Good Evening

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When the two couples met outside the restaurant, they exchanged embraces in the chilly night air as they usually did. But when John pulled Cara close, he whispered into her ear, “Good evening. You look delicious.”

Cara was surprised – and intrigued by the remark. She and Vince had speculated about John’s interest in her. They agreed that he was a flirt and suspected he wanted to do much more. Laura was also a flirt. Could they both be interested in more than just a night on the town with another good-looking couple?

. . . . .

After dinner, the couples rushed to the theatre just in time for the ballet. Vince entered the row first, followed by Cara. John sat next to her rather than let the girls sit side by side.

The lights dimmed and the performance began. Cara could feel the warmth of the wine from dinner. She felt just on the edge of tipsy – a nice buzz.

Several minutes into the performance, John’s hand slid off the arm rest and landed on Cara’s thigh. It was clearly no accident. Before he could retrieve it, Cara placed her hand on top to reassure him. She glanced at him and smiled seductively, then returned to watching the dancers.

She imagined him sliding his hand under her skirt, stroking her creLaura white thigh, brushing his strong fingers over her skimpy black panties. She was soaking wet. And that wasn’t her imagination.

At intermission, Cara announced she needed to get some cough drops from the car. Laura and Vince headed to the lobby for a drink. John excused himself and headed to the bathroom. Instead, he followed Cara to the stairwell.

“You go first so I can enjoy the view,” he said. She added a little more swing to her walk as she climbed the stairs. At the top, John pressed her against the wall and kissed her deeply. She grabbed his right hand and guided it between her legs.

Cara propped her left leg against the wall, balancing on her right, and hiked up her skirt. John quickly responded and slipped his hand underneath. He pulled aside her panties and began stroking her tender clit. She was already near the edge from the tension.

He thrust two fingers in to her dripping pussy with such deftness, she knew he was a Cassanova. His strokes pushed her ass against the cold concrete wall, but she was so hot that she barely noticed. It took just a few strokes to bring her off. She buried her face into his shoulder and let out a moan.

She had barely finished the last wave of her orgasm when she glanced at her watch. Intermission! Cara and John raced down the steps and headed for the theatre door. The performance had already begun, but the old lady at the door couldn’t resist John’s smile and twinkling eyes and let them in.

Vince and Laura were sitting watching the performance. Cara glanced in their direction and then back at the dancers. She thought she saw a knowing smile on their faces, but she couldn’t be sure.

. . . . . . . . . . .

During intermission, Vince brought Laura a glass of cabernet as she stared at a painting in the lobby. “Oh, thank you,” she said. “Should I get one for John?” he asked. “No, I’m sure he’s helping your wife,” she said with a curious smile.

Vince looked in her eyes. “What kind of help?” he asked. She studied him, making sure she was on the right track. “You know, the kind of help that we women need sometimes,” she said, lifting her glass to her lips and taking a sip.

“Do you need any help?” he asked. She stepped closer and whispered in his ear, “When we get back to our place, I’m hoping you will put this to good use.” Her beşiktaş escort left hand brushed the front of his trousers.

. . . . . .

As the performance reached the climax, Laura turned and whispered something in John’s ear. They both smiled at each other and returned their eyes to the stage. Vince and Cara, now separated by their friends, stole knowing glances at each other and counted the minutes until the end of the ballet.

As the crowd rose to their feet, the two couples gathered themselves and headed for the door. “You remember how to get to our house?” Laura asked. “We’ll follow your lead,” Vince responded.

Once inside their cars, the couples dropped the public protocol. “So, we were right?” Vince asked. “Absolutely!” Cara replied. “He couldn’t keep his hands off me. What about Laura?”

“She’s no innocent bystander,” Vince said. “What do you mean?” Cara said. “Well, she basically invited me to fuck her when we get to their house,” he said.

Vince followed closely behind their car all the way to the house. They exchanged few words. Both knew they were in for more than a night cap.

. . . . . .

At John and Laura’s house, the couples quickly shed their coats. John led Vince to the bar while Laura and Cara headed to the kitchen.

“Bourbon?” John asked. “Yes. Rocks and very little water,” Vince replied. “You like a stiff drink, eh?” John said. “Stiff is good,” Vince said with a laugh.

The girls were serving up cheesecake in the kitchen when the boys arrived with drinks. It was clear that Laura and Cara had been talking about more than just child-rearing stories. “What are you two up to?” John asked.

“We were just talking about that rich guy and his young blonde escort” Laura replied. “We’re pretty sure that she’s a professional if you know what I mean.”

“What do you mean?” said Vince, in his best innocent voice.

The girls laughed. “She’s an escort,” Cara answered. “You know, a hooker.”

“You think?” said John. “What makes you think that.”

“Come on, John,” Laura said. “She’s gorgeous and he couldn’t keep his hands off her. It’s not his little sister.”

“Well, you’re both gorgeous and we have trouble keeping our hands off you,” John said. “That doesn’t make you hookers.”

“True,” Cara said. “But we could be if we wanted.”

They all laughed and returned to eating and drinking. Then it became quiet. It was the 7-minute lull.

“Would you ever want to?” Vince asked. “Want to what?” Cara said. “You know, be a hooker – I mean, have sex with someone for money?”

“Of course not,” Cara said. Laura agreed.

“What about if it was someone you were attracted to? What if they paid you a lot of money?” Vince said, upping the ante.

“If I was really attracted to someone, they wouldn’t have to pay,” Cara answered. “Absolutely!” said Laura. “That’s what marriage is for.”

They all laughed again.

“So if you were attracted to some guy and he asked you, you would have sex with him?” John quizzed Laura. “Well, yes,” she replied. “Only if you agreed it was OK.”

“What about you, Cara?” John asked. “Would you have sex with some handsome man that asked you nicely without any offer of compensation?”

Cara looked at Vince. It was the opening they had been looking for “Sure. Vince and I are open to having sex with other people. We just have to find the right ones.”

Time stood still for a few seconds. Then Laura broke the silence. “Maybe you have,” she said.

. . . . .

John took Cara’s beşyol escort fork out of her hand and placed it on the counter. He kissed her and began stroking her back.

Laura walked over to Vince and began kissing his neck.

John and Laura led their newfound friends to the living room and sat them on the couch. John began unbuttoning Laura’s blouse as she tugged at his belt. Soon they had stripped each other of all but their underwear. Vince and Cara had been rubbing each other through their clothing as they watched the show.

John grabbed Cara by the hand and pulled her to her feet. He peeled off her blouse, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. He ran his right hand over her ass, now covered only by a lacy black tanga. He pulled her left breast from the cup of her bra and began tonguing her nibble.

John gently led Cara to the large armchair on the other side of the room. He sat her down and dropped to his knees. In turn, he lifted each of her legs to the arms of the chair, spreading her wet pussy wide. He reached under her asscheeks and pulled her to the edge of the cushion. Then he buried his face in her pink folds, darting his tongue over her clit and shoving it into her vagina. Cara ran her fingers through his hair, guiding him as he continued pleasuring her.

Cara glanced over at the couch. Vince was lying naked on his back as Laura knelt on the floor. As she bobbed up and down on his cock, Vince reached out to stroke her asscheeks. She was playfully just out of reach. Cara watched as Laura dipped her fingers in her wet pussy and then placed them on Vince’s lips. He sucked each of her fingers as if they were covered in chocolate syrup.

Cara was nearing a climax. “I need your cock,” she told John. He stood up, pulled Cara to her feet, turned her around facing the chair and gently guided her to a kneeling position on the cushion. As he guided his hard cock into her pussy from behind, Cara grabbed instinctively for the back of the chair. She held on tight as John’s rhythm increased. She could feel his balls slapping against her labia. She felt his muscular hands on her curvaceous ass.

John continued to pound away as Cara came and came again. His stamina was impressive. She had to wonder whether he had already fucked Laura earlier that day.

. . . . . .

Cara turned around and sat in the chair. With John still standing, she began sucking his slick cock. She pulled him to her, her fingernails stroking his asscheeks. She increased her rhythm up and down on his member, perhaps subconsciously trying to match Laura’s pace on her husband’s cock that she had watched moments ago.

John responded to her enthusiasm by placing his hands on her head. He was fucking her mouth now. And she could feel his balls contracting. Soon she felt the hot cum gushing into her mouth. It wasn’t overwhelming so she let it trickle down her throat. Undoubtedly, this was not the first time he had come today.

As Cara leaned back in the chair to recover, she saw he husband laying on the floor. Laura was squatted over his face, facing his cock. From the look on Laura’s face, Vince was doing a good job. No surprise. Cara knew her husband was a great pussy licker, perhaps not the best ever, but a talented tongue especially when he was in a submissive position.

Laura was teasing Vince’s cock to encourage him. She dragged her nails along his rigid pole and grabbed at his balls. Every few minutes she would drop her mouth to the head and suck hard.

Laura noticed Cara watching and beykent escort winked. She curled her finger to motion her to come over. Cara got the picture. She strode over and straddled her husband. Laura held Vince’s cock at an angle and guided it into Cara’s well-fucked pussy. “MMMMM. Oh,YES!” Vince said, briefly lowering his face from Laura’s snatch to look through at his wife’s pussy sliding on his cock.

“You better not come or I’ll make you lick her clean,” Laura said. How could she know? Had Cara been sharing secrets? Of course, the threat excited everyone more. Laura soon came under Vince’s tongue flicking and Cara came from the lewdness of it all. In seconds, Vince was spurting into Cara’s pussy.

Laura climbed off and sat in the chair. Cara started to her feet but Laura interjected. “Don’t forget to lick her clean. I’m sure John’s planning to fuck her again and he won’t need that much lube.”

Cara and Vince did as they were told. Cara slid her sticky pussy onto her husband’s face. She reached for a pillow to prop under his head. John handed her the pillow that was just out of reach. When she took the pillow from him, Cara noticed John’s cock was beginning to come back to life.

“Let me help you with that,” Cara said, grabbing his cock and pulling him to her. Vince looked up and saw his wife lower her face to John’s cock. John’s feet were planted beside Vince’s head and his cock was swirling around his wife’s face.

The sight of the two men servicing Cara was turning Laura on again. She reached into her purse, pulled out a mini vibrator and pressed it to her clit. Her fingers formed an upside-down V as she spread her labia to expose her swollen bud. She directed the vibrator and transfixed on the sex scene she was watching. Her husband was teasing Cara’s mouth as she rubbed her pussy into Vince’s face.

“Why don’t you guys fuck her at the same time?” Laura suggested. “I want to watch you fuck her hard, honey.”

. . . . .

John pulled Cara to her feet and led her to the bedroom down the hall. Laura grabbed Vince by the hand and led him along.

John laid Cara on the bed side to side and climbed between her legs. He grabbed her ankles and spread her into a V as Cara guided his cock into her pussy. As John thrust into her, he moved her body and pushed her head off the edge. When Cara opened her eyes, she could see her husband’s cock taking aim at her mouth. She watched as a woman’s hand reached around, grabbed the cock and guided it into Cara’s mouth.

Cara was being fucked by three people now. John was pounding into her well-exposed pussy while Laura guided and directed a thorough face-fucking. Cara had never imagined that being at the center of attention could feel so great.

The intensity couldn’t last much longer. Cara was becoming light-headed as the blood drained away. She could feel another orgasm building between her legs, but she couldn’t moan because her mouth was full of cock and her head was being held firm by Laura’s hands.

Vince’s balls tensed and she once again felt the salty-sweet taste of semen on the back of her tongue. “Make her come,” Laura said, encouraging her husband who was sweating from the intensity of the fray.

John reached down and grabbed Cara by the hips and slid her back onto the bed. She put her legs on his shoulders as he stiffened his body. Responding to his wife’s order, he began pounding with great determination into Cara’s pussy. She could feel her umpteenth orgasm building as she looked into his twinkling eyes. His hand reached for hers as he pinned her to the bed.

“Do her! Make her come!” Laura demanded. It was enough to send both of them over the edge. John collapsed on top of her, pressing his sweaty chest to her bosom and nestling his head in the crook of her neck.

Cara whispered into John’s ear, “Good evening indeed.”

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