Good Times

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“Good times.” He couldn’t help repeating it in his mind, over and over and over. Like an infectious 80’s song by Air Supply. “Good times.” Stefan usually loved his evening shower. It was when he could tune out the rest of the world and think. Some of his best ideas came to him in the shower; but not this time. This time he just stood there with the hot water running over his body, steam filling his lungs, listening to the echo in his head, “Good times!” He first heard it earlier that day and now it consumed him. The more he thought about it the more he wanted to grab the hair conditioner and jack it away.

It’s not that he was a big fan of getting himself off. In fact he really had no reason to be. He had a beautiful wife who was more than willing to “assist” him whenever, or wherever, he needed. He was not shy about taking her up on her “hospitality” either. But he knew that he made slight grunting noises when he shot his load, so jacking off at that moment was sure to get her attention as she laid in bed in the very next room half asleep, watching someone cook something or paint or sew. With his luck, she’d peek in the shower just as he sent the first jet of hot cream sailing through the air and onto the shower wall. What would he say then? How do you explain that to your wife? Besides, after what took place earlier that day, he didn’t know if he would be capable of cumming yet again.

Stefan closed his eyes and let the water flood over him hoping to cool down a bit before venturing out of the bathroom. As he began again to recall the events of earlier he did so not knowing whether or not his hand would venture to his slowly growing manhood on its own. It all began first thing that morning.

His wife had gotten an early start and headed to work without saying anything. She was gone by the time he rolled into the kitchen. It was quiet in the house and it looked to be another normal, uneventful, boring day at the grindstone. As he sipped his coffee and read the paper he secretly plotted how he might keep from going to work. He could “accidentally” slam his hand in the door and need to take the day off because of the excruciating pain and maybe even a cast. “That’s stupid”, he thought to himself. “I’m not gonna purposely crush my own hand!” What if he just called in sick, like his teen idol, Ferris Bueller, and spent the day running around town with Cameron. “I don’t even know anyone named ‘Cameron’.”

His scheming wasn’t working very well and the only thing happening was that he was getting closer and closer to being late to work. His track record was not that great anyway so why chance losing his job? He didn’t dislike his job. It paid well, and with the salary his wife brought in they lived a pretty good life and were able to afford everything they thought they wanted. And he certainly didn’t dislike his co-workers. He had some pretty good friends at work and hung out with them once in a while, like company picnics and such. And, of course, there was Loretta. She was best thing about working at the firm and the reason he usually couldn’t concentrate. A good bit of his time each day was spent thinking about her. Some days she just made it hard to think at all.

Loretta had attended law school in California. Stefan went to a mid-west school. They both joined the firm at about the same time and were assigned offices just down the hall from one another so he got at least one good look at her each day as she wandered to the filing room or went to get some water or just strolled around and chatted with their co-workers. She was very outgoing and he liked that about her. She was easy to be around. From their very first meeting, Stefan found her to be distracting, to say the least. She had gorgeous dark blue eyes that could stop a man dead in his tracks, or in his shorts if she wanted. If she happened to look at him just right, he’d have to hide behind something to keep anyone from seeing his enormous and immediate hard-on.

Her shoulder length strawberry blond hair was always perfectly styled and the way it hung around her beautiful face automatically drew Stefan’s eye to her awesome tits. They were obviously real and simply inspirational. Wars have started over lesser boobs. These were nothing shy of perfect in his eyes. Not a few of his minutes each day were spent pondering those goddess-like knockers. Frankly, she was perfect all over. Her legs were no less perfect to him. Long as the day and made for staring. He thought about kissing her thighs and sliding his hand up to her well trimmed bush. And the thought of fingering…”concentrate, man,” he almost yelled out loud, “you’ll never make it to work alive driving like this.”

Stefan arrived at work with moments to spare. Unfortunately for him the combination of moving quickly aydınlı escort and fantasizing about Loretta left him with a raging pair of blue-balls that caused him to nearly limp through the front door of the firm. He strolled as casually as he could, hoping no one would notice his discomfort. As he passed his secretary’s desk he grabbed a small pile of messages from half a dozen clients and began thumbing through them.

“Perhaps I can stay busy enough to keep my head in the game until lunch,” he thought, heading to the break room to grab a cup of Joe while prioritizing the calls he would have to make that morning. Halfway into filling his cup Loretta strolled into the room. The way she walked insisted that anyone with a cock within 20 feet had to stop and watch. She was simply mesmerizing. She had her hair pulled back in a very professional, almost matronly, style that showed her face, neck and ears. Her outfit consisted of a simple white button up shirt with no sleeves and a black, knee length pencil skirt. The image of the tall, confident woman was only highlighted by her choice of black leather high heels that made Stefan think of little more than feeling those shoes resting on his shoulders. Her skirt was slit about halfway up one side and the front of her shirt was opened just enough to reveal only the very uppermost bit of cleavage. Nothing was clearly visible but sensing even a small portion of her girls practically forced Stefan to try and catch a peek. He wasn’t sure if he was imagining it, but he thought he could see a bit of lace peeking out from behind her lapel. The next thing he knew, a voice broke his trance.

“Like what you see?” Loretta asked.

In the course of the next one millionth of a second the thought to himself, “There is no way I was staring. Crap! Think of something funny to say.” Then holding his cup up a little higher he stated matter-of-factly, “Coffee!”

As he slipped back to his office he privately castigated himself, certain he could not look more stupid. An hour or so later he had regained most of his composure and headed to the copy machine. Loretta was there. Their eyes met and she gave Stefan a little smile. He wouldn’t have thought anything of it until she stooped to pick up her copies and appeared to offer Stefan a near full view of her perfect tits.

As she stood, their eyes met again and she smiled knowingly and politely said, “See ya.”

Quickly he made his copies and headed back to his desk.

Once in his office he said to himself, “I have got to call my wife.” Just then Loretta appeared in his doorway.

“What are you doing for lunch?” she asked.

“Tying up a few loose ends here. You?”

“Me, too,” she replied.

Something hung in the air and Stefan wanted to figure it out. He decided to explore his options.

“I’m gonna order out. Wanna join me?”

That sounded good to her so she stepped into his office and let the door shut behind her. She melted into one of the oversized chairs opposite the desk from Stefan. Again, silence as both of them tried to come up with some small talk in which to engage.

Finally, Loretta said, “Sorry about that comment in the break room. You were just staring and it was kind of funny.”

Stefan chuckled, “Yeah, sorry about that. I thought I’d made you mad or something.”

“Actually it was kind of flattering,” she said.

Opportunity was knocking and he decided to take a chance, “Well, you look great today. I got a little distracted.” What happened next was either proof that his risk had paid off, or that she wanted something more than small talk.

“You never actually answered my question,” she said. “Did you like what you saw?”

His dick quickly began to come to life and he said, “Very much.”

“Wanna see more?” she asked in a very straightforward way.

“Very much!” he replied.

Loretta stood and quietly locked the door. She moved to the front of Stefan’s desk and began to unbutton her sleeveless blouse. Stefan’s cock was now like granite and it was all he could do to maintain control. He watched as she seductively slipped her shirt off her shoulders revealing those beautiful tits held by the very lace he had thought he imagined earlier in the day.

As he stared in disbelief that this could actually be happening, Loretta moved to his side of the desk and leaned up against it. She worked her skirt up high enough to reveal that not only was she not wearing any panties, but she was waxed clean except for a narrow landing strip leading the way to one of the world’s most spectacular cunts.

Stefan was about to stand and spend all of the next second getting naked when Loretta pushed him back in his chair and said, bağdat caddesi escort “Not yet.” With that she undid the front clasp on her bra letting her boobs hang free. They were unbelievable. She gave them a quick massage as she put one foot up on Stefan’s knee. The result was that he had a full view of her flawless cunt less than 18 inches in front of his face and he could see she was hot, wet, and ready to fuck.

Something had to be done. If he couldn’t stand, he thought to himself, and least he could enjoy the feeling of those beautiful tits resting in his hands. He began to flick her nipples gently, longing to kiss and suck what he had been dreaming of all morning.

While Stefan continued to focus on Loretta’s awesome breasts, she decided to put on a show that he would not soon forget. She looked him in the eye then leaned back on his desk, resting on one arm, and with her free hand began slowly run her finger up and down the length of her twat until her labia were slick with her juices. Stefan watched in disbelief as she ran her fingers around her pussy lips and slipped one or two into her ready hole then back out. She knew he was enjoying watching her jack off. Knowing the effect she had on him pushed her closer to the edge.

For Stefan, the sight of this goddess fingering pussy, rubbing her clit, and bringing herself to the edge of an orgasm was about all he could take. Stefan grabbed Loretta’s hand and, pulling her dripping fingers out of her twat, he lifted her leg onto his shoulder, leaned forward in his chair and began to lap at her heavenly nectar. The feeling of her clit rolling under his tongue, coupled with the smell of her sex was intoxicating. He inserted one, then two fingers into her sopping hole and began to finger fuck her while sucking her clit.

With her juice soaked hand she rolled her nipples between her thumb and index finger and whispered, “Eat my cunt. I wanna cum!”

“This can’t be happening,” he thought to himself while he continued to mouth her womanhood. “In my office! At work! If we get caught we’re in serious trouble!” he thought for the briefest of moments until he felt her body begin to tense and writhe under the influence of an earthshaking orgasm. He pushed his face into her crotch all the harder and licked with greater urgency wanting to make this fuck worth her while.

All he could hear was her panting and saying, “I can’t breathe!” As he pulled back from her, his lips and chin covered with her juices, she got off the desk and knelt in front of his chair. He couldn’t get his pants off quick enough.

With limber fingers and incredible dexterity Loretta quickly removed Stefan’s pants while he took off his shirt and tie. She reached for his throbbing cock and stroked it lovingly, looking at it, studying it, caressing it. With her other hand she gently massaged his aching balls. Then, looking him in the eye, she slipped her lips over the head of his dick and began to give him what can only be described as a world-class blowjob.

Stefan determined not to blow his load too soon; he wanted to enjoy this. So did she. The sensation of his prick gliding in and out of her mouth was out of this world. Her warm wet tongue was magical. As she came down, sliding his entire 9 in cock deep into her throat, she would stick out her tongue and flick the front of his scrotum, pushing Stefan to the edge of spewing with nearly every stroke of her expert cock sucking.

He knew if he came it would be over; after all, he wasn’t getting any younger. But Loretta was working his cock like a pro and before long it was inevitable. She sensed he was getting close and picked up the pace. The first jet of hot man-cream caught her a little off guard as it slammed into the back of her throat and coated the inside of her mouth. It was a strong flavor, but it signaled that she knew how to suck a man off. She liked that. So did he. As his pole backed out of her mouth he continued to shoot cum on her chin, neck, and breathtaking tits.

Stefan sat in his chair spent; his rod throbbing as the last few drops made their way to the surface and rolled down over the tip of his tool. Loretta gently picked up his softening penis and squeezed his spew out and over onto her long fingers as though his rod was a tube of tooth paste. Then she rubbed his cum all over her amazing tits and nipples while she scooped up what was still running down her chin and neck as though she were cleaning a bowl of cookie batter. She surprised him when she took her fingers, covered in his come and hers, and gently painted his nipples, neck, and lips with it before putting them into her mouth and licking them clean.

Without thinking, he licked his lips. He leaned toward her and bahçelievler escort kissed her passionately. Their tongues danced and remixed the contents of his balls with the juice of her cunt. He had never tasted his own cum before, but the taste of their fluids mixed together was electrifying. New experiences always turned him on, and this one was no exception.

Loretta, still holding Stefan’s newly limp dick said, “This won’t do!”

He started to say, “You don’t understand,” but before he could finish his short sentence Loretta had lifted his cock and began softly sucking and licking his balls. She had an extremely talented mouth.

Despite what he assumed to be true, he felt a stirring in his loins. Loretta continued stroking him and sucking his sack until, to his surprise, his recently worked over tool was showing signs of life. When he got where she wanted him, she ran her tongue all the way along the underside until she was again enjoying the feeling of his cock filling her mouth. However, they both had other plans.

Stefan stood and lifted Loretta to her feet, her tits still glistening with his cum. She again sat on the edge of his desk and spread her legs in anticipation of his assault.

He moved forward and, making his own dream come true, lifted her feet to his shoulders. He positioned his dick head at the entrance of her vagina and slowly began pushing in.

Loretta moaned, “I’ve been wanting that all day! That feels so good.” She leaned back on the desk and Stefan began slowly fucking her, the lips of her twat tightly wrapped around his rock hard shaft. Stefan watched intently and as his prick invaded her cunt, her tits bounced in rhythm with his every thrust. Soon they were in a groove, Stefan fucking her like he had dreamed, and Loretta grinding her hips to meet him halfway.

“Mmmm, fuck me! Fuck me, hard”, Loretta begged.

“Your pussy feels so good around my cock,” he replied as he continued his relentless pounding of her hot hole. The sound of their “not-so-privates” slapping together mixed perfectly with the sloshing sound of her muff devouring his piston. All too soon, and to his great delight, he could feel another orgasm boiling up from his toes, ready to soak her hungry womb with his sap. Finally, he erupted into her like a volcano. He was surprised at the strength of his orgasm. It felt like he would never stop cumming.

As he continued to fuck her, Loretta used the muscles of her cunt to milk him of every last drop to the point that it spilled out of her pussy, over his balls and onto his desk. His knees buckled and Stefan could barely stand. As his over used dick slipped out of its hiding place he slumped back into his chair, panting in time with the sexual dynamo perched in front of him on his desk.

He glanced at the clock on the wall. Fifteen minutes of lunchtime left. What the heck, he thought as he leaned forward to devour her cum-filled, cum-covered, recently fucked pussy. Slowly he began to flick her clit with his tongue, much like before. Too tired to fight, Loretta grabbed his hair and pulled Stefan’s face tight into her crotch. The feeling of his warm lips on her exhausted twat was fantastic. Soon, she was again cumming to the ministrations of Stefan’s talented tongue.

When he finally finished Loretta reached for Stefan’s T-shirt to quickly clean herself. He began to slip into his shorts, but Loretta reached for his dick and gave him a few last seconds of oral attention; sucking, licking, and cleaning their combined sex off his softening prick.

They both quickly dressed and Loretta headed for the door, hoping to slip out unnoticed. Just before leaving she turned and smiled at Stefan and said, “Good times!”

As he drove home that evening he kept thinking, “I really should call my wife.”

That evening, dinner was quiet, as usual. They both enjoyed a little light conversation at the table after a long day of work followed by some cuddling on the couch in front of the TV.

Later, as he slipped into the shower before retiring for the night he kept hearing, “Good times!” It was haunting him. He stood there with the water cascading over his body replaying the events of the day in his head, recalling every detail; her words, her touch, her smell, her taste. He closed his eyes and let the water flood over him hoping to relax a bit before getting out. He stood there thinking perhaps his shower needed to be a cold one when he realized that he wasn’t alone.

Peaking through the water he saw his wife in the shower with him, her nimble hands gently lathering up his cock and balls, slowly cleaning her husband’s magnificent rod. The warm water, the soapy hands, the gentle massage and soon his manhood was regaining consciousness.

Stefan looked at his beautiful wife standing there naked in the shower with him. She had the most beautiful face and boobs that could turn a man to stone in nothing flat. Husband and wife stood looking into each other’s eyes; she fondling his cock, him massaging her tits. Finally, Loretta smiled and said, “Good times, Baby!”

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