you?”

“Yes, honey,” Rio said, almost out of breath with lust. “I love it.”

“See, isn’t this so much better than getting lap dances from those college skanks at the strip club?”

“Hmm, it’s so much better! It feels amazing.”

“Of course it does, baby,” Sylvia said. “It’s better because I love you and I take care of you.” She alternated between slow and sensual strokes and fast, aggressive ones. “And that means no one touches your cock except me! Got it?”

“Yes, honey,” Rio replied obediently. Sylvia slid her hand down the shaft and gripped Rio’s balls as tightly as possible without being truly painful.

“I am your wife,” Sylvia said. “That means your cock is mine! Nobody but me decides when and how you use it. Do you understand, baby?”

“I understand, honey,” Rio said, wincing slightly as Sylvia tightened her grip when she finished speaking. Sylvia let him squirm uncomfortably for a few moments before she went back to sensually jacking him off.

A few minutes later, Rio’s breath shortened as he neared completion. After a few years of marriage, Sylvia had learned to read all of his nonverbal clues in the bedroom and quickened her pace until he was at the point of no return. With his orgasm inevitable, she let go of his cock entirely, knowing it would ruin the orgasm for him if his cock was untouched while he came. Her other hand positioned the paper cup at the head of his dick, catching every drop of cum as it left his body.

“Here you go, sweetie. First drink is on me.” Sylvia offered the cup to Rio, who begrudgingly took it from her. This was Sylvia’s coup-de-grâce, the final act of humiliation before her husband went out into the world. Rio gulped down his cum in one swallow, his face cringing in disgust at the now-familiar taste. As he pulled his pants back up, Sylvia opened the door for him. “Have a good time, sweetie. Don’t stay out too late.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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